A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 4

By teninchstoryteller

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A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

They gazed into each others’ eyes for a moment before leaning together for their first tentative kiss.   The sparks of romance filled the small car’s interior; it was a kiss of passion.   Their lips met softly, closed at first and then as the heat of the moment overtook them opened to allow each other’s tongues to explore the excitement of discovery together, their mouths entwined in the heated bliss of desire.   He desperately needed her as she did him; they both knew that together they could make love, real love.   As their lips parted he turned and started the car, the low rumbling of the engine vibrated the lightweight chassis further arousing her very moist loins as he sped out of the parking lot.   She didn’t know where they were going, and didn’t care so long as she could be with him, he had already conceived a plan, he would find a nice hotel, since he was housed in the Bachelor’s Officer Quarters, and his room would be out of the question.   He said “There’s a nice coffee shop at the Hilton, or we could get room service if that is OK with you.”   Her eyes were still fixed on him, as they had been since they danced, and said “Room service?   Yes Sir, a room with us to service each other would be perfect.”   He sped down the road towards the hotel, a glint of the lustful thoughts in his mind showing in his eyes, her thoughts drifted to the possibilities of orgasms yet untold with this Oh-So-Perfect aviator.


They arrived at the hotel and parked in the covered garage before walking hand in hand to the registration counter in the lobby.   He requested “a room for the night with a king size bed, something on one of the upper floors, please.”   She chuckled to herself that he enjoyed being way up in the air, even if in a building instead of the Mach 3 jet he flew as the clerk pushed the form in front of him.   He filled out the top line and the lines of his home address, but balked at the one that said “other guests”.   Mary saw his perplexity and whispered “Wife”.   He made some comment to the clerk saying that they had just gotten married, and he wasn’t used to it yet, though the clerk knew exactly what was going on, he said nothing as Michael finished the form and slid it back to him.   He presented a credit card and the clerk slid it through the machine.   “You’re approved Lieutenant, you’ll be in 1403.   Will you need help with any luggage tonight?”   Mary chimed in saying “We’ll get it later, we just need to get to the room” with a wink at the clerk.   He said “The elevators are on your right, have a pleasant night.”   They walked to the elevators and he pushed the ‘up’ button and stood hand in hand gazing intently into each other’s eyes as they waited for it to arrive. The doors opened and they entered, their fingers touched as they each pushed the ‘14’ at the same moment.   Her dreams of passion and forgetfulness were to be realized, she could feel it in the depths of her soul.  


They walked to the room quietly, still hand in hand; he retrieved the key card from his trouser pocket and slid it through the slot.   They heard they latch’s electronic lock open and he pushed the door open for her to enter first.   He followed closely behind and turned to securely fasten the night latch. Their feelings for each other already went deeper than a quick romp in the sheets.   As he turned back she stood before him, hands draped to her sides loosely, neither one knowing quite where to begin.   He surveyed her awesome beauty and was inspired by it.   She gazed at his stark white uniform and was overwhelmed by his magnificence.   She said “This is silly, I’m going to sit down over there on the bed, take off that uniform and hang it up so it won’t muss.”   She giggled as she continued “I’ll watch.”   She turned and went to the side of the bed facing him, sat down in a ladylike manner with her ankles crossed, her hands laid gently on her lap, and   did indeed watch as he removed his apparel, one piece at a time, teasing her, taunting her every desire as her body began to yearn for his touch and advance.   He first removed his jacket, and turned only enough to hang it on one of the many hangers on the clothes rack installed on the wall, his flat topped hat already atop of the metal railed shelves.   Michael knew just how to tease this beauty; he bent slightly at one knee and untied his shinny black military shoes, one at a time, placing each on the rack below his jacket.   He stood for a brief moment and looked to see if she had become bored, she had not made a sound, her gaze was one of anticipation, but she was going to let this happen as it did and force nothing.   Not even the growing moisture in her canal would rob her of the ecstatic waiting.   He unbuttoned the rumpled shirt and slid it from his shoulders revealing his wonderfully toned torso, the muscles of his pecks and abs flexed as he moved while his broad shoulders supported well muscled biceps and almost lanky forearms.   He grabbed another hanger and placed it on the rack showing the profile of his handsome manly figure.   Mary’s eyes lit up with the feelings of passion and desire, her lust evidenced by the fully taught nipples of her breasts showing drastically through the fine fabric of her dress.   Michael knelt onto one knee and then the other as he removed his socks, tossing them to the rack by his shoes.   He stood before her in only his white trousers and briefs, a pronounced bulge straining at the fabric of them from within.   He held out his hands inviting her to join him, his eyes ablaze with the desires for the pleasures soon to be had.


Mary stood up and crossed the short 2 meter gap.   Now only half an arms length away Michael leaned foreword and took the hem of her dress in his strong fingers, lifting it up slowly over her head.   His eyes glowed with excitement as he watched her nakedness appear before him, his cock now engorged with anticipation.   He hung the gown on a hanger and stood gazing at her beauty, a moment best not disrupted by the revenging he would have normally done with a one night stand. Mary longed to see the rest of him, she desperately wanted him to take her, slowly if he insisted, but take her none the less.   She knelt before her knight in shining armor and unfastened the military belt, button and zipper of his trousers.   As she slowly opened the fly her fingers went to the waistband of his briefs and pulled briefs and trousers down at the same time.   His erection, though not more than Bret’s length, was massive, a full 7mm across the swollen crown.   He raised one leg and allowed her to remove the pant leg, then the other before taking the trousers from her grip and tossing them onto the top of the metal rack.   She couldn’t help the temptation; she grasped his shaft and engulfed the swollen prize between her eager lips, taking just the head into her wet suckling mouth.   He gasped at the urgency of her move and stood transfixed watching her suck on his tool.   His moans of satisfaction grew louder as she continued her sucking, tonguing and stroking his manhood.   He wanted this to never end, but knew that if she was allowed to continue he would explode all too soon.

He leaned forward and grasped her under the arms, lifting her from her knees and brought her to rest with her arms around his neck.   Their lips met passionately, a kiss of lustful desire and pleasure like none other that either had experienced before.   The electricity was overpowering every ounce of their being.


Mary raised her legs to surround his trim waist, his erection nestled beneath her anxious labia.   She began to move, grinding against it; her wetness lubricated the top of his shaft as she felt the veins swell on his thick hard cock slide back and forth on her tender swollen petals.   She needed him desperately to penetrate her, his groans spoke the same of his need to fuck her wildly and give them each the orgasms they wanted.   He carried her to the bed and laid her down on her back, lowering himself on top of her.   Their lips meshed in desperation, their hands grasped at every part of each others bodies in the need to be fulfilled.   He raised to his knees between her thighs and   began to kneed her fine pert breasts in time to the gasping breaths she took, her nipples now fully aroused stood out from the pink of her areolas and he squeezed them gently between his fingers, twisting and teasing them.   She moaned deeply at the touch and frantically grasped at his cock to pull him to her waiting canal.   He took one hand from her breast and passed his fingertips lightly over her abdomen, tickling her, taunting her desperate need.   Now his fingers were on her crown, wet with the excitement of her loins, and then found the swollen clit within the fullness of its gracefully swollen cap.   He rubbed it first and then squeezed it between thumb and index finger, circling it in taunting motions, her canal now flowing with wetness, dripping from the petals of her flower.   Not a word had been spoken, only the sounds of passion had been uttered, but Mary needed him inside her, desperately needed to feel his cock within her wetness and moaned out “fuck me, oh please fuck me now.”


He was also ready, the swollen prize between his legs was aching to be in her as well, and he wanted to feel each moment of the entry into her sopping wet canal.   He moved to be closer and took his cock in one hand while supporting his weight with the other above her.   He pushed the tip of his wide head between the petals and began to enter her dripping pussy, savoring each millimeter as it slid deeper into her.   His massive dick twitched frantically, but he was determined to make this first thrust last, she could tell that his need was to fulfill her completely and lay quietly enjoying the slowness of his penetration.   The crown of his mass popped through the opening of her cavity and she gasped at its thickness, frantic with desire and wanting to feel the fullness it would yield, willing to wait for the moments it would take, moaning wildly as he continued his slow progression.   He took a full three minutes to fill her, groaning the entire time in the ecstatic feelings of the finely textured walls of her tunnel, enjoying the swollen g-spot as his head passed it and the spasms of joy in her pussy as they danced around his shaft.   He had reached the cervical muscle and not gone passed it, but pressed the broad head of his cock against it as it was reached.   He dared not penetrate it, not yet, his girth could easily have torn her and the pain would have ruined the pleasures they were afforded.   Instead he began a slow rhythmic motion in and out of her, her hips began to match his motions with equal and opposing force as he got more and more rapid, both of them now gasping for breath, their hearts pounding wildly, pulsing blood to the desperate genitals of each.

She was ready for him to go deeper, and raised her legs to surround his hips and lower back, pulling him into her fully, the head of his cock tore at her cervix painfully, but her orgasm was already in fullness, so passed quickly as she bucked under his trembling body, his orgasm impossible to restrain any longer.   In his panting breaths he stuttered “I’m   ….   Going …. To ….. Cu   ….     Uhhhhh     …….ummmmmm.”   She was having trouble catching her breath as well, her juices flowed, her abdomen jerking wildly, every muscle and nerve in her body giving forth spasms of joy, managed to stammer “Ye….eh….ehhhhh…….sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”   He shot forth his spunk into her womb, his tremors of joy made his cock twitch in surges as it came from the tip, and time after time she felt each spurt of his semen as it filled her.   He collapsed atop of her trembling body and rolled them both onto their sides, his trembling cock still deep within her twitching canal. They lay there enjoying the aftermath of a perfectly joined orgasm, kissing gently, feeling totally satisfied.


As their bodies ebbed from the climaxes he pulled his tool from her, rolled her onto her back and laid his hand atop her mound, caressing it lightly, playing with the curls it held.   He felt the nectar of her orgasm and his own seeping from her beautiful petals and slid down the bed to lick her clean of the goop, fully enjoying the flavor of their sweet salty glistening cum.    She turned and found his cock with her lips and teasingly licked it clean from base to tip, she also enjoyed their combined flavor and relished it as she swallowed each glistening drop.   They turned to be face to face once again and kissed softly, each tasting the remnants of the climaxes achieved before drifting off to doze in the aftermath of glory.


Mary awoke from her dream, surely it must have been a dream, no man could be that wonderful, that caring, that giving, that exciting.   But as her eyes focused in the lights of the hotel room she realized it was no dream, except perhaps a dream come true, she gazed at Lieutenant Michael ‘biggun’ Cross, and knew she had found heaven on earth. He was still asleep, his thick cock had diminished and lay gently against his mound as he lay there with an expression of bliss etched on his face.   As she watched him slumber, laying flat on his back, she felt the urge to give him a wake up call and lowered herself to have her face next to his hip.   She gently took hold of his flaccid cock, limber to the touch, but twitching slightly as she lifted it and took the entire length of it into her mouth and throat, something she surely could not do when it became erect.   She slid her mouth up and down the length as it grew quickly, becoming thick, pushing her jaw open to a painful twist, she then encompassed only the head, which she could do with only a bit of effort.   He stirred from his slumber and laid his hand on top of her soft locks of hair and ran his fingers caressingly through them.   He was fully awake and so was his manly tool, it took both hands to surround it; the girth seemed even bigger than it had before, and the length was superb.   She teased the edges of his crown and gently stroked the length as his moans of satisfaction drove her onward, she wanted to taste of his semen, she wanted, no needed him to cum in her mouth, unfettered by the taste of her own nectar.   Her strokes became more active as his pleasured moans got louder; his body again trembled with the excitement of his impending ejaculation.   He lay there helping as he could to have her fulfill him as she wanted to do, he dared not pull or push on her head, so he only caressed her hair as she continued to pleasure him.   His breathing again became labored as his climax neared, he would not restrain it this time, the agony of her jaw evident as she sucked on his broad head.   She murmured sounds of delight as she felt his orgasm coming closer by the moment, and then release.   He shot his load into her willing mouth, stream after stream of sticky white ropes of cum filled her mouth and throat, too much it turned out and she withdrew her mouth as the 5 th , 6 th and 7 th spurt found her cheeks and lips.   They dangled in twisted vines of glistening white between her face and the tip of his cock.   As she was able to swallow what filled her mouth she began to slurp the rest into her lips and drink them down as well.   As she finished she raised her face to see his smile, radiant with the joy she had brought to him.    She slid up the length of his body, her pert breast taunting his swollen penis as they passed, their lips met in a kiss of love and passion.   As their lips separated she chuckled “next time, it’s your turn to do the wakeup call.”


It was just before dawn, the sun at the horizon of the skyline, and Michael asked Mary if she needed to get back to Nicole’s place.   She replied “not really, they can take care of themselves; he’ll be going out this morning anyway.”   He said, “Let’s go have some breakfast then, I’m starved.”   They both got up and walked to the bathroom, Mary said “I need to shower; all of our juices have seeped out and dried.”   He chuckled and looked to her pussy and saw that indeed it had.   “OK, I’ll wash your back side if you’d like” he responded.   She looked at him, noticing that his cock was again beginning to swell, and said “Alright then, you may.”   After each had relieved their bladder of the pressures, she started the shower and climbed into the small enclosure.   He followed and took the small bar of soap from its wrapper and began to rub circles of lather onto her back and nicely rounded buttocks.   She cooed at the touch and leaned back against him.   The foamy suds now lubricated the touch of their torsos; he moved side to side slipping across her back with his chest, abdomen and hips, his swelling penis thumped in between her cheeks as it passed.   He pulled her back away from the pulsing stream of water and ran his arms around her, washing the front of her hips, mound and inner thighs.   She moaned with delight as his fingers caressed the outer portions of her sweet loins, her canal filling with wetness even with this slight motivation.   He pushed her forward into the stream of water and thoroughly rinsed the suds from her front before turning her back to the stream to rinse it as well.   He knelt in front of her to be sure he had done a good job, using his tongue to do a taste test all around her sweetness, her orgasm began with a spurt of nectar that covered his chin and throat.   He was spurred on by the onslaught of liquids and began to revel in the glorious hole with his tongue and then fingers.   He slid two fingers into her wet canal and found the g-spot within while he sucked wildly on her now swollen clit, pushing the crown aside with his other hand.   She peaked again, this time filling his mouth with the sweetness of her fluid.   He groaned as he drank of her fully and drove his tongue into the canal to try to reach that tender g-spot with the tip.   He parted her labia forcefully with his fingers and thrust his tongue further in until he found the spot he sought and began to tantalize it with the textured tip.   Mary again exploded in ecstasy and her body felt totally spent by the power of her orgasm, her legs got weak and she almost collapsed before him, only catching herself by grasping his broad shoulders.   He knew she had been satisfied enough, for now anyway, so backed away to stand and finish rinsing the female fluids from her thighs and pussy.   They turned off the shower and got out to dry off, both still in the heavenly bliss of satisfaction.   He left the bathroom and dressed, handing her the gown she had worn to the club.   She had no way of touching up her makeup, so washed the remnants of the previous application, leaving her completely natural, and still radiantly beautiful, she ran her fingers through her hair to remove the tangles and teased it into a semblance of order.   Looking into the mirror she saw herself, glowing in the joy of finding her knight in shining armor, hoping beyond hope that he felt the same of her, but knowing that even if this was all there was to be between them, she could be satisfied with it.


He also had finished getting ready and they left room 1403 to find the restaurant, located on the main level, surely.    They got into the elevator and descended to floor 1 and stepped out as the sun let forth its first rays into the lobby, crossed it and walked into the nicely decorated food establishment.   The early morning patrons all seemed to be staring at the young couple, probably because they still wore fancy evening attire, but who cared, certainly not Mary or Michael.   They ordered and ate quietly, gazing constantly into each other’s eyes.   The look of love surrounded them, and all who saw them knew it, they were aglow with its radiance.   They finished breakfast and went to the parking garage easily finding the classic roadster just as they had left it.   He opened the passenger door for her and watched as she seated herself, noticing that her glistening pussy showed as she turned and raised her legs into the compartment. He smiled at the revelation.   He then walked around the car and entered the driver’s side door, started the car and asked for directions to get to Ace and Nicole’s home.   Mary was taken aback, she had no directions to give him, Nicole or Ace had done all the driving and she didn’t have a clue which direction to tell him.


He asked “Do you have a phone number for them?”   She nodded and he produced a cell phone from his jacket pocket and handed it to her.   She dialed the number and heard Nicole’s sleepy voice as she answered “Hello, who is this, It’s too damned early to be calling anyone,” before realizing it could be her friend.   As Mary began to speak Nicole woke up abruptly “Are you OK?   I’ve been worried sick” she stammered.   Mary said “Yes, we’re fine, just don’t know how to get to your house, can you give Michael directions?”   Mary handed the phone to her new friend and Nicole gave him instructions on how to get where they needed to go.   “She said to take our time, she and Ace had something to take care of before we got there” he said with a lecherous chuckle.   Mary laughed aloud saying “they should have gotten up earlier, like we did.”   Both laughed heartily as he sped from the garage saying “If we hurry, we can catch them in the act and really have some fun with their heads” with another hearty laugh.   Mary smiled intently, knowing that Michael had a deep set need to do exactly that, and she certainly wouldn’t want to stop that, thinking that it really could be fun.   Michael followed the instructions perfectly and they arrived at the small house in 15 minutes, enough time for them to have started anyway, but hopefully not finished.   He turned off the engine and let the car coast into the drive.   They looked at each other and nodded approval of the silent approach and entry to the house.


Michael was truly a jokester in ways; he retrieved a digital camera from behind the seat and opened his door quietly to get out.   He walked around and equally as quietly opened the door for her to exit, again noticing her glistening pussy a she turned.   He gently closed her door without a sound and they walked to the back door of the house, Mary knew it would be unlocked for her return.   They snuck in, being careful not to make a sound, once inside they could hear the squeaking of the bedsprings caroling the rhythmic sounds of sex.   They listened as they heard Nicole’s voice commanding him “Give it to me fucker; I want it all, harder….harder.”   Her moans of joy obvious in the tone of her voice, his grunts of labored pleasure resounded through the house as he pounded her with all 14 inches of his manhood.   Mary couldn’t help but giggle at the goings on, she knew that Michael would have no idea of Ace’s size.   They crept through the empty house to the partially opened doorway of the bedroom.   Mary peeked first and drew back as she covered her mouth and the laughter within; Michael readied the camera and peeked through the opening.   His jaw dropped open as he witnessed this fellow airman standing at the foot of the bed, Nicole on her knees in front of him, taking his unnaturally long cock in and out of her wide spread pussy.   He had her by the hips and was literally pounding her; he’d pull out to have just the head in and plunge in really hard and fast, and then repeat it, truly a sight to behold.   He turned off the flash on the camera, knowing that   there was sufficient light for the shot, put his hand through he opening in the door and focused on the couple so involved that they had no idea they were about to become famous, or at least infamous.   He clicked the shutter silently, and again he focused, this time he zoomed in on just their hips, her arse and the upstroke of his massive dick, just before he slammed it into her hole again.   Mary watched as the images came across the screen and stored in the memory of the camera.   They were about to climax; tell tale labored breaths and panting, along with Nicole’s proclamation made it very evident, so they waited for just the right moment.   Michael put the camera away neatly hidden, the pictures to be used at some other time.   As Ace grunted his final lunges into Nicole’s sloppy wet hole and climaxed, she exploded with a gush of nectar, splashing it across his hips, spewing everywhere, she apparently was a squirter and gave it all she had.   Michael and Mary burst through the door even before the couple had finished their flows and stood laughing loudly at the sight.   Ace pulled his giant cock out and whipped around at the blatant intrusion, Nicole fell face first onto the bed, and not sure what was going on as Ace released her.   Ace’s still very erect cock swayed back and forth as it continued to shoot forth his cum, narrow ropes of it squiggling to the floor below.   Nicole, now seeing what was happening, leapt from the bed and started flogging Mary with a pillow.   She realized that she was still naked, and Michael was watching the tormented actions and stood there, facing the two intruders, a smile crossed her face and she began to laugh.   With this Ace also began to roar with laughter at the thought of what had happened, their big finally witnessed by others.


Mary and Michael withdrew from the bedroom and went to the kitchen.   He sat at the table while Mary started some coffee brewing.   Nicole entered the kitchen and bopped Mary up side the head teasingly with her hand, glaring at Michael with a smirk knowing that catching them in the act had to have been his idea.   Mary was reserved enough that it would not have been hers.   She sat down, now dressed in an oversized t-shirt, but obviously still dripping the sweetness from her crotch as she fidgeted.   Ace came in and sat next to his lover, now in fatigue pants, a bulge still evidence of the abruptly ended activity.   Michael raised his palm and they exchanged a high five, knowing his new friend was indeed more a man than he, in fact they both knew it, as did both of the girls.


Nicole got up and started to fix everybody breakfast, but Mary and Michael declined, so she fixed a simple toast and scrambled eggs for her and Ace.   They all put the intrusion behind them and talked about normal everyday stuff, the guys talked about Ace’s mission that he had to get ready for in a little while, the girls hinted around about the night before, but wouldn’t really talk till the guys were gone.   Soon after finishing breakfast Ace stood up and said he had to get ready for the flight, and went to the bathroom to shower.    Michael said he needed to go get out of the dress whites, so rose to go to the door, looking at Mary yearningly to follow him to the door, or for the rest of his life if she would.   She rose and went with him to the front door of the house and then stepped onto the porch with him.   She put her hand on the side of his face, now bristling with short stiff whiskers, leaned and stretched up to him and kissed him farewell.   “Can you come by later?” she asked.   He smiled and then grinned and replied “Just try to stop me, it’s you and me forever Mary, can’t you feel it?”   She nodded and their lips met again, their tongues entwined with each other’s.   As she released him he knelt on one knee in front of her and said “I’ve waited all of my 27 years to find the right woman, I don’t have a ring to give you at the moment, but, would do me the honor of becoming my wife, I Love You, and will till the end of time.”


Mary stepped back and looked at her knight, kneeling before the princess she had always hoped she would be, her eyes filled with tears of joy, her lips trembled as she said “Yes.”


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