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An evening with you

We just met but after tonight we leave the friend zone
 Thoughts of you being in the shower with me were shattered when the phone started ringing. I quickly grabbed the towel that was hanging on a hook and wrapped myself as I picked up the receiver.


“Hey You, it’s Me, are you busy?”

“Never too busy for you… I was just taking a shower, what’s up?”

“Well, I know we’ve only met a couple of times, but would you like some company?”

“You know, I was just thinking about you.”

“Hmmm, what were you thinking about?”

“Actually, I was thinking about asking you to come here for dinner tonight.”

“That would be great, give me a chance to shower and I’ll be right over.”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

As I hung up the phone my thoughts returned to you and how I wish you were in the shower right now. I looked down to see my erection getting larger and it truly amazed me how just thinking about you could excite me so much. I brushed away those thoughts for now and finished my shower, albeit a cold one.

I was standing at the grill getting ready to turn the steaks when I felt two arms wrapping around me! I turned around just in time to receive the hottest kiss I’ve ever felt! Those lips… and that tongue dancing about had me at full mast in no time! We broke the kiss long enough to say our hellos and for me to turn the steaks, then it was my turn to take you in my arms. I held you tight for a moment, not moving, I just wanted to relish your taste and feel your warmth next to me. But then, our bodies took over and we began to move. With one hand on your ass, and the other on your left breast, things started to get hot, and I’m not just talking about us. It was just then that I noticed our steaks burning!

After dinner we shared the chore of doing the dishes, mostly in silence. In most cases it would have been an awkward silence, but in this case I believe we were both thinking about what would happen next…

As I put the last dish away, I asked if you would like a drink. You asked if I had any wine so I poured us both a glass. As we went into the living room I put some soft music on and took you in my arms again. We danced and held each other tight, swimming in our thoughts. When the song ended, I looked into your eyes and couldn’t believe the raw, burning desire I saw in them! You must have seen it in my eyes too because all you could say was, “where’s your bedroom?”

“Right this way” was about all I could say as I led you there.

I tried to take it slow, but after your dress dropped to the floor I found it very hard! When you pulled my pants down, you found it very hard too! Hard enough to take into your mouth and give me sensations I had forgotten even existed! After a few moments, I pulled you to your feet, not that I didn’t enjoy what you were doing, but because I wanted this night to last…

I took you by the hand and led you to the bed. It was there and then for the first time that I caught just a glimpse, giving me a view that only dreams are made of! I started kissing at your ankles slowly working my way up, and up… As my lips touched yours you gasped and the electricity that I felt was far stronger than anything I had felt before! Your wetness, and your taste… my god that taste, your taste, drove my desire to the outer limits! You said you had to have me and I thought I was hearing a new language for the first time! It was the most beautiful voice that I had ever heard, and then the words finally registered when you reached for me. You saw the small pearl of liquid on the tip of my hardness and asked if you could have it. Just knowing that you wanted to taste me, to become as intoxicated as I was from tasting you made me twitch, almost causing you to not catch it in time. But you got what you wanted, my pre cum! And you were so delicate, just barely touching the tip with your tongue, and for that you were rewarded with yet another drip that you so easily coaxed from the depths of my soul that I didn’t even know existed! Then you took me into your mouth, slowly at first, getting used to it’s size. The things you were doing with your tongue were driving me insane! I thought for sure I was going to lose it, but you felt it too and stopped while squeezing the base of my shaft.

I reached back down to feel your wetness and was shocked to feel just how wet you were! You were dripping with your sex… I inserted first one, then two fingers working you to a frenzy. I felt your legs spreading wider, I felt your mound pushing into my palm with each thrust… I knew you were getting close so I concentrated on finding your G spot. When I found it my ears were rewarded with the most sensual and passionate sounds coming from deep within you. Your eyes were closed tight and you didn’t notice that my lips were just inches from yours. Breathing in your scent was intoxicating and I couldn’t hold back so I closed the gap just as your orgasm started. I looked up to see that your eyes were wide open now and you were staring in disbelief. Just then your eyes rolled back in your head as you thrashed back and forth. As you caught your breath more sounds of passion were heard as you yelled “oh god don’t stop, your making me cum!” Well I had no intention of stopping, as a matter of fact, that’s when you found out what I could really do with my tongue! I was quickly rewarded with an earth shattering orgasm that left you breathless!

You turned around to kiss me and to share the taste that you left on my lips. It wasn’t long before you whispered in my ear that you had to have me inside you, NOW! You pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. You bent down to kiss me as you reached down to put me inside… I couldn’t believe how wet you were, still… but my God what a feeling as you slowly lowered yourself until I was completely inside you! We held that position for a moment as we kissed, but then a power greater than either of us took over and we began to rock back an forth… We were enjoying a steady rhythm, but when I grabbed your ass to spread your cheeks, you began riding me hard! In a moment you looked deep into my eyes and said, “I going to cum so hard! Please don’t stop, that’s it, just like that!” I felt you squeeze me and I could tell you were midst of a powerful orgasm which sent me over the edge too! I yelled out your name and told you I was coming too, but you just shook your head and told me not to stop! I gave it all I had until you finally collapsed in my arms…

As I wiped away your tears, you kissed me… We held each other tight until sleep became the ruler of the night…

Definitely not the end!

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