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All I Want - Chapter 2


I was lying in my bed, tossing and turning because Olivia kept crossing my mind. Her beautiful caramel colored skin, her light brown eyes, and her seductive lips never failed to mesmerize me. I have never been so sexually alive, but I liked it because only she can bring it out of me. For the tenth time that hour, my boxers got tighter as my erection requested my attention. I sighed because I was not used to jacking off this often and I rolled over, attempting to get some sleep.

My bedroom door creaked open and I turned around to see who is in my house, and what I saw woke me up right away. In my bedroom was Olivia Paige in a tight black dress that showed off her curves so fucking well. If my dick wasn't hard before, it most definitely is now. Her hair was naturally curly, and when she took out her ponytail, her brown curls cascaded down her back perfectly. I couldn't move because I didn't want to ruin the moment she created all on her own.

Her eyes were glazed over with lust and she bit her bottom lip as she slowly made her way over to my bed. She strutted so seductively, accentuating her wide hips and taut stomach. I absolutely love how confident she is, and that turned me on to no end. It took my entire being not to explode. My heart was racing and my hands were sweating all for this girl who I barely knew. I slide over to the edge of the bed where she was, and I gently placed my hands on her hips while staring her dead in her eyes. She held my gaze for what seemed like ages until she felt compelled to take the next step. Her pouty lips came close to mine and when they connected, it was like a fire had erupted between us. I moaned into the kiss as my arms wrapped around her in an attempt to keep her close to me, and she reciprocated that action by sitting on my lap. The feeling of her round ass on my dick was overwhelming as hell, but there was no place in the world I would rather be. My body was craving her so much and I only hoped that hers wanted mine.

As if she read my mind, she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "I want you so much, Baby. You have no idea how much you turn me on," and to top it off, she licked my ear after she finished the sentence.

My mind was in overdrive for her and she was about to get the fucking of a lifetime. She took off that tight dress to reveal her 36Cs in a black lace bra and the matching panties. She pushed my chest as an incentive for me to lay down, and she straddled me. Her hips started rocking back and forth, grinding on my painfully erect dick. I reached to put my hands on her hips, but she stopped me by interlocking her hands with mine, and she slowed down her movements.

"You're so hard, Baby. You make me so horny. Do you know that? Huh?" she asked

"All I know is that you drive me fucking insane, Baby Girl. You have no idea how bad I want you right now."

"Why don't you tell me how bad you want me?"

"I have never wanted a woman until you, Olivia. I am used to getting anyone I am attracted to without even making the first move. They come to me, and we take it from there. But for you, I would make the first move over and over and over again. I crave you, Olivia. You give me something to desire, which is a feeling that I never felt before."

I could no longer take it. I had to kiss her, so I pulled her face to mine in a kiss that was so intimate. I couldn't kiss anyone else the way I kiss her, and I wanted her to know that. Her hips started rocking again and I felt her moan into the kiss. With that, I detach myself from her lips and I look into her eyes.

"Moan for me, Olivia."

"Oh, my gosh, Baby. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum for you and you're not even inside me yet. UGH! YEAH! Here it comes... AAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Her whole body shook as she started to cum on top of me, and I was in awe as I watched it all happen. My dick couldn't take anymore, and I arched my back as I shot about a gallon of cum into my boxers. She smiled at me as I caught my breath, and she was about to talk when her phone rang. She got off of the bed and got her phone from her coat pocket, and the volume of the phone got increasingly loud. I noticed that the ringtone sounded a lot like my alarm clock...


Cameron jumped up and looked around, upset that his fantasy was only a dream. The only thing that was real about it was the eruption in his boxers. He got up and took a shower, vowing to go to New York today in hopes of having met her by the end of the night. He had basketball practice today, but he called in sick to his coach. Nothing was going to stop him from finding her. He quickly packed his bags and made his way to LAX.

No more than an hour later, he boarded a plane headed to JFK Airport in New York. He purchased his first class seat and encountered quite a few fans of his on the way to his plane. He hated to be rude, but he quickly thanked them for supporting him and ran to the gate before the plane left without him. Now that he was on the plane, he took a deep breath as an attempt at keeping his cool. He just laid his head back and fell asleep as he was being transported to the other side of the country all for the girl of his dreams.


Olivia Paige was an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who became a part of the music industry through a reality singing show. She finished in third place, but she was signed to a label instantly. Her world was changing overnight, and she knew that it could only get better from where she was.

As she roamed around her Downtown Brooklyn apartment, she thought about her ex-boyfriend, Darius Wallace, a semi-professional basketball player. She and Darius have been together for about two years, and she thought that they were meant to be together. She loved him, and he loved her, or so she thought. When the time came for him to pick between his career and her, he chose to go where the money was, not where the love was. He said that having her would only "hold him back." She was devastated for about a month after the breakup, but she told herself that she was going to get back on the market soon.

Olivia was different in the fact that she knew she was beautiful- no doubt about it- but she was also humble. Whenever someone complimented her on her beauty or her clothes or her music, her eyes glow as she genuinely thanks them, leaving everyone involved in a great mood.

She was only twenty years old, but she had wisdom beyond anyone of her age group. She attended two years of school at NYU, but she left after she signed her music contract. Her decision paid off because she was relatively wealthy, but she regretted leaving school and planned to re-enrol sometime so that she can have her Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education. She loved children, and whenever she had the chance, she would babysit her niece and nephew for nights at a time. Her thoughts were interrupted when her manager/sister, Tatiana called her to deliver some news.

"Hey, Tati. What's up?"

"Girl, I have a club opening gig that is screaming your name!"

"What club?"

"It's called the 717 Club, and it's the hottest new place in Manhattan."

"What exactly do I have to do there?"

"Just sing a couple of songs and dance with a few people for promotion, that's all. I'll be there with you the whole time if you need me, and I won't take no for an answer. You need to get back out there. Last night, you were a hit at that concert, so let's go for another hit!"

"...Okay, fine. Let's do it."

"That's my girl! Bye, Boo. I love you!"

Olivia smiled as she remembered last night's concert. She was called at the last minute to sing any song for a concert that donates all proceeds to breast cancer. This was very important to her seeing as her grandmother passed away from it about four years ago.

Olivia got on the stage at the concert and was greeted with a few cheers and chants, some from those who might've remembered her from the TV show and some others might've been from men who were liking what they were seeing. Either way, she was glad to be on the stage, doing what she loved. She chose to sing the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" because it was relatively close to how she felt. She missed Darius, as much as she hated to admit it to herself, and if he were to come back to her with a sincere apology for leaving her, she might consider taking him back.

She was coasting through the song, but once she got to the bridge where she said, "You're all I want and you're all I need," she felt tingles, as if she were singing it to someone important, and that important person was watching. She finished the rest of the song, bowed, and ran off the stage and into Tatiana's open arms.

"Oh my gosh, Girl! You did so well! It's like you've been doing this forever. I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks, Tati. I'm gonna head to the back room because it's hot out here."

She walked to her dressing room and cooled down in the comfort of the AC, and before she knew it, she was waking up in her apartment the next morning.

Quickly, she put on a purple form fitting dress and some silver heels, grabbed her bag, and ran to her sister's car that was already outside, waiting for her.


Cameron arrived at JFK Airport at 7:49 PM eastern time. He looked around at the masses around him, and couldn't help but feel discouraged. How could he possibly find one girl in this huge city? After finding some courage and drive, he asked the teller at the customer service desk where last night's concert was held. She told him that it was held in the Millennium Music Center in Brooklyn, and he rushed to get a cab to his destination.

Walking into the empty music center was disheartening for him because he wanted her in his arms right then and there. He wasn't used to going on scavenger hunts for anyone, but for Olivia, he would part the Red Sea if he had to. Nothing was going to keep them apart. He got into the taxi that he had waiting for him and asked him where a beautiful, young singer would go on a Friday night.

The driver looked back and said, "We can try the 717 Club."

Cam hopped out of the cab and walked into the club. Instantly, girls recognized him and couldn't keep their hands off of him. He tried his best to abandon the army that had formed in a matter of seconds, but he couldn't. The girls were rubbing all over his body and feeling him up, but he didn't feel the least bit turned on. At this point, his sex drive was devoted to Olivia. Growing frustrated from the crowd and tired from the trip, he turned to leave until he heard the emcee.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the 717, please give a round of applause for the one and only Olivia Paige!"

Cameron turned back around so quickly that he gave himself whiplash. He was amazed at how fate worked, and when he saw her walk onto the stage, he moved closer and closer to where she was, silently claiming her as his. Her sultry voice filled the room as everyone danced to the rhythm of the drums-everyone except Cameron. He was staring intensely at her, hypnotized by how overwhelmed she made him. Just her presence turned his day into one of the best days of his life, and he felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

The way she stared back into his eyes while she was singing turned him on so much. It was as if they were having "eye sex." To Cameron, any type of sex with her would be an honor, and by the way she was eyeing him, he knew that she would come looking for seconds when she's done with the show. She finished her set, which Cam later found out was five songs (he didn't know it was that long because he was mesmerized the whole time), and walked backstage.


Olivia felt a wetness in between her legs as she walked backstage at the club. She just had a sexy stare- off with the hottest guy she's ever seen. Seriously, he was hotter than anything she could imagine. Tatiana told her that it was time to dance with a few people to get some more publicity, and Olivia had an idea of who was going to get the first dance.

She walked onto the dance floor, looking around for the hottie she saw earlier, but he was nowhere to be found. She sighed, clearly depressed. 'I guess I felt a connection that wasn't there for him.' She shrugged it off and looked away only to see a guy approach her. He was cute, at 5'10", mocha skin, hazel eyes, and definitely aware of how cute he was.

"Hello, Ms. Paige. I'm Tony. I would love to dance with you. Shall we?"

He was suave, so she gave him a chance to wow her on the dance floor. He started off slow, holding her hips and moving in time with the beat, but eventually, he got a little chaotic when he turned her around and slapped her ass. She pushed him and told him never to touch her again, and when he grabbed her wrist, she was about to slap him, but her hero came and rescued her.


Cameron left the dance floor on purpose to see if she would come looking for him, and she was. She looked so fucking adorable walking around, clearly looking for someone, and intent on finding them. She gave up too soon, and some random fuck came to dance with her. His hands were on her hips- a place where his hands ached to be- and he was instantly green with envy.

'I should've stayed where I was on the dance floor and let her see me there when she hit the floor. It should be my hands on her body, no one else's' he thought to himself.

He saw the guy turn her around and slap her ass, and before he knew it, he was charging onto the floor with a head of steam. He pulled the bastard off her and punched him in the jaw, his eyes ablaze with intensity. He looked over at Olivia and he was overcome with a feeling of relaxation. She made him relax and he felt like a douche-bag because the first time they meet face to face was ruined by violence.

"Are you okay, Ms. Paige?" he asked, sincerely concerned

"Yeah, I'm fine. You saved me. How can I ever repay you?"

He smiled, his dimples on full display and he replied, "Dance with me. Real dancing. I don't do all of that grinding stuff until the first date."

She smiled back, and her arms found their way to the back of his neck as his landed on her torso, next to her bra. It was a safe zone until he got the green light.

"So, Hero, what is your name?"

"I'm Cameron Joseph. I'm a-"

"Professional basketball player Cameron Joseph?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"My boyfriend plays ball. All he does is talk about your game."

Cameron's heart deflated a little bit. She has a boyfriend, and it's not him.

"Well, ex-boyfriend... So, what are you doing here in New York City?"

'To meet you,' he thought

"I'm from NYC, so I just came to catch up on what's going on in my hometown."

"Oh, well I hope that everything is to your liking."

He looked deeply into her eyes and said, "They most certainly are."

Olivia blushed for a moment as she looked back at him, then her gaze lowered to his lips. She definitely felt a connection with this stud, so she went on an impulse and kissed him. Her kiss was like lightening striking his heart, giving it a new life and a new reason to live.

She pulled away for a moment, but he instantly pressed his lips back to hers, loving the feeling of her. He wrapped his arms around her like he did in his dream, and she held onto him just as tightly. When they finally broke the kiss, she started stepping back and forth, resuming their dancing.

He snapped out of his trance and put his hands back on his torso where they were before. He stepped in time with her and closed her eyes, but he felt her let go of him. He opened his eyes to see what was wrong, but when she moved his hands down to her hips, he smiled, loving the fact that she read his mind.

"I figured I'd put you out of your misery," she said

"The only time I was miserable was when I was watching you dance with that bastard. I'm nowhere near miserable when I'm with you."

Her eyes were sparkling, and Cameron felt his heart burst. He leaned down and kissed her again, this time, his hands landed on her cheeks. He wanted her to feel how he wanted her, not just her body, but her. She kissed him back and moaned into the kiss. She felt something so powerful for this man, and it had only been a matter of minutes.

"Would you like to go to dinner with me?"



"It's 1:00 in the morning. I don't think any restaurants are open right now."

Before he could reply, Tatiana approached them and said, "Olivia, we need to go. We have that family brunch in nine hours! Let's go now."

"Hang on a sec, Tati." Olivia turned to Cameron

"When can I see you again? I need to see you again."

She pulled a card out of her bra and gave it to him. "This is my cell phone number. Call me anytime."


"Yeah. Just not within the next thirteen hours." She winked as she walked and joined her sister.

Cameron started at her as she left the room. He felt as if she had taken his heart with her in the process, but he was successful because he found her. He knew that the next thirteen hours without calling her would be hell, but at least he had his memories with her to think of...

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