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Airgasms Between Orgasms

A woman's past bad relationship makes her guy-shy at the beginning of a new relationship.
This is a sequel to Airgasms Before Orgasms and you will miss much if you haven't read that.

"Just you, me, and the sky then."

"I like the sound of that."

"Does that mean I can bum a ride back to town with you tomorrow?"

I knew right after I said it that something was wrong. Randi tensed up like she'd just heard a pilot say, "Oh shit." She rolled off me and turned her back to me and I could sense the heat getting sucked out of her opinion of me.

"Hey. What did I say?"

"It's nothing."

"It's not nothing. I feel like I just jumped into a blizzard. I can't tell up from down. Is there some reason you don't want me in your car?"

"No, Karl. It's not that. It's just... ...baggage."

"Baggage? There's no room for me?" I wonder whether humor is the right approach, but I have to find some way to lighten the mood if we're going to be discussing past relationships. "Oh, you mean some other guy who hurt you just came between us. Where is he? I'll find some way to get around him."

"I'm sorry, Karl. I guess I just got scared by how quickly we got together."

"Randi, it didn't seem that quick to me. We've been exchanging emails for weeks. I feel like I know you pretty well. I already know you've had problems with guys who were cheating on their SOs. But this doesn't seem to be about that. If we're going to make this work, I have to know what I did wrong. I opened myself to you as much as you opened yourself to me, so please don't shut me out."

"It's just... ...a flashback. This sport... You're all adrenaline junkies."

"Guilty. But why is that a bad thing? You got hurt by one?"

"Yes. A ski bum. If I hadn't already been broke with student debt..."

"Ah, I see. Filthy lucre rears its ugly head. And now I know that I can't say 'Trust me' or 'Fear not, fair maiden'. You have a trust issue."

I was now comfortable that I could worm my way out of this freezer. But did I want to? Did I want to risk getting hurt again by some other guy's basket case? Damaged goods seemed to be the norm after age 25, but all it took was a simple request for a ride and I'm out in the cold. Was it really worth it to try to get back in, knowing that I would have to melt ice just to get back to ground level with her?

I put my hand on her back and gently began to scratch it. She has a nice back and I love the way she spoons with me. It only takes me a few seconds of thinking about her to decide that she's worth a little ice melting. I try to make my hand feel as comforting as possible.

"I've been hurt, too, Randi. I know how bad it feels. I'll probably be as guarded with you in some ways for a while as you are now with me, but we've got to keep the lines of communication open. I catch a ride here with people who need to guard their pennies so they can afford to jump. I try pay for their gas and I can afford it. I'm a trader, not a moocher. When I don't ride with them, they can catch a ride with me and I try to keep them from paying for gas.

"This weekend, I bummed a ride with Skybox. He's saving up for a new jumpsuit and guys his height pay a premium. He has to leave early tomorrow, because his kid has a ballgame. But getting a ride back isn't a problem, because I can ask others or if that doesn't work I can get a plane ride to a closer airport and then get a cab. I probably won't be the only guy here who's bumming a ride back tomorrow. We're a pretty generous community, but nobody gets to be a full time leech.

"I like to have people to talk with on the ride. It's a boring 80 minutes when you drive them alone as often as I have. I was just hoping to get you to stay late enough so we could be together for those 80 minutes.

"You don't have to worry about me living hand to mouth and bumming a living off other people. I'll lay my finances out for you and show you exactly how much of a risk I am to your financial security. It's an expensive sport, but I know how to help you cut costs. It would probably be good to talk money with you during the week, but let's enjoy these weekends and let's not let our baggage get between us any more than we have to."

I felt the tension leaving Randi as I talked. When I stop, she twists around so we're lying face-to-face.

"Just please tell me that you won't borrow money from me or try to convince me to invest in anything shady or deal drugs."

"We'll, I don't know if creating a new skygoddess is shady or not, but the other two are definitely off the table. I don't need to borrow money and dealing drugs is way off my radar."

"I'm sorry."

I kiss her then. I understand, but I don't like what I understand. I can't feel as close to her as I was feeling just a short time ago. I'm not ready to give up, but I'm feeling less enthused. Karen would tell me that I'm overreacting, but the damaged damsel is a lesson I don't want to repeat. I know that it's unlikely that I'll ever meet a woman who hasn't been hurt by some guy, but to freeze up over a ride in a car makes me wonder what other mistrust might burn me. At least I've been able to keep my distrust hidden while I learn whether she deserves it.


Oh god, what have I done? I've blown it, I've blown it, I've blown it. It was just a fuckin' ride in a fuckin' car and now Karl knows what a fuckin' victim I am. I had to stop myself from leaving instinctively and that would have been stupid, stupid, stupid. He says he's been hurt, too, but I'll bet he never fell as hard as I fell for that parasite. I just know I've fucked myself now. It felt good when he rubbed my back, but I felt like a total turd when he explained why he bums rides. This culture is just so alien. I can sense reservation in him now. I'm glad he said, "let's enjoy these weekends". Maybe he won't dump me after I give him a ride home. I don't want to dig myself in deeper, but he wanted communication.

"Please. This is such a new culture for me. The ski bums were all broke losers. I hate not learning from mistakes, so I overreacted. I don't want to rehash old relationships, but if you really were hurt like me, it can't be easy to trust me yet either. Of course you can ride back with me. I don't need gas money. I guess I missed that in my dislikes, but I don't really dislike giving rides, it's just that you phrased it exactly the way he would, knowing I was a sucker for his approval and couldn't say no. I'll try to think about anything else I might be overly sensitive about and let you know, but please be patient and I'll try to be worth it."

"I'm willing, Randi. That's just the first sour note between us and I'm sure there will be more. I'm sure I'll try your patience, too. We're good now? Let's get ready for bed."

I wake in the morning feeling pretty content. The tiny camper bed isn't the most comfortable, but I was so exhausted I slept better than I expected. It feels good to have a man snuggled against my back again. His morning wood is pressed against my ass and I want to remind him of what he'll be missing if my faux pas scares him away, so I raise the back of my borrowed T-shirt and ease his cock into my pussy. He reaches up under the shirt and caresses the first breast he finds there. I love this closeness. He starts thrusting gently and I say, "I love to wake up this way. You?"

"Mmmmm. Me too. Nothing could be finer."

I laugh and sing "than to be in her vaginer in the morning? Yeah, I know that song." It feels good to laugh. I start to rub my clit and soon have a sweet little orgasm. He has a good long slow build up and then cums into me with soft satisfying moans.

We shower in the rigging shack and he gets me a DZ T-shirt. Then it's into the nearby small town for breakfast and day planning. He'll have to see if the school needs any tall humpmasters before he can commit to my AFFs, but he's hoping I'll get in two AFFS and then at least one unassisted freefall with him as a flight instructor.

As we're leaving the restaurant, we meet Racer X and Dew Drop as they're entering. Debbi takes a look at both of us and suddenly seems kind of angry. She sticks her finger into Karl's chest. "Forget Layla!", she commands. Sensei looks a little guilty and she looks satisfied that her cryptic message was delivered and received.

On the ride back to the airport, I ask, "Who's Layla and what was that about?"

"Um, well, I told you I've been hurt and Debbi's appointed herself as my relationship advisor. She thinks I'm unfairly comparing you to this woman that was high maintenance after she got burned by another guy."

"Oh. She got that by looking at us?"

"She thinks she did."

"Is she right?"

"Layla was... ...quick to get upset over little things and very insecure."

"Oh." This is not good. Apparently I stepped on a 'too something' mine and Debbi knows it was there.

"Randi, I'm a little more wary now, after last night, but if you were really anything like Layla, it would have shown up long ago. It looks like we both have relationship issues, so I plan to work as hard as you to work them out."

"I was wondering if you being hurt was just something you said to make me feel better. Now that I know that it happened, I sorta feel better. I don't think you have to worry about me being high maintenance. I'm used to living alone and I'm kind of introverted. I like my movies and my books, so I'll guard my space and respect yours."

"That's not like Layla at all and that's very good. I feel better now, too."

Later in the morning, we're in the AV room doing a post-dive review of my second AFF when Debbi finds us. We have our heads together as we watch the dive on a small screen. She notices the improvement and smiles. "Don't worry, Randi. Between me and Karen, we'll help you whip him into shape."

Sensei says, "Hey! That's not fair. The estrogen brigade is ganging up on me."

"It's for your own good, Gomer. If it wasn't for us you'd have nobody to keep you from dressin' funny." I laugh as she finishes picking on him and turns to me. "It's going to be Racer X and Stinky and me for your next AFF. Steve will be on your right. Stretch here has a tall student to hump. Same load."

I feel a twinge of jealousy as I watch Sensei go out the door at 7500' humping the ass of a 5' 9" woman with a base body. Skybox humps her 6' boyfriend. We go up to 10,500'.

My dive is smooth, uneventful, and strange without Sensei, but I get the pleasure of watching Dew Drop fly gracefully in front of me rather than behind and above as she films my successful attempts at a few freefall maneuvers. Under canopy, she teaches me how to spiral to drop altitude. With her flying beside me, I flare without instruction and make my first standup landing. All in all I feel like I've made good progress. I review the video with Sensei and Brian, the owner of the school, and they pronounce me ready for unassisted freefall.

The school needs the jumpsuit that I've been using, because it has grip enhancements sewn in for the instructors to hold an AFF student. So I get one of the jumpsuits that the tandems wear. It's basically a mechanic's coveralls. Sensei is going with me on my first solo freefall to make sure I get stable and to show me how to turn and stop without assistance. We do a dirt dive to cover all the maneuvers we plan to try, and then catch a ride to 12,500' for a 50 second freefall.

It feels very strange to bale out of the plane unassisted for the first time. I hit a hard arch, just like I've been taught, but as I get to terminal velocity, I start to turn left. I quickly realize I'm in a flat spin. I've been taught how to counter this, by curving my body against it, but it's not working and the longer I wait, the faster I turn. I'm not supposed to open the chute in a flat spin because of the high probability of malfunction with entanglement, but I also have to avoid blacking out from the spin and deploying my chute is the last hope for that.

I'm still trying to turn against the spin when suddenly I get tackled by Sensei and we're tumbling in the sky. We stabilize belly-to-belly with my back to the planet until he grabs my jumpsuit on my left shoulder and flings us around. Now we're stable again, facing the ground and turning very slowly. I can see he's straining to keep us from turning faster as he gives me the 'Pull' signal. I know we're still very high, so I give him an 'Are you sure?' look and he gives me back a 'Dammit. Don't argue.' look and an emphatic repeat of the 'Pull' signal.

I deploy my pilot chute and watch in horror as he goes tumbling off beneath me. I felt something hit my foot and I'm sure it was his head. My chute opens and even though I'm not even sure if I want to live or die, I look up at it, just as Sensei taught me. I see that my slider hasn't descended fully and I hear the 'Thwap!" sound of a parachute opening beneath me.

I pump the steering lines to bring the slider down and then start a hard spiral to begin losing altitude. This swings me way out wide on the suspension lines and I adjust a few times to keep me moving closer to Sensei's parachute. Suddenly, I hear a faint, "Wahhhhh-hooooooo! It's fuckin' great to be alive. Say it, Randi."

I'm so choked up with joy that I can't talk and I'm crying and having a hard time seeing through the blurs of my tears. I shout, "Yes!", as loud as I can and hear another, "Wah-hoo!" and then "Are you okay?"

Breathing better now, I shout again, "Yes!, You?"

"Ay-Oh-Kay!" Sensei is turning to look for me and he watches as I spiral down to match our altitudes. I see him talking on his cell phone and he yells, "Did you puke?"

"No!" I laugh.

"Good, that's one less thing they have to watch out for." He closes his phone and I see blood on the side of his face and notice that his hockey helmet is missing.

"What happened, Karl?"

"Flat spin. Look at your leg."

I look down and see that the seam on the left leg of my jumpsuit is torn wide open for about half the length from my hip to my foot. It off-balanced me so badly that it took another, much better flyer to counter it.

"Holy shit!"

He laughs. "It looked like you had a spinnaker on your leg."

"You really okay, Karl?"

"Just peachy. How's your foot?"

"Feels fine."

"Step on your other foot with it."

"Still feels fine."

"Now step on it with your other foot."

I do it, but I say, "Dammit, it's fine."

We're up so high that we have a long, long ride and it feels good to just keep flying side-by-side and chatting.

"You going to jump again today, Chess Nut?"

"I thought I was only going to do three today?"

"We still have plenty of time. You know what they say about when a horse throws you."

"Yeah. Hit him between the ears with a two-by-four and teach him who's boss."

"Remind me not to let you ride my horse."

"Ahaha. Do you think I should jump again today?"

"I'll be happy to jump with you."

"One kick in the head wasn't enough?"

"What can I say? I'm just a sucker for a red hot skygoddess."

"Looks like I'll need a different jumpsuit."

"I'll put the word out."

People are running out to meet us in the landing area and Sensei says, "Stay focused, Chess Nut. Keep your wind line. Don't worry about hitting them. You have the right-of-way. Glide in, flare and land. Just like you learned how to do."

My glide feels good. My tears are all dried and I'm happily concentrating, using the height of the nearby trees and the rush of the ground to let me know when to flare. I pull the toggles and step down on my best landing yet. Sensei's looks almost as good.

Everybody's running toward Sensei except for Dew Drop, who comes up to me and says, "Got your first story. Can't wait to hear it."

I'm sure they all think I made a mistake that injured their friend, but as I gather up my main, I have time to say, "Not much to tell. My jumpsuit leg ripped open and I was in a flat spin. Karl saved my life."

"Dammit, Chestnut. We're gonna have to work on your storytelling. I know you can do better."

Sensei and I walk up to each other and despite the canopies all wrapped up in our arms, we manage to hug and kiss. Debbi looks at the cut on his ear and declares that he will live. Brian takes one look at the jumpsuit and tells me I can keep it and that my jump is free. Everybody laughs at that, so as we walk back to the packing area, I ask what the joke is.

"He gave you the evidence for a lawsuit, but everbody knows the jumpschool is barely breaking even. He'll probably be calling you 'Boss' for a while."

"Oh. A lawsuit? Over this? Nonsense."

"You can keep it as a souvenir of your first unassisted skydive, but burning it in next week's bonfire would be a very cool thing to do."

"And us skygoddesses are all about cool."

"You'll have to tell the story."

"I will if you will."


I drop my chute off at the rigging shack and get the first aid kit and a wet cloth from Sensei's trailer, leaving my jumpsuit there. I make him stop packing his chute long enough to get the small cut above his ear cleaned up and bandaged.

"I've put us on the manifest, Chess Nut. It will be a couple of hours, but we'll make it before dark."

As he finishes packing, a kid rides up on a bicycle with Sensei's hockey helmet. The strap and ear flap are ruined. "I found it in the beanfield."

"Thanks. It can't be fixed. You want it?"

"Sure." The kid rides off very happy with the helmet on his head.

"Looks like I owe you a new one."

"It did it's job. Let that be a lesson to you grasshopper. Unprotected airgasms aren't worth it."

"Yes, Sensei. Now come back to the trailer so I can thank you properly for saving my life."

He picks up his rig and we turn toward the hangars, only to meet Racer X and Dew Drop coming back from their camper.

"I heard you need a new jumpsuit." There's a bright pink jumpsuit and a matching hockey helmet in his hands and a pair of pink gloves inside the helmet.

Sensei seems startled at his words. I notice glances passing between them and then he nods.

"These were my sister's. She... ...she got killed by a drunk driver. She would have liked you and I want you to have them, at least until you get a fashion sense."

"Oh my god, Steve, I don't know what to say. You barely know me. I can't accept them."

"C'mon, Randi. It's not like I'm gonna meet many 6' floaters who would wear a pink jumpsuit. I tried selling all her gear. The rig went quick, but her suit never sold. It's yours."

"Well let me pay you for it."

"No need. Buy me a ride if you want."


He handed me the suit and helmet and I hugged him. "I hope it won't hurt to see me in it," I whispered.

"Nah. It's in good hands."

As we walk to the trailer, Karl says, "You handled that well. Sandra was a good friend. It will be good to see you in it."

"She wasn't Layla, was she?"

He laughs. "No, she would have kicked Layla's ass for cheating on me. She was Angel Buns. Steve could never call her that, but Debbi had no problem with it."

"Ha. she wouldn't."

Inside the trailer, I re-wet the cloth and wash the remaining blood off his face.

"What you did was crazy, Karl, but I'm so grateful." I unzip his shorts and release his his cock from the confines of his boxer briefs.

"You know you don't have to do this."

"I know, but you said you're mine, so I can do what I want with you. Later on, I'll be yours and you can do what you want with me. Right now, I want to kill some time before my next airgasm by sucking your cock. I'll stop if you want me to, but if not, take off your shirt, please."

"Yes Ma'am."

I get him on the bed and give him my best. I'd cut my nails short in the morning since the idea of having them torn off by skydiving didn't appeal to me. That gave me an option I was always afraid to attempt without more preparation. I slick one finger up with saliva and slip it into his ass. He seems surprised that I'm attempting it, but it was a like that I had mentioned in my emails and he did indicate willingness. I feel him relax and accept the intrusion and soon I'm rubbing his prostate, stroking his shaft, and sucking the purplish head of his thoroughly satisfying cock. I feel his prostate start to pulse and take his first shot of cum down my throat. I continue milking it and save a snowball under my tongue until I've milked him dry. I pull my finger out of his ass and crawl up to kiss him. When his cum flows into his mouth and he swallows it, I sense no hesitation and that makes me so horny I start to rub my cunt through my shorts.

"I'm yours now. How to you want me?

"On your back. Time for some muff diving."

He helps me strip and then I lay back and spread my legs for him. He starts to lick me and it's clear that I'm already very wet. He tongue-fucks me and I love the feeling of his rough wiskers on my thighs and pussy lips. Two fingers slide into my pussy as his tongue finds my clit. Oh god that tongue! I feel his fingers withdraw and then they're pushing into my ass. I was hoping for this. I love to have my asshole wrapped around something when I come.

His thumb enters my pussy as I begin to pull and roll both nipples between my fingers. His fingers and thumb are thrusting as he sucks my clit in with his lips and jabs it repeatedly with his tongue. I release myself into an orgasm that has my body so fully involved, that I'm chewing the hair that gets flipped up as my head rolls side to side.

Sensei keeps licking and working my ass and pussy with his hand as my hands leave my tits and play with his thick hair. I have another orgasm, releasing the last of my energy except for what I use to push his head away.

"Enough. That was... ...oh god, that was beyond, way beyond."

I feel his fingers withdraw and then he's brushing the hair from my face. We kiss and I can taste my pussy juice on him. I hold his head up and lick all around his lips, cleaning him with my tongue.

"It's so good to be sharing with you. It will be so different back in Workland."

"Will I see you there, Randi?"

I kiss him. "I hope so. Now that I've met you, I can't imagine going five whole days without you. My Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are busy, but I'd love a booty call on Wednesday evening. Bring a pizza?"

"Sure. And can we come out here after work on Friday night?"

"Oh yeah, that sounds good. Bootsie is old and sedentary. With the feeder set up, two whole days won't bother her a bit."

"Good. The Friday night bonfire is a much smaller crowd, but the most hardcore like to start early on Saturday."

"I'll talk with Dew Drop about a go bag."

"Smart girl. She's the one. If you do two-man dives with her, you'll learn how to fly much better. She loves to teach. Pay for half her jump and it'll be money well spent."

As we clean up, I get hit with another sudden energy drop. It's not as intense as yesterday's and gatorade quickly fixes it. I'm back to normal as we head out for the last jump of the day.

Before we start our dirt-dive, Dew Drop says, "This is a floater suit. It's way more suit than you know how to fly. Just keep your arms and legs in tight so leadbottom here can keep up with you. Her words are clear, but her meaning is even more clear. Life is precious, beautiful and fragile. It's just that much more so when you live so close to the edge. And it's so much better when you have a humble man to share it with.

The jump suit and helmet feel good. The ride to altitude is almost peaceful. I bale out and get stable right away, Sensei guides me through turns and I watch as he demonstrates backflips and barrel rolls. We separate at 3500' and our chutes open almost simultaneously. As we fly our canopies down, I don't notice that he's staying above me. The surface winds have died down, so I have to run into them on landing, but I manage not to add any fresh grass stains to the stains already on the suit.

I look around for Sensei and see that he's still fairly high above ground and upwind instead of downwind. A few remaining observers point up and call to others who look up, I sense something interesting is about to happen. I watch as he slowly turns and runs downwind. He looks like he's gotten too low to turn back upwind, but he does a hard steep turn that shocks the crap out of me. He loses altitude scary fast and I gasp as I expect to see him slam into the ground, but he pulls down hard on his toggles and converts all his downward speed into forward speed. He lifts his legs at the lowest point, but he's turf-surfing about a foot above ground for a very long distance as the observers hoot and cheer. As he slows, he pulls a little more and lifts up a little. He looks so graceful and confident that I suddenly see him as the master of the sky that he is. He hits the ground running and slows to a stop right next to me.


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