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An Erotic Detail

This was written by my husband (I can't write this stuff, I just read it) he was at work and came across a couple of female co-workers talking about romance novels and how detailed they can get and that they are only as good as they are because women write them.  Well, he decided to insert foot and told them that a man could write that stuff just as well as a woman.  So his co-workers dared him to prove that a man could so he had to write something for them, this is the result. let me know what you think and I will pass your comments on to my husband.  Fell free to embellish it if needs it.


An Erotic Detail

Looking deep in to her big green eyes he grabs her by the neck with his muscular arms and says to her in a soft romantic voice that I want to show you how I love you I want to give you my heart and body. Looking back at his blue eyes she kisses his lips very softly then moves to his ear and said I am all yours. Smiling back at her he begins to kiss her more passionately. As the two lovers kiss he runs his fingers through her soft golden blond hair she moves her body closer to him and begins to hold him tighter.

He feels her hands softly tickle the pits oh his back and a soft moan comes from his mouth. He turns her over lifting the back of her hair and exposing her neck kissing her neck softly with small pecks around her ears she pushes her self back to him enjoying his kisses she says in a soft low voice that feels so good. Smiling he takes his hands lifting her shirt exposing her soft silky skin. Feeling his soft hands upon her belly she begins to moan.

Continuing to kiss her neck softly he moves his hands up to her breasts feeling her nipples harden from his touch. With a soft whimper she begins putting her hand behind her feeling her lovers thigh and the erection that he has. He feels her hands on his erection and begins to moan with the pleasure that he feels from her soft touch. Smiling as he moans she turns back to his face looking deep in to his big blue eyes him gazing back in to hers he tells her that I love you so much and you mean every thing to me.

Smiling back from hearing those words she tells him that I love you to. Hearing those words come from her mouth the words that he has been waiting so long to hear, he puts a finger to her mouth and looking in to her eyes he says to her make love to me, the two lovers beginning to kiss again. Kissing each with a more intimate feeling he picks her up and takes her to the bedroom.

Sitting there on the bed he pulls him self away from her and tells her that this is the moment I have been waiting for since I first laid my eyes upon you. Smiling she comes in closer to him and puts her lips back on his. As the two kiss he takes his hands puts them around her back feeling her soft body against his. She begins unbuttoning his shirt exposing his chest to her. Taking her hand he puts her hand upon his left breast over his beating heart he looks at her and sees a tear come from her eyes .He knows deep inside it is not a tear of sorrow but a tear of happiness He looks deep in to her green eyes wiping a way her tears he tells her I know.

She knows now that her lover has given her his heart the one thing that she has wanted more then any thing. Smiling back at him she tells him thank you. Hearing those words come from her soft kissable lips he begins to kiss her more. Kissing her softly he moves to her chin down around her neck with small teasing pecks he pulls her shirt off lifting it over her head and shoulders the clip that was holding her hair up came off and her hair fell to her now exposed shoulders. Leaning back in to her lips she pulls her self away looking at him in a seductive manor she tells him to close his eyes. His eyes now closed she looks at him even more and smiles telling him I love you. He smiles. She undoes the back of her bra exposing her breasts to him her nipples erect she takes his hand and puts his hand upon her left breast, he feels the hardened nipple and feels her heart beating through her skin. Knowing he now holds her heart in his hands.

Smiling he opens his eyes looking back at her and lays her down upon the bed. A bed covered in white silken sheets with rose petals all over the bed he begins to kiss her lips again this time he moves to her neck slowly kissing her softly moving down her silky skin he reaches her breasts kissing them softly caressing them with his soft hands, putting his mouth over a breast he feels the harden nipple with his soft tongue teasing it with this teeth.,

Feeling the intense pleasure that he is giving her she begins to moan with pleasure that you know is real. He moves over to the next breast doing the same thing to the nipple teasing it with tongue and teeth. Removing his mouth he kisses her softly again going down her stomach feeling her skin with his tender lips smiling as he is slowly moving down. Reaching the button to her pants he slowly undoes it slowly, pulling the zipper down he sees her panties . Planting a soft kiss right at the top of the line he slowly takes her panties off with her pants. Kissing each expose peace of skin he listens to the moans coming from her mouth. Laying there feeling the pleasure from her lovers touch and soft t kisses she smiles more .

Kissing softly up her inner thigh he finds her flower spreading her legs he puts his mouth over the flowers mound teasing it softly with his tongue. Rubbing her fingers through his hair she thrusts her self up pushing her self deeper in to his mouth. With intense pleasure she screams. He stops in a way that leaves her breathless,. Looking back this time gazing in to her eyes he smiles and tears of joy come from his eyes not knowing why this is happening he tells her in a whispering voice I love you. Taking him by his arms she pulls him up to her and tells him I know you do.

Pushing him down on the bed she gets on top of him slowly taking his pants off in anticipation. With his man hood exposed she looks at him and smiles slowly seductively kissing his chest she puts her hands upon his shaft feeling its thickness caressing it softly with her finger tips he looks at her putting his hands in her golden hair enjoying the pleasure that he is receiving from her touch. He puts his head down closing his eyes feeling pleasure that has been long over do. Entranced in pleasing her lover she puts her mouth over her lovers man hood moving her mouth up and down, feeling the intensity of this pleasure he begins to moan.

Feeling her tongue tease him he squirms with pleasure trying to put it deeper in her mouth. She stops and moves back up to his lips kissing him softly. Feeling her lips on his he puts his hands up to her cheeks caressing there softness as he moves up to her hair. Laying her back he gets on top of her looking down at her eyes slowly putting himself inside of her, she feels him slowly enter inside of her body and instantly feels him. Moving slowly in and out the two lovers bodies touch not as two but as one. Feeling his love penetrate her body she knows that this is real knowing that making love to this man was the right thing to do.

Feeling the pleasure coming from his lovers body he feels her heart beat against his feeling her emotions swimming through his veins he knows that this love is real and making love to this woman was one way to show it. Intensity feels the air knowing the to lovers are coming at the same time.

He looks at his blond haired green eyed princess and says to her I love you. She smiles at him penetrating his blue eyes looking deep in to his soul and seeing the heart that he truly has for her she begins to cry. He wipes away the tears from her face and he awakes.

Waking up in his bed with out his lover by his side he knew that this was the only way that he could ever truly have the one thing that he new he could never have. Yet he knows that the love is real.

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