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Aislinn's Dream

Aislinn has longed for Dalton for so long, until one day her ultimate fantasy becomes a reality.

Dalton took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking until Aislinn could barely take it any more. Her back arched, and he continued to ravish her breasts, until she could feel the pressure building up. He moved from her breasts to her neck, gently biting and licking, while his hands went lower to her sweet spot.

Aislinn moaned loudly, and Dalton whispered in her ear, “Come for me baby, come on.” She was so close, his fingers moving in and out, her pussy dripping…

Aislinn woke from her sleep. Damn, she thought.  She could tell the air was a bit frigid, and knew the stone floor would be like ice on her feet when she had to get up. But for now, she was toasty under her large quilt, and she sighed with pleasure. Aislinn stretched languidly, feeling her woven nightgown pull against her bare skin, still aroused from her dream. A rooster crowed in the background.

Startled, she shot up. What time was it? The rooster sang his song again. Oh no, I’m late! she thought. Quickly, she dressed in her working tunic and shawl, pinning her hair back into a messy bun. I hope Madame has not noticed I was not up before the dawn, she prayed. 

Aislinn hurried out of the servant corridor, and into the Great Hall. The sprawling room was already bustling with the movements of the other servants and cooks, the stable boys and fieldworkers, all shuffling to their posts. Aislinn quickened her pace, and turned down the family hallway. She was one of the lucky ones, assigned to watch over the Duchess' four year old twins, Hamish and Clara.

It was her duty to watch over them during the day, take them to and from all meals and lessons, get them ready in the mornings and put them to bed in the evenings. Not a bad task at all, when Aislinn got to thinking about it. And she loved Hamish and Clara; their sweet freckles and shy smiles. Her favorite part of the day was taking Hamish to his riding lessons. There she could watch Hamish work with Dalton Williamson, the gorgeous stable hand.

Dalton, the one that visited her in her dreams making her hotter and wetter than anyone else. Dalton with his brown, curly hair and long eyelashes that made his green eyes pop. He had sunkissed skin, and a strong chest and arms from working with the horses all day. And Aislinn knew he looked at her too, in a way that made her fidget in her skirts, and long for his touch. Lost in her thoughts, she almost passed the twins’ room. Oops. 

The day passed quickly until suddenly it was time for Hamish's riding lesson. Hamish was excited, running down the entryway and out to the stables. Aislinn was happy to be outside and smiled as she soaked in the sun's pleasant heat. Dalton could see them coming and he stopped to look at her. Her head was turned to the sky, eyes closed, and a peaceful look on her face.

The things I could do to those lips, Dalton thought to himself. He wanted Aislinn, and he was tired of waiting. He decided that it was the perfect day to make his move. Hamish reached him first. 

“Dalton!” he shouted. “Is today the day I finally get to ride Blackie?”

Dalton chuckled. “Now Hamish, you know that Blackie is much too tall and strong for you yet, you must be patient to ride him until you are bigger and much more experienced.”

He looked at Aislinn, who said, “I’ve brought you some supper from the kitchen. Sarah said she didn’t see you at lunch, and figured you needed something.”

“Thanks,” replied Dalton. “Let me get Hamish set up and ready on his horse, and I’ll come back to fetch the food.”

He turned and gathered the giggling Hamish on his shoulders, and sauntered to the stables. 

Aislinn let out the breath she’d been holding. Did he know she dreamed of his stunning body nightly? The way he swung Hamish up on his shoulders so easily, wow. Perhaps one day he could pick her up with those strong arms and he would lean down and kiss her. And she would run her hands down his muscled back, and he would tear open her gown and…

Dalton's voice woke her from her daydream. “So what is in the basket?”

Aislinn jolted and blushed red. Dalton grinned at her and opened up the basket, taking out a loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, and some grapes.

He bit into the bread and asked, “Would you grab me a few of those grapes?”

 Aislinn reached down in the jar, and the sweet smell of the grapes hit her nose. She picked one out, and without thinking, reached over to put it in Dalton's mouth. He opened slightly, and as she placed the grape in his mouth, he closed down gently on her fingers and sucked. Aislinn gasped, heat hitting her straight down there. Dalton knew it was risky to be so obvious, but he could no longer restrain himself.

“Give me one more,” he ordered softly.

Aislinn knew she could not resist, and slowly put another grape to his lips. They were so close, almost touching, and Dalton could feel himself growing hard. Aislinn was trembling, and as her fingers placed the next grape in his mouth, he sucked her two fingers harder, this time adding tongue. He swirled his tongue around her fingers and Aislinn could feel how wet she was getting. His breath was hot on her fingers and his eyes were burning into hers.

Dalton leaned down, his lips grazing her jaw, trailing down her neck. Aislinn was bursting with need, finally moving closer so their bodies were touching. She could feel how hard he was on her leg, and slowly began to move her hand to his hardness. What am I thinking? she wondered, and then realized she wasn’t thinking at all, just reacting. Her hand gently caressed his swollen shaft, and Dalton moaned softly in her ear. Suddenly his hands reached up and grabbed her hair. Kiss me! she screamed in her head.

“Daaaaalton!” Hamish called from stable.

Dalton paused an inch from Aislinn lips. He groaned with impatience.

“To be continued Aislinn,” he said and he reluctantly pulled away from their embrace and walked towards the barn. Holy crap, Aislinn thought. 

Alone at dinner in the Great Hall, Aislinn could barely focus on putting her spoon from her soup into her mouth. Hamish and Clara were tucked in bed and she was free for the night. Her mind kept drifting to Dalton, and his mouth on hers. Dinner was a lively affair; the Duke and Duchess had a neighboring family in for a large dinner party. The men had been drinking, while the servant girls had been sneaking wine from the serving glasses.

Aislinn was wary of the drunken men, and was trying to keep her distance. There was a particularly large one in the group that was very loud, and she had heard him making some drunken, raunchy comments about her. As she turned her head to avoid his gaze, she saw Dalton walk in. Her heart leapt, and she could feel herself becoming wet. What is wrong with me, she thought. He walks in and I’m already longing for him! 

Dalton met Aislinn's eyes from across the hall. She looked lovely, a little blushed from the heat of the hall, her breasts taut and full in her gown.

Suddenly, Dalton heard a man taunt her. “Hey, you wench! Come over here and let me show you what a man can do to those tits of yours.”

Dalton saw Aislinn flinch, then straighten up and walk out of the hall. Good, Dalton thought. Stay away from that imbecile. He turned to his friend, who handed him a bowl of soup. He was thinking of how he could finish what he and Aislinn had started earlier at the stable, when he suddenly realized the large brute bothering her at the table was gone. Shit! His stomach sank, and without a word to his friend, he shot from table and ran to the hall's exit. 

Aislinn slowly walked the corridors back to her servant's room. Somehow she had to get to Dalton tonight, she didn’t think she could take another minute imagining his body against hers. She needed to feel him for real! Suddenly, a hand grabbed her arm. Dalton! Excitedly, she turned with a smile. But it was not Dalton, it was the man from the Great Hall.

“I knew you were looking at me too, you whore,” he said slurring.

Aislinn tried to scream, but he covered her mouth with a large hand, and grasped her hair with the other. Quickly, he dragged her into an open storage room. Aislinn knew if she did not act, something terrible would happen to her! She bit down as hard as she could, her teeth smashing the man’s fingers.

“Damn it, you bitch! You’re going to pay for that!” He slapped her hard across the face, and Aislinn could feel her nose bleeding.

Dizzy, she fell to the floor and called the only name she could think of, “DALTON!”

The stranger ripped open her dress, exposing her breasts. He grabbed one roughly, and slapped her face again. As Aislinn's sight faded, a man entered the room and pulled the stranger off of her. Aislinn’s vision dimmed, and everything went black.

Aislinn woke in her room, with Dalton's concerned face looming over hers. “Oh God, Aislinn! I’m so sorry.”

“What happened? How did I get here?”

Dalton explained that he had followed where he thought she had gone, worried the man was planning something terrible. He heard her call him, and he ran into the room, where he pulled the man off of her and managed to restrain him until help came.

“You don’t have to worry, that guy is gone. The Duke escorted him to the door and threw him out. I told them I would stay with you until you woke,” said Dalton.

Aislinn sat up slowly, with tears in her eyes and replied, “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come.”

Dalton couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was, even upset, and how her torn dress barely covered the edge of her breasts. 

He knew that it was not the time, not now.

“I drew you a bath. I figured you may have wanted to wash. Call me when you’re dressed, and I will come back in to empty it out. I’ll be waiting right outside. You're safe now, take your time.”

Dalton got up off the bed and headed out the door. Aislinn stripped, grateful for the bath. She wanted to wash away the awful feel of that man. As she started to scrub her body, she thought of Dalton outside. There was only one man she wanted, one man to come and caress her, help her get rid of the other man's touch. She knew what she wanted to do. 

Dalton leaned his head against the door, more shaken up than he cared to admit. If she hadn’t screamed, if he hadn't been there…the gut-wrenching possibilities were endless. But she had called his name. She had thought of him.

Dalton heard Aislinn call out from inside the room, “I’m finished!”

Lost in his thoughts, he opened the door and was halfway to the bath when he realized Aislinn was standing there, dripping wet and totally naked. He stopped in his tracks.

“Dalton, please. I need you. Help me forget what has happened to me tonight. Touch me. You’re the only one I want, and I want you badly,” she whispered.

“Aislinn, I can’t. You don’t mean this, you’re upset and scared.”

Aislinn shook her head and walked towards him. Her breasts were perfect, plump and large, and her nipples glistened with water. Her dirty blonde hair was in long wavy strands down her sides. Her body was trembling, and Dalton was growing hard. He backed up as she walked towards him, hitting the bed and sitting down on it. Aislinn straddled him, her naked body against his rough clothes, and moaned with need. Dalton couldn’t take it anymore. 

He reached up and grasped her hair, pulling her down towards him. He kissed her hard, and desperate. Their tongues intertwined and Aislinn moaned again, softly. Oh God, yes! she thought. Dalton's hands were still in her hair, and he pulled her head back and bit her lip, roughly. He licked her neck, sucking and biting, moving down towards her breasts. Aislinn shuddered, making Dalton so hard and so ready.

He took her nipple into his mouth, pulling and sucking, until he could feel her start to shake. He trailed kisses over to her other breast. She was so close to him, straddling his hard cock, rubbing her wet pussy against him. He bit down softly, causing her to gasp and began using his tongue, swirling around her nipple over and over, while she began to moaned loudly.

“Oh Dalton, more please!”

He wanted to be inside her so badly. Aislinn needed to feel his bare skin against hers. She pulled off his shirt, and grabbed his hair, pulling his lips up to hers. She kissed him passionately, inciting a deep moan from Dalton. She trailed her kisses down his stomach and got down on her knees, pulling his trousers off as she went. His huge cock sprung free and she eyed it hungrily. She took the tip into her mouth, sucking softly. Dalton sighed deeply and collapsed back, now laying on the bed. She began to move her mouth up and down, taking his hard shaft as deep in her throat as she could, licking and sucking hard.

“Jesus, Aislinn! You’re killing me!” Dalton was breathing hard, turning her on even more. Her pussy was so wet, so ready. 

Dalton sat up and lifted her, throwing her on the bed. She looked up at him, incredibly hot . He took her breast into his mouth again, this time simultaneously stroking her clit with his expert fingers. Aislinn convulsed, already close to orgasm.

“Dalton please! Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried.

He moved back to her lips, swallowing her moans, slipping two fingers into her. She convulsed again, arching her back up and he kissed and licked down her stomach to her wet mound. He began licking her clit, all the while moving his fingers in and out, pushing on her g-spot. Aislinn was moaning and squirming, so hot and wet. Her body was humming and the pressure was building and building.

“I’m so close, please!”

And just like in her dreams, Dalton whispered, “Come for me baby, come!”

And she did, pleasure encompassing her entire body, and her back arched again as she shuddered with her orgasm. 

Dalton couldn’t take it anymore. Quickly, while she was still trembling and moaning from her orgasm, he plunged his hard cock into her and she cried out. She felt so tight and wet, and he began moving. He was everywhere, kissing her neck and breasts, her lips, stroking her nipples with his fingers. She was getting close, Dalton could feel her body begin to tense up again. God, she was so gorgeous! Dalton spread her legs out and slammed into her, going harder and harder. She was crying out loudly with pleasure, her breasts going up and down with his rhythm.

“Dalton, I’m about to come again!”

He flipped her over on her stomach and lifted her up, so that her back was pressing against his chest.  Dalton grabbed her hair and tilted her head back, kissing her neck. He was still going in and out of her, filling her with every thrust and she was close to orgasm. His hands closed around her breasts, flicking her nipples.

“Aislinn, God, I can’t take it any more!”

This time it was her that said, “Come for me,” and he pushed her down on her belly and lifted her butt up, slamming into her.

Together, they both came loudly, Dalton crying out, “Aislinn!” He collapsed on top of her, totally spent. 

At about four in the morning, Aislinn woke with Dalton cuddling her, her back against his chest. She felt totally used and sore, in the best ways. Sleepily, she stretched and sighed with happiness.

Dalton drew her closer, and whispered in her ear, “I love you, Aislinn.”

She hummed with pleasure and knew that she loved him too. They slept until the dawn, and when they woke, they were ready to face the world, together. 

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