All I Want

By WellMadeMale

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Set the table, babe.
I imagine you coming to me wearing only your newest, lacy negligee; black on  black, sheer, tantalizingly sensual, subtly promising. One of my gifts to you, from earlier this morning. The one I could hardly wait to see you in!

I’m sitting at my dining room table, laid out before us, atop the glistening finish is an assortment of delicious condiments; left over from the feast this afternoon, yet none so tasty as what I know you to be…

As you saunter confidently and sensually towards me, emerging from the shadows with a chalice of chardonnay in hand, I feel a familiar stirring from deep within my groin. When a man becomes excited, sometimes the rush is quite noticeable to all as well as the eager soul who’s generating the erection; often times, with me, I simply discover that my normal heavy flaccidity has seemingly magically transformed into a very seriously rigid and cock.

Such is the case now. I’m sitting in this armed, cushioned dining chair, dressed very casually in my plush orange robe and matching tiger print thong you’ve so thoughtfully decorated me with earlier this evening...Unwrapping our presents has never been so eagerly anticipated. You are magnificent to behold…your blonde hair bouncing upon your shoulders as you approach me.

What a sight we two must be now as you sidle up just in front of me, reach down and part my masculine legs, step between them and begin your arousing, and very feminine lap dance.

My Gawd, you are stunning!

My cock is so wanting of you…My excitement is only matched by the heat my lusty gaze is creating within your own mind…Foreplay has always been so exquisite between you and I.

Madonna’s Crazy For You is echoing through this chamber from the living room, elevating our mood, as is the low light created by the cinnamon candles which surround our soon to become playground.

Freshly showered and clean, we both find our senses heightened further by the feeling of newness the cleansing has energized us with.

I don’t know where you learned to writhe in such a seductive and sexually suggestive manner, but like most things feminine, I can only appreciate while not trying to think too much and hoping to understand.

That’s it honey, place your right knee upon my left thigh and lean into my face, brushing my eyebrows and nose with your abdomen, your delicious, full tits caressing my forehead, your luscious derrière being cradled in my healthy, firm - yet gentle grasp.

I’ll admit that I’m lost in this moment with you too! Again, as always with you…

It’s as though we’re slowly becoming one as your left hamstring  settles upon my opposite thigh, by hands massaging the very small of your back as you nestle upon my lap and.

Isn’t that Berlin plying the air now? You are taking my breath away, babe…

I can feel your soft hands grappling within the brown wavy mane upon my neck as you pull my head back, tilting my face towards yours. You are pressed right up against me now. My hands dancing upon your muscular back and shoulders, sliding down to your fantastically sculptured ass…your wonderfully comfortable crotch grinding into mine.

I know I’m leaking, for I feel myself becoming moist - or is that coming from you? Hard to say, makes no difference to me, just feels very good to the both of us.

Breath upon my face, your breath…Like roses.

As you lean down and into me, the lace which possesses your beautiful, succulent breasts, is tracing across my face and suddenly your excited nipples are within reach of my mouth and I can only kiss you there briefly before they are gone, replaced by your luxurious neck.

Your sensitive and supple, neck, oh baby! You know how I love to kiss and suck upon your neck…I can almost taste your excitement, now!

I feel your warm breath upon my own cheek and suddenly my nerves fire yet again, from the base of my spine; up my shoulders as a dose of adrenaline courses through my body, delivered no doubt by your wet tongue which is lapping, teasingly, within my left ear.

My gawd, it feels as though you are literally eating into my face as your warm and very aroused femininity is busily moistening my lap; I trace your magnificent thighs and calves and massage your perfect feet with my eager hands, my fingertips curious and searching.

I’m indeed lost within you. Head reeling, senses overloading. I choose to assert my masculinity and hope you will not retreat…

Grasping a handful of your own soft-as-feathers hair, I ever so gently but forcefully turn your face into mine and greet you with an open mouthed and deep, full-tongued kiss…

Savoring each others’ invited tastes, we are a singular, writhing sexual being, alive with the sensuality of the moment.

The passion we both seek and crave, the passion which we both have known before with others, but only now experience with each other…Our passion together, seems unmatched and so welcomed.

You can feel my throbbing cock - tight against your moistening vulva, my fingers teasingly exploring your promising labia, as I’ve reached behind you and am caressing your very nice ass.

You are so drenched, your pre-cum is almost cascading through my digits and pooling upon my taunt, shaved balls. These thongs of ours, simply have to go! 

I’m going to devour yours from your pelvis!!!

Gyrating your exquisite ass, rasping your hot pussy against my equally hot cock, we are still seriously involved in a most wonderful kiss. I absolutely love discovering your mouth with my tongue. I feel you tentatively probing my mouth too; then diving into my throat with your curious, insistent flesh. We both enjoy each other’s kissing. I am adorned with your panting breath and awash with hormones firing off in rapid succession - my body is becoming your temple, your physique has become my worship.

Ravels’ Bolero enters its first soft cadences as I rise from my seated throne, your long, smooth and toned legs, now wrapped tightly around my athletic waist. My cock straining through this silken thong pouch as you perform a series of athletic pull-ups using my shoulders as your grip - you are masturbating both of us, grooving our genitals together up and down ever so slightly, ever so tantalizingly insistent.

What a delicious sexual animal you are. Such an exuberant, generous and vivacious lover you are.

What a pleasure to learn your secrets, to teach you some of mine. What bliss this is; but it’s always been this way between us, from the first moment we even dared to think of kissing one another.

Your full and delicious lips are now soothing my neck with gentle nibbles and luscious, wet lashes from your tongue…as you continue to grind my large, so-ready-for-you double-handful of pleasure. My own hungry mouth has returned to adoring your tender, blushing nape.

You smell so alive; already a thin sheen of perspiration glistens upon your back…Already, your fragrant, clean feminine scent decorates the room with the aroma of your raw, unbridled affections.

My hands slide up to the middle of your back and I untie the soft velvet cords which harness the sheer gown you’ve graced so well for these last 20 minutes. It’s time to allow you to bloom like a flower after a spring shower. I need to see you free, I long to feel your naturalness tightly against my own lightly fuzzed body. I need to meld as one with you again.

Your insistence with the head of my penis has brought us both to the verge of cumming on more than a couple of occasions just in the last few moments. Your petite, lean, toned frame is involuntarily wrenching in my arms as I’m guessing you are now, once again, enthralled in the initial throes of an approaching climax…

If this is how you become with mere clitoral stimulation, we both know you are in for a treat with my well endowed masculinity awaiting you.

You know I’ll cherish you, don’t you, babe? You know I’ll romance you and come with you, as you release with me? Will you take me with you tonight, babe? Take me places only the two of us will go together – tonight?

Let us move to the bedroom where you will have plenty of space to unleash yourself upon me; where we will unite again as we have in our dreams.

Merry Christmas, babydoll…