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A Picnic made in Heaven

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A Picnic under the Sun in Montana

A Picnic made in Heaven




          Have you ever wanted to enjoy an outdoor outing with someone that you really enjoy being with? How about having a picnic just for two? Would you also consider making mad passionate love out in the open? Let’s see if we can find that perfect setting in this story here, shall we?


          Imagine riding horseback out in the fields of Montana where the skies are blue and the sun shining it’s warmth down upon us, now imagine we top a hill and there is this lone apple tree (I know there’s no apple trees in Montana, so just go along with this dream, ok), now we rode up to it and unpack the delicious lunch and unsaddled the horses and let them graze about.

          After eating our lunch, we laid ourselves on the blanket with a bedroll for a pillow and held each other just staring up into the skies of Montana ; you fell asleep in my arms. I let my eyes wander over the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever held in my arms, my eyes are naturally attracted to your luscious curves of your breasts and I noticed that more then a few buttons of your cotton shirt have come undone, enough so that I could see the cleavage of your breasts. My fingers begin there journey towards them and softly like a butterfly, I caress the skin, that wonderful soft skin of your breasts and I can tell your excited as I see your nipples begin to harden.


          With my tantalizing your breasts, I was getting excited also, my cock hardens in my pants and I noticed that your hand reaches out and grasps it and then squeezes it. I begin to unbutton your shirt more until I can spread your shirt open and expose your naked breasts. I adjust my position so that am on my side and lean forward and I lightly begin to lick your nipples until both are fully coated with my saliva, then I tenderly bite them and cause you to squeak out in surprise, then your grasp on my cock becomes more rapid and then you release me so that your fingers can undo my zipper and pull out my cock.


          As my cock springs forward, you begin to stroke it up and down, I then reach down and undo your pants and begin to slither my hand in until I cup your pussy, inserting a few fingers into you, I can feel how Hot and Wet you have become. I pull your pants down enough so that your pussy is more accessible and then I have you turn over and lay on your tummy. As my big hard fucking cock is sticking out of my pants, I feel nasty enough to lie on top of you and rub it between your ass cheeks. I hear moans and grasps and I know you’re in heat.


          I grabbed the bottle of milk that we didn’t finish and I poured the rest between your ass and coated my cock with it, I then begin to hump your hot fucking body like a madman. I hear you screaming for me to fuck you and fuck you hard until you cum. I drop down until my face is in your ass and I begin to eat you, I stick my tongue in your ass and get you so fucking hot and bothered, your going insane


          I heard a sound and I looked up and saw our two horses mating, I whispered in your ear and told you too look at what our mounts are doing. My horse, which is an Indian Paint, had mounted yours which is an Appaloosa; he’s got his huge cock in her pussy and is going to town in her. We hear the sounds of Lustful fucking between two animals, our horses and this sight drives you crazy with lust, you hump your ass upwards and since my huge hard cock was positioned just right, it penetrated your asshole.


          I yanked off your shirt and then pulled on your hips to help me thrust deeper in you, the horse blanket is teasing your nipples and driving you crazy and we begin to fuck in earnest. I didn’t want to do this but I was getting tired darling, so I got off and laid down and I said sit on me and fucking brake my cock off you horny woman!


          You sat on my cock and in 1 feel swoop, you buried my 8” cock in deep in your asshole and you gush out and poured your essence upon my stomach.


          You scream with rapture and bliss and then we both felt Heaven!






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