A Romantic Dinner for two

By AdamnTripp

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I treat my love to dinner, told through her point of view
It's getting late outside and the sun is just about to set. You've just promised to take me out to dinner and so I'm getting ready. You watch me as I change from my everyday jeans and a tee shirt. I slowly take off my shirt and pants so you can get an eye full of my almost naked body.

You try to take the rest of my clothes off but I stop you and say that you'll get to see the rest soon enough. Soon you're in a tux and I am in a little black dress that doesn't leave much to the imagination. While you're driving us to the restaurant, I ask you if you can concentrate on the road. You give a funny look and say that you can and question why I asked. I smile then unzip your pants and pull out your cock and start to lick it.

You moan and the car starts to drift to the side. I stop until you get the car back on the road and make you beg me to start again. I lick the head of your dick again, then take the whole thing into my mouth. I start to suck loudly, feeling you slide down my throat and licking your cock to the tip of your head. I suck faster and faster until I can feel your cum fill my mouth. I swallow it all and sit up just in time to see that we made it to the restaurant.

You kiss me saying, 'that was great'. I tell you that's not all you're going to get and that makes you smile.

When we get inside you ask for a private room and we are led into a dark red room lit only by candles. Once we finish dinner, the waiter leave you walk behind him then lock the door. You say that you're ready for more now. You walk back over to me and unzip my dress. It falls to the floor in a pool of silk and I'm left in my matching bra and garder belt and heels.

We start to make out on the table as I start to take your shirt off. You kiss me from my lips all the way down to my clit. I ask if your going to take my underwear off but you tell me no you want to leave them on because I look so hot in them. Instead, you move my panties to the side and start to roughly lick and suck on my clit.

My breathing gets harder and I start to moan as you stick two fingers inside me and finger fuck me while licking my clit. Soon I cum and I see you take out your already hard dick. You slowly enter your cock into my dripping wet pussy. It slides in very easily because you've made me so horny.

You thrust into me slowly at first, then you start pounding me harder and harder. You stop because you don't want to cum so soon, so you lift my legs up and shove your thick cock into my ass instead. It hurts at first but it doesn't take long to get used to it. My body starts to tighten with my climax and you're about to cum too. I tell you its ok to cum inside me. You fuck me until I cant take it anymore then I feel your jizz being pumped into my ass.

You continue to pound my ass as you keep coming until I am full of your cum. After we lay in each others arms for a little bit, we clean ourselves up. The waiter returns and clears our plates and asks if we want dessert. We both look at each other and you tell him no, we just had dessert. The waiter leaves confused, you pay, and then we walk outside into the warm summer night.