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Always a Friend

'Finally, it's over with!' Jay thought to himself. 'I've been trying to get this divorce behind me for a lifetime, and despite her best efforts, this horrible marriage is over at last.' He shook the hand of his lawyer, signed the papers, and walked toward his car.

Waiting for him there was his best friend, who had seen him through this whole mess. Wendy was his rock, a pillar of strength, a confidante. In short, she was everything that he needed at the time. They were not a couple, exactly, as there was nothing romantic in their history. And Wendy was not the reason for his divorce. He had not met her until his separation was three months old. They just happened to meet at just the right time for his needs.

Now, maybe it's time for her needs, whatever they might be. When he approached her, she asked "Are you OK, Jay?" She has always been so sweet, and so caring.

Wendy was studying his face, trying to see if he needed anything. Even though he has wanted this process to be completed for months now, the final act could still be painful. He was putting an end to a part of his life, saying a final goodbye to the person he once called his wife, his lover, his partner.

But instead of pain, Wendy noticed the beginnings of a smile, something he didn't do often enough, in her estimation. Then the smile changed, this time to a big grin, and suddenly, he broke out in laughter.

"It's over, Wendy! I couldn't feel any better than I do now! It's like I've been released from a cage, and I need to celebrate. Will you join me for dinner, please?"

Wendy was wearing a smile of her own. This is the Jay she knew was inside him, struggling to be released. Now that it's happened, he seemed like a different person, even a better person. She has always loved is company; now, she thinks she'll like him even more.

"I'd love to join you for dinner. But only if there's plenty of champagne to go along with it."

"Champagne it is!" replied Jay. He took her hand and led him to the passenger side of his car, opened the door, and ushered her into the front seat. She already was dressed for a celebration. He got a good view of her legs below the mid-thigh hemline, and the top left little to the imagination. He couldn't help but steal a glance at her little boobs as he closed the door.

Soon, they were in a private booth, staring at their menus. "Don't hold back in ordering. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time." After placing their orders, he kept stealing glances at her. He knew that Wendy wasn't every man's idea of beautiful, but he's never been drawn to pretty faces. It was her inner beauty that drew them together, the way she talked to him, the way she laughed, the way she thought.

As for Wendy, she just knew after the first time they met that Jay at the country club, that he was the man for her. She was willing to wait until the time was right. He was just barely taller than her 5'7", and had developed a little paunch around his middle. His hair was thinning, and the wrinkles around his eyes left little doubt that he was older than she by 10 years. But just like Jay, she could see inside him, and that was all she needed to see. At one point, their eyes met and locked, and she knew she wanted him in every way, had to have him. She just had to figure out how to get into his soul.

What she didn't know is that was already happening, maybe already had happened. Jay knew how much support she had been to him. What he didn't know is how far she wanted the relationship to go. Admittedly, he was a little gun-shy, and not really sure how to proceed--he hadn't been in the dating scene for 20 years, and had forgotten all the rules (which had certainly changed in that time).

So here they were, both wanting to make a move, neither bold enough to be the first. Wendy had an idea, though. "I'm going to the little girls room before our food gets here" she said to him. Once in the stall, she pulled her dress off her shoulders, reached around her back, and removed her bra. 'Now, he'll get an even better view of my boobs' she thought. 'What little there is to see.' Smiling, she stuffed the bra into her purse, thought about doing the same with her panties, but decided to leave them on.

'I should have worn thongs' she chided herself as she headed back to the table. Wendy couldn't help but grin at this thought as she slid into the booth again.

"What's so funny?" Jay asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just random thoughts." She struggled to suppress another grin. Fortunately, their food arrived at that moment, and she had the distraction she needed.

Dinner was perfect, and they both talked more freely than ever before. Jay noticed that, when Wendy leaned toward him, there was even more of her boobs showing than before. At one point, he even caught a glimpse of her nipples when the front of her dress fell completely away from her chest. He could feel his cock move around inside his jockeys, trying to escape. Fortunately, the conversation was animated enough that he kept things under control. There was much laughing, and anybody in earshot would have thought that they were a blissful married couple. They shared dessert and much champagne before deciding to leave. Jay has always held his liquor better than Wendy, and he wrapped an arm around her back to make sure she didn't run into other patrons.

He poured her into the passenger's seat, fastened her seat belt, then began the drive toward her home. When she leaned into his shoulder, her dress fell away again, and once more, her right boob and light brown nipple was in clear view. Her dress pulled up her legs even more than before, and his dick began to stir as his imagination began to conjure images of what was just a few inches above her hemline.

It was a struggle, but he managed to keep his hands to himself as he drove her home. Once there, though, Jay found that Wendy was in a deep sleep. He unlocked her door, then returned to the car for her. She was very slim and light, making it easier to carry her into her house. He sat her on the couch, and tried to find a blanket to keep her warm, when he heard her voice.

"Jay, are you still here?"

"Yes, I'm here. Where can I find a blanket?"

"In the hall closet, top shelf" she slurred. Yes, she was definitely drunk. When he found a blanket, he returned to the living room, only to find her on her feet, having just taken her dress off. Her breasts were sights to behold, small but sexy, with large, erect nipples that pointed a little to the sides. His eyes roamed next to her soft but flat stomach, then further down to her pubic area, still covered by silk panties.

Jay said the first thing that came to his mind. "Don't you want some clothes?"

"Do I need some clothes?" she responded. Wendy started to turn her ass to him, then lost her balance, falling onto the couch. "No, I feel hot, don't you?" She then removed her panties, and her small tuft of closely cut pubic hair was revealed, black, just like the hair on her head.

Yes, Jay was also hot, though it had little to do with the temperature in the room. His dick had already risen to its 7" length behind his pants. When Wendy regained her balance, she walked to Jay, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants and underwear down in one tug. She then pulled them off his feet, pulled his shirt off, and the two of them stood looking at each other's nakedness.

"What a lovely dick" she said as she lightly stroked the head. Jay was getting more excited by the second, then Wendy stopped, pulling him against her body, trapping his dick between them. "Touch me" she commanded, and he reached out to her boobs. Her erect nipples were like magnets to his hands, and he touched them as though they would break.

Wendy felt electric shocks running from her boobs straight to her pussy, and was aware that she was getting wetter by the second. Her inner lips were already flowered, protruding between her outer lips. She grabbed one of Jay's hands, and shoved it between her legs. He took the hint and began rubbing between her inner lips, quickly slipping inside. There, he discovered a hot wetness that allowed his finger to slip completely into her.

"Another finger!" she ordered, and he quickly obliged. Jay moved his fingers around inside her pussy, eliciting telltale moans from his lover. Her juices began flowing in greater amounts, and he pulled his fingers out for a moment in order to spread her lubrication over her pussy lips.

For her part, Wendy began stroking his cock with her hand. The soft crown was in contrast to his hard shaft, and he involuntarily pulled back a little each time she contacted the nerve bundle on the underside of the head.

"I'm going to come" he panted, and Wendy pinched the end of his cock to preserve that moment a while longer.

"Sit on the couch" she told him, and he complied with no discussion. Wendy climbed onto his lap, putting her knees on either side of his ass, and aimed his dick at her slit. She rubbed the head back and forth, getting plenty of lubrication on it, then finally inserted it between her lips. For a few seconds, only the head was inside her, then she slowly sank down, pulling him deeper and deeper into her cave.

Wendy bit her lip to keep from screaming as her first orgasm hit, just due to his dick entering her. After she began to recover, she started up and down movements, faster and faster, making her tits bounce and sway, until she had a mind-bending orgasm, nearly blacking out from the intensity. Jay was right behind her. His tool was getting all the stimulation it could handle, when he felt his balls contract and his come begin shooting deep inside her.

Wendy fell against his chest, her erect nipples poking into him. Both were trying to get their breath back. "I've been wanting to say something to you, and now seems to be a good time" she began. She pushed away from his chest, stroking his blonde hairs. Suddenly, she seemed hesitant, at a loss for words. Finally, she took a deep a breath and said "Jay, I love you. I have for many months now. I want to make a life with you."

Jay made eye contact with her then, trying to find an appropriate response. He wasn't used to begin at a loss for words. "I'm kind of surprised" he said, then realized how lame that response was. "I mean, I didn't expect that this soon." Another lame response, and he thought he could see some disappointment on her face. "I've been afraid to tell you that I love you. I just didn't see you wanting to be with me, just divorced, and not exactly anyone's idea of handsome."

"Oh, come on, you know that's not important to me. You've been a good friend, you're a great lover...what else could I want from a man?"

"Maybe just one more thing" Jay replied. He reached for his pants as he continued. "I wanted to do this at the restaurant, but I wasn't sure you would remember it the next day." As he pulled out a little box, he said "You are the most important person in my life, and I love you too. Will you marry me?"

Wendy screamed as she put the diamond ring on her ring finger. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!
was her response as she nearly squeezed him to death. He reached around her, grabbing her back with hand, and her ass with the other. His dick began to grow again, forcing its way between them. Wendy fell onto her back on the couch, spreading her legs wide.

Her lover positioned himself between her legs, aiming his dick at her love hole, and sliding it in to the hilt. Wendy moaned as his in and out movements quickly brought her closer to coming. She reached up and grabbed his forearms tightly, her breath coming in short gasps. Her pussy muscles clenched around Jay's dick, squeezing him as she came. This elicited his own orgasm, and he sprayed his own come deep into her.

The next day, they began making plans for their wedding. Six months later, they began a new life together as husband and wife, Wendy helped Jay through a most difficult time in his life; now Jay will partner with his new wife as they explore the challenges and rewards of marriage.

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Copyright © (c) 2009 Bill Steele

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