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All the Teachers PT6 Final

Younger man does slightly older woman and finally marries her too
She was heading over to the school that day, thinking about her day with him but as she drove over, she also asked herself if it all of it was the right thing to do.

She had said something to herself about it all too. Gosh, the guy sure knew how to kiss. He sure knew how to make love with me, didn’t he? I mean, wow yeah, she repeteated, he knew how to kiss, didn’t he? He sure was a romantic if ever there was one and how he had me feeling. I mean how I still feel, but then she stopped thinking about it all for a moment as she pulled into her parking space.

Then she “saw” his face, and body, again in her thoughts.

I sure could do all of it again with him she went on to think, smiling as she took a deep breath and smiled. “Mmmmmm, yeah I sure could.”

She put her car in park as she shut off her car. She didn’t get out right away, but sat in it for a moment longer as she pictured it all while he laid on her and doing it to her over and over and more and more.

She smiled again and inhaled deeply as well. “I can’t believe this,” she said to herself. “I think,” and she shook her head as she said it aloud. “Ohhhhhh lord, I think I still want tot be with him again and badly. Oh nooooo, oh god I do want him. I do want all of it. I really do! I think I still want to be with that guy, again!”

Again of course, Karen smiled. She loved that sudden hormonal “rush” which surged throughout her. She loved those emotions she was having all of a sudden. She stayed in her car a tad longer so that whatever series of overpowering stimulation she was having would come to an end. Once they subsided, she’d get out of the car.

Finally, she got a hold of herself and opened the door, slowly getting out of the car, and the warm breeze outside seemed to hit her hard. It felt good. It wasn’t all that bad. No, she came back down to earth and finally started coming to her senses. She knew there was work to be done. It was time to refocus her attention.

Although she “refocused” her attention, she could feel that emotional rush running through her. It had been almost three days ago but it hadn’t subsided as if yet. His cock was hard and it was inside her. She didn’t see anyone although they saw her. She was focused on one thing only. A man, Spencer, was on her and in her and fucking and kissing her, madly as the two made love.

Yes, she could still feel his body. She could still feel his naked body on hers. She could see it and feel it and she could feel that cock inside her pussy while they made love. She could still feel his cock as it pumped her full of his “entertaining” love and lust.

She smiled as she walked into the conference room for the meeting. She saw him in all her thoughts. She wanted him badly. She wanted him back and she’d do it, if she could, that night. She saw it all including the shower while he held her body against his.

She recalled that note he’d written as well. It was sweet and so nice of him to write it too.

Mmmmmm, this is soooo perfect Becki thought as she set down her paperwork. I wish we could’ve stayed the night together, mmmmmm.

People were saying good morning to her but she didn’t hear them as she still thought about the younger Spencer and “arranged” her notes. As she thought about it, she saw the spray of the shower prior to going to her bedroom. That felt good especially as he held “warmly” in his arms. It felt even better especially when he occasionally cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. She soooo enjoyed that.

The younger lady was with the “older” man of 22 but she was truly enjoying every last moment she was with him as he held her in his arms. She knew she’d have “stories” to tell her closest friends soon. She knew that for sure as he held her and did his thing with her. She smiled throughout it all.

“I have a question for you,” Becki said. He answered her. “I know you’re like only 22 but how is it that you’re soooo good at this, uhhh soooo good at making love to a woman?”

He smiled. “I don’t know. I think its because I just am.”

She turned her head but then turned around in his arms and looked up into his eyes. “Really, you mean that?” she asked.

He was with Becki currently. He knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was but she was as pretty as they came and she had those big and busty boobs.

He shrugged his shoulders. He remembered he was asked that same question before. Was it Angela or was it Karen? He wasn’t sure at first. It did not matter. For now, he was with Becki and she was way too good to pass up he thought.

Mmmmmm, such a beautiful, slim, but also one supple body of its own kind he told himself while Becki stood there, smiling, in his arms. Now god, I am soooo damn lucky. I mean she is a beauty beyond belief. He focused his attention a little more on this naked 18 year old beauty before him. He looked at her. They smiled at each other as the warm water of Angela’s shower came down.

“Someone else asked me that before,” he told her. “If you can believe that but in all truth it seems to come to me naturally. I mean don’t get me wrong and I’m not bragging or anything. I’m not. It’s just natural when I uhhh do it all I guess.”

“Really, you mean that?” she said in a surprised tone of voice.

“Well it does help when you’re with a good looking lady like you like you.”

She smiled and also giggled at his reference but as she did he pulled her closer. She then felt, and saw, his land go down lower. Where it was headed was anyone’s guess or so she thought at least.

Then she felt it. Her eyes went wide. She tightened up a little once she felt his fingers in and around her thighs. “Oh wow god,” she uttered quietly as his fingers moved around inside the thighs. “Ohhh ohhhhhh wow, oh god yes Spencer yes. Ohhhhhh wow yeah ohhhhhh.” His fingers went into her pussy and made her feel excited all of a sudden and in addition to that she tightened up all over as she held him firmly.

He began fingering her more and more. She never expected that. For Becki it felt tremendously good, to put it mildly. Her eyes closed. Her body “moved” or jumped and jerked as he did it. She even spread her legs apart so he was able to go inside further.

“We can’t,” she suddenly said. “Angela will be home soon. But this does feel good.”

He knew she would and smiled, pulling his fingers out of her pussy, and in doing so he kissed her on her lips. They soon shut off the water, dried off, and went to clean up everything spic and span. They double checked every last room they had been in so that they made sure they didn’t leave anything disheveled.

“Clean as a whistle, right?” she said as she hoped he agreed.

“I think so,” he assured her. “Let’s go through top to bottom.”

They did, except for Angela’s room. Neither had been there. From there, they went to get a small bite of breakfast and shortly afterward he knew it was time to head home. She thanked him, kissed him intimately, and she made sure he got a thank you hug he would always remember.

“Don’t be a stranger,” she told him were her last words before he headed out.

“I hope not,” he said as he kissed her on her cheek.

He headed home and dealt with his mom’s entourage of questions about his night out with his friends. His answers were perfect although he knew his dad knew better.

“Was she worth the trouble?” his dad asked later on.

“Yeah dad,” he said. “She’s a sweet lady. A very pretty one too and we had a nice time.”

Later on he got a call. “Hello?” he said after answering his cell phone. “Ohhhhhh hi,” he told her. “Yeah, I was good. I did as you asked me to do. Why do you ask?” he added.

“Are you telling me the truth?” she asked, politely.

“Yeah, sure I am,” he came back.

“Are you really?” Angela said.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Angela?”

“Because, if you know what you’re looking for, you can smell it all over the place, and Spencer, I can smell it. I can, you know, smell her all over the bathroom” Angela added.

“What, how?” he said.

“A woman can just smell these things, honey,” she said. “I can smell my cousin all over the bathroom.”

He remained silent. He felt guilty as ever. Yes, he felt bad. Initially, he didn’t know what to say so he simply admitted it. “I’ll be over tomorrow, okay? I’ll tell you what happened if you really need to know.”

“Okay, tomorrow at what time?” asked Angela.

They made arrangements for him to come over. Seeing as Angela lived up the street, he could simply walk down and “talk” it all over with her. Hopefully that was it although he never minded being with her, recently he felt as if she was a little too old for anything else he started telling himself. He didn’t know why and he wasn’t too sure about it all anyway.

Becki was on a short “educational” trip with a small group from a college she was looking at and she would be out of the way for two days time. That way, Angela and Spencer would be able to spend time together and talk.

“I know I’m at fault,” he told her. “I mean, if it wasn’t for me, none of this would have ever happened. But Angela, come on now, your cousin is a very pretty, and I mean this too, she’s a very, very pretty girl.”

“I know she is,” Angela said in reply. “Did you enjoy her big boobs too?”

The question kind of shocked him. She looked right at him as she waited for his answer. And he said “Uhhhhhh yeah, I mean,” and with that he closed his eyes and shook his head. Then he nodded it. “Yeah, she does have big boobs. I will admit that but Angela she’s the one that ripped off her shirt and told me to touch them, to feel her tits. And I didn’t. Not at first I didn’t.”

“Hmmm and when you saw her tits,” Angela went on to say “did you hunger for them?”

God, what guy wouldn’t? “Hell, what guy wouldn’t, Angela? I mean, they’re huge tits.”

“Did you feel them, suck on them too, and did you fuck her with your cock as well?”

“Angela, come on,” he went on to say. “I’m not getting into details about what we did. That’s all personal. I mean what you and I’ve done together is personal too. I don’t tell anyone about you and me.”

She stood up as she smiled and walked over to him. Sitting down beside him, she leaned in and kissed his cheek. Taking hold of his hands she said “So hmmm, does this mean you and I are finished? I mean it isn’t like I haven’t enjoyed being with you intimately. I have. I always have. But let’s be honest, Spencer, I’m 28 and you’re 22. That is a huge difference although you are one hell of a lover. I’ll bet she thinks so too.”

He smiled and nodded his head. “She thought so. I mean that’s what she told me at least.”

Again she kissed him on his cheek and said “Please, regardless, don’t be a stranger.”

They hugged and he left, without any sex with her. Life slowly got back to normal for him or what might be considered normal. He hadn’t had any sex. He hadn’t met any women to speak of. He hadn’t been in any intimate situations whatsoever.

Life had gone on and it had gone on without women in his life, or so he thought so.

His project was about to commence in a week or so when, out of nowhere, he suddenly got a call on his cell phone. He answered it.

“Ohhhhhhh hiiiii, how are you?” he said in a snappy tone of voice. “It’s good to hear from you too. What’ve you been doing lately?” he asked as he smiled.

She told him nothing but asked if he wanted to go out on a date, to dinner, and only dinner. He said yes, they arranged a time and place, and that was what they did. No sex, just dinner only, and he found he had a really nice time doing only that.

Yes, they talked, they laughed, but she found whenever she was around the young man that she burned for him and she burned badly for the sex. However, she knew she needed a lot more then that. It was not going to happen. Not that night it wasn’t and all she ascertained was that he was sweet, gentlemanly, and an overall great guy.

His “program” he went on started. It lasted 6 long months. Once that finished, he was going to start working. He moved out of town, life went on, and no one, for a while, saw or heard from him. He was busy with it. A year went by. He’d been home but only for this or that and then back to work where he now lived.

Finally a year and a half later he came home for an extended stay. He had 7 days to enjoy his old friends. He went out with them, went to a couple football games, and the second one was Homecoming. Everyone would be showing up there and so he joined his friends for the game. There was a heck of a lot of people there. Yes there were. That “lot of people” included people he knew of course.

She had lost at least 15 to 20 pounds. Due to him and due to her own desires, she’d lost it and toned up her body. She never forgot any of that day and she never forgot that day they went out to dinner and only dinner.

Due to it, she finally made a decision. Lose the weight, she told herself. Get into better shape she said. Lose at least 15, if not 20, and if able to try for 25. The 25 was overdoing it a close friend from work told her. But she tried anyway. She did a good job.

It was a couple days before the Homecoming game. He was at his parent’s house and reading the newspaper. He read it all. First sports, then the front section, then the second section, and finally the entertainment section and as he was about to throw it out he saw that special section which highlighted different parts of town.

He opened it up. He looked through it, quickly. There wasn’t anything in it, not that he saw at least. He saw them. There were two students, which he did not know, but he read about them anyway. Blah, blah, blah, he thought. Same old stuff he told himself.

And then he saw it.

Her eyes sparkled. Her teeth were shining like clouds on a Saturday in the summer. Even her hair looked different, he thought as a smiled arose on his lips.

“Wow,” he said. “Something is, I don’t know, but something’s different about her.”

He looked at her again. Yes, her hair was different. She changed it. It really complimented her somehow but how he was not sure. He looked at her again. Those eyes, they sparkled like gems. He loved those eyes he told himself. God, he really, really loved her eyes.

“And her mouth,” he went on to say out loud. “Look at that smile, look at those teeth.”

As he looked at them he remembered that one fine day at her place. He recalled how they were together in her bathroom. He remembered holding her body as the shower’s water sprayed down over her. He remembered exactly how she felt in his arms and against his body. He remembered how she turned him on.

He remembered soooo much more of that one afternoon and evening. He remembered how her breasts, her succulent and seemingly perfect boobs and how he held them in his hands. How he squeezed them as he held them and how she reacted as he did. He remembered it all, almost, as he felt her hand on his cock, and how she got him hard and how they fucked.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah,” he said.

“What’s that?” he heard all of a sudden.

It was his mother. She had just walked into the kitchen where he was sitting and reading the newspaper’s small article on Karen. He quickly covered it up and told her he was reading about something else. She smiled, ignored it, and moved on. He ripped out the article and folded it, putting it in his pocket for the future.

At the game, with friends Friday, he headed to the concessions to get popcorn and a drink where he saw her. He stopped and watched her, not immediately noticing any distinct differences, such as her weight loss due to she wore a heavier coat which of course covered up that loss.

Quickly, he returned to his seat, and looked for a piece of paper and pencil or pen. He wrote a note to her and folded it up.

What it read was this. “Hi Karen, I saw your picture in the newspaper today, Yeah, I know, you didn’t know I was home, but I am.” He put a smiley face at the end of the line. “I have a few more days off before I head back to work, out of town as you might know, but I sure would love to get together. My cell phone number is the same. Call me if you are interested.” He signed his name and folded the piece of paper up.

“I’ll be right back” he told his friends.

He got up and headed her way. She was talking with other teachers and he approached her with a little caution. He said hi to them all, knowing all of them, and made a point of saying hi to her too. She broke off from the others so she could speak to him alone.

“How are you?” she said.

He smiled as he told her he was well. They stared into one another’s eyes as they talked. Finally, he told her he saw her picture in the newspaper, which she smiled about, and thanked him.

He had his hands in his pockets as he held on to the piece of paper he wanted to give to her. “Here, this is for you,” he told her smiling. “Read it, okay? I’d sure love to see you before I head back to work.”

He put the note in her pocket and once he left she pulled it out and read it. Five minutes later, he got a call on his cell phone. “Hiiiii again,” she told him. “How about tonight,” she went on to tell him. “How about after the game, maybe, how’s that sound? No funny business. I mean we could just get together and just enjoy one another’s company?”

She did not mean it. She could picture them, in her bathtub, sitting and drinking a glass of wine as they chatted, and maybe in the long run fool around a little. She wasn’t sure but it did not sound like a bad idea to her. She smiled at the idea.

“Sure, like what time?” he asked.

“Say around, I don’t know, maybe 10:30 or even 11:00?” she came back.

It was agreed. He’d be there between those times. He knew he would be. She hoped he’d be on time too. He cut out, from his friends, and headed her way. The wine was out, the glasses were prepared, and all she needed was his body to share it with.

10:55 arrived and so did Spencer.

As soon as he was inside, her smile broke out, and so did a big, big hug. He loved it. She loved giving it to him. They sat, drank wine, and he told her all about his new job. She loved chatting with him and hoped for one thing.

She hoped he’d like to go into the bathroom and join her in the bathtub, contrary to what she’d told him that night at the game.

She got up, grabbed the wine, and seeing as she took their glasses with her she started to fill them up. Out of nowhere she heard “I have to say, Karen, you look marvelous. I mean absolutely wow fantastic.”

She felt warm and blushed as his hands reached up and lightly massaged her shoulders. She loved how it felt and didn’t step away as she let him rub them and more of her. It was a treat. It was a hopeful blessing or so she told herself as she felt his fingers caress and rub her shoulders and elsewhere without any provocation of any sort.

Ohhhhhh lord, I should do it. I should just do it before she closed her eyes as she breathed in. She went on to tell herself to invite him to the bathroom. She told herself they could sit in the tub and simply relax but nothing else.

I know he’d say yes but do I really want to do that? Should I do that she asked herself. He’ll be gone soon and then what? Ohhhhhhh what the heck, she finally said.

She spun around and tried smiling. It slightly startled him as if something was a little off and his face pinched up indicating he thought something was wrong.

“Spencer I lied,” she said as he voice quivered and she looked him directly in the eyes. “I like you and I like you a lot. I think you like me too. Am I right?” she went on to say?”

He looked at her as he tried reading her face. He loved that face. He loved those eyes as he recalled that picture in the paper and he loved that mouth with its cute and playful like smile. He loved everything about her face he told himself. Then he thought a little more about it all.

That smile, those teeth, and ohhhhhh yeah, getting her teeth on my cock too? Wow, I’d love that he told himself. But she had never done that, he then remembered. It had been Becki who had sucked him off and not Karen. Ohhh well, she’s still my number one woman said to himself.

“Did you hear me?” Karen said. “I lied to you. I really, honestly like you. I’ve thought about that one day we spent together, and I’ve thought about that many, many times. I gotta admit something,” she went on to tell him. “I’ve masturbated when I’ve fantasized about you and me.”

She tried smiling but failed miserably. He heard her and reacted, quietly, to her words. She saw his eyes move as he looked at her and hoped for some kind of positive response.

“Did you hear me?” she asked.

“I heard you,” he said. “I guess I’m just a little confused. I wasn’t expecting anything, nothing at all in fact.”

With that, she did it. She reached down, right in front of him, and she lifted up her top. He stopped her. He made her lower the top. “I like you and I’ve always liked you, Karen. Doing what I think you’re doing isn’t going to change that. I love your body. I like you more then you know. Having any kind of sex won’t change that.”

He stunned her with his words. She never expected to hear his words like that but she loved how he told her and what he told her.

“I want you too. I do, Karen. But first, before anything else, before we have sex again, and we will. Trust me, we will, we are going to go out on a regular uhhh non-sex related date, okay? We’re going to enjoy each other like we probably should.”

With that, she put her hands on his cheeks and kissed his lips softly, but for a very long time. She didn’t back away. She left them on his cheeks as she kissed and kissed him. He held her close for quite a while.

“I’m, I think I’m, ohhhhhh wow Spencer. I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Yep, she was and he did not mind that at all. They did date. They did have a regular relationship, finally, but they also had sex. Great and unforgettable sex at that and she kept a diary of each and every time they did make love, which was a lot of times too.

Less then a year and half later, he proposed to her. Yep, they got married. They had kids. They had four children, all healthy, and unfortunately, he thought, girls.

He didn’t like it at all. She loved it. All girls she told him once and hugged him, kissed him, but before she did it anymore, both got “fixed. Boys eventually came to call on their daughters and daddy, Spencer, was fair, but all those guys knew to stay out of Spencer’s way. There were no visits to basements, or reclusive places, for his daughter’s callers.

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