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Adoptive Mother: Pt 5, Max and Grace getting together

Student goes with teacher and finally gets involved, sexually with her.
He didn’t know what to do. He thought about it all day long but was unable to come up with a decision that nobody could answer. Not even Cynthia could provide a solution that would enable Max to go and see the colleges of the Ivy League. And then, with her smile in tow, she suggested something, and initially threw the idea, along with a “physical benefit” the woman’s way.

“Grace, can we have lunch tomorrow?” Cynthia asked. “I’ve got a favor to ask of you.”

Of course, seeing as these two had already had a loving get together already, Grace was more then happy to help out the wonderful Cynthia. Cynthia was waiting at the bistro as Grace, in a beautifully designed dress walked in, and the two happy to be with one another, again, sat down. Cynthia held the conversation. She always appeared to be happy. Or so Grace thought so, which was true of Cynthia, and lunch was a superbly prepared meal as these two talked.

“So is this for you and me to get together again?” Grace hoped.

“Ohhhhhh no,” she replied and then added, “but that was a wonderful and enjoyable day.” Then Cynthia went on to say “I’ll have to admit that making love with you, having sex and making love to your body was exotic and…and it was arousing as ever Grace. But I have something else I’m asking of you.”

Grace, for everything she had done for Cynthia’s family, couldn’t imagine what Cynthia was referring to but she waited and hoped that another bisexual affair was on its way.

“I want you, and I won’t expect this unless you say yes, to take Max to all the Ivy League schools so he can visit them. I will reimburse you, and even front you, the money of course, but see…I have this event I have to be at in the next two weeks. Can you or will you do that?” Cynthia asked, in a humble manner of Grace Templeton.

Grace was a little stunned by the request but the words that she had heard out of Max’s mouth…how he had complimented her three times over of her beauty still laid in her thoughts over the last couple weeks.

“He is a nice young man,” and she paused a moment. They looked at one another as Grace thought again of her affair with Cynthia and finally conceded to taking him on a tour of the colleges. “I’ll do it. I suppose I’d be happy to do it.”

They ate, talked some more, but in essence it was decided. Grace would take this potentially virile young man on a tour of colleges, alone. Cynthia knew of the potential for sex with the young woman and was more then happy for Max to be going with Grace on this week long trip. It would give him experiences, hopefully, which he hadn’t had in the past.

“So it’s set?” Cynthia asked.

“I believe it is. I’ll be there on Monday morning, okay?”

“Wow…she’s going to take me, really mom?” Max declared with a brilliant smile.

“Yes dear,” Cynthia said. “However, come up to my room while I change. I need to talk with you about something…something quite important in fact.”

She’s changing, he thought. Oh boy…I get to see mom naked again. Okay, I’ll be there. I’ll be there in a minute. He was already horny and she could already tell that he was and he was up there just as she had her blouse opened and her skirt off. And wow, did mom look good.

Smiling, he was just like his mom. Always smiling like mom always smiled. She told him to sit down, anywhere, and anywhere happened to be the bed. Of course it was. He was hoping he’d get another chance to feel those soft, luscious, and round pert breasts of hers. Especially with nipples like hers the boy couldn’t wait to touch them and also get hard.

“That was fast,” she said, smiling. “Now, seeing as you’re here, I’ll bet you’re here to see me get entirely undressed, aren’t you? Is that what you want to see…my bosoms?”

He was nodding his head as if some young curious as ever school boy but she told him to relax, to calm down because she had some news that was going to be shocking to him. He asked what. “I’m just going to say it dear.” He listened intently. “As you know you were adopted, right?”

“Yes, I know mom.”

She held his eyes and for the first didn’t smile. Now that had him concerned, seeing as she always, always smiled. “You know that I’m only 31, right?” He nodded and said yes. “And seeing as your 18 our age difference isn’t that big is it?”

“Nooooo,” he said as he wondered.

“See…obviously your dad isn’t your dad either, is he?”

“No mom,” he said as his eyes started wandering towards her breasts which were slightly covered by one of her silky blouses.

“I can see that you have an interest in me meaning I can see that you’d like to feel my boobs again, right? Would you like to feel my boobs again honey?” she asked. He nodded. “Well okay but not before I tell you the truth about something.”

“What’s that mom?” he said.

“From here on in, I don’t want you…I don’t want you to call me mom anymore.”

He asked why he shouldn’t. She held off for a moment. Staring at him she finally said it.

“Because dear…I’m not your mother at all, which of course you’ve always known.” She paused, holding his eyes as she did, and finally added “Max, to be honest with you I’m your…I’m your sister. You and I are brother and sister.”

What, he thought. Huh, he wondered as he pinched his eyes tight together. He mouthed the words again. He shook his head as he did. For the moment Max grew concerned as ever as he thought about what she’d just said.

Cynthia just told him she was his sister and not his adoptive mother, that he and Cynthia were in fact actually brother and sister. He needed time to digest that or so he thought he did.

However, something interrupted those thoughts rolling through his mind.

She’s still the same person. She still has some of the nicest qualities a woman could ever have in that her boobies get him turned on and I have he had fulltime access to her boobs if he wanted them, didn’t he?

He looked at her. She was smiling. He then asked “Uhhh mom, I mean uhhh should I call you mom or should I call you Cynthia?” he asked her. She smiled and told him to call her what he felt more comfortable calling her. “Well I personally like mom,” he told her. “You don’t mind, do you…mom?”

“Not at all honey,” she said. Her shirt, as it had been all along, had been open allowing him to see her bra and parts of her breasts and upper body. His world was beginning to explode all over inside of him. She read his face and saw it too.

He couldn’t believe it! Yeah, okay, so what if she’s my sister? I’d been touching and feeling and enjoying her tits…every last bit of my sister’s tits and she’s been enjoying that too. Max had looked forward to doing it all again as the two of them sat on her bed and she allowed him to see her upper body, including her bra and boobs along with that silky desirable body of hers.

There it was again. She saw it too. Max swallowed and hard. It was coming. He stared at her chest, happily, and excitedly. Life, as he knew it was beginning to change for the better. Life, as he’d known it in the past, wasn’t going to change too much, hopefully. Life, as he knew it, was always going to be pretty much the same. She’d come to him and lie down in his bed with him and Cynthia would allow him to feel her titties, and maybe other parts of her body too. That’s because she liked doing that sort of stuff with him.

Cynthia always liked that tender, soft, and affectionate attention that her brother, Max, gave her and she wanted it some more.

“Okay, I know…I know sweetheart. Go ahead. Do it just like always” she said as she smiled. “Go on and reach out and touch them.”

Max was on his way, reaching out, and feeling his sisters round, full, and pert boobs. He knew exactly what to do. He touched her tits, gently. He rubbed her bra and boobs as he caressed the bra and boobs. And she waited for it. She waited for him to take hold of her tits, in his hands, and she waited for him to squeeze her tits for probably one last time. He did it too.

“Ohhhhhhh Max honey,” she crooned as he squeezed her tit in his hand. “Mmmmmm uhhh oooooohh yes, you do that soooo well honey,” she told him as if he was her little darling son. She reached out as he squeezed her tits and put her arms around him. She hugged him, lovingly, and then she brought a hand down in between them and rubbed his crotch. It made him feel good. “Ohhh thank you…thank you for doing that baby. I love it when you do that to my breasts honey. Oh God…ohhhhhh my God…Max…you have no idea how much I love that!”

And then she said something else. “I hope this will happen with other women in your life. I do baby…I really do.”

Everything was arranged. She came to pick him up. Max was excited as Grace, using one of the family’s SUV’s she switched cars and drove off. Initially, they took the intended roads. They talked and Max enjoyed Grace’s company and Grace found Max to be quite the “entertainer” in that he could converse on a rather mature level.

But Max began to think about his conversation a couple weeks back. He started thinking about what he’d told Grace as far as how he found her attractive in a lot of ways, physically speaking. He wondered if she ever thought about any of that too.

Silence ensued, neither of them found anything else to talk about, and he wondered about that one specific day when they took a walk and he talked about how he found her to be attractive as ever.

Out of the blue, she broke that silence.

“Max, I have a question for you.” He turned his head, momentarily, and looked at her. He looked back at the road seeing as he was driving but smiled and asked her what it was. She looked at him and smiled anyway and then asked “Did you really mean what you said to me the other day…I mean about how you…thought I looked, honestly?”

He thought about it as he looked back at her. He tried, hard, to hold in all his emotions he had for her as he looked at what he considered an explosively pretty looking, thicker, and definitely curvy woman in the eyes. She waited for his answer. He was semi-successful in that he nodded in a manner with which she thought and felt she had to ask about.

As she was about to ask something else he said “About how attractive I think you are?” He nodded again. Looking back at her, she nodded too and then he said yes, with not too confidence “Ohhh sure I guess I did. I mean I hope you don’t think it was wrong for me to say that…do you?”

And that’s when his eyes did it again. They slowly traversed away from her face, gradually down over her thick juicy bosoms. She happened to notice it too. He saw them and he wondered about them. He wondered what her thick, possibly juicy boobs felt and tasted like if the two of them laid down in bed together.

He looked at them way too long. The car veered off the road. Thankfully she noticed it and slid a hand over to right the car back onto the road. But Grace knew that answer at this point. She knew exactly what and how he felt about her and her body.

She looked away, almost as if she was smiling. She played around with the map as if looking for something specific. She found it and smiled a warm, large smile. “Max dear,” she started to say. “Take turnoff…” and she directed him where she wanted him to go.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Ohhhhhh we’re going to stay at this Bed ‘n Breakfast up the way. It’s a nice place. You’ll like it but I’ll love it probably more then you will. Don’t worry…we’ll see all the colleges you need to see.”

He did as instructed. She checked in for him. He did not know he was staying in the same room with her. But who cares. She was going to get something. He was too. Maybe more then either knew when all was said and done.

It was a three story B and B. Big rooms and it had just about everything and then some. Grace loved it. She absolutely adored the place. Nice, warm for lovers and it offered all the services any lover like her, would want. For Grace, this may have been a first in a long time…yes a long, long time and with an 18 year old too?

“This is it?” Grace said as she rolled her bags to their room.

They went in. “Wow this is like… A bed and Breakfast has all this?” he said, astounded.

She went into the bathroom, carrying something in her hand, and not worrying about what he thought. She liked the boy…well the “man” as what he was these days…and as she began to undo her blouse she told herself to proceed with “extreme” caution.

Take it slow with him. Do this right she told herself but she “vowed” she’d do it either way. It had been way to long to pass this up she thought. He’s a guy. I’m a woman. It has to work out somehow doesn’t it?

Then she stopped. She stopped unbuttoning the blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if what she was about to do, put on that one satiny piece of lingerie, would be the smart, correct, and proper seductive next step with him. She buttoned it back up, leaving the piece of lingerie on the counter top without even thinking. She walked back out into the room.

“You want to do something for the afternoon or just hang out here?” she asked.

He stood up. “I don’t know but I’m going to go to the bathroom first off,” he told her.

That’s what he did. He went in and closed the door, peeing into the toilet, but that’s when he saw it. When he was done he stepped over to the counter and looked at the chemise. Where were the panties he asked himself? There has to be some panties, he thought as he held the chemise up into the air. Wow, he thought, as he held it up in the air, and pictured Grace’s body in the black satiny outfit. She has to look…incredible in this…wouldn’t she he wondered.

He pictured her bosoms blossoming and dripping as they oozed out of the piece. He pictured her slight belly as it hung out a little over her panties wherever they were. He even saw her ass in this thing. Mmmmmm her ass he thought. God, I’ll bet it…it feels…I don’t know. I bet her ass feels great wouldn’t it and her thighs too he went on to wonder.

She knocked on the bathroom door, wondering. He was holding it up in the air but when he heard the knocking he dropped the chemise on the floor. “Damn,” he said. In a quieter tone of voice he uttered “Darn, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Is everything okay in there?” Grace asked, politely.

“Oh uh yeah, sure,” he replied. “I’ll be right out,” and he threw her black chemise on the bathroom’s counter top, not thinking.

He opened the door, faking a smile, and looked at her. But for whatever reason he screwed up and looked back at the countertop. And Grace noticed that. She looked past him at her chemise as well. Something was different. She hadn’t placed it there. In fact, she thought she didn’t even lay it there originally. She thought she’d taken it with her when she left the bathroom earlier. Darn it, she told herself. He saw it. He even, I don’t know, picked it up, and looked it over for that matter. But then she said, as she looked at it, “Ohhhhhhh, I uh see you noticed my umm chemise.” However, she was a little impressed that he had and added “Max, would you like to see me in it?”

He was a little shocked at her question. Did…she just…say what…I think she said? He turned around to look at it. She looked at it too. He looked at her and then turned to look at her chemise again. And then, as he wondered about his situation, would it be cool to see her in her chemise?

He found that his head was nodding a “Yes.” And then he said “I uhhh think so.”

“Then Max, it would be my pleasure,” she told him in this soft and sweet tone of voice.

She walked out, slowly. Smiling, her lips appeared to be more apparent to him for some reason. She looked, he didn’t know, but those lips of hers…God wow they were gorgeous and big and…and seeing as she was, but he stopped thinking about them, finally, as he looked over that fertile, curvaceous thick smiling figure of hers as she sauntered slowly towards him in her black, satiny, and showy chemise which showed off every last inch a guy, even young Max, would ever want to see in his lifetime.

“Wow,” was almost all he said as his mouth opened wide and so did his eyes. She stopped so that he could look at her swerving curves which in that black chemise showed him what a woman, no matter how big or small she was, could look like in one. “Holy mother of God, Grace,” he went on to add. “Oh my God Lord, do…you have…any idea,” and he stopped and she waited. “Do you have any idea how…how beautiful you look?”

How he said it, the way he said it made her feel soooo good. “Really Max, you really think so?”

His head was nodding yes before he even said so. He stood up as he nodded some more. “I do. Yes…yes I do,” he told her. “I don’t know how to tell you what or where or,” and he closed his eyes as if to rid himself of evil spirits. But it wasn’t evil spirits he was ridding himself of. It was hoping he’d get a piece of ass and then some he told himself. But then he told her “Grace, you’re a turn on. I mean you and that…that…I don’t know what you call it.”

“My chemise?” she said and he nodded his head.

She walked up and smiled down at him. He looked at her body but then up into her eyes. Everything about the woman, to him, was perfect. Her thighs, her wide hips, her juicy soft belly, and her breasts which of course were noticeable to him along with her face and smile and hair had it all.

Max was a natural or so it seemed. He took her hands in his and she let him and the two sat down on the bed. She looked into his eyes and placed a hand on his arm as she looked at his body. She rubbed it. He was looking at her boobs. They looked soooo darn inviting. She noticed it and reached out and took his hand in hers. She placed his hand lightly against her boob. He looked at her while his hand laid on her tit. She nodded and smiled at him.

“It’s okay. You can feel them if you want,” she told him. “I’d like that.”

He was good at that, he told himself. He felt her up. He felt her bosoms up and down. Yes, he was good at it. He truly had impressed Grace with how he had caressed her breasts as he ran his hand over them both. But he made a mistake. And he knew it too.

“Uhhh I’m better at doing this when I’m umm laying down. Can we lay down?” he said.

“Ohhhhhh sure Max…whatever you want,” she told him. She didn’t even catch on about it but as soon as he said it he did and hoped she hadn’t.

She laid down on her back and let Max do his thing. To Max this was almost like doing it with Cynthia, only Grace seemed like he was doing it with his own girlfriend. Was it, he asked himself? No, she wasn’t his girlfriend he finally decided. They were only playing around. As he toyed and played around with her titties, she enjoyed it for sure. That much was evident. Wearing a full wattage smile on her face showed the evidence to him as he also played with her nipples, and yes, he also got her nipples hard as ever too.

“Oh gosh…oh wow Max…that is good. I mean how you do that, to me, to my boob feels soooo darn good. Oooooohh mmmmmm,” she went on to utter as he kept on lightly rubbing and toying with her boobs. “Oh uhhh oooooohh ahhhhh where did you learn to this…how could you be so good at this?” she finally asked.

Turned on by what he was doing, and yes “turned on” is the correct expression here, he made another mistake, and told her the truth. “Well umm I like your umm breasts Grace but the truth is…I do have some experience at this.” She questioned him and he told her. “Me and my umm mom do it. We’ll uhhh get together and lay down with one another and we’ll uhhhhhh do things together.”

Once she heard it, her face pinched up, and Grace looked seriously concerned. She looked at him as she wondered about what he’d said. He saw her and realized what he said to her. “Ohhhhhhh no nooooo Grace,” he came back. “It isn’t anything like that.” He was shaking his head no as he said it as if swimming in the deep end and losing a battle. “My mom isn’t really my mom, see? My mom well she’s my umm sister. We’re brother and sister and well we feel it’s okay if we do that sort of thing. I like it, she likes me doing it, and so well we think its fun and arousing and…and…and like right now. I’m kind of turned on by all this.”

She thought about it all. Cynthia’s his sister? I did it with his sister? She and I had…sex together, really? Did he and Cynthia…kiss and have sex too? And then she thought about it all a little more. Is this all fucked up like it seems, she asked herself.

Yes it was but how he felt her up, how he played and felt those tits of hers made her feel extra, extra special, and that was enough for her. “Max, do you really like my body even though I’m…I’m not as sexy looking as your uhhh sister?”

He stopped playing with her boobs. Leaving a hand on one of them he looked up at her and nodded his head. “Let me ask you something else. Did you and your sister ever have sex with one another?”

“Ohhhhhhh no,” he said. “Uh uhhh…we’ve never ever had sex but we’ve played around a lot.”

She thought about it and then she looked at him. “Are you horny right now?”

“Kind of,” he said.

So she did it. She put her hand down between his thighs. To stimulate his loins, she started rubbing his bone. His eyes instantly closed and his head went backward. “Oh,” he called out. “Uh ohhhhhh ohhh wow yes!” he cried out as she watched and listened to how he reacted.

“Would you like it if I took off your pants? Would you like it if I played with your penis?” she asked. He automatically, without thinking, said yes, and let her do as she wished. “Mmmmmm, I like the size of this. It’s not too big. It’s just right.” And with that she cupped his semi-hard cock and began to stoke it as she positioned herself in between his legs.

He felt a tongue on them. Her tongue licked and licked his balls as her fingers wielded a hold on his shaft. Max was in heaven as she got him harder, and hornier. Bit by bit, the chemise came off her body. Come hell or high water she was going to get fucked today.

In her softest and sweetest tone of voice, seeing as he was hard as hell at that point, she asked “Would you care to see what its like to put this in me?”

His eyes, they opened up wide and he looked up at her. He couldn’t believe it but did she just say what I think she did? She was smiling and nodding yes. “Really?” he said. “You want me…to put…to put my…uhhh my penis…my penis in your…in your vagina?”

“Well yes but only if you want to,” she told him. Then she added. “Here, let me help.”

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