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All I Want- Chapter 4

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Early that morning, Cameron arose in the best way he could've imagined. Somehow, in the middle of the night, Olivia decided to ditch their spooning for a more comfortable position. She was laying on his right side, her right leg draped over his right leg and her right arm draped over his abs. Her head rested soundly on his chest, and he felt her breathe with every exhale she made.

His right hand wandered to the small of her back in the middle of the night, his left on top of her right arm. Amazed at how possessive he is over her in his sleep, let alone reality. Cameron looked at her in pure admiration while she was resting.

He knew it wasn't the case, but he imagined that he was her protector, and that she couldn't relax or sleep unless he was there, holding her in his strong arms. A gentle smile crept on his face because he loved the idea of being her protector; her provider.

He spent his time gently stroking her arms and back, loving the way she molded into him. He thought about how much he’s changed within these life-changing days, and how much he’s willing to change just to see her radiant smile and to stay in her heart.

The last time he spent the night at a woman’s house, he woke up to her asleep beside him. Her arms were latched around his waist as if she knew that he was planning to leave, and that exactly what he intended to do. He managed to escape from her vice grip and left her a note explaining how great last night was, but that he had to go.

He remembered how scared he was of commitment and how much work he put into avoiding putting labels on whatever relationships he was involved in. He smiled to himself because the old him would’ve laughed at the new him, called him a bitch, and probably would’ve told him that exclusive relationships are stupid.

He looked at Olivia, soundly sleeping in his arms, and he thought to himself, ‘I was wrong. Exclusive relationships can be useless and a waste of time, but if it’s with the right person, it’s more than worth all of the work.’

He whispered silently to the sleeping beauty, “You’re more than worth it, Baby Girl,” as he lifted her hand and kissed every finger individually. 

Olivia stirred out of her peaceful rest and her heart pounded out of her chest when she saw Cameron’s striking face. She remembered all of the things they had said to each other; all of the things they did, and she had absolutely no regrets.

Her mind was telling her not to fall for the professional athlete, but as long as her heart was beating, she knew that it would beat for Cameron. She was falling in love with him, but she knew that she couldn’t fall before she found out how loyal he was.

She hated to compare him to Darius, but her ex did break up with her because he thought that she would distract him from his career. The last thing that she needed was to fall hard for an amazing guy only to be heartbroken yet again. Her gaze moved down to his chest, and Cameron was well aware that something was going on with her.

“What’s wrong, Liv? Talk to me, Babe.” His thick, rough fingers gently massaged the small of her back as he awaited her response.

“Are you sure that you want to be with me? I mean, last night was magical, but if you want to back out of this, you can. Just don’t lead me on, Cameron. Don’t let me get too invested into this if your heart isn’t in it too. I’m going to go to the bathroom, and if you’re gone by the time I get out, I’ll pretend that all of the things that were said were just because of the heat of the moment. I won’t hate you or think of you any differently.”

With that, she detached from Cameron’s grip and made her way to the restroom. She could barely wait until she closed the door behind her before tears started rolling out of her eyes. The thought of losing him was too much for her already.

She scolded herself because she knew not to get too involved with him too soon, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted him more than she wanted anything in the world, and even if he decided to leave while he had the chance, she didn’t regret showing him how much she desired him.

She heard movement in her bedroom, so she assumed that he was packing up his stuff. Her tears flowed freely as she sat down on the corner of the sink, discouraged and upset.

He was absolutely dumbfounded by the choices she gave him. Either he leaves or stays? Really? He practically spent the whole night telling her how he cared for and desired her, but he could understand where she was coming from.

Back in California, he was known for changing his mind when it came to making lasting decisions. Hell, one time, he pulled out of a woman when she said that she loved him. But Olivia had to know that this was different. She had to know that he was here to stay.

After spending nearly twenty minutes in the bathroom, Olivia opened the door, expecting to see her bedroom, empty and cleared of all evidence. Exactly as she had expected, her bedroom was emptied of all of the love that filled it last night and early this morning. She went and sat on the edge of her bed, silently sobbing because she had lost the only man who she cared about since Darius left her.

Cameron was the only man who she felt comfortable with; the only man she was willing to open up to. Her pity party was interrupted as she heard sounds in her kitchen. She peeked into the room and saw Cameron in her kitchen, wearing her apron, making omelets for the two of them.

She stared in admiration as he hummed while he beat the eggs and poured in the vegetables and spices. She blushed when she caught herself staring at his tight butt when he bent over to get a spoon from the drawer, and she almost burst out in tears when he saw her standing in the kitchen, got down on his knees in front of her, and hugged her waist tightly, whispering to her, “I’m not going anywhere, Baby. I’m exactly where I need to be.”

“I’m so sorry I made a stupid scene back there. My last relationship ended really badly, and I have had confidence issues ever since. I was sure that if I put my all into the relationship, I would benefit in the end, but I ended up alone and heartbroken. I shouldn’t project all of that on you because clearly, you are a rare breed.”

“Rare breed? Me?” Those dimples sent her heart into overdrive

“You’re cooking breakfast for us instead of leaving after I had an emotional breakdown. I doubt that many guys would do that.”

“For anyone else, I would’ve left when I had the chance. But for you, never. Now, this ex of yours has fucked with you too much. We can talk about it if you want to, but only when you feel like it. I want you to be completely honest with me, Liv. Never hold back from saying what’s on your mind. Got it?”

She smiled while looking into his deep brown eyes. “Got it.” He met his lips with hers for a peck, glad to get that behind them.

“Good. Now, breakfast should be done in about five. I have to put the eggs on to the skillet, but that will be quick. Is there anything special that you eat for breakfast that you’re in the mood for?”

She bit her lip as she leaned into his ear. “There is something that I’m in the mood for, but I never had it before. Do you think that I can try it now?”

“You can try whatever you want as long as you’re ready.”

As soon as his lips formed the last word in that sentence, Olivia jumped into Cameron’s arms and gave him a kiss for the record books. It was by far the most magical kiss they shared, and Cameron was well aware that Olivia meant business when she said that she was going to try something she never had before. With her still in his arms, he carried her back to the bedroom and placed her in the center of her bed, marveling at the sight of her.

“Take your clothes off for me, Liv. I have to see you, all of you.”

She complied as she maintained eye contact with him as she removed each article of clothing she had on. When her moist panties finally came off, she threw them at him, forcing him to smell what damage he has done to her sanity.

They were having yet another round of eye sex as the sexual tension thickened exponentially. He walked over to her and sucked on her toes, paying attention to all ten of them while she moaned from his touch. He loved teasing her, but he knew that he would love being inside of her even more.

His dick found its way out of his boxers as he got on top of her. Seeing her underneath him, waiting for him to be inside of her, waiting for him to make her his, was all the foreplay he needed. With a push, he inserted himself into her tight, silky depths, and he quickly identified this as his new home.

He thrust into her slowly, making sure that she was accustomed to his size before he claimed her pussy as his.

Her hands rested on his abs and felt them ripple with every movement he made. His body was like poetry in motion, and she was addicted to every bit of it. She met his thrusts with ones of her own, meeting his dick with her pussy halfway every time. Olivia figured that she had enough of going slow, so she said the magic words, igniting his inner demons. 

“Give me more, Cam.” 

"More of what, Babe?" He said as he leaned down to kiss her neck, leaving small bite marks on her flawless skin.

"You know what. Give it to me," She moaned from pleasure as his teeth bit into her neck, but she needed more pleasure. She needed to feel all of him before she could be satisfied. After he paused for ten seconds, waiting for her to tell him what she wanted, she gave in.

"Dammit, Cameron! I want you to ram your big dick into my little pussy and make me yours! I want you to punish me for trying to push you away earlier. I want you to punish me for being willing to let you walk out of the door."

No sooner than she said this, he rammed into her in one push. She moaned loudly at how awesome he felt inside of her. The way he filled her up perfectly was enough to send her body into orgasm. Her body shuddered as she rode out the waves of her first orgasm of the day, and he waited for her to finish before he moved again.

'Fuck, she's cumming already? She's so fucking tight! Oh, my God, this girl is so fucking perfect,' Cameron thought to himself while he watched her orgasm for him.

Although he was known for having great stamina on the court and in the bedroom, it was his first time with the woman of his dreams, so he knew that he was close. His thrusts resumed louder and more powerful than before. His desire for her increased as he gazed into her eyes the entire time.

The way she put her hands on his chest, raking her nails into his abs while her eyes rolled to the back of her head drove him insane as he released an animalistic groan from his throat. The way her pussy tightened on his dick when she came for him again was more than enough to make him cum, but he held off for as long as possible. He fucked her quickly and strongly, vowing not to stop until she got her third round of release.

There was a moment where the couple locked eyes, and it was electrifying. It was as if that contact shocked them into reaching new speeds and new heights. About five seconds later, Cameron's hips were a blur to Olivia as he continually pushed her closer and closer to her orgasm.

"Uh, uh. Baby, I'm gonna cum. Uh. Ahh!" She exclaimed as her hips had minds of their own as she ground slowly on his dick while her pussy was contracting. Cameron threw his head back as he felt his orgasm approaching.

"Oh, Jesus, Olivia. I'm gonna cum for you!" He threw his head back as he waited for his balls to deliver his impending orgasm, but he was alarmed when she pulled him out of her.

She pushed him so that he was laying down and whispered seductively, "I'm not on the pill, and we can't risk me getting pregnant. Let me suck you off." She bent over, giving him a clear view of her bubble butt, and once he felt her soft lips on him, he knew that this orgasm would be one for him to remember forever.

He watched intently as her head bobbed up and down his long shaft about ten times before taking in his whole length, gagging on his swollen head. He groaned loudly when he felt her throat contract over his thick member and his hands found his way to her chin. Expecting to blow his load at any second he pulled her chin up as a way of silently asking her to look at him.

"Look at me, Olivia. Look at how crazy you drive me, Baby girl. I'm gonna cum so much just for you. Only you can do this to me."

Olivia moaned onto his erection as he confessed his desire for her and there was a moment where he took one of her hands and placed it onto his heart.

"Do you feel that? My heart is beating so fast and so uncontrollably because of you. You have no idea how much of a better man you make me want to become. God, you're so beautiful. I could stare at you for hours if you would let me and be the happiest man alive. I could blow my load just by looking at you."

She let go of his dick and with the most seductive voice she could muster, she replied, "Do it. Cum for me. I want it all over my face."

Her hands simultaneously stroked him slowly, giving him an immense amount of pleasure. He was most definitely close, but when he felt her soft lips sucking on his balls, he flew over the edge.

"Goddammit, I'm gonna blow. Holy fuck!" He cried out as he fired about twelve sticky strings of his semen all over her face and breasts.

His chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath, but the beauty in front of him made it harder for him to regain his composure. She stood up in front of him and watched him pass out as she scooped a wad of cum off of her breasts and stick it into her mouth, humming in satisfaction of its sweet taste. She smiled because of the affect she had on him as she made her way to the bathroom to clean off. Her mind went absolutely insane as she wiped off his ejaculation.

Her mind kept replaying what he said to her while she was giving him oral sex. He said that she drove him insane, and that only she was capable of making him feel the way he did, and that she made his heart beat out of control.

Her heart started beating a little faster as she thought about how she felt about Cameron. Although they only knew each other for a day, she was feeling butterflies for him, but she still had a little bit of a guard up.

Yes, he made it abundantly clear that he was committed to her, but she had to keep a guard up regardless of how perfect he may have been. The last thing she needed was more heartbreak in her life.

After finishing with cleaning up, she made her way back to bed, laying down facing Cameron's extremely handsome face. She tried to memorize every part of his bone structure as his eyes took her in, doing the same.

There was silence in the room, but it said so much more than words could have. Cameron took a deep breath and sighed slowly as if it was the first deep breath he had taken in a while.

"There are so many things I want to say and do to you, but I don't want to scare you away," he whispered, pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, yeah? Like what?"

His hands came into contact with her cheeks, holding her into place as he kissed her soft lips gently. She surprised herself when she initiated the tongue action between them because she hated tongue action. Well, she thought, she hated tongue action with Darius, but Cameron's tongue was perfect.

He kissed her with a type of urgency that made her believe that he ached to touch her. Her fingers played with the back of his ears while she locked lips with his, and much to her dismay, he broke the kiss. She leaned back in to start it back up again, but he smiled at her in adoration.

"Don't start with me, Olivia. If we keep this up, we might have to go for Round 2."

She bit her lip as she purred, "We can go for as many rounds as you want, Baby. I've been wet for you since the moment I first saw you."

"Well, is that right?" He playfully asked.

"Mhm. I think you turned me into some sex-crazed monster because I was never like this." Her eyes sparkled as she said this, and his heart beat that much more erratically as he just took in the sight of her.

"You were never into sex?"

"I liked sex, even though I only had it with one person other than you. But with you, I... I love having sex with you."

That did it for Cameron. He rolled on top of her, kissing her lips and moving down to her neck and breasts. She loved how he felt inside of her, and he loved being inside of her. He wanted nothing more than to feel her tighten up around his thickness again.

"You love having sex with me, Baby? You love it when I make you mine?" He asked as he started to rub her clit, which was already erect.

"Uh, yes, I do. I love how good you are to me, Cam. I've never felt so sexy and so wanted before," She confessed, closing her eyes while anticipating his tongue to come into contact with her clit. But he surprised her when he came back up to kiss her once again, their tongues dueling in yet another fiery kiss.

"The way I want you can never be duplicated by anyone. I traveled across the country just to meet you because I knew from the moment I saw you sing at that concert that you are mine. You belong to me just as I belong to you, and I'm going to spend my life showing you that. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, I hear you. So how are you going to show me that you're mine?"

With that he slid down her body until his mouth came into direct contact with her clit, and she jumped in ecstasy. Her hands latched onto his head while her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Just as she drove him insane, he did the same to her.

She decided that she needed him inside of her, so she pulled him back up and gave him another sweet kiss. She never tasted her own vagina until then, and she liked it because it was on his lips. Her clit was throbbing for him as much as his erection was for her, and just as he mounted her, his phone started to ring.

He looked into her lustful eyes and he knew that he would have to call whoever it was back after he ravaged the hell out of her. But the caller kept on dialing his number. Growing exasperated, Cam got up and grabbed the phone and apologized to Olivia before answering it. The call was from his teammate and best friend, Shane Wilkins, and by the way he sounded, he was pretty frantic.

"Cam, where the hell are you? The game is in six hours, and you're MIA! You're supposed to be here for practice and the press conferences!"

Cameron banged his head softly on his fist as he responded, "Shit! I've been really busy. I completely forgot about that. Okay, I'm coming. I won't be there in time for the conferences, but I'll definitely be there for the game. Tell everyone that I'll be there and not to panic. Later."

Olivia crept out of bed as he shuffled around the room, putting his clothes on. "What's wrong, Baby?"

He stopped buttoning up his shirt as he made his way over to her and kissed her lightly. "You know that my basketball team made the league finals, right?"

She nodded and he continued, "Well, in light of recent events, I completely forgot that the game is today at 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 western time. I would stay here with you if it was a regular season game, but this is the championships. I promise that I'll be on the next plane back as soon as the game is over, Baby. You won't miss me that much."

"Oh, yeah. I'll be fine." She smiled as he got in her face, giving her pecks all over her cheeks and forehead.

"You'll be fine without me? You won't miss me one bit?"

"Of course I'll miss you! But in the event that I can't sleep because I need to feel someone's strong arms around me, I'm going to a local bar and finding a random guy who will be more than willing to spend the night with me wrapped in his arms." Her smile was infectious as he laughed at her comment.

"The only person whose arms need to be around you is me, and whenever you need to talk or anything, give me a call. You know that I'll put anything aside for you."

"Okay. And if you need me, I'll be here, keeping the bed warm until you come back to me."

"I always need you. Ever since our first kiss, I've been living. Do you know how it feels to be like a zombie for twenty-two years?"

"I have an idea of what it's like." She looked down, thinking about how far she's come since Cameron came into her life.

After five minutes, he finished dressing and kissed Olivia goodbye. It was hard to leave her there, in the bed where they consummated their relationship and opened up to one another in ways that he thought were impossible.

As he was headed for the airport for the first flight to LAX, he said to himself, "The sooner you finish this game, the sooner you can be back in Brooklyn, holding Olivia in your arms and cuddling. The sooner you can breathe again."

The flight took off, and if it landed in time, he would be able to make it to the game about half an hour before tip-off. And if the game ended in time, he would be able to kiss Olivia's soft lips yet again in about eight hours. It might as well have been a lifetime because they weren't as okay with being apart from one another as they led each other to believe.

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