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An Amazing Vacation

A relaxing vacation becomes much wilder.
As Alan Bryant looked across the lagoon, he was mesmerized. He watched, mouth slightly agape, as the young woman climbed the rock face for the third time. He admired the way she scaled the rocky footholds barefoot seemingly without hesitation or fear.

He also admired her stunning beauty. She had blond, shoulder-length hair. She was slender with a classic swimmer’s body. She was well tanned and toned and had a truly lovely ass. But the feature that Alan noticed most was her gorgeous, playful smile. She exuded a spirit of fun and joy that he found simply intoxicating.

When she was about 80 feet up on the side of the cliff, she steadied herself and jumped feet first into the crystal, blue water. As she dropped, she yelled out in sheer delight enjoying the rush of the risk. She landed with a big splash, going deep under water, only to pop up moments later with that same electric grin.

As Alan watched this young beauty jump again and again, he realized that her joy and sense of fun were exactly what he lacked in his life. Alan was a recently divorced, 40 year-old novelist. He came to this resort to “celebrate” the completion of his latest book, but Alan’s idea of celebrating was lying on the beach reading a book, drinking, and occasionally ogling the odd bikini-clad beauty. That all changed after he saw her. He was still enjoying his blond daydream when, all of the sudden, she was standing, dripping wet in front of him.

“Do you have an extra towel? Someone swiped mine,” she said smiling that smile. Alan shook out of his daydream and reached into his bag and handed her a towel.
“I was watching you. You were incredible,” he said. She blushed and said it was kind of a hobby of hers. She said the clerk at the resort had suggested this location. She said the water felt great but that the rock face was too dangerous to get any higher.

He shook his head in disbelief. She actually wanted to go even higher. He watched her dry off. As she dried her hair, he couldn’t help but stare at her sexy tummy and legs. He realized that she was probably half his age. When she emerged from the towel, she said, “You look a little overheated. You should take a dip. I’ll join you if you want.”

He couldn’t resist her offer and the two of them ran to the water’s edge and dove in. They splashed around and played like a couple of little children. After they settled down, they floated near each other just talking. He found out that she was a college student on holiday with four of her classmates. They had quickly “hooked up” and she found herself to be the fifth wheel.

“It’s no fun being on vacation alone,” she frowned.

“Tell me about it,” he laughed. “Why don’t you have dinner with me?”

She agreed to meet him at eight and they continued playing and laughing. He was glad that she couldn’t see under the water, because interacting with this sexy woman had given him a raging erection. He wondered how he would be able to get back to the resort with his condition. Suddenly, she bumped into him. Her hand touched his hard cock. He blushed and retreated, but she just moved closer.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said. “That just means that you really, really like me.” She smiled and slid her hand into his trunks and wrapped her fingers around his manhood.

He felt a rush of electricity through his body like he never felt before. She moved in closer and continued stroking his cock. He pulled her close to him. He kissed her deeply with his tongue playing with hers. He loved the feel and the taste of her mouth and couldn’t get enough. He reached into her bikini bottoms and cupped her bare pussy.

The two of them stood in the lagoon stroking each other breathlessly. They were oblivious to the others in the lagoon. The only thing that mattered at that moment was her pussy and his cock. Soon, they both came with crashing orgasms. They embraced, kissing, trying to recover. They caught their breaths laughing.

As they got to the towels, she started laughing. He asked her what she was laughing about. She looked up at him smiling, “I just realized that you don’t even know my name. My name is Casey.”

“Pleased to meet you, Casey,” he said and they both laughed while walking hand in hand back to the hotel.

They each went to their rooms. Alan showered, shaved and brushed his teeth. He realized he was whistling to himself. He wondered how long it had been since he had done that.

He met her at the hotel restaurant. As they were seated in a secluded booth, he was sure that most everyone thought of them as father and daughter, but he didn’t care at all. He was, after all, with the most gorgeous woman in the place.

They chatted about this and that, until she slid closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I’ve never been as turned on as I was with you earlier. I want you right now.” She put her hand on his lap caressing his stiffening cock through his pants.

Just then, the food came. They politely interacted with the waiter and began eating their dinner. He reached over to touch her bare leg. She grabbed his hand and pushed it under her short skirt and he quickly discovered she wasn’t wearing panties and was soaking wet.

He looked at her and smiled. “Let’s eat fast.”

She nodded. Her eyes as well as his were glazed over with lust. They finished, paid the bill, and quickly made their way back to his room. As soon as the door was closed, they started pulling each other’s clothes off. They embraced. Her breasts crushed against his chest.

He walked her backwards to the bed, and guided her gently down to the mattress. He moved between her legs. He massaged her thighs and licked and kissed them. She moaned deeply and spread her legs even farther. He licked her wet pussy lips slowly. She was writhing as he gently spread her lips and gently sucked on her clit. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter against her clit.

She was so close, but she desperately wanted his cock in her when she came. She asked him to fuck her now. He moved between her legs and drove is cock into her soaking pussy. She gasped as he thrust deep inside her. He felt her pussy squeeze his cock. They fucked faster and faster. There would be time for making love later.

She grabbed his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her. He changed the angle of his entry and it pushed them both over the edge. They kissed hard as they both came with unbelievable intensity. He rolled off to her side as they caught their breaths.

They lay together, caressing each other. He teased her nipple as she caressed his firm ass.

“I hope you know we’re just getting started, Alan,” she said.

He laughed and realized that this was just the beginning of a wonderful vacation.

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