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A Winter's Dream

How he misses her warm body next to his.
Looking out the kitchen window that Jack Frost has etched in his delicate designs. My eyes are drawn past his art work and are focusing on the contrast of the dark green bows of the 60 foot pine trees that line the back of our property. They are laden almost to the breaking point with the billowing mounds of pure virgin white, wet heavy snow.

It’s indescribably beautiful, so long as you don't have to be out there in it.

The snow started falling around 4:00 am , and has not let up and it’s almost eight o clock now. I am so sorry that you have to go to work. I worry about you having to drive in this weather. Although I begged you to call in and tell them you can’t make it, you insist that you must go.

I suggest that you take my 4-wheel drive truck, which you accept graciously. Out the door, and to the garage you trudge, you leave deep footprints in the new fallen snow. It is already is up to your mid calves.

I can’t hear it start, but I know the truck has started from the puff of exhaust and water vapor drifting into the cold sub-zero morning air from the exhaust pipes. The backup lights come on and I know you are really leaving. The high pitched sound of the snow squeaking under the weight of the truck tires, compressing the cold molecules together makes me sad and feel lonely.

Now all I can do is wait, wait for your e mail telling me that you have made it safely to work. I don’t want to hear the phone ring, Because that would only mean bad news. Maybe you had an accident, or were stuck, waiting is so hard.

I go into the computer room and turn the speaker volume way up, waiting for the familiar mechanical, "YOU’VE GOT MAIL" voice, and I go climb back in our empty king size bed. I pull your pillow over to my side and bury my face in it inhaling deeply the smell of your perfume seeps into my olfactory membrane and I can slowly feel my cock start to harden.

I am warm and feeling slightly guilty as I drift off thinking.

I would much rather have you here with me all snug and warm, lying in our bed naked with me. If you were here I would lick your soft shaved pussy, and slowly stick my tongue deep inside of you, probing and searching for the deep recesses of your inner sanctuary, savoring your sweet juices. Moving on to gently nibbling on and tenderly suckling your clit until it becomes a hard little bud.

Slowly I pull away and drag my finger up and down your wet slit, gently working my way into the soft folds of your lubricated skin. Feeling my way to the hard nub that I had just removed my lips from, finding it, I roll it between my finger and thumb, gently stroking it, like a miniature penis. It seems to grow, as does my penis.

Looking up across your smooth naked mound, up over your flat tummy, up to your perfect breasts, I watch you massage your breasts with one hand and pinch your own nipples with the other. Your nipples are standing up rock hard, as hard as the bud I am working on between your beautiful thighs. Suddenly your head arches back and I hear deep guttural moans, the unmistakable sounds of total pleasure and orgasm.

My hand is soaked in your nectar and I know you have cum at least once. As your breathing returns to normal you crawl down the bed taking my cock and slowly running your tongue over it. Then you rhythmically slide my cock in and out of your mouth, until it becomes swollen and hard as steel.

“YOU’VE GOT MAIL” - rings out, echoing through the house!

I am abruptly brought back from my erotic dream. Yes my cock is rock hard, and my hand is clutching it. I reach up and grab a bottle of lotion from the head board, squirting a large dollop on my hand.

Oooh... It is cold on my hand and I hesitate to touch my cock , but I must. Slowly I spread the cold lotion up and down my hot shaft, which almost instantly warms the lotion.

I am so horny for her, but now I must do this for me… I immediately start stroking myself, squeezing my cock, simulating my mental picture of being inside her hot pussy. Harder and faster I go until I feel my balls tighten, and my body spasms, from deep inside my loins, I erupt and shoot a long rope of hot juice across my chest. Ahh if only I had been able to blast this load deep inside you this morning , my love.

But I am here, and you are there, and I am left with the smell of your perfume mixed with your scent and the mental image of your beautiful body, intoxicating me with longing and desire for you. I dream of holding you in my arms and hugging you, caressing you, and making you squirm on the bed in spasms of passion.

In my head I hear you begging me to thrust my hard cock into your tight hot lubricated pussy, while you squeeze and massage my balls and stroke my penis with aromatic warming oils.

I lay there for a few moments , then grab a towel and wipe off my hand and chest. I am weak in the knees as I climb down off the bed and head for the computer room, to read your message.

The message reads, "The roads SUCK! Wish I would have listened to you, am only one here, every one else wimped out. May as well stay and get paid. Our paid bills are on the table, please put in mailbox."

Oh my god, it's 30 yards out to the mail box. I think to myself, forgetting that you have just driven 22 miles to work.

You have sent me on a dangerous mission into the blizzard and that will chill my body briefly, but not my emotions for you. When my mission is completed, I will trudge back to our love nest and longingly wait for your return.

I hit the reply button, and type, "Yes I will…I miss you and LOVE you so much…Will await your return with a hot stick to warm you."

Then, I hit 'SEND'.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your thoughts. There are so many great stories out there, you are a great group...

Hope this is refreshing on a HOT summer day!

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