A Sweet Seduction

By sweet_as_candy

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A romantic evening of seduction
This story was written in collaboration the gorgeous Sydneysider.

Closing one eye, I glanced back at my reflection as I curled my lashes with black mascara, until I perfected my look. Madonna’s ‘True-Blue’ blasted from my iPod speakers. Jumping up on the bed, I began dancing, my dark curls bouncing softly around my shoulders. The adrenalin was pumping as my excitement grew. Our first night together was going to be special. Perfect, in fact.

We had been planning this night for months now, or so it seemed. The Grand Hotel had been booked but that was as much as I knew. Darren had told me he had taken care of everything. I had spent a full day, preening and pampering myself to perfection. My hands glided over my freshly waxed legs, the cocoa butter smell filled my nostrils as I applied generous amounts of lotion to them. My white lace hold-up stockings and see through thong accentuated my slender legs and firm buttocks. I covered my full breasts with a matching bra, my dark pink nipples erect and clearly visible through the cups. Imagining teasing him and driving him wild with desire, my loins tingled. Darren loved sheer underwear. We had often discussed him licking and teasing my body through the material. My white knee-length dress slipped over my head. Twirling around around in front of the full-length mirror, I slipped on my gorgeous gold Louboutin heels, matching the waistband of my dress. I giggled, as I looked almost virginal.

My mobile phone vibrated on the nightstand. ‘Two mins beautiful, the taxi is around the corner. Hope you are ready xx’.

Downing another mouthful of the crisp pinot grigio, I was hoping it would calm my nerves. I was sure to add my ruby red lip-gloss, finishing off my makeup. The horn of the taxi sounded loudly outside of my apartment. Grabbing my gold clutch bag, I gave myself another squirt of my Chanel perfume, before heading out into the cool night air.

The driver held open the rear side passenger door for me while I climbed inside of the black cab. Darren was sitting at the back and I took a seat directly opposite him, just behind the window partition. Darren’s eyes worked their way up and down my body, soaking up every inch of me.

“Oh my god darling, I am speechless. You look breathtakingly beautiful,” he whispered as he leaned in to kiss my, now very crimson, cheek. Darren looked gorgeous. He was dressed to perfection in a black tuxedo. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight and the alluring smell of his cologne filled the air inside the taxi.

“I bought you a gift as a sign of how much I love you. Close your eyes, sweetheart, and hold out your hand,” he smiled.

Darren fastened the most beautiful golden charm bracelet around my wrist. A love heart hung from the delicate chain and glistened as the passing streetlights strobed through the window of our moving taxi.

“Oh my god, I don’t know what to say! It is... It is beautiful! Thank you so much my darling.”

He cupped my cheek in his hand and lovingly pulled me closer to him. He pressed his lips softly onto mine. The adrenalin rushed through my body like surges of electricity. He was gorgeous in every way; my pussy tingled in my thong, knowing that I was soon going to be making love to him.

I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to show you how much I appreciate what you do for me baby.”

“Oh darling, you look like an angel but you are such a naughty girl. Tonight, I’m the one in control,” he grinned.

“Are you sure about that?” I giggled.

I opened my legs slightly, giving him visual access to the top of my lace hold ups, teasing him a little more. His eyes flashed towards my stockinged thighs. I slowly pulled my dress a little higher. I was getting an immense thrill from the thought of the cab driver behind me as Darren soaked in the view of my now exposed see-through thong. The excitement was becoming apparent as my pussy started to slowly secrete my arousal juices.

“Fuck baby, you have my cock straining in my trousers already. You are a bad girl and I am going to make you pay for that,” he growled.

My breathing quickened at the thought of him touching me, teasing me, and making every inch of my body ache. I could feel my erect nipples pressing against the delicate material of my bra, aching for his mouth to be on them. I held his gaze and slipped my right foot from my shoe and slowly ran it up his leg. He did not move, welcoming my foot as my red toenails danced along his inner thigh. Darren gasped silently as my foot found its way to his crotch. I could feel his solid manhood. He grabbed my foot with his hand and slowly caressed it as I ran it along the length of his shaft. His hand began a seductive journey up my leg, stroking my calf, heading towards my inner thigh. His fingers traced the seam of my panties, teasing at the lips of my pussy. I seductively licked my red lips, offering him a sign of how much I wanted his hard cock deep inside of me.

“Baby, you are absolutely killing me and the hotel is approaching, we need to calm ourselves.” he whispered.

I giggled and withdrew my foot and slipped my shoe back on. Darren took a while to re-adjust himself. The taxi pulled up outside of The Grand Hotel. He held the door and assisted me out of the taxi and held my hand. Our fingers interlocked as we headed up the stone steps towards the marble entrance.

It was true to its word. The prestigious hotel was stunningly elegant in its splendor. We entered the hotel through the large glass doors and were graciously greeted by the hotel staff. Darren had booked the most idyllic spot in the restaurant. The low lighting and lounge music created the perfect romantic mood and in our state, heightened the sexual tension even further. The scent of fresh flowers filled the air as I followed Darren to our table which was situated in a secluded corner of the restaurant. A bottle of champagne in an ice bucket was placed in the centre of the table. The waiter removed the cork and carefully filled our glasses as we took our seats. We sat aside each other, and soaked in the scenic views of the beautiful river, which shimmered under the moonlight. The candles on our table flickered and danced.

“My god Darren, this is so beautiful, so perfect. I could never have imagined our first night together would be this magical.”

“It is indeed beautiful, just like you.” he responded.

Once again, Darren cupped my cheek in his hand, his fingertips traced my jawline as our lips locked. Our tongues slowly explored each other’s mouths with a burning passion.

“I am aching for you already baby,” I breathed, as the juices from my sex secreted my already sodden knickers.

“The night has only just begun my darling. There is plenty more in store for us,” he grinned.

We glanced through the menus as the waiter interrupted our state of horniness. We could not avert our eyes from each other. The lust-filled look of desire was clear for all to see, and neither of us cared. We ordered from the deliciously appetizing menu and snuggled closer to each other once the waiter had left. I rested my head on Darren’s shoulder.

“I could make love to you right now, right here on this table,” I giggled in his ear.

“Well why don’t we continue what we started in the cab?” he whispered.

Before I could answer, I felt his fingertips once again on my thigh, slowly sliding up my dress while our mouths fed from each other. I gasped as his fingers traced the hem of my lace stockings, eventually reaching my bare flesh. My pussy instantly reacted. My arousal levels heightened. I wanted to feel his fingers deep inside of my pussy, stretching me wide open.

“Do you have any idea what you to do me Em? My cock is aching to be inside of your tight pussy right now. I can feel the heat radiating through your sodden panties, wanting me to make you cum. You want that don’t you?” he whispered in my ear.

My heart raced in my chest as his words began to fuck my already aching pussy.

“Oh god yes, please touch me,” I quietly moaned.

His fingers brushed up my naked flesh towards my glistening pussy lips. I pushed my hips down towards his fingers, with a sense of urgency. I needed to feel his fingers inside of me. I felt his fingertips nearing the material of my sheer thong. He slowly traced his fingertip along the outline of my slit, feeling the nub of my engorged clit through the material.

“As soon as I get you out of this restaurant I am going to lick your pussy through these soaked knickers. You are a bad girl and I am going to make you beg me to let you cum,” he growled in my ear.

My pussy throbbed and pulsed with an urgency to be touch. He carefully pulled my thong to the side, exposing my swollen sex. My pussy juices oozed over his fingers as he pushed my lips apart. I could feel the cool air as I opened my legs wider, allowing him full access. With wide slow circles, he massaged my burning clit with two fingers, squeezing and pinching the hardened nub. Without warning he pressed his fingers deep into my wanting hole. I let out a gasp and tipped my head back. I grabbed the cloth on the table and clenched it in my fist as he rubbed all over my pussy.

“I need to cum Darren, please let me cum on your fingers.”

“Not yet baby, I’m the one in control here remember? I think I have teased you enough for now ." he smiled, as he slowly pulled his fingers from my open sex.

He seductively pressed his soaking fingers to his mouth sucking and licking my sweetness from them with a devilish grin on his face.

The waiter approached the table, and not a moment too soon, and placed down our meals on rounded white plates. The food was beautifully presented. We continued to laugh and tease each other throughout our meal. The conversation was effortless. We flirted and fed each other from our forks and slowly sipped on the delicious champagne. Once done, the waiter cleared away our empty plates. We gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, Darren ran his fingers through my tight curls.

“Would you like to look at the dessert menu?” the waiter asked.

Darren looked at me and smiled. “I do have a rather sweet tooth tonight but I think I will save myself for later. Can you charge it to room 1107?”

Darren took my hand in his and assisted me as we removed ourselves from our seats. We stood up and he gently placed his arm around me. He pulled me close and lovingly kissed my cheek then whispered, “And I think it is time I showed you to our room…..”