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All For Julie Revisited

The lust continues All For Julie
If only you had even an inkling of an idea of what you do to me, maybe things would be different. But then again, I think you must have some idea. Today I called you “Kid” and you took a little offense to it. Then again, as I explained to you, it was meant strictly as a compliment.

Everyday I look at you, the better you look. You always make me wish that I was in my late twenties, early thirties again, or better still, just to be single again. I have an idea that you know what you’re doing and you enjoy it as much as I do. What I wouldn’t give just to have you all alone for one solid evening of fucking, every way possible.

Matter of fact, just today I found out that you are only twenty-four (soon to be twenty-five the beginning of next month), that makes me almost thirty years older than you. Damn the bad luck! Oh well, at least I can still fantasize about you. Showers are always such a good place for that, lots of lubrication and no mess to clean up.

The soap I use is really good for lathering up the old cock. I can honestly say that age hasn’t affected me too much in that regard. I can still get it up with no problem, and depending on my mood I can cum as quick (or as slow) as I want. So here I am, playing with myself like a little fourteen-year-old boy. All for you kid.

Once again my hand glides up and down my soapy shaft. Watch me as it grows before your eyes. I wonder, does it excite you to watch me? I want you to watch me make myself cum. I want you to see what you do to me. I fantasize that you are in the shower with me, and that it is YOUR hand fucking me. I think about your tight body and how I’d give anything to feel it pressed tight up against me.

Let me play with your nipples, and make them stand out. Let me suck each one into my mouth and gently nibble on it. Let me reach down and fondle your ass. Can you feel my cock throbbing in your hand? That is what you do to me.

I continue jerking myself, every now and then reaching down to caress my balls. Now I want to cum, for you. I don’t want to dilly dally around. I speed up my strokes. My mind is filled with flashbacks of your beautiful face, that smile that melts me every time you look at me. My God Julie, what you do to me. If only you could see me now, cock in hand, calling your name in silence.

Soon my orgasm will be upon me, I’m not holding back this time. My pace gets a little more frantic, a little more desperate. Faster I go, it’s almost here. Watch me as I cum for you. I wish there was a way for you to see it, for me to share it.

I rinse off and quickly turn my back away from the shower. I want to watch myself cum. Again, I grit my teeth, I squint my eyes. In my mind I see you, the sparkle in your eyes, the way you smile at me when we talk, the small, pert breasts, the round, grabbable ass. It’s all there. I watch as the first burst of cum shoots from my cock, across the tub. A second and third soon follow. I fuck my hand faster, up and down my shaft, enticing smaller spurts from within the depths of my balls.

All in all there were eight good-sized shots of cum, not including the smaller, dribbles. I inhale deeply, relishing what just transpired. God, I wish you were here to enjoy it.

Finally, I dry off and prepare myself for bed. Not that there is any real preparation required other than brushing my teeth. I sleep in the nude, even on those cold winter nights, I hate the restrictions that clothing offers. As I lay there, I close my eyes and continue thinking of you. I am over twice your age. But still I sense a spark between us. There is something between us, more than just your general, run of the mill flirting. Oh to be twenty-five years younger I tell myself repeatedly. At least then the very least I could do was offer you lunch. I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep. I couldn’t even remember what I first dreamed about, and then it happened…

I could feel the sheets being lifted from my body, the cool night air replacing the warmth I had grown accustomed to. Suddenly I felt movement beside me, as a pair of legs slowly intertwined themselves with my own. My eyes popped open and there lying next to me was none other than you!

You were completely naked as you pressed your hard pointy nipples into my arm. In an effort to gain warmth you snuggled up close to me. I could feel your furry patch of pubic hair on the top of my thigh. I put my arm under your head and pulled you even closer.

I bent down to kiss you on top of your head, and as I did so you looked up at me, flashing that winning smile and sparkling eyes. All I could do was smile back. No words were spoken, nor did there have to be. We let our eyes say all there had to be said. There were no false pretenses as to why you were here, just suffice it to say it’s because it’s where you wanted to be. We stayed like that for a good long while, just enjoying the warmth that we shared together. I didn’t want to do anything, out of fear of chasing you away, but mostly because I was thoroughly enjoying our quiet time together. To say it was pleasant would be an understatement.

Eventually, as I had the feeling would be the case you took the initiative. You reached and took semi-erect cock into your tiny hand and slowly began stroking it. Obviously it didn’t take long for it to respond to its full girth. I laid on my back, so that you could have easier access to your new toy. You sat up, not skipping a beat as your hand continued its steady up and down rhythm.

Through the moonlit window I could see a faint outline of your unclothed frame. Your breasts, as small as what I imagined, were round and firm. I could clearly make out your nipples, jutting forward like two small eraser tips, the perfect size and shape, at least to my standards. Meanwhile your hand continued working its magic, yet there were no words.

You began stroking faster, almost as if urging me to cum. My breathing became unsteady, as I wanted to cum for you more than anything. I reached over and slowly began massaging your firm tits, squeezing the nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger. That in it self was exciting. Believe it or not, I was actually turned on by your breasts. I am growing ever so closer to orgasm.

As I stated earlier, when I’m about to cum my balls tense up into my nut sack, and this was no exception. I began taking deep breaths and letting them out with a slow sigh. Your other hand reached over and cupped my balls. Massaging them, kneading them, urging them to release their load. I tried to slow you down. I didn’t want it to end just yet, not this soon anyway. Soon I knew there would be no turning back.

With your one hand flying up and down my shaft and the other playing with my balls, I’m sure you could feel my cock throb, much the way I could. I tried to tell you, to warn you if that be the case, that I was about to cum. That immediately brought about another speed of your hand, as if that was going to help matters any. Suddenly I felt you jerk away from my breast massage. And with that you reached over to take my cock in your mouth. That was it. Instant orgasm.

You continued bobbing up and down my shaft as shot after shot of white creamy cum spewed from my rod. You didn’t miss a beat, nor did you miss a drop. You continued sucking me, pulling all that you could from deep within my loins But then, the worst possible thing happened…I WOKE UP!!!

It was all a dream, a wet dream at that. I hadn’t had one of those since I was eighteen and home on leave from the Navy. Funny, I still remember what instigated it too. I was watching a late night movie entitled Young Lady Chatterly’s Lover. And like that night, this one ended the same exact way. With me making a mess of myself. Not the type of thing one likes doing at two thirty in the morning, unless of course there’s at least a female there to share it with. Well, at least it was all caused by you. Julie, you have no clue what you do to me. The sheet is soaked with cum. I suppose once it cooled down is what woke me up. All I remember is the cum shooting out of my cock in to your waiting mouth. Oh well, I suppose it’s time to cleanup.

So now I lay here, cleaned up once again. I still can’t shake those thoughts of you. Here I am twice your age, and I feel like a teenage boy with his first girlfriend. I’m so glad to have you be able to tease me the way you do. It makes things interesting to say the least. Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I wish we could be together. But then reality sets in and I know that could never really happen.

So I lay here, in the silence of the night. Thinking about you, fantasizing about you. Yet lucky me, I get to see you almost every day I’m at work. And yes, I’ll always look at that tight little body of yours and wonder what it’s really like underneath your clothing. This much I DO know, I love the dark, brooding eyes, the small pert breasts and that perfectly round ass of yours. Oops, the excitement of it all begins again.

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