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All in Time, part two

After their encounter in the hallway, Sammi and Diondre have a little chat.
The scene at the dinner table was a tense one, with the older couple on one side of the table. Sammi tugged on her skirt and slipped into a chair opposite from her mother, and gave Quentin a quick smile when he playfully flipped a napkin at her.

He was a good man, and he’d been amazing to her mother. They’d been together for two years, and the entire time both Janine and Sammi had been aware that he had a son of his own who was off at college on a scholarship. Her sixteen-year-old self had been wary of the eloquent black man that was suddenly in her life, fearful that he wanted to take her mother away; within six months, she didn’t see Quentin’s skin color anymore, just the dedication and love he felt not only for her mother, but for her, too.

It was strange to her how people still looked at them when they would go out together: a tall, handsome black man and two white women, one of which wore a wide, sparkling ring. Sammi thought that people that had issues with interracial relationships had gotten over themselves, but a simple trip to the grocery store sometimes proved her wrong.

She’d wondered what her mother saw in him at first, but he was an absolute gentleman; it was a shame that his son wasn’t. Sammi shot a glance at Diondre as he dropped into the chair beside her at the table, and he grinned and tossed his arm over the back of her chair.

“Hey there, sis. Anything exciting happen today?” His question was bland, and recalling their forbidden moments in the hallway not even three hours ago, her face flamed red. Remembering the way she’d longed for the feel of his mouth on her nipples caused a shiver to race up her spine and tightened the sensitive buds, and her scalp tingled.


Diondre’s smile widened as the quiet girl turned a pretty pink all over and shook her head, grabbing at her glass of tea. He wondered if that rosy color extended to the tasty swells that he’d felt earlier, and had to shift a little as his cock thickened in response to the images in his head. God, how he’d longed to taste them, too. And knowing no man had ever even seen what he had made him hunger for her that much more.

Jesus, man, you’re acting like some damn teenager again over this little girl! But then again she wasn’t so little; and, thankfully, far from a ‘girl’. He cleared his throat and shrugged at something his dad had said, and they started catching up on his classes and recent games. Both Janine and Sammi remained mostly quiet, and he shrugged at his dad’s raised brows.

Janine quietly watched her daughter, picking up on some odd emotion she couldn’t quite pin down. With a slight shake of her head, she decided that if Sammi wanted to talk about it, she’d come to her. Her baby was an adult now, and she wouldn’t try and coddle her, even if she did still live at home. She’d get some room, even though she didn’t ask for it.

“Oh, and a little birdie told me that it’s someone’s birthday next weekend!” Janine grinned. She looked between father and son, chuckling as Diondre laughed and rolled his eyes, throwing a napkin at his father.

“I’ll just bet that birdie is a pain in my ass!”

“How old will you be?” Sammi’s quiet question surprised him, and he sat back and looked at her, lips still wide in a smile.

“Twenty-five.” As Sammi’s brows arched, he added, “I graduate next year, and will probably be drafted into the Major Leagues, the way my agent is talking.”

Sammi nodded, her lips lifting slightly as she recalled that Diondre was a baseball player, one of the most sought-after on his team according to his father. Quentin often bragged about his son’s throwing arm, saying he could rival the best of the current pitchers on the major teams now.

“And the girls here say that I’m biased!” Quentin’s laughter was big and bold, just like the man himself, and he was quickly pelted with napkins and teasing comments.

Diondre rolled his eyes and finished off the last of his dinner, and stood. “If you all don’t care, I’m gonna step outside for a few. Get some fresh air and maybe take a walk.” Waved away, he nabbed his light jacket from the coat rack by the door and stepped outside.

In the silence of the early evening, he had nothing to distract himself from thoughts of Sammi.

He felt like an ass for the way he’d been behaving toward her earlier, but he didn’t ever recall having such an instant attraction to a chick ever. It unsettled him, the way he was immediately drawn to her like a magnet.

Normally, he’d have just flirted with her; leaning in close, whispering sweet nothings. Little touches here and there, lingering and soft. But no, not with this one. His step-sister, for crying out loud! He paused on the sidewalk, kicking a clod of dirt back into the grass.

What am I supposed to do with this, Big Man? He cast his glance upwards to the stars twinkling dimly in the light. Diondre hadn’t attended church services regularly in his life, but he was aware that cousins and such married and hooked up in the Bible. What’s the harm with having some fun with a step-sister, then?

‘Sammi ain’t that kind of girl, dumb ass.’

Scoffing at the quiet whispers of his conscience, he shrugged and turned down the street. He knew there was no use in arguing with himself. What little he knew of Janine, and from what his dad has told him, Sammi was a typical “good girl”. She wasn’t the casual-sex type, and definitely not the no-strings type of friend he’d gotten used to having at school.

‘There’s your choices, genius. Long-term, or leave her be.’

Now, damn it, was the process of choosing which was going to be the option that wouldn’t drive him—and the raging erections she gave him—out of his mind.


She was a shadowy silhouette on the back porch by the time he got home. He’d wandered around the neighborhood for a good hour before he headed back to the house, still unclear as to what he was going to do about the bewitching girl with whom he was sharing a home.

Leaning against the corner of the house, he watched her for a quiet moment as he listened to their parents laughter filtering out of the kitchen windows.


Something wasn’t adding up. Sammi frowned into the back yard, folding her arms onto the top of the porch railing, thinking—still? again?—of her new family member.

The intelligent, talented young man Quinten bragged about was a far cry from the bossy, insolent guy that barged in on her shower. Or was it the other way around? How could one man be two different people? Or maybe… maybe he was tired from classes? Could it have just been a bad moment?

It had been only one day. Maybe he needed time to adjust. After all, it couldn’t be easy for him, either. And he had a few years on her.

Sighing, she rested her chin on an upraised hand, and smiled as the breeze tumbled and dipped, causing her skirt to dance around her legs. She loved the outdoors; there was no place she’d rather be…. Well, normally.

Curls of hair fluttered across her neck, the little tickle reminding her of the way Diondre’s breath had fanned against her skin as he’d held her against him. It was maddening, the way he’d made her feel in that moment.

She groaned and dropped her forehead to the wooden railing, jumping when the steps squeaked behind her.

Diondre looked startled as she whirled, gasping in surprise, and she could have sworn he blushed as he stepped up on the porch with her, tossing his windbreaker on one of the chairs.

“Sorry I scared you.” His mumble was quiet as he leaned next to her, eyes on the stars. “In fact, I’ve gotta apologize for more than just that. I’m sorry about earlier.” Diondre’s chocolate eyes were sincere as he shifted to gaze down at her.

Brows raised, Sammi crossed her arms and just looked back at him. “Earlier?”

“Barging in on you in the bathroom. Being an insolent dick. You know, acting like an ass.” The corner of his lips quirked as he remembered how she’d looked bouncing down for her shirt when he’d come in as she got ready for her shower.

“Taking my cell phone.” Nails scraped at the soft cotton on her arm, and she blinked as she watched the sincerity in his eyes melt into something she didn’t recognize.

“No.” His murmur was quiet, just above a whisper as he moved close, curling his hand around one of her arms, thumb rubbing slowly.

“I’ll never be sorry for touching you.” The deep warmth of his eyes flared. “For not tasting you, yes. But that’s going to come, and soon.”

Almost hypnotized, she found herself lost in his eyes, the cadence of his voice lulling her into an increasing state of arousal as his thumb slid against the tender flesh on the inside of her elbow. She shifted on her feet, rubbing her thighs together to ease the throbbing ache that flared instantly to life with his subtle strokes.

His other arm came up around her waist, his fingers slipping beneath her shirt to give equally soft caresses upon the skin above her waistband. She found herself moving against him, her pink tongue sliding out to wet her darker, rosy lips.

Diondre couldn’t keep his eyes off of her mouth, and a groan rumbled in his chest at the sight of her tongue rubbing along the flesh he longed to taste. He wet his own lips in response, and drew her closer, the hand at her elbow slipping to boldly cup her breast.

Sammi’s thoughts were in a haze; she was lost in sensations as Diondre touched her again. Her head angled, tipping back so she could look up at him even as her lashes fluttered low. He was hard against her stomach, and she whimpered as his fingers tightened on her skin, massaging and squeezing.

The little sound she made caused him to draw her even tighter, his arm pulling her flush against him as his head dipped, closing on her mouth.

Her hands slipped over his chest as his breath fanned her lips, causing her to tremble. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she lifted to her tiptoes, pressing her aching mound to his hardness; shivers rocked up her spine and she vaguely heard him swear, felt it on her lips as he hovered over her.

Shuddering, her eyes opened when she felt something wet run lightly along her mouth, and she moaned as she realized he was tracing his tongue along her plump lower lip. Before she could even think, her own slipped out and brushed his, and he pulled back in surprise even as her eyes flew wide at her boldness.

Something like a growl rumbled in his chest and his hands went to her waist, lifting her fully against him, crushing her into his chest. Trapping her in his arms, his head lowered and he brushed his lips lightly over hers, his tongue dipping out to trace the pink seam as she shivered.

A noise like a shot made them both freeze and pull apart, and they heard the laughter of their parents. “Kids! Come inside, we’re having some champagne to celebrate!”

Sammi was braced against the railing, hands tight on the wood to keep her upright on her trembling knees. She lifted her head, eyes wide and lips damp from his kiss as she blinked up at him. His gaze roamed her body, noting her nipples were like beacons of arousal as her body shuddered softly.

Diondre’s eyes were wide, nostrils flared as he stood with his hands fisted at his sides. His chest heaving, he sucked in shallow breaths, and she couldn’t help but look further down. Her cheeks flamed when she saw the bulge beneath his jeans, and she bit her lip upon the realization that she had caused it.

Her eyes lifted to his, and they both wet their lips as they listened to their parents’ happy laughter inside.

“We shouldn’t do this.” Her whisper was soft.

“We can’t help the way we feel,” he replied quietly as he moved closer again, taking care not to touch her.

“It’s just … it’s only physical!” Sammi looked up at him, eyes quietly begging, “We don’t even know each other. It doesn’t make sense.”

Smiling crookedly, he lifted a hand to her arm. “All the more reason to explore it. We owe it to each other to find out why we want each other.”

Sammi shook her head and moved away from him, toward the door. “My mother is married to your father; we can never be anything more than what we are. It’s not right.”

Her words rang with determination as she stepped inside, but Diondre smiled into the night.


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