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A Valentine's Day to be Remembered

My boyfriend planned a special valentine's day.
Ricky and I had been together for about six years. We met at university, both studied law. After graduation we decided to set up our own law firm in the city. It was not easy and had to borrow money from my folks to finance the venture. We were finally starting a make a success of it and I thought we made pretty good partners, both in the office and in bed.

The only thing missing was marriage. We had never discussed it, but I think that Ricky knew what I wanted. Of course I could ask him myself, but the romantic in me held me back. I would wait as long as it took. I would wait for that perfect proposal.

Today was Valentine’s Day and Ricky was away on a business trip. I missed him when he had to leave town. I had no clients today, but there was a pile of paperwork to keep me occupied for the whole day. It was still early and I got up to make a quick cup of tea before I started.

The office phone rang. The caller ID said that it was Ricky. 

“How is the trip?” I said excitedly.

“Not bad sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s'” he said.

I smiled, looking at the six bunches of Kenyan roses he sent me. One bunch for every year we had been together. I would need a bigger office in years to come.

“Oh Ricky, the flowers are beautiful. Thank you. I wish you were here.”

Ricky lowered his voice to a sexy huskiness. “I have another Valentine’s gift for you.”

I thought perhaps he was teasing me and was waiting outside the office. I ran to the door and opened it. He was not there. Disappointed, I sat back down.

“In my desk drawer you will find a large box with blue ribbon. I want you to enjoy every minute of it,” he said in a husky voice.

With that he put the phone down, leaving me looking at it rather perplexed. I really wanted him home. This was our first Valentine’s apart.

I walked over to the desk and opened the drawer. Removing the box I opened it to find several boxes of different sizes. They were all numbered. On the top was a note.

‘Happy valentine’s day. Every box has a set of instructions. Be sure to follow them carefully and to the letter.’

Intrigued, I opened box number one. There was a cute strappy white summer dress and some sandals. There was another note, I read it.

‘Change into these. You will be more comfortable. PS. Do not wear any panties or a bra.’

I headed to the bathroom and removed my suit. I slipped the dress over my head. A perfect fit. It hung loosely over my breasts and I could see my nipples through the fabric. I followed the instructions not to wear a bra, but decided against not wearing any panties. I was little prudish about things like that. Ricky knew this, so I surmised that he was just toying with me.

I returned to the office and put on the sandals. I wondered what was in the next box.

I picked up box number two. There was just a note this time. Getting excited, I read it out loud.

‘Remove the panties. I know you are still wearing them.’

I chuckled to myself and removed the panties, albeit reluctantly. I continued to read the note.

‘Take all the boxes downstairs. Once outside, you will find a limo waiting for you. PS. And my love, do not take the panties with you!’

I felt a little tingle in my pussy and wondered what else Ricky had planned. I gathered up the boxes into a bag and left my office.

Walking down the corridor and out into the lobby, I felt very conscious that I was wearing no bra or panties. This dress was a little shorter than I would have liked, considering I was wearing nothing underneath.

I must admit though, I was getting a little turned on by this whole experience. The dress was a loose fit. As I walked, it brushed against my nipples, making them harder and tingly with every step. I even got a look of approval from desk security as I passed them.

Blushing just a little, I reached the lobby door. As the door opened, a slight gust of wind raised my dress a little, sending a cool breeze across my pussy lips. I let out a ‘shriek’ and dropped the boxes. They rolled across the floor.

One of the desk security came over to help me as I knelt down to pick up the boxes. As I glanced up to thank him, I noticed him staring intently. Following his gaze I realised he was looking at my breasts that were almost spilling out of my dress. Hastily I gathered the boxes. He nodded and winked at me, then held open the door. Another gust of wind lifted my dress again and I am pretty sure he got a view of my ass, as did everyone else in the lobby.

I was not sure how I was ever going to return here to work.

Feeling very flustered, I completely forgot what I was meant to be doing. A limo driver came over to me and beckoned me towards the open door of the limo.

“I was expecting you madam. Please make yourself comfortable. Mr Cole instructed me to tell you to keep the boxes with you so you have access to them.”

There were only three boxes left and I wondered what was in them.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, still feeling flustered and desperate to get out of the wind.

“Mr. Cole gave me very specific instructions. To tell you to keep the boxes in the limo with you, and let you know when you need to open the last box.”

I could not get in the limo quick enough when a gust of wind threatened to raise my dress higher. In the safety of the limo, the coldness of the leather on my naked pussy lips felt good. I noticed I was starting to feel a little damp already and thought it may stain the leather.

As the limo started on its journey, I looked around and noticed a television, music system, and drinks cooler. I grabbed a cola then sat back and relaxed, wondering where we were going. The limo driver asked if I was comfortable and said to ‘open box three.’, he then shut the partition window.

I pulled the ribbon off the next box and found a note and a little bag. I wondered what Ricky wanted me to do this time. I was getting rather excited and started to get a little horny and felt some juices escape my pussy.

Hope you are having fun, my love. Your journey will take about one hour. The limo guy will instruct you when to open the last box, so in the meantime no peeking. In the little black bag you will find some lube and a vibe. I need you to insert in into your pussy, nice and deep. PS. When it is in, open the next box.’

Ricky was seriously toying with me. I tapped the partition window. The limo driver ignored me and I heard turn music on in the drivers section. I tapped again, still no response. I sat back reached for the lube. I put some on my finger and rubbed it around my recently shaved pussy lips, making it feel silky and soft. My finger brushed my clit. God that felt so good. I reached for the vibe and inserted it, pushing it really deep.

I wish Ricky was here, I thought to myself. I could do with his cock really deep inside me. I remembered the next box. I reached inside and found a DVD. I turned it in my hands, but there was nothing written on it. I leant forward and found somewhere to insert it.

There was a sudden moaning coming loudly from the speakers. There were two stunning brunettes, one laying on her back while the other was licking her clit, with her finger sliding I and out of her love juices. The moaning was so loud and I suddenly thought the limo guy could hear.

He must have, as the music in his drivers section suddenly turned louder. I continued to watch while these two women on the screen made love to each other. My horniness had gone from a range of three to ten in a matter of minutes.

I moved one of my dress straps down to expose a breast. Putting some lube on my nipple I circled it with my finger. The sensation was amazing, tingling and warming. Unable to control myself, my hand snaked down towards my sopping wet pussy and I started circling my clit with my finger. I increased the speed as I watched them use vibrators on each other and I could tell that one of them was close to climaxing.

Suddenly from deep inside my pussy there was an intense pulsing. I yelped. I had forgotten about the vibe. It pulsed again. What the hell! It was sending me into serious turmoil. I gripped the edge of the seat when it started pulsing faster and more frequent.

The women on the screen climaxed and I could feel myself getting closer. The vibration got more intense, my muscles clenching the vibe harder. Panting and squirming, I was so close, making noises I never thought possible. The second girl was climaxing. Shit, fuck, I was going to cum.

“Madam.” I heard over a speaker. “We are getting close, you need to open the last box.”

Fuck, I forgot where I was. The pulsing inside of me would not stop.

“What, but have not finished my … ” I stopped, suddenly realising what I was just about to say.

“Sorry madam, but my instructions are to make sure that in two minutes you open the last box.”

The pulsing stopped. Fuck, I just needed to cum so badly it hurt.

“Madam, the box,” the limo driver said insistently.

“Fine!” I shouted at him.

I reached for the last box. There was an iPod with headphones and a blindfold and of course another note. I was not that bothered about the box anymore. I just needed to cum so badly. Nonetheless, I read the note anyway.

Nearly there, my love. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Put on the headphones and crank the music up loud. Then put on the blind fold. The limo guy will help you to where you need to go.’

Almost immediately, the pulsing started again. Pulse, stop, pulse, stop. God I was getting close again. Then the limo stopped as did the pulsing. Someone give me a break, I thought to myself.

The limo door opened, I could tell as I felt a cool breeze lift my dress a little. It felt nice across my wet aching pussy. The limo guy took my hand and guided me out the vehicle. A gust of wind lifted my dress. He brushed it down. I gasped at his touch.

We started walking. Where to, I had no idea. I could not see a thing and had loud rock music blaring in my ears. I could feel my love juices oozing down the inside of my leg with every step I took.

Pulse, stop, pulse, stop went the vibe. I let out a shriek and stumbled a little. The limo guy squeezed my hand tighter. The pulsing continued. I could not take anymore and went to remove the blind fold and headphones. He quickly put his hands on mine and put them back down my side. His touch felt electrifying.

The pulsing intensified. It was incredible. I so desperately wanted to cum, that I stopped and held on to the limo guy. He lowered me to the floor and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh and I felt him brush my pussy lips with his fingers. I screamed in delight and climaxed so hard I thought I would pass out. I lay against him while he caressed the inside of my thigh.

After I recovered and he helped me up, I felt the vibe coming out. I reached for it and pulled it out, but wasn't quite sure what to do with it. He took it out my hand. Having regained my senses, I started asking questions, but he just put a finger to my mouth to motion me to silence. Music still blaring in my ears, we continued forward. I wished I could see where I was going.

My thoughts went to the limo guy. His touch was strong. I could smell his after shave. Had Ricky meant for that to happen? Was this limo guy the one responsible for my orgasm?

‘Duh,’ I thought to myself. ‘Who else would it be! What was Ricky actually up to?'

I felt a rumbling underfoot after about ten minutes and we stopped. My blindfold was removed and I saw Ricky standing in front of me. He then removed my headphones. What I saw in front of me was a waterfall, which explained the rumbling underfoot. It was so beautiful and to the right of me was a picnic laid out. I was too dumbstruck to talk.

I heard Ricky speak to the limo guy and hand him a very large tip.

“Thank you Jack. Much appreciated.”

“No problem Mr. Cole. It was indeed a pleasure. I did just as you asked. Here, you may want these back.”

I saw him hand Ricky the vibe and from his other pocket, a small remote control. He turned to me, tapped his chauffeurs cap and gave me knowing smile, turned on his heels and walked off. I blushed little, hoping Ricky had not noticed. I was not quite sure what was real anymore.

I went to speak, but Ricky whispered in my ear and said, “Hush, don’t speak yet.”

With his teeth he drew the straps down from my shoulders, letting my dress drop past my breasts and reston my hips. He ran his fingers across my nipples then gave them a lick with his hot tongue. I tried again to speak.

“Hush, my love.” He kissed me full on the lips.

He then guided the dress past my hips, dropping the dress to the ground. I was now completely naked apart from my sandals and my blindfold. He touched his fingers to my clit and parted my plump pussy lips, slipping his fingers through my folds. I could still feel the silkiness from the lube and of course my cum. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked them.

“You are a very wet girl. You've been naughty haven’t you,” he whispered in my ear.

I looked at him quizzically, not sure what ‘naughty’ he meant.

He nibbled my ear and brought his mouth down to my clit and sucked hard. Shivers shot down my spine and I started oozing sweetness again. He parted my legs a little and stuck his finger deep inside, pumping in and out while still sucking on my clit. I let out a short moan.

He stopped and looked at me with loving eyes. “Care for a dip?” he said, tilting his head towards the thundering waterfall.

I must admit the water looked amazing and I felt very hot and sweaty.

“Race you.” I quickly removed my sandals and jumped in.

The water was amazing. My body felt amazing. Ricky took a little time to get in as he had to remove his clothing. He had a huge hard on that looked funny when he jumped it. It kind of wobbled up and down.

I felt invigorated and my mind wandered back to my intense orgasm with the limo guy. I wondered if Ricky knew. I figured he did not and the limo guy had just extended his duty. I wondered if I should tell Ricky, but thought better of it and pushed the thought to the back of my mind.

“This is amazing,” I yelled, swimming toward some rocks near where the waterfall was gushing down.

Ricky swam over to me. He kissed me full on the lips and explored my mouth. God I loved him so much. He lifted my hips out the water and placed me on the rock. I felt the sun beating down on my wet skin. I laid back.

Ricky lifted himself slightly and parted my legs. I felt his tongue exploring my folds. He parted my legs and dived straight into my wet pussy with his tongue. He scooted my hips forward a little. I felt my back graze but I did not mind. I was in heaven with my man.

In the corner of my eye, I could see two people up on the gorge looking down at us. I suddenly felt more turned on and started to rub my breasts, then tweaked my nipples. Ricky gave out a groan at the sight of me doing this and raised his mouth to my clit and circled it with my tongue. God, that felt fucking amazing.

They were still watching so I moved my hand down, pushed Ricky’s head out of the way, and gave my viewers a show of my own. Ricky lifted my legs up on to the rock and delved his tongue into my ass.

“Fuck, that feels good!” I yelled, hoping they would hear me.

I pushed my butt close to his face and felt him start to finger my pussy at the same time. Jesus, what a day this was turning out to be.

I continued to work on my engorged clit, keeping an eye on the people above me. I was nearly ready to climax when Ricky lifted me off the rock, lowered me into the water, and slowly eased his cock into me. His fullness felt amazing.

He lifted me up and down with ease. My orgasm was intensifying and Ricky was close too. With a few more thrusts we came. I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I screamed and Ricky howled.

Ricky lifted me back on to the rock and delved back into my pussy with his tongue. I glanced up to see the two people walking back along the gorge. I wondered what they were thinking and if they were going to go and fuck.

“Hungry?” Ricky asked as he lowered me back into the water.

We swam back to the shore and he gave me a towel. The picnic was wonderful and I enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine.

Eventually, I became sleepy. It was about three in the afternoon. Laying in the arms of my lover, I fell into a deep slumber.

Stirring, I felt Ricky brushing my nipples with his tongue. I pretended to stay asleep. He spent about ten minutes kissing me. He explored my body gently with his hands and tongue. He made his way to my pussy and parted my lips slightly. I gasped when he ran his tongue across my clit.

“Enjoy the sleep,” he said.

“Mmmm, I was enjoying that.”

“Ready for dessert?”

He motioned to the strawberries and champagne and I murmured my approval. He picked up a strawberry and traced the outline of my body with it, starting at my nipples. When he reached my pussy, I spread my legs a little and he teased my clit with the strawberry. He took a bite out of it and gave the rest to me. It tasted really sweet and juicy. Some juice ran down my chin and he licked it off. So fucking erotic. I started tingling again.

“Time for the vibe again my love,” he said.

I smiled at the thought of it again.

Ricky parted my legs and inserted the vibe. He handed me the remote control and said, “You can have the control it this time.”

I pressed the button and gave out a little yelp. I have so missed the vibe, I thought to myself. I turned it to pulsating mode and chucked it away from me, out of reach. Ricky gave a little chuckle. I pulled him to me and we kissed passionately.

I started playing with his cock and moved slightly so that I could give him a blow job. The pulsing vibe was doing its work on me and I was moaning softly.

“Not yet my love, not yet. I need you to wait. Please do that for me,” Ricky said.

I sucked him harder. He arched his back and withdrew from my mouth, sending spunk all over me.

“God Ricky. I am ready.”

He nibbled my ear and said, “No, I said not yet.”

Ricky reached over to get another strawberry and some champagne. Then he laid me back, parted my legs and traced the strawberry across my body again until he reached my throbbing, pulsing, ready to cum pussy.

He circled my clit with it then inserted the strawberry into my vagina, sharing space with my vibe. He took a sip of champagne and then poured some over my clit so that it dribbled down to my opening. I gasped. It was cold and tingled. The vibe, the champagne, and a tongue sucking on my clit. My orgasm was so close, it was coming and nothing this time would stop it.

“Aaahhhh aaaahhh, fuck Ricky I am cumming.”

The muscles in my vagina squished the strawberry and I could feel the juices running down to my butt.

Ricky said, “Open your eyes and look to the sky.”

As I did so, he licked the strawberry juice from my butt hole, delving his tongue into my pussy sucking out the squished strawberry.

I was convulsing but managed to open my eyes to look into the sky. I saw a plane had done some writing in the sky. It read, “Lacey will you marry me.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I screamed. “'Fuck, oh my god.”

My body arched and I exploded. The vibe deep inside of me pulsated strongly, prolonging my orgasm, and I screamed with intensity.

I managed to speak after a minute, “Yes, I will marry you Ricky. I will fucking marry you, but on one condition.”

“What might that be?”

“I get to keep the vibe,” I said, feeling the vibe bringing me to another orgasm.

Ricky held me tight in his arms while my orgasm intensified again.

“I love you, Lacey.”

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