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A Sexual Awakening Part 1

A Sexual Awakening Part 1

A tale of innocent love and lust...
A Sexual Awakening- Part One


They say that losing your virginity can be quite a traumatic experience. Many young people feel pressured into sex too early, maybe with someone they don’t really know and don’t love. If both partners are inexperienced sexually it can be a bit awkward, often hurried and unsatisfying for both parties.

My first time wasn’t like that.

I had been dating a girl I was crazy about and pretty as she was I found it hard to believe she felt the same about me. We were true soul-mates, in love as only two sixteen-year-old can be. We liked the same music and the same books, we talked about our future together and perhaps most importantly we laughed a lot. Now I’m not saying our first time wasn’t traumatic, ‘cos it was, but for the strangest of reasons….

In 1980 I was dating the coolest girl in Westfield High, Grace Nolan. She was a typical wild Irish beauty possessed of raven black hair and eyes the colour of a summer sky. We clicked at the school book-club, where after noticing her perfect face and figure I was disappointed to find her both clever and very funny. Out of my league, basically…

And she was nice, never was a girl more aptly named. She was stylish too. Although her Dad was the Chief Of Police in our town and her Mom was a real Daughter Of The Republic, Gracie had a faintly rebellious Goth thing going on and dressed in a New York rock ‘n roll style, all short skirts, ribbed panty-hose, Con-Verse, Ramones tee-shirts and a leather jacket two sizes too large for her skinny frame. I adored her.

At the time I was a faintly geeky kid who read a lot of books and had aspirations to be a novelist. I covered up a genuine shyness by delivering laconic one-liners that both disguised my self-consciousness and made me seem a lot more worldly-wise than I really was. Grace always laughed at my jokes. In time, we became firm friends, visiting each others houses to listen to music and talk. (At her house her dad, Sean, would always insist she left her bedroom door ajar while I was there! If only he knew!) The closer we became the harder it was for me to make a move on this girl. Friendship can be a real passion killer when you’re sixteen…

But I thought about her constantly, and in my fantasies I’d masturbate furiously as this angel performed acts that would tax a professional whore, let alone a Jersey schoolgirl.

Hey guys, I was sixteen!

One night we were both sitting on her bed sipping some tea her mother Sylvia had brought us. The bedroom door was of course slightly open. The Nolans were true Irish Catholics and rules were rules. I had brought over some albums by the English singer-songwriter Nick Drake and the doomed, romantic beauty of the music had cast a strange spell .over us both. Grace’s blue eyes were brimming with tears as she reached over to touch my knee…

“This is so beautiful, Bobby,” she whispered.

I had my head down, touched by the music, when she moved over to me and raised my face, brushing a strand of my long hair from my eyes. She moved her face closer to mine and I realised she was about to kiss me… and in case you think it was all about the romance, by this time I had a hard on that could have hammered nails…

And then, shattering the moment, a cry from downstairs.

“Gracie!” cried her Mom, “it’s nearly 11.30, Bobby should be going home…”

Grace started back upon the bed, taking her hand off my face, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Bobby” she said, “I…I…”

And at that moment all the lights went out. A power failure.

“Goddamm!” wailed the voice of Sylvia from downstairs…. “The whole street is out…. Everybody stay where they are while I find some candles….”

Grace and I exploded with laughter at the sound of her normally pristine Mom’s swearing. And falling forward our faces brushed together. And I kissed her. At first gently, but as her tongue snaked into my mouth and she grabbed my hair with a passion I returned the kiss, delving deeply between her teeth and sucking her lower lip into mine. As my hands reached to cup her firm breasts she took one hand off my head and in a slick movement reached behind her to unclip her bra. She grasped my hand and thrust it under her tee-shirt and for the very first time my fingers caressed a naked breast.

Automatically my thumb began to describe slow circles on her nipple as I squeezed her and I felt the little tip grow and harden in my hand. My other hand now crept under her shirt as I fondled her right breast. Again the tiny nipple erected at my stroking, and now she removed her own hand and gripped my straining cock on top of my bulging jeans.

“Jesus, Bobby, that’s big,” she panted, returning again to kiss me violently as she rubbed at my crotch. And then the lights came back on.

“Okay, panic over,” announced the voice from downstairs as we leapt apart. “Bobby, Gracie it’s time to go…”

We settled our clothes hurriedly and I was the first one to speak.

“Grace, I’m sorry I just….” I said.

“Shut up,” she smiled, again leaning in to kiss me. “I thought you’d never kiss me, I thought you didn’t like me like that…”

“Jesus, Grace,” I moaned, kissing her yet again.

“Baby, you have to go or she’ll come up,” protested Grace. And I stood up to leave. Here she began to giggle uncontrollably…

“Carry those albums in front of your, your, Thing,” she giggled.

Glancing down I saw that I had a bulge in my jeans that looked as if I had a small puppy in my pocket. I collected the albums in front of my crotch and we both waked downstairs and through the kitchen through the back door. Sylvia was on the ‘phone in the kitchen. She was telling her husband Sean about the mini-crisis. Sylvia wriggled her fingers in a goodbye gesture and blew me a kiss.

And here I did something I had never done before. Walking over to Grace’s Mom I planted a delicate dry kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you, Mrs. Nolan,” I smiled…

Sylvia took the ‘phone away from her ear and looked at me with an odd look. Then she looked at Grace. And then back at me…

“Goodnight Robert,” she said with an odd downturn of her mouth, “tell your Mom I’ll call her…. Grace? Don’t be long…”

Grace walked me to the back door and we stole another kiss before she went back inside.

“See you tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, looking at her shining eyes. And I bowed theatrically..

She blew me a kiss as she closed the door…

I chased lightening bugs as I skipped home, the music of Nick Drake playing in my head…

And that’s how it started.

After that we made out anytime we could. Because we both still lived with our respective parents it was difficult to find any privacy but if anything our sessions were made more exciting by the constant fear of discovery. And my parents were a little more understanding than Sylvia and Sean. Hell, I was an only child, my folks were ex-hippie liberals and anyway they loved Grace. When she came over to mine we were allowed lock ourselves away in my room and nobody would ever come in without knocking first.

I discovered that my beautiful Irish Rose was every bit as interested in sex as I was. We rapidly progressed from kissing and groping each other over our clothes to removing our shirts and spending pleasant hours exploring our upper bodies with curious fingers and tongues. The way you do when you’re sixteen.

Grace’s tits were divine, small but pert and upward thrusting, she’d sit atop me on my single bed as I licked and sucked upon her till she was grinding her hot crotch into my imprisoned erection, moaning wildly. She had this wonderful thing where she would grab my hands and hold them over my head, looking at me with a gaze of pure wanton lust, slowly licking all the way down my neck and chest until her teasing tongue was tracing the line at my belly where my belt restrained my bulging cock.

But whenever I tried to loosen the belt to allow her access to my cock she’d drag my hand away and move up to bite and suck upon my own nipples.

The girl drove me mad.

After a short time she’d allow me to put my hands between her legs, although she wouldn’t permit me to remove her panty-hose and panties. And God knows I tried.

With one frustrated hand kneading her firm ass my other hand would stroke her hot round mound rhythmically as she’d moan and pant into my ear. I could often feel her wetness against my fingers, even through her layers of underwear, but whenever I tried to slip my fingers under the waistband of her skirt to properly touch her she would take my hand away just at the point where my fingers had brushed against her silky pussy hair.

“Not yet, Darling, please,” she would whisper and I would remove my hand and raise it to my face, inhaling her sweet, tangy arousal upon my fingers.

“Does it smell nice to you?” she asked me once.

In reply I held my fingers in front of her button nose and raised an eyebrow. She sniffed.

“Oh my,” she said.

Sometimes when I’d stroke her between her legs she’d open her knees further apart to give my hand more room and she’d begin to shiver. Her legs would fasten around my thighs as if she was trying to hold on. As her body began to spasm though she’d clamp her hand down upon my furious fingers and stop me moving upon her. At these times she’d eventually look up at me with an almost apologetic, ashamed look as her breathing slowed and her body had stopped heaving. And I would look at her with the love I felt and indicate that I understood.

But I didn’t in truth. She was getting close to something, I just didn’t really know what….

And when we weren’t making love we talked and we laughed.

She asked if I, y’know, thought about her when I was in bed alone. I confessed I thought about nothing else.

Delighted, she asked me if I really jerked off thinking about what we did?

I said yes.

Did I come?

I did.

I remember her smile when I told her that. She looked like a naughty girl who had just been told a terrible secret.

“How do you wipe it up?” She asked.

“With a tee-shirt,” I replied. And we both collapsed in giggles…

Did she think of us like that? I eventually ventured. Did she…… touch herself…

She shyly covered her eyes with her fingers. I pulled her hands from her face and looked at her.

Do you come?

But she said she didn’t because she was too afraid.

And I hugged her and held her close and rocked her and whispered ssssshhhhhh into her ear. And I wondered if it would always be like this, that just when I thought I couldn’t love her any more than I did, she would say or do something that would melt my heart all over again…

By summer we were officially an item.

Because her parents were so strict she tended to come over to my house quite a bit, though I did regularly call over to her place to hang with her Mom and Dad and her little brothers. I had to, since her parents needed to know who their little girl was dating. In time, I got to like Sean and Sylvia and the kids.

But on this night we were sitting under the trees in my own back garden, sharing some warming beers as my Mom and Dad prepared to go into New York City to see a show…. My Mom came out to wish us good night.

“Only ONE more beer!” she said. Hugging Grace she then gave me a motherly kiss on the top of my head…

“Have fun,” she said. “And be good….”

Grace and I finished our beer as we heard the car drive away.

“Do you want another one?” I enquired.

“No….” said Grace, looking at me… “I want to do something else…”

She took my hand and led me through the house, upstairs to my room. I guided her to the bed and attempted to kiss her but she sat me down on the divan and stood by the bedroom door. She turned around in a slow motion pirouette and then looked deep into my eyes.

She reached down and took the hem of her dress between her fingers and pulled it over her head, tossing it onto floor. She kicked off her summer sandals and turned about again, clad now only in her white panties and a matching bra. I was breathless at her beauty.

“Am I pretty,” she asked.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered, not trusting myself to speak aloud.

“Take off all your clothes,” said Grace. “I want to look at you.”

As I undressed she kept her eyes on my eyes. As I removed my tee-shirt she unclipped her bra and daintily dropped it to one side. Her familiar and perfect tits came into view. I unfastened my belted jeans and removed them quickly and as I did so she hooked her fingers under her panties and sliding them slowly down her long legs she stepped out of them…

And then she joined my on the bed and for the very first time we were naked together.

Now you might think that after months of frustrated fumblings we fell upon the bed and simply devoured each other but that isn’t exactly what happened.

I held her tenderly and closely and I kissed her face. She raised her lips to mine and we kissed deeply. She lowered her hand to my rigid cock and held me between tentative fingers…

“You have to tell me what to do,” she said.

But I simply couldn’t speak.

I began to move down her exquisite body kissing her softly as she still held me. Her hand began to stroke my iron-hard erection as I heard her breathing deepen. As I moved down to take her tits in my mouth she was unable to keep stroking my cock but I did not care. Her panting moans encouraged me and I moved one hand between her legs.

My fingers softly brushed her full bush of pubic hair until I felt her moist, wet centre. Still teasing her breast with my tongue I allowed a finger to part her hidden lips and I groaned at how hot and wet she was. She gasped as I entered her and I stopped momentarily. She put her hand in my hair and pulled my face up to look at hers.

“Don’t stop, Bobby,” she sighed.

Encouraged, I inserted yet another finger and began to gently move in and out of her honeyed virgin pussy, going deeper with each movement.

My thumb began slow circles at the top of her sex, and at this she groaned loudly and raised her knees to allow me to penetrate her further.

I watched her face as I fucked her with my hand. Her eyes were tightly closed but her mouth was wide open and moaning loudly. I quickened my movements, becoming rougher and more demanding now. I felt a tremor course through her as she began to push herself boldly and repeatedly against my soaking hand.

By now she was screaming wildly and bucking against my fast fingers. She began to shake, shivering as if she was terribly cold but my hand could feel that she was not.

She was aflame.

Her every upward thrust pushed my marauding fingers deeper and deeper inside her until finally she screamed loudly as an electric-shock style spasm coursed through her whole being. She shot up from the bed gripping my head in her hands. I felt the muscles of her pussy clench upon my deep fingers like a grasping fist. As a final shiver coursed through her lithe body she collapsed upon the bed with her hands over her eyes….

I removed my hand and placed my face between her legs. I looked at her open and dripping pussy as my tongue licked her sweet juices from my fingers. I noticed there was a wet stain upon the sheet under her ass.

I could smell her now but I needed to taste her properly. As my mouth began to kiss her mound I felt her legs try to close as she shouted but I held her knees open as my tongue delved into her still open wetness. She grabbed my hair and attempted to pull me away but I did not surrender.

And she tasted like life. Bitter and sweet and creamy and tangy and utterly, utterly beautiful. I licked her like she was an ice-cream cone as my nose buried itself in her pungent hair and I experienced her being.

This is what it’s about, I thought…….

By now her hands were merely stroking my hair as I basked between her legs. Eventually I rose from her and reached to kiss her mouth. She again had placed her hands hiding her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Slowly she took her arms down from her face and looked at me with shining eyes the size of coffee shop saucers…

“Was it all right?” she whispered.

“It was beautiful,” I sighed, “You are beautiful….”

She leaned over to give me a tight hug. After a moment her hand delved between my legs to fondle my cock but by now I had softened as the power of Grace’s orgasm had frankly distracted me from my own pleasure…

“Ooooooh,” she said in a small voice, “can you make it hard again?” She was gently kneading my flaccid cock between her thumb and forefinger.

I started to laugh, still holding her tight. She arose from me while still fingering my now rising tool and looked at me with a concentrated expression.

“I want to do to you what you did to me,” she requested demurely…

“Well go on then,” I said….

To Be Continued.

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