An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later Part 3

By frogprince

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Our vacation starts with a good romantic tease in the sunshine of a Paris morning.
We had said goodbye to our new friends Friday at lunch before they all left for their homes. We had a leisurely dinner at the little bistro in the hotel that night. Our vacation together was starting and I was happily in love with the woman in the bed. We had been very close friends for over ten years.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms after making love. Sometime during the night, Shelley had gotten up and put on a pair of red lace panties.

It was early Saturday morning and the sun was just coming up. I had gotten up earlier to put on my boxers and gone out on the balcony to watch the sunrise. The sky was clean due to the rain that fell during the night. The sun shone brightly into our room.

I stood in the balcony doorway looking at her in bed.

Shelley was laying there sleeping, bathed in the early morning light. Her hair was spread out on the pillow, surrounding her head like an angelic halo. Her eyes were closed and her lips were closed on the most beautiful mouth, I had ever kissed. Her arms were thrown up, as if in surrender to the morning light. The nipples on her large breasts were semi erect, waiting to be caressed and kissed. Her hips were flat on the bed wrapped in the red lace of her panties. My manhood quivered in excitement. Her legs were crossed at her ankles, bent slightly at her knees.

A car horn blared outside and she woke from her sleep and looked over at me. A small smile came to her face as she said, “Good morning lover.”

“Ah, ma cherie, je t’adore. Ca va?” I greeted her.

She raised her arms beckoning me to join her. I walked slowly to the bed and crawled in beside her. As my body nestled against hers, she moved her lips to kiss mine. We lay kissing each other in the bright morning sun. The warmth of her lips on mine, made me desire to make love to her very slowly this morning.

I wanted to explore and savor every aspect of this woman’s body, as we climbed the peaks of sexual fulfillment. We kissed and kissed, moving our mouths around, getting the right positions and pushing our tongues in and out.

I put a loving hand on her head and held her closely against me. My hand ran through her hair caressing her. I moved my lips to her ear and kissed around it.

I whispered to her, “Shelley, my love, at this moment, I am the happiest man in the world. I could not wish for more than to be here with you.”

Her reaction was to moan, to hug me tightly and push her hips against me. She was feeling my aroused manhood against her womanhood. She wanted me to take her right then, but I slowed her down. I slid my hands down her back, rubbing her and tickling her a little. She was wiggling and shivering at my touch. Her breathing had become labored and her breasts were moving slowly with her nipples erect and hard.

My lips went to her forehead and kissed her there, followed by kisses on her eyes, cheeks and back to her lips. We continued kissing, drawing low moans from both of us.

I sat up slowly and moved my hands to cover her breasts. I grasped her erect nipples. I rubbed her breasts which shone in the sunlight, caressing around her nipples.

Her mouth hung open as she gasped for air. I could feel that she was getting extremely aroused and had a small orgasm from this little stimulation. Her hips were undulating against me, urging me to take her.

I put my fingers around one of her nipples, squeezed it and pulled on it, eliciting a scream from her. As one hand caressed her breast, my other hand had gone to caress just above the edge of her red lace panties. Her hips rose up to get a better feel for me.

I slid my hand over her throbbing mound and found her pussy very warm and her panties very wet. She was ready and wanted me to touch her womanhood. I caressed her mound and her thighs. My mouth joined my hand on her breasts.

I was sucking and nibbling on her erect nipple, drawing it deeply into my mouth. I nibbled on it and bit it pulling it up away from her breast stretching it.

She moaned a sustained sound with a loud gasp.

My lips left her breast and traveled down her rippling stomach to the top of her panties. I moved around her panties and teased her by going down her thighs.

She was crying out, “Stop teasing me. I want you so badly now, please fuck me. I want you inside me!”

I was not done however, as I picked up her left leg and kissed her milky white inner thigh. She shuddered moving her leg. I moved down to the back of her knee kissing and licking her. I kissed and sucked her soft skin. I moved down her leg stopping to suck and lick her calf and her ankle.

She was rolling around, just moaning and gasping for release. I kissed her ankle, her foot and sucked on each toe. I kissed her foot tickling her and switched to her other foot and leg.

I worked my way back up calf, knee and thigh. As I got near her panties I could feel the heat radiating from her. She was so hot. I could smell the musk and wetness on her panties. I got closer. She spread her legs urging me to kiss and suck her hot, wet, throbbing pussy. I stopped with my lips on her mound.

Instead of kissing her more, I moved back to kissing her lips and plunging my tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue, eagerly trying to swallow me.

We kissed and kissed trying to get and capture each other’s tongue. It was a duel to see who could win. I surrendered to give her a small victory, but I was still winning the war. She started laughing at the victory.

I pushed against her mound a little and she gasped and moaned.

Her hands had come up and were beating a small tattoo on my chest, as if in mock protest for the torture she was suffering.

As we kissed my hands moved to her hips and slowly slid her panties down to expose her very ready and waiting pussy. When I slid her panties off, I started to kiss down her body again. I stopped to kiss all around her rippling stomach. I was kneeling next to her breasts with my now almost fully erect cock poking from my boxers.

Shelley stopped beating my chest and grabbed my cock. She laughed as if in victory. Little did she know, I had planned for her to do just that. I wanted to be stroked by her and let her win another skirmish. She was giggling now and enjoying my cock.

My lips had found her wet mound and were licking around it. Her clit was poking out through the shroud sticking up in her finely trimmed mound hair. It was so warm there; I felt her juice drying up as it leaked out. I licked her clit with my tongue and put my lips around it, sucking it deep into my mouth.

She was stroking my cock with fervor to get me ready.

Her outer pussy lips were swollen and as I sucked them she kept trying to push my mouth into her. My tongue started to lick her, but she shifted and it plunged deep in her pussy.

All I heard was an immense sigh of relief and a groan.

My tongue plunged in and out of her. I licked her lips, as her hips pushed to get full exposure. She was feeling several small orgasms during this and was getting wetter. There was cum oozing from her. I was licking her dry.

I tried to move my tongue and lips from her pussy, but her legs wrapped around my head and held me against her. I bit and licked and plunged my tongue into her until she had a big final release which gushed cum onto my face.

She released me. I moved up to kiss her. As I kissed her, she let go of my cock. She grabbed my head and licked her cum off of me.

She wanted more, but I would not let her take my cock in her mouth. This time it was my turn to captivate and control her body. I was in charge. I looked at her with a devilish smile, as I spread her legs wide and positioned myself at her pussy. I had my cock in my hand running it up and down her slit and flicking her clit. With each flick her body shook.

“Stick your cock in me all ready will you,” she pleaded.

I stopped and took my hands off my cock and reared back as if to get up and leave. She cried and groaned and pleaded, “I want you, you big tease. Get inside me now! I am more than ready and you know it. Do it now!”

I put her legs up over my shoulders, so her pussy was totally exposed. I plunged into her hard and fast. She groaned and screamed in surprise. Her hips rose to contain me, but I slid in and out fast and hard.

Her pussy was throbbing and rubbing the length of my cock. She was moving as fast as I was, trying to keep me inside her. She was panting and groaning with each thrust. I kept pushing in and out of her varying my pace to prolong the great feelings and sensations.

She was happy, laughing, screaming, moaning and groaning. She yelled, “When are you going to cum? I am ready now. Put your load deep inside me!”

I just looked at her, smiling as I felt my cock stiffen and spray strings and strings of cum deep inside her. She stiffened and her pussy grabbed my cock as it flooded with her strongest orgasm ever.

We lay fused together as our lust was being satisfied. This fusing lasted for several minutes. We fell back on the bed both our bodies shivered and shuddered in release.

My cock was stuck in her pussy being held tightly. I did not want to move and she was holding me with her legs wrapped around me.

Finally, we finished and I slid out of her as I shrunk. We caught our breath and lay together recovering from a two and one half hour love making session. We were exhausted but elated and happy.

I wrapped my arms around Shelley and kissed her ear whispering, “Je t’aime.”

“Je t’aime aussi, mon cheri,” she whispered back to me.

We fell back to sleep and did not wake up until mid-afternoon. When we woke up, we looked at each other and burst out laughing with tears running down our faces. We were so happy and did not have a care in the world.

I saw her red panties at the foot of the bed but I could not find my boxers.

I heard a commotion outside our balcony and got up. I put on a robe tousled my hair and walked onto the balcony. I looked at the tree that was there. My boxers were stuck in the branches where they landed as we removed and threw them.

I reached out and took them down and waved to the people gaping upward. I slowly walked back into the room where Shelley was holding in her laughter. We both burst out laughing again at the thought of people walking by seeing a pair of boxers flying out followed by screams and moans.

It was a great day in our lives and a moment to remember forever. Our week of celebration had started and there was a lot more to come.