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Aficionadas - Part Three

A chance meeting.
The following Spring, six and a half months later, in late April, early morning light shyly lit Peter's apartment as a key quietly slipped into the door lock. If the locks had been changed Heidi would know Peter was no longer there, but the key and the knob turned, and she let herself in.

The plane had landed hours late. The trip from Hawaii, via Anchorage, had been held up at both airports and she'd just deplaned an hour ago. But there wasn't a higher priority on her list than what she was doing right now. She slipped off her pumps and left them next to the door. The smile on her face was mischievous: part bashful, part carnal, and she thought with relish of the surprise she was about to bestow on Peter. It was a surprise that would surely get them back in the groove - Pun intended! she thought with a mental giggle - and on to bigger and better things.

When she reached the bedroom door she took her clothes off, laying them on the couch. Then she thought better of the neatness, thought that when they finally made it out into the living room later - Much, much later, she thought - that Peter finding a trail of clothes from the entry to his bedroom door might be a more alluring discovery, testifying to her eagerness to hit the sack with him again. So she gathered up her clothing and deposited the sweater on the floor just inside the door, the skirt a few feet farther along. She dropped her thigh-highs. Then she considered and decided she'd leave one on the floor and drape the other half on, half off the coffee table. She let fall her bra in front of the bedroom door. Then she hung her thong on the door knob. The door was ajar a few inches, and she silently pushed it fully open.

The gloom inside didn't allow her to see much, but as her eyes adjusted she saw Peter: at the edge of the bed sleeping on his stomach as he often did, one arm under his pillow, the top of the covers up to his shoulder blades, and the other arm back down along his side, palm up and fingers curled.

During her year away in Hawaii Heidi had ignored his two e-mails, sent early on, but she knew that would only make him hungrier to get back with her. She'd determined during her year warmed by the Hawaiian sun that this time she'd find real warmth back here with Peter. Yeah, in about sixty seconds they were going to be back into the white hot fucking Peter so much enjoyed, but this time she was determined to have more, much more.

Absence , she thought, makes both the heart and the dick grow fonder. This time she was resolved to have it all.

Heidi crept to the low bedside and knelt, her chest at the height of the bed top. She gathered her breasts into her hands. She was dizzy, delirious, and felt her arousal as a hot seeping of moisture.

"Hey, sailor," Heidi said. She couldn't keep a giggle from escaping. "Remember these?" She waggled her breasts up and down. Peter didn't stir, and she remembered how deeply he slept.

But then there was movement. It came from the other side of Peter, from the hank of black hair spilling from under the covers. Slowly the hair turned.

"Wha?" came the half-articulated question. Then the hair became a head and shoulders and it was moving closer, soon above Peter's right shoulder, and mumbling, "…..say something, Peter?"

Heidi had leaned in too, above the left shoulder, and found herself nose to nose with…..

"Clara?" Heidi said softly as she recognized the face. Then louder, "Clara?" Then louder still, "Fucking Clara? What the fuck are you doing here?"

Clara's eyes came fully open. She looked at Heidi's face. Her eyes became wide and then dropped. Heidi realized she was still - ridiculously under the new circumstance - holding up her breasts.

"What the….." Clara started. "Where the fuck do you think you're going with those things?"

Heidi dropped her breasts, and Clara was in motion, scrambling over Peter, and Peter beginning to stir. Heidi came to her feet and stepped back a few paces. Clara was then off the bed and closing the distance. Her slap caught Heidi hard on the outside of her left breast. The intense pain took Heidi's breath away and made her eyes water. She covered her breasts with her arms.

Clara rammed into Heidi, "You fucking slut!" and pushed her until her back hit the wall to the right of the door. Clara bounced back and put a fist into Heidi's gut. Heidi went over, the wind knocked from her. The taller woman took advantage, wrapped an arm around Heidi's neck, and squeezed her in a head lock. Heidi was trying to catch her breath. Clara was able with some difficulty to drag her.

Clara pulled her through the bedroom door. She spoke in spurts, her speech broken by her physical effort….. "You can take…your big...fucking tits…right the fuck out…the door, bitch!".....and got her to the exterior door. Clara pulled the door partway open. She let go of Heidi's head, and began to push her outside.

Heidi, becoming aware of her jeopardy, braced one hand on the door frame and the other on the end of the door. She steadied herself then flexed her arms and pushed forcefully back. Clara was propelled backward, Heidi with her. Their feet became tangled and they fell to the floor with Heidi on top. Clara groaned. Heidi came to her feet. With a tight handful of hair, she pulled Clara to her feet, shrieking in pain. When Clara was standing Heidi let loose her hair. She slapped her face hard twice, once in each direction. Then she put a fist into Clara's stomach. When Clara doubled over Heidi, in her turn, put her opponent into a headlock. Clara got her hands onto Heidi's hips and waist. She tried to pull herself out of the other woman's tight hold. They both braced their legs and the conflict settled into a tangled, slow kind of wrestling: Clara trying to get free, Heidi now trying to move Clara toward the open door.

"Meeeeeoowwwwwww!" Peter was leaning against the bedroom door frame, a smile on his face. He'd hoped that Heidi wouldn't come back: that she'd stay in Hawaii or transfer somewhere else. He'd realized, though, that she might return after her year away. He'd expected that to happen, if it did, no sooner than the beginning of the next academic year in the fall. Who wouldn't want to hang in Hawaii through the summer? When Heidi finally returned in August if Clara were still around the situation might get dicey. He'd somehow handle that when and if the time came. But now here was Heidi back, months before he'd expected. Then he realized: the situation couldn't have worked out any better if he'd plotted it for a Creative Writing story.

Let them fight it out. He was entirely happy whichever way it went. The extremity of his engorged penis gave testimony to how arousing he found the spectacle of two nude women fighting…..and over him!

Does life get any better than this? he thought.

"Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!" Peter chanted.

Clara and Heidi's grappling became less pronounced. Their halting progress toward the door slowed and then stopped. Their grunting fell into silence, and their struggles gradually slowed and ceased.

Peter said, "Hey, girls, don't stop on my account."

Finally, Heidi and Clara came to rest and began to disengage. They straightened and faced Peter, side by side.

"Hey, I completely get it," Peter said. He pushed away from the door frame, took a few steps toward them, and came to a stop, feet at shoulder width and hands on his hips. "There's no way I can be fuck buddies with both of you. I mean, I get that. It just won't work. How about this? The one that ends up bare-assed out on the lawn gets lost, and whoever's left inside…well…" he indicated his boner, shrugged his shoulders, and put his hands to the ceiling in a Whadda ya think? gesture.

Heidi and Clara looked at each other, catching their breath, chests slowing.

Heidi said, "Do you want to do the honors, Clara?"

"Yeah, I would, Heidi, but I don't want to just presume and deprive you," Clara said.

"Well, I'm okay with relinquishing the privilege to you," said Heidi.

"No, go ahead. I insist," Clara answered.

"As do I," Heidi returned.

Peter's hands were back on his hips and he was shaking his head slowly, looking from Heidi to Clara and back, an expression of mystification on his face.

"What the fuck are you two crazy bitches talking about?" he asked in a good-natured way.

"I know," Heidi said to Clara. She put her left hand, palm up, at her waist. Then she put her fisted right hand atop it. Clara got the idea immediately and did the same.

"One, two," they both said while slapping their fists on their upturned palms. On "three!" Clara presented her right hand, still in a fist. At the same moment Heidi presented hers, fingers stretched flat.

"Paper covers rock," Clara said. "All yours."

"Thank you," Heidi said and turned to Peter. She brought her right foot up, fast and hard, and planted it in Peter's crotch.

Peter's eyes bulged and his hands went to his crotch. He fell back, gaining speed, until he crashed hard against the doorframe. Then he seemed to want to back up and find his bed, but as soon as the door frame no longer supported him he fell backward. One hand came away from his crotch and his arm pin-wheeled as he sought balance. He didn't find it and fell to the floor, his ass impacting hard. His mouth worked like he was trying to speak, but he found no air in his lungs.

Clara stepped over him and into the bedroom. She emerged a moment later with her clothes. Heidi had already begun to dress and was soon finished. Jeans on but still barefoot, Clara stood over Peter. By now he had found his breath, but could do little more with it than groan. Clara hooked her bra in front and twisted the hooks around to the back. As she pulled the straps up her arms, she put the bare toes of one foot on the side of Peter's face. She pushed a little with each word as she said, "Fuck you, dickwad."

Heidi squatted beside him. "It's a small campus, fucktard. Look on the bright side. You've got five new fuck buddies: Ms. Thumb and her four gorgeous daughters."

The women crossed to the door and stepped outside, Clara pulling her top over her head. They walked toward Heidi's car a short way down the street, and as they walked their arms slinked around each other's waists.

"God, I'm sorry," Heidi said.

"Yeah, me too," Clara said. "Can you imagine?"

"Well, I'm swearing off stupid pills," Heidi said. She raised her free hand as if taking an oath.

"That's two of us, girlfriend," Clara answered.

"I feel kind of guilty. You know, sort of responsible."

"Why?" Clara asked. "About what?"

"Dickbrain in there," Heidi said, nodding her head back toward Peter's apartment. "I mean, I feel like Doctor Frankenstein."

Clara said, "I guess we did sort of start stitching the monster together, didn't we?" They laughed, leaning on each other. At the car Heidi got in behind the wheel.

"Catch a ride?" Clara asked, as she pulled on her sandals.

"Of course," Heidi answered. Clara climbed in shotgun. "So, where?"

"Day's off to a good start," Clara said. "How about breakfast?"

"Yeah!" Heidi answered, "McD's?" She started the car, pulled into a driveway across the street, turned around, and began slowly rolling toward the intersection with the main road a block ahead.

"Glacier Diner?" Clara asked.

"Hey, good idea! They've got great breakfasts! Maybe we could share a fruit bowl or something?"

"You, um, thinking you need to watch the calories for some guy?" Clara asked.

Heidi looked at her. "Point taken. Eggs?"


"Sunny side up. Soft yolk," Heidi said.


"Hot buttered muffins!"

"Sausage!" said Clara.

"Eeuw! Yuck! Yuck! No way!" Heidi said and made spitting sounds. "I can see them already just sitting there on the plate. Yuck! Uh-uh! I'm not looking at anything like that for a long time."

"Bacon?" Clara suggested timidly.

"Just as bad!"

"Ham?" said Clara. Heidi glared at her. "Okay. Gotcha."

They'd reached the stop sign at the main road. Clara leaned into Heidi's shoulder and put a kiss on her cheek. Heidi turned her face to Clara. There was a moment of uncertain head movements and eye blinking then they brought their lips together lightly, hopefully. Their breath mingled and the tips of their tongues played at each other. They smiled and rubbed noses, then they embraced.

"Welcome home," Clara whispered. "Did you see me wave?"

"Yeah," Heidi said, "but I was crying so hard. I was so sad."

A car had come up behind them. Now the woman at the wheel politely tooted her horn.

They separated, and Heidi took a look in both directions.

"Wooooohooooo! Let's go!" Clara screamed.

Heidi pealed out, hung a left, and headed down the road toward The Glacier Diner, a meatless breakfast, and points of interest beyond.

# # END # #

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