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An All Nighter

They meet in a hospital , go on a date, he spends the night giving her multiple orgsms..
I sit upright as he enters the room. Taller and darker than Brad Pitt but he has the same facial features. He takes a seat directly across from mine in the large room, opens a note book and writes as he glances around the room. Instantly aroused, I squirm in my seat of the Richland Memorial Hospital waiting room. He looks up from his writing and our eyes lock. We smile at each other. He returns to his writing. I walk across the room and sit beside him. 

“I’m Pamela Tanner; don’t I know you from somewhere?” I smile and stare into his brown eyes.

He returns my smile. “Isn’t that my pick-up line?”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean it to sound like that.”

He laughs. ”It’s okay, Pamela. We’ve never met because I never forget a beautiful lady. I’m Ken Burns.” He offers his hand.

I blush and place my hand in his. “Thanks for the compliment. You look so familiar.” His hand is warm and soft. His touch is a thrill.

“It happens all the time. I’m a Brad Pit look alike, and you remind me of Jessica Workman, a Playboy Cyber girl.”

“Thanks again, but I don’t know her.” I squeeze his hand.

He squeezes back. “I wouldn’t expect you to. What are you doing here?”

I want to say to meet him but instead say, “My brother was in a motor cycle accident. We don’t know how bad he’s hurt. That’s my parents over there.” I indicate them with my other hand, because I’m not going to let go of his.

With a look of concern he says, “I hope his injuries are minor. My kid brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm. They’ll probably set it here, put him in a cast, and discharge him.”

“The Tanner family,” a voice calls.

“Oh, I have to go.” Pamela jumps up and walks toward the voice followed by her parents.

She turns and as she disappears she says, “Ken, I’m in the phone book.”

* * *

Ken smiles at her statement. He writes her name beside the notes he has in his notebook:

beautiful, frosted brunette Pamela

transparent blouse with a red bra – wow!

busty @ least a D cup

slender and tall

jean shorts, nice legs

black sandals

The first thing he sees when he enters the waiting room is her breasts. Incredible, he says to himself and takes notes as soon as he sits. He glances around the room several times to record as many of her details as possible. She could become a character in a future story.

He remembers the heat of her body, the smell of her perfume, and the softness of her hand. The fiddle back shape and heart-shaped ass swaying away from him he won’t soon forget. While he waits for his brother, he picks up a phone book from the nurses’ station. He scans down the page: Tanner, Tanner, Tanner Pamela: 1140 Risdon Way, Apartment 303 F, 29223, 803-736-4545. He memorizes the address and phone number, and he adds it to his notes just in case.

His parents and brother emerge through a door; his brother’s left forearm in a cast. “What’s the story?”

“Six weeks in the cast and then a soft cast for a while,” his mother says.

“Ken, isn’t this the coolest cast. I can’t wait to get it autographed by my classmates.”

He’s glad Tommy is all right but his thoughts are about the voluptuous Pamela.

* * *

“My brother has no major injuries from the motorcycle accident which pleases me, but Ken’s tall, muscular body, and handsome good looks consume my thoughts. I wonder what he looks like dressed up or undressed. His writing indicates he’s educated and probably has a good job. His concern for his brother is a sign of a caring person. I hope my clothing choice didn’t make him think I’m a redneck.

Visions of him fill my dreams. I spend Sunday taking a long bath, shaving, and lounging in a halter top and shorts in front of the TV. I don’t think he’ll call today but it would be nice.

By five thirty, I think about eating because TV is boring. The phone rings. I jump off the couch. It might be him. My stomach turns into knots. I pick up the phone. It’s my mother calling to tell me about Johnny’s condition. Disappointed, I listen, express my pleasure that he is recuperating well, and thank her for calling. I just step into the kitchen when the phone rings again. What did mom forget to tell me?

Being in the kitchen, I can’t reach the phone until it rings seven times. I pick up the phone. No one is there but the Caller ID reads Ken Burns.

* * *

I pace the floor all day. I want to call but it’s too soon. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow. I walk back and forth and all I see during my wandering is her beautiful face, the red bra beneath a yellow blouse. I wonder what she looks like naked. I visualize what I expect--want to see. My desire overcomes my reluctance. I dial 736-4545. The phone rings. The line is busy. Is she talking to a boyfriend? Damn! I get the courage to call and she’s talking to someone else. I got to the living room to watch TV. Every woman in the program and in the commercials looks like Pamela.

I can’t stand it any longer. I dial her number a second time. The phone rings. No one answers. After seven rings I close my cell. Damn, I say to myself and return to my pacing. Disappointment would be an understatement for how I feel. I think I’ll go to the gym.

The phone rings.

I pick up the phone. It‘s Pamela. I try to calm myself.


“Ken this is Pamela returning your call. I wasn’t able to get to the phone in time.”

“I apologize for calling on Sunday afternoon, but I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

“It’s okay. I’m not doing anything special and hoped you’d call.”

“That’s good to hear. Is it too late for me to ask to take you for a cup of coffee or dinner?”

“I’d love dinner. I was about to prepare a meal.”

“Great! How soon can you be ready?”

“About twenty minutes. Do you know where I live? How long will it take you to get here? What should I wear?”

Ken thought of her red bra but rather said, “I have your address on my GPS. It’s about a thirty minute trip. I don’t really have a dinner plan. What would you like?”

“I like everything. How about pizza? There’s a Pizza Hut not far from here, so we could dress casual."

“Sounds good, I’ll see you in half an hour.”

I jump in the shower, dress in white shorts, a blue Polo shirt and Nikes. I check my wallet for Trojans, grab a vase, pick one of Mrs. Lumberman’s roses, and get in the car.

* * *

I’m giddy from excitement. I shower, shave, powder my body, apply red lipstick, and add perfume. Before leaving the bathroom, I smile at myself in the mirror turn to the vanity and insert a diaphragm even though I’m on the pill. I finally select white undergarments with a pushup bra, a mid thigh khaki skirt, a green V-neck blouse that exposes a great deal of cleavage, and a pair of white sneakers. My anticipation affects my libido which is in overdrive. I want him to want me.

I pace back and forth in front of the door. I’m impatient. I’ve only seen him once and this feels like my first date as a sixteen year old virgin. I see him park and hop out of the car. Wearing blue jeans, a dark blue polo shirt, and white Nikes, he’s as handsome as I remember and has the body of an athlete. He hurries toward my apartment carrying a flower. I open the door before he gets here. I want to jump into his arms and kiss him but I say, “I’m so glad you called. I wanted to see you again.”

“Me too. You look great.” He hands me the rose.

“Thank you. Let me put this in the kitchen.” I smile hurrying away.

He opens and closes the car door for me. What a gentleman. I give him directions and we are sitting in the Pizza Hut in fifteen minutes. I sit beside him in a booth. The warmth of his body and the smell of his aftershave excites me further. We order and while eating talk as thought we’ve known each other forever. I can’t keep my eyes off him and touch him as often as possible.

Nearing the end of the meal he asks, “Are you as interested in me as I am in you?”

My heart beats faster. My breathing becomes shallow. I’m wet from perspiration. My panties are moist. Should I tell him, he’s the most interesting man I’ve ever met, and I want to make love with him? Or should I play hard to get? “Yes, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you walked into the waiting room.”

“I’ve been the same.” He half turns to me.

“Would you like to come back to my apartment?” I place his hand on my thigh and pull it higher until his fingers touch my panty line.

He squeezes my inner thigh. “I think we’d better leave.”

I hold his hand and walk close to him on the way to the car.

* * *

I’m going to get laid I think. I can’t wait to have my face wallowing in her breasts and my cock in her pussy. My staff hardens thinking about fondling her mammoth tits and nursing on her nipples. As we drive she leans on me, holding my arms and running her hand up and down my thigh. I peer into her cleavage and pull her hand to my erection.

She laughs. “I can tell you’re as anxious as I am.”

Unfortunately, her sundress has no buttons and there is no way I can see more, but the abyss between her breasts keeps me entertained. I drive faster. I see myself crawling between her legs and slipping deep into her. The way she’s rubbing my cock, I worry about coming in my pants.

* * *

The car stops. We disentangle and I run to the building. I fumble with the door key. He takes the key, unlocks the door, and ushers me in.

We kiss. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths increasing our eagerness. His hands rub my back and he clutches my ass and pulls me into his erection.

I break free and run to the bedroom. He catches me at the door. He fondles my breasts through the sun dress. The warmth of his hands on my boobs is wonderful, and his fingering my sensitive nipples is thrilling. I struggle to get to his shorts, but he’s glued to my backside.

I can’t wait. I want him so much; I’ve already wet my panties.

He frees my breasts, stoops and lifts my dress over my head. I kick off my shoes, shake my head until my hair is free, remove my panties, and turn to face him.

His clothes fall to the floor.

I take him in my arms, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, and my hand to his erection. He moves us to the bed and we fall side by side. In a swift move, I turn on to my back and he’s between my legs.

I spread them and guide him to my entrance. I groan as his cock separates the walls of my pussy and touches every sensitive spot.

I’m elated. He’s everything I’ve hoped for. His shaft is long, thick, hard, and fills me.

He moans and lies still. “I haven’t thought of anything else but this since I first saw you.”

“It’s the same with me. I was afraid you might never call, and we hit it off so well at dinner. My juices were stirring the entire time.” I tighten and loosen my labia muscles around his cock.

He rises on his hands and looks at me with a smile. “You’re beautiful. I love your face and hair, but I have to admit it was your breasts I first noticed.”

“There my best asset.” I hold them up to him.

He plunges into me several times. “No they're not, but I’ve got to have them.”

I raise a breast to him and the pleasure of his mouth and tongue on my sensitive teat is wonderful. He switches sides and I feed him willingly. I enjoy his enthusiastic sucking and tongue play. Finally, I pull away because his manipulations are so good I’m rushing to an orgasm, but I want to delay my climax and enjoy the build up before the finale.

He looks disappointed but falls to his forearms and slides out and back into my pussy.

I want to captivate him with my ability. When he retreats, I tighten my muscles, and I loosen them when he slips deep into me. The stimulation between our organs increases. He enhances his speed and I move with him. We’re in a horizontal dance of mutual pleasure: giving, taking, and sharing.

He lowers himself to my body, places his face next to mine and with his feet on the footboard of the bed he ravages me until I’m about to scream in ecstasy. He stops.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I ask.

“You’re doing everything right but I don’t want to come too soon.” He rises above me holding himself upright with his right arm; he gently strokes me and uses the thumb of his left hand to stimulate my clit.

I squirm under the onslaught of his actions on my most sensitive organ. The fever within me increases. I arch my back so he can penetrate deeper. I throw my head back and roil it from side to side. I close my eyes, see fireworks, my body trembles, and I utter a loud groan.

He drops back to my body and thrusts into me like a mad man.

I feel his cock harden, swell, and smash into my cervix and jettison his cum into me with a groan that matches mine.

When my spasms cease and my breathing returns to normal I say, “That was wonderful.”

“The earth stopped spinning on its axis,” he whispers into my ear.

“Can you do it again?” I hope for a positive response.

“I hoped you’d ask. It’ll take a while but with some breaks I can last all night.”

“Great I want you to spend the night,” I say hoping he would. In the back of my mind I think I’d like to make his stay permanent. He’s what I want: a handsome, sensitive, caring man, who can assure my sexual pleasure. I caress his flaccid cock until it is semi-hard. I lick and suck it to an erection. I straddle him and impale myself. I ride him like a cowgirl and feed him as much tit as he wants.

He’s right; with several interludes, he gives me multiple orgasms, it’s an all nighter.

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