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An Evening in Paris Ten Years Later Part 4

We celebrate our tenth anniversary with a very special day.
Another beautiful day dawned over the city of Paris with the sun shining brightly. In the streets below our balcony, people trudged home from working the graveyard shift or partying all night, and delivery trucks and trash pick-ups maneuvered slowly through the city.

I lay in bed looking at Shelley, my lover, next to me sleeping. In the early morning sun, she looked like an angel curled up naked for me to behold. I marveled at her beauty preserved for all these years. Her skin was so soft. Her fingers were long and slender. When she touched me it was like a feather resting on my skin.

I remember the first time we met, when I went to visit the office where she interned. She was still in college, working the summer to gain experience as a computer software technician. She was so eager to learn, shadowing me wherever I went. The two weeks I was there, we became very close friends, and that friendship was still alive and vibrant today. We became lovers and kept in touch either calling or e-mailing everyday.

I leaned down to kiss her brow. She moaned with pleasure, a smile on her face. She opened her beautiful eyes, looking deeply into mine.

“ Bonjour mon ami,” she whispered rising up, kissing my lips.

Her lips were so soft, and felt warm against mine. I wrapped my arms around her, drawing her closer. Our bodies touched, igniting the fires within. Her breasts heaved, as her heart beat faster. Her nipples extended hard against my chest. Her arms reached up, encircling my neck, pulling me down to her. Our lips met again in a longer more arousing kiss. She moved her body against mine, pulling my warmth into her. I felt the passion rising, as our lips continued to touch with tongues probing. A small soft moan came from her. Her hands left my neck, wandered down across my back, caressed the muscles, that rippled beneath her touch. More moans came from her now, getting louder. Her breath quickened as we continued to kiss.

“ I love you, want you, need you. This is the only way to start the day,” she spoke hoarsely as she kissed my neck, then nibbled my ear.

I felt the heat rising in my loins, as my tumescent cock stirred. My hands moved up her back, holding her head. Her mouth sucked my ear, as we caressed. I trailed the backs of my fingers down the sides of her body, tracing her curves. My fingers moved slowly over her shoulders under her arms, down over the round curves of her breasts. She giggled, as I touched her. My fingers traced further down along the curves into her waist, as her hips wriggled when my touch tickled her. She moaned short little yelps. I trailed my fingers around the front of her stomach, as I tickled her more. She laughed, until my fingers touched the mounds of her breasts. She stopped laughing, but continued with moans and groans of pleasure. Her breasts rose and fell faster at my touch.

She stopped nibbling my ear and in a stern husky voice cooed, “Please don't tickle me. I want to feel the sensations rising in my body, as you move your hands over me. Trailing your fingers tingles my body and drives me mad with desire. I want you to keep doing that over my breasts and nipples.”

I did as she asked and trailed my fingers softly over, across, under and around her heaving breasts. Her nipples strained to grow larger jutting from her breasts. The moans grew louder and more frequent, almost in a complete staccato rhythm. Her hands clenched and released my head. Her lips urgently kissed and nibbled my ear. I felt her arousal increasing, as I moved my hands. Her hips thrust in and out against my legs, searching for my growing manhood. I moved my fingers hard across her nipples bending them, watching them bounce back. They grew stiff with each touch, while her moans grew louder and longer.

Shelley gasped with pleasure. She gasped words of love and adoration for me, “I love you, I want you. Don't ever leave me. You are driving me wild with desire and hunger for your body, my lover. I don't want this to ever end.”

Her hands slowly left my head, traveled down my chest, groping my muscles as they went. She teased me, as I teased her. I knew her destination and I wanted her there quickly, but resisted forcing her down. Her hands traced my waist and each of my rock hard abs. I enjoyed her voyage of discovery along my body. The tingles, that went with the exploration, traveled directly to the center of my manhood. I felt my balls grow and become fuller with my seed. My shaft grew longer and wider, poking up higher, sticking into the air. She stopped at my stomach, starting to caress and tickle me. She was soon disappointed, as I was not ticklish. Her hands moved down my thighs, across my legs, teasing. The closer, they got to my manhood, the slower they went. I strained to get her to put her hands on my manhood. I wanted to feel her soft tender hands encompass my erect manhood. I wanted her hands on my hard cock so much it ached. I strained to get her there.

Our lips touched against each other, drawing us together. We kissed with our tongues continuing to probe each other. Moans escaped from both of us, as we writhed together. Our arousal grew to a fever pitch, as we pushed our bodies harder against each other. We moved around on the bed in the dance of love. Shelley moved in such a way, that I fell between her wide open legs with my hard cock poking her wet, hot, throbbing pussy. She bounced trying to get my cock to enter her, but I held back. She was disappointed until I released her from our kiss.

My lips trailed down her chin along her neck to the valley between her heaving breasts. My lips moved onto her right breast, kissing and sucking, as I moved. Her nipple stood erect, desiring to be teased and sucked. My lips sucked her nipple hard into my hungry mouth. I sucked it and the surrounding area in deeply. Her hands left my thighs and encircled my head pushing it hard against her breast. I nibbled her nipple lightly with my teeth, which elicited a deep long moan from Shelley. I kept kissing and sucking her nipple, as her hands pushed my head to take more of her breast. I moved off her right breast switching to her left. She moved her hands away from my head drifting slowly back to my thighs. My lips sucked hard on her nipple stretching it further up. Her moans became louder urging me on to suck harder. I rubbed her other breast stretching that nipple too.

Shelley panted hungrily now. She took one of her hands, grabbed my head off her breast, directing it to her thighs. Her thighs and hips bounced up and down with every shift of my body. I felt her wetness against my leg. My lips kissed her thigh as she rolled from side to side. Her mound lay totally exposed with her well trimmed bush glistening in the morning sun. Her little man poked up looking for a lot of attention. My mouth moved over and kissed her clit. She gasped. Her pelvis pushed into my face, forcing my lips to suck hard on her clit. I moved my hand onto her mound, moved a finger up and down her slit. Her arousal fluids flowed profusely from her. I pushed a finger deep inside her, which brought a long loud groan of relief. I felt her pussy grabbing my finger, trying to keep it inside.

My mouth bit her clit which pushed her over the edge. Her pussy throbbed as a series of continuous orgasms came flooding out. I watched as her fluids flowed around my fingers and my hand. She moaned and groaned pushing her hips up and down. My face got totally wet too.

“ OOH! OOH! That feels so good. Don't stop!” She moaned.

I moved from nibbling her clit to her newly flooded opening. I put my tongue deeply inside her licking and sucking all her fluid. She still spilled a lot into my mouth. I tried to keep emptying her as fast as she flowed. She wrapped her thighs tightly around my head, as she exploded with several orgasms. My tongue probed deeply into her pussy and got trapped by her throbbing muscles. Never before had I felt a woman who came as long and hard as this. It seemed to last for several minutes.

“ OOOOOOOOOH THAT IS SOOOOOOO GOOD! DON”T STOP!” Shelley screamed in ecstasy.

I mumbled into her pussy. She still had me wrapped into her by her thighs. Her hips and pelvis thrust against me. She flooded my mouth, tongue and face with her cum. I licked and sucked as much as I could but it overwhelmed me. After a few minutes, her thighs relaxed and released me from her grasp. The throbbing in her pussy continued and kept going for several more minutes. I trailed my lips up her body kissing her as I went. Her moans came forth but slowed in frequency and volume. Her hands roamed my body seeking purchase on my hard inflamed cock. She grabbed my cock taking it tightly in her hand. She stroked it up and down making it grow in length and girth. Her mouth moved down my body to get near my cock.

She kissed the head of my cock which had pre-cum leaking from it. Her tongue licked the small slit at the tip pulling more pre-cum into her mouth. She took the mushroom head of my cock into her mouth sucking it deeply down her throat. She licked and sucked my cock as her throat stroked it hard. I felt the pressure build in my balls as my seed flooded them. I filled up with my seed ready to explode. She suddenly released my cock from her warm, wet, throbbing mouth. She pushed me on the bed on my back. My cock pointed straight in the air shaking and waving. The pressure had built up such that a large explosion of cum was poised to spray. She knew this and scrambled to mount my cock and thrust it deeply inside her wet, throbbing pussy. She swung her leg over my body like a cowgirl mounting her favorite horse. As she descended, my stiff hot cock plunged deeply into her pussy.

“ Ooh, that feels so good. This is the only way I want my man in the morning.”

She rose up and down on me at a galloping tempo. I felt her pussy grab and release my cock, as it slid in and out of her. The feeling was so exquisite. I felt the pressure building in my body. She felt it too and slowed her pace. She was not ready. Her pussy throbbed around me, but there was no pressure build up. She rose up almost off my cock and stopped. She poised there for a few seconds and plunged quickly down on my cock driving it deep within her pussy. As my cock reached deeply within, she exploded with another strong orgasm squirting all over my thighs. I exploded deep inside her adding to the rush of cum flooding her and running out. We both moaned loudly, shuddering together. When her orgasms ended, we fell apart into a heap on the bed. We breathed heavily recovering from an amazing experience making love. It was the only way to start a glorious day.

It started out as a glorious day and looked to be one of our best. Today, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our first trip to Paris. Shelley and I planned a special day. I rented a classic old sports car convertible, the concierge of the hotel packed a picnic hamper lunch for us. I planned to take a long slow drive in the country around Paris. I wanted to tour the French countryside in a convertible with the top down, wind blowing through Shelley's beautiful long hair. We showered and went down to the lobby to start our adventure. I wore black slacks, a white button down shirt and a hounds-tooth jacket with elbow patches. Shelley chose to wear a yellow striped sun dress with a billowy skirt and a scooped neckline. The valet drove the car up to the front door of the hotel. To my surprise, it was an old MGA, similar to one I owned during my youth. The concierge handed me a picnic hamper and Shelley a large plaid blanket. He bid us farewell with a wave of his hand. I drove off with a wave back. Our day started out so well.

The first thing I did, was something I wanted to do ever since I visited Paris. I drove down the Champs - Élysées toward the main highway out of Paris. Once outside Paris, I got off the major highway and drove through the countryside. We cruised through small towns, by farms and some big homes. Shelley and I saw much of the beautiful lush green countryside. We stopped in one small town to drink coffee at a small cafe. We sat outside, watching the towns people going about their daily business. Life moved at a slower pace in these towns, as there was no reason to hurry and they were independent from outside influences. As we left town, people waved to us and bid us adieu. We drove for two more hours and decided we needed to eat.

Up ahead, we saw a small woods which had a stream flowing through it. I pulled the car off the road onto small dirt path. I got out of the car carrying the picnic hamper and blanket. Shelley led the way to a small clearing on the bank of the stream. The area had wildflowers growing around it, which gave off a sweet, strong tantalizing odor. Birds sang in the trees, as the stream gurgled over some large rocks. The sun shone brightly in the sky at noon. We spread the blanket out on the bank. Shelley took off her shoes and sat on a rock with her feet dangling in the water, as I laid out our lunch. Lunch consisted of cheese, bread, caviar, paté, vegetables, strawberries and c rème fraîche . To drink, there was water, wine and champagne. I put out the plates, glasses and utensils. When I finished, I went to sit next to my love on the rock. I put my arms around her waist and she leaned her head against my shoulder. I smelled her hair and felt so much love in my heart for this woman. I kissed her hair and she turned to face me and kissed me softly on my lips. I felt love radiating from her body for me. I wanted to stay there holding her, but lunch waited for us.

I helped Shelley down from the rock and we held hands, walking over to the blanket. She sat down and put food on her plate and mine. I opened the water and the wine and poured glasses of each for us. We ate talking and laughing without a care in the world. I took the bottle of champagne and put it in the water to keep it cool. We cleaned up the dishes and put them back in the hamper. We sat on the blanket hugging each other. I held Shelley sitting in front of me with her head resting on my shoulder. My hands wrapped around her waist pulling her closer. Her breathing became heavier, as we sat there cuddling. We kissed and stayed that way for five minutes, our lips stuck together. Our hearts beat as one, as we kissed. The music of the birds made this seem like paradise to us. Our hands clasped and we held each other tightly.

We let go of each other and moved our hands over each others body lusting for sex. I unzipped her dress and the top fell revealing her naked breasts with her taut nipples jutting out. My hands encircled her breasts tenderly stroking her nipples as a low moan escaped from deep within her throat. Her hand reached down in my pants undoing my belt, button and zipper. She reached into my pants and took my growing cock out in her hand stroking it. I felt a rush to my cock as it grew in her hand. We stood up and removed all our clothes and laid them carefully in a corner of the blanket. Shelley lay down spreading her legs urging me to enter her. As I lowered myself to her body, her arms grabbed and held me tight. I felt her love radiating into me from her body. My cock entered her pussy slowly and gently. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me inside her. Her hips moved up and down to grind against me, driving me deeper inside her. Our breathing increased, as her hips moved. My hips moved up, as hers moved down. I thrust deeply into her hard, but not too fast. I held my cock deep inside her and felt her pussy rubbing me. It felt so good. I did not want to pull out, as I felt safe and loved. Shelley moved her legs up on me tighter, holding me deep inside. I felt her pending orgasm growing, as she throbbed against me. My ejaculation built up, as I felt hers. I pulled out of her and thrust back in and she came as I came. We lay fused together mixing our love juices. Our coupling ended with me collapsing on her, holding me tight, smothering me with kisses all over my face. I stayed that way until my cock fell out of her. We got up off the blanket and ran, holding hands into the river. The water chilled us, but it refreshed and renewed us.

After we cooled off, we returned to the blanket with the chilled bottle of champagne. As I opened the champagne, Shelley took out the strawberries and the crème fraîche. She dipped a strawberry in the crème and plopped it into her mouth. I heard her lips smacking with the tasting of the fruit. I poured the champagne in a flute and handed it to her.

She drank it and giggled, “The bubbles tickle my nose.” She laughed.

I drank my champagne and ate the strawberries. The sun kept us warm and we stayed naked until we drank enough and ate all the strawberries. We put everything back in the hamper, got dressed, folded up the blanket and got in the car for the drive back to the hotel.

“ Thank you, lover, for a wonderful celebration today,” Shelley said looking at me with love in her eyes and a big smile.

“ You are welcome. I wanted to give us a day, we would never forget. I know I will remember this day until I die,” I said.

“ I wish this trip to Paris would never end. I want to stay with you forever,” she said sadly.

I reluctantly replied, “You and I have our own families, that we love and have to return to when this is over.”

She looked over at me with love in her eyes. I reached across and grabbed her hand and put it to my mouth and kissed it. I held it against my lips, savoring her closeness. We drove back to Paris holding hands, knowing that we had two more blissful days to be together.

Those last two days, we spent together, ended up, as our best two days ever.

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