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Intense feelings screamed out, yet not a single word is uttered
It took a while for sleep to leave him as he slowly opened his eyes. The sound of the sea, gently undulating in the near-distance, reached his ears. He stretched his worn muscles across the surface of the bed, the soft high-quality cotton sheets brushed against his skin, soothing his weary body and, finally, he smiled. The memories of the previous night jostled back into his consciousness as the sensation of sleep dwindled.

He remembered the restaurant they’d visited, just off a beautiful piazza in Sorrento. He remembered that the food and wine were excellent but that neither was as wonderful as their host. He insisted they accompany him to a small gathering where they laughed and drank with the locals and danced for hours until just before sunrise when everyone declared it was time for sleep and they finally returned to their hotel. Finally he remembered that she had outshone every woman at the party. Her laugh, her smile, her eyes and the way she moved as they danced together captivated all who looked at her, but she was there only for him.

He recalled that dress she’d worn, the one he’d bought her. White, mid-thigh length and tailored beautifully, accentuating her curves and showing her stunning figure. He smiled as he remembered how she gazed into his eyes and made him feel like he was the only man at the party. He reached out with his hand and felt a pang of disappointment when she wasn’t laid next to him. He sat up and sighed with relief, catching fleeting glimpses of her stood on the balcony as the thin curtains billowed in and out of the room.

Leaning on the rail of the balcony, wearing a pale blue satin slip and with a cup of coffee in hand, she gazed off into the distance, watching the masts of yachts as they bobbed up and down on the foamy Mediterranean. The past few weeks had been a whirl and she was trying to rationalise everything in her mind. They’d first met on-line around 6 months ago and then they’d emailed for a few months. After exchanging numbers they shared texts before he finally called her and they found that the spark they thought they had was definitely there. They flirted and teased on the phone and, a few times, he promised to take her on holiday. Now, just a few short months later, they’d done it. They’d met for the first time at the airport, occasionally nervously sitting in silence, before finally the butterflies subsided and they were talking, laughing and flirting as if they’d known each other for years.

Now, a week into their holiday, she smiled, resting her head on her shoulder she knew contentment and happiness and, importantly she knew that he did too. As the cool breeze raised the goose bumps on her skin she felt his arm slip around her waist and smelt his aroma as he stepped up close to her. He leaned over her and buried his nose in the crease of the back of her neck. He inhaled and sighed as her pheromones affected him at a primitive level. His right arm continued to embrace her while his left brushed the hair to one side of her head enabling him to plant several tender kisses on the back of her neck.

She purred softly as his kisses trailed along her neck and to her ear lobes. His right hand moved up to cup her firm breast and he squeezed tenderly. Still kissing and nibbling the soft flesh of her neck he slipped his left hand between his body and her backside softly caressing her arse cheeks through the silky feeling material. She groaned as his strong firm hands squeezed her buttocks and she felt herself moisten to his dominant touch.

Her scent was intoxicating to him and he felt his lust for her taking over. The bulge in his shorts pushed forward through his fly and his hard shaft pressed against her nightwear. His free hand flipped the edge of her lingerie up and he slowly pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. Gasping gently, and grateful that the balcony they were on was secluded from the rest of the hotel, she accepted his probing digits. He felt her pussy clamping onto his fingers, her tight orifice gripping tightly. He affectionately chewed her ear lobe and kissed across her cheek. She turned her head to meet him and they passionately kissed, their tongues swirling around each others. As their mouths parted, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips, he stared into her eyes and it was as if they made love with their souls.

He softly withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his thumb. Once his thumb was thoroughly lubricated he pulled it and began to stroke her arsehole with it. Her tight sphincter puckered to this sudden, wet, touch and he slowed his stroking while she relaxed. His kisses trailed back across her cheek, neck and down onto her shoulders where he bit roughly, leaving a small mark before kissing the spot to sooth any soreness. Finally, his thumb breached her twitching arsehole and she inhaled sharply through her teeth at this new violation. She turned her head to look at him again and once more their mouths met in a steamy clinch. With his thumb embedded to his first knuckle in her tender opening, he replaced his two fingers between her dripping labia and she groaned as he pushed them back inside her.

She pushed herself back into him, feeling the need to surrender to him and be emotionally owned by him wash over her. Right now she’d do anything for him, her body responding to his every touch. Her knees went weak and the hand he had on her breasts quickly dropped to her abdomen to catch her, stopping her from falling.

His fingers continued their ministrations and his thumb strained under the contractions from her arsehole. Sweat began to form on her brow as she squirmed on his fingers and her own right hand dropped between her legs to accommodate her throbbing clit, engorged with the increase of blood flow. She rubbed quickly and firmly across her nub while his middle finger found her G-spot and he manipulated it expertly. The moaning noises she made giving him the confidence that he was doing exactly the right thing. He could tell that she was ready to come so he slowed the pace. He knew that she loved being commanded, all he really needed to do was tell her to come and that she would respond accordingly, but neither of them had uttered a word yet and he wasn’t going to be the first! Her impassioned grunts were getting louder and more frequent. He still held her up with one arm and his kisses trailed across her shoulders and along the top of the back. She turned her head to meet him a third time but this time he withheld the kiss. With his eyes burning into hers and without a word being spoken he told her, to come.

Her knees finally buckled and her panting became squeals of pleasure. Her arsehole relaxed completely and his thumb buried itself into her whilst her pussy flooded around his fingers, the sounds from her mouth, mingled with the sounds from between her legs, brought another smile to his lips. Her orgasm flowed over her, penetrated her and enveloped her completely. As it subsided she found her feet and managed to stand, holding onto the rail for support.

She turned slowly, with dishevelled hair and with a look in her eyes, which told of a complete lack of control, she lurched forwards, throwing her arms around his neck. They embraced and kissed deeply but lovingly. His strong arms wrapped around her body and his manly hands pulled her in to him as together they backed into their hotel suite.

Eventually he stumbled backwards over the ottoman, ending up sat down while she still stood; now leaning over him. She bent down and kissed him again, biting his lip as she withdrew. Reaching down she released his member from his shorts and stroked its length. Still holding on she straddled his waist, placing a knee either side of his hips, and pushed his cock into her still soaking slit. She dropped herself onto his pelvis, slowly, savouring each movement. She gently rocked on him, his turgid shaft pressing deeply into her on each bounce, stimulating her G-spot each time. With one hand between her legs, stroking her clit, her moans started again although this time they were intermixed with his grunts. Her undulations became faster and deeper until finally she screamed out, begging him to let her release.

As another powerful climax prepared to overtake her body she shuddered onto him and mashed her lips onto his. He gripped her back with his strong hands and they kissed for what seemed, to her, like an age. He gripped the straps of her slip and pushed them over her shoulders so that the slip now bunched around her waist, exposing her fabulous cleavage to him at last. He buried his face between her beautiful globes and worked his way back out, finally able to suck on her nipples. He bit them tenderly which caused her to squirm exquisitely in his lap. Finally, his eyes burning deep inside her, he allowed her to cum. She didn’t know what it was that gave her permission but she knew he was. She bit his bottom lip and as she groaned in his mouth he erupted inside her. His hot seed filled her completely and she shook as this new sensation affected her. She wasn’t sure if this was another peak or the prolonging of her previous high but either way if felt as if every muscle responded to his cum simultaneously. She felt hot and yet she shivered, she felt lust and yet fatigue consumed each limb.

As her eyes finally opened and locked open on his she knew that this was trouble. She’d allowed him to control her and now she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to take it back. Even worse – she wasn’t sure if she’d ever want to.

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