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A Prom Night to Cherish Forever

A sensual story about two teens, who are passionately in love, on their prom night.
I proudly stood looking at myself in the mirror. I felt beautiful. My long straight brunette hair was styled to perfection, my makeup was flawless, and my body never looked quite as wonderful as it did that particular night. The sparkles on my dress danced in the dim light glowing from my lamp. The dress itself was a glamorous, aqua blue, strapless ball gown that extended all the way to the floor. Underneath I had chosen to wear lace undies with a skimpy, white, under wire bra, which was also strapless. My shoes were a shimmering silver color that had been intended to match my sterling sliver heart necklace. The three artificial but still lovely diamonds were placed in the heart taking up most of the space inside. Those same diamonds matched the fake pair of them I had on as earrings. My jewelry collection was complete with my gorgeous new ring on my left hand. Although the two birthstones I had selected didn’t correlate anything I was wearing, I wouldn’t have felt whole without that piece of treasure. It had the January birthstone, Garnet, along with the August birthstone Peridot, in one heart with shiny cubic zirconium crystals around them shaped as a heart. January represented my birthday, and August represented my sweetheart‘s birthday. Next to each birthstone was mine and my boyfriend’s names’ engraved in the silver the rest of the ring was made of.

I was admiring my mismatched piece of jewelry when the doorbell chimed. I hadn’t realized what time it was. My boyfriend of almost a year, Jeff, was supposed to pick me up at seven. I checked the clock, and since he was surprisingly on time, I quickly grabbed my purse, took one final glance in the mirror, and headed down the hall and towards the front door. When I opened the front door, his eyes lit up with unmistakable satisfaction.

“Averee, hunny, you’ve never looked so beautiful as you do tonight,” he said as he took my tiny hand.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I said jokingly to him as I giggled and gave him a soft but swift peck on the lips. In return, he smiled with sheer enjoyment as he examined every detail of my existence. When he caught my deep hazel eyes, I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at me. His blue eyes shined, and my heart instantly felt lighter. I was at peace with myself. I was admiring how nice he looked, with his medium length blonde hair I’d come to love and a nice dress shirt and pants. Now that I had thought about it, he never looked so handsome either. Being as short as I was, he was a whole foot taller than me, reaching a height of 6’1”. His body type was a little chunky, but not in an unattractive way by any means. It was actually something I’d come to appreciate as well.

“If you two keep standing around you’re going to be late to your first prom,” my mother spoke from behind us while we stood silently in the doorway. As she encouraged us out the door we got into his gray 2001 Honda Accord. I took my seat gently, since I didn’t want to get my expensive dress messed up before prom even got started. Steven put the key in the ignition; I relaxed as he drove the both of us to the place our school rented for our night out. I became excited as I realized it was almost time for prom. All I could think about on the way there was how long I had been waiting to go to prom. Ever since I was little I dreamed about going to my high school prom with the love of my life, and having the best night ever, until my wedding of course. The car finally turned into the parking lot and came to a slow stop. He parked his car in the nearest open spot next to the building and before I opened the door, he stopped me.

“I want to tell you something,” he said as he took my hand into his, “I don’t want to stay too long, because after this, I have a little something planned for us to do.” When I heard this I was especially curious but I figured I’d find out soon enough. I nodded to let him know it was okay, despite the fact that I was a little disappointed that he didn’t seem to want to attend prom as much as me. After our little discussion, we continued to get out of the car and go into the main part of the building. Not too many people were there, except for a select few. No one was out on the dance floor, I suppose because everyone was too shy. The song the DJ was playing was an older song, a love song which I very much admired.

I asked Jeff to dance with me, knowing that he probably would say no. He wasn’t ever one for dancing. To my surprise, he took me out on to the floor, placed both hands slightly above my hips, and started swaying his body to the music. I quickly responded by putting my arms around his neck and moving my feet in sync with his. The way we moved with the music felt natural. If I could I’d relive that moment over and over again. After a few slow songs, an abundance of people came and it was quickly crowded with people we knew. We mingled and once the music got us all swinging our hips, I rapidly grew tired. “If you’re as tired as you look, it’s okay if you wanna leave early,” Jeff said to me; his eyes clearly reflected that he was eager for an answer.

I sighed deeply and spoke. “Okay, we can go if you want to.” He let out a small breath of relief as we got up from our table and left through the double doors at the end of the hall. He wrapped his arm around my bare shoulders as we walked towards his car. Jeff’s gentle touch soothed me. Upon arrival at the car, he opened the passenger side door for me and helped me into the vehicle. After kindly closing the door for me and returning to the driver’s side, he turned to me and reminded me that he still had a surprise for me. It dawned on my that whatever his plan was, that was the reason he seemed so ecstatic to be leaving early.

“I’m taking you to a hotel here in town. I thought you might enjoy a night with me. I know how you always wanna cuddle, and you and I both have been waiting to spend an entire night together in each others arms,” he explained. I grinned happily, and then I remembered my mother. The smile faded slowly.

“But what about my mom? You know she won’t go for that,” I muttered.

“Call her and say you’re going to spend the night with Maria,” he suggested.

“Okay, I guess that’ll work. But if she finds out, we’re screwed,” I told him with caution. I hastily texted Maria about the situation just in case my mom called her or asked her about it, and soon she was in on the plan. On the way to the hotel I called my mom, and told her that I’d be having a sleepover with Maria. Of course my mom seemed suspicious about my intentions but she soon decided it was okay after I lied and said we were going to have our girl time and talk about our new experience with prom. When the call finally ended, Jeff and I were parked at the local Sleep Inn. I noticed the time was only shortly after nine, and wondered why it was that I had gotten worn out so soon.

After taking what little Jeff had packed for us from the trunk of the car, we briskly made our way to the lobby of the hotel. The man at the front desk asked for the name on the room reservation, and once we were all checked in, gave us directions to our room. We gathered our small amount of luggage and headed the third floor, which was supposedly where our room was located. I really thought it was neat that we got to be on the highest floor. Jeff and I found room 301 in no time, after using the elevator in the lobby area. It didn’t take us long to get settled in either. Being as tired as I was, I was way too lazy to remove anything except my shoes before laying down on the queen size bed in the middle of the room. Jeff had gone to the bathroom and when he came out he was in his usual plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt. For as long as I’d known him, that was his basic night attire. It didn’t take long for him to make himself as comfortable as I was on that nicely sized bed. He rotated himself so that he was facing me while lying on the bed.

“It can’t possibly be comfortable wearing that dress. I brought and extra t-shirt for you. I’ll even help you get out of that heavy looking thing if you want,” he said sweetly. I took him up on his offer. I had to have him help me unzip the back of my gown. I was careful as to not cause it to tear. After all, it was a little tight. Once that was off, all I had left on was my bra and undies. I noticed that he couldn’t help but stare at my pale body. He ever so gently caressed my arm, but to me it felt like electricity went through my entire body. I gave him a passionate kiss on the lips as he continued to caress my arms, and then my waist, and soon my breasts. I was getting overwhelmingly aroused by this time, since it had been so long since we had some time alone. This passion built up as I pushed him back onto the bed, straddled him with my soft legs, and continued to kiss him as he massaged my boobs. I moaned from pleasure as I felt myself getting damper down below. Jeff worked his hands around to the clasp of my bra and managed to unhook it. He took my now freed tits into his hands and fondled them until my nipples became extremely perky. There’s nothing like the way he handles my tits.
When he was finished with my boobs, Jeff decided he wanted me on bottom so he lifted and smoothly rolled me over so that I was on my back and he was on top of me. He lowered his head to my breasts as he started to suck on my nipples. His soft tongue rotated its way around my tits making them hard again. I kept moaning as he got more erotic with his touch. His hands made their way down to my panties and I felt the feeling within my body grow even more. He teased my pussy and put one finger in and out rapidly, and it was like heaven. I couldn’t believe how splendidly he was doing, and how much I was responding to even the slightest touch of his skin against my own.

As he positioned himself so that his face was near my pussy, he tugged on my underwear and removed them to reveal my freshly shaven clit. I clearly sensed what was about to happen when he lowered his head to get a closer look, still using his fingers to amuse me. Waves of pure happiness spread throughout my entire body as his tongue collided with my wet clit. I began moaning so loud that I wondered if the other guests below us could hear. I didn’t care though; I was perfectly content with the fact that he was giving me the experience of a lifetime.

“Oh…God fuck yeah, baby,” I said breathlessly.

“You like that, huh, baby?” He questioned.

“Oh my, god, don’t…don’t stop…oh god, that’s the spot…” I begged, as he kept moving his warm, wet tongue swiftly over my drenched pussy. Once I reached my breaking point, I felt my entire body spasm out of control as he continued to pleasure me greatly with his mouth.

“Hey baby, do you think I could get a little something in return?” He asked after words, appearing curious with a smirk on his face. I pondered for a moment.

“I guess I could, since you did such an exceptional job on me.” I said winking. His eyes lit up in excitement with my words and he quickly got on the bed and whipped out his dick, eager for me to work some magic on him. As I wrapped my velvet lips around his heated cock, I heard him moan in obvious satisfaction. I knew from his reaction that he only wanted more. I lower my mouth onto his hard cock and twirled my tongue around it, teasing him with the utmost success. His body shook from the true ecstasy he was receiving. Once I brought my mouth back up, I slowly swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock and then proceed to lick down all the way to his balls. I continued to use my tongue on his cock as he came closer to cumming. Soon enough, I felt the warm spurts of cum in my mouth as the cum flowed out of his dick. I swallowed licking up every last bit of cum available. Once that was finished, there was still one thing on my mind, as I lay myself next to him on the bed.

“Hunny, I want your hard cock inside my tight wet pussy,” I told him sternly, “Damn it, don’t keep me waiting any longer, I have to have it…” No sooner than I said something, he was right on top of my steaming body. He lodged his penis, which was already hard again, right into my pussy. I let out a cry of bliss as Jeff rammed me with his hot cock. The thrill of having him inside me took over completely. My body moved from the outstanding amount of gratification I was receiving as he pushed his cock in and out of my tight hole. I was in total and complete luxury as he gave me his all. My hips buckled from the joyride I was having, and soon we were both
on the verge of our second orgasm.

We approached the highlight of our night when he started accelerating his cock intensely into my soaked cunt. As he unexpectedly quickened his pace, it sent both of us exploding into the finale. Jeff, for the first time, shot his load inside my burning cunt. The ultimate feeling of fulfillment embraced my sensitive figure for the second time on that glorious night. My climax had never commenced to anything that felt so astonishingly marvelous.

“Thank you so much, hunny,” I told him while I kissed him softy, attempting to catch my breath. About to collapse from exhaustion as well, Jeff rolled over next to me and wrapped his arms around my tired body. For brief moment, we just simply lay together in silence, staring deeply into each others eyes. I couldn’t help but smile as I realized what a sacred event we had just undergone together, as one. Our connection and bond to each other had grown immensely, and I was quite pleased about that. We had now created a binding so secure that nothing in this universe would ever be able to sabotage what we had together. We had become permanently inseparable.

Once we grew drowsy, I decided to get dressed and prepare for our night of deep sleep. I put on my undies and the old t-shirt he had brought for me to wear. I definitely considered that to be more comfortable than the dress that I’d been wearing previously that evening. I glanced at the clock which read eleven forty-five. I groggily walked the two feet back to the bed, turned off the bedside lamp, pulled the covers back, and hopped in. I snuggled the fluffy hotel pillow and made myself comfortable. Oblivious as I was, it took me a moment to notice that Jeff was still there, ready and willing for me to cuddle with him. I scooted myself closer to his body so that he could hold me in his strong arms.

“I love you so much, Averee,” he expressed, pulling me in closer and tighter than he had before. I wanted to cry tears of joy, knowing how genuine those words were as Jeff spoke them to me.

“I love you, too, hunny,” I whispered as I drifted off to dreamland, in the arms of the man I so lovingly adored.

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