An Office Love Story

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They wanted each other...............

An Office Love Story                 They wanted each other.....................

She walked into his office, looking very smart. She was about 5'6" tall, with a trim, lean frame and a lovely swell to her breast making her about a 36C in bra size. Her waist curved in and she had full but not fat thighs and hips. Her face was classic with pouty lips and a roman nose; and her eyes were the bluest he had ever seen. They sparkled like a lake with the summer sun reflecting off them. Her hair was pulled back off her face and neck but fell to the middle of her back in curls. It was jet black. The combination of the color of her hair and her bright blue eyes instantly attracted him.

He pulled himself together and realized that he was supposed to be interviewing this lady for the position of Personal Administrator. He stood and asked her to sit on the chair in front of his desk. He didn't feel comfortable trying to talk to her over the desk, so he moved round to sit in a chair on a level with her. She had sat and crossed her legs daintily and he noticed that they were long and slender. He was really becoming aroused with just the sight of her, so he thought he had better get the interview over and done with.

After discussing her Resume' and giving her a profile of the duties she would perform and deciding that she could start work on the following Monday, he showed her to the door and returned to his seat behind his desk.

"Wow, he thought. Am I glad that is over. I am going to have to pull myself together to be able to work with her every day."

Jenny started work and she and her boss, Eric developed a good working relationship as time went along. Many was the time that Jenny would sneak a look at Eric and envision him in a different setting.

Eric had the body of an athlete, lean but with muscle. He had a craggy face with full lips and a deep cleft in his chin. His eyes were a mixture of dark and light gray with a hint of hazel, and he had a shock of dark red hair, with a military cut. She found out that he worked out in the Company's gym three times a week and usually ran 5kms most mornings.

As she was a runner herself she thought she would find out where he did his running. In casual conversation one day she asked him and he replied that he used the local park and ran around the boundaries. Jenny decided that she would 'accidentally' meet up with him one morning.

Jenny went ahead with her plans and did meet up with Eric but other than saying "Good morning" he totally ignored her. This happened a number of times until she stopped him one day.

"Eric, do you object to me running in the same place as you," she asked.

"No, Jenny, it just that I am concentrating on what I am doing that I just don't have time for any chit chat."

"Oh well, I am sorry, I will find somewhere else to run, so that I don't disturb you anymore," said Jenny.

"Don't do that Jenny, I am sorry, why don't you join me instead. As long as you don't want to talk all through the run, I am quite happy to run with you."

So they ran together for a few weeks. Jenny kept to the rules of no conversation while running.

One morning Eric surprised her and asked her to join him for coffee at the local café' after they had finished running.

She joined him and they managed to sit for about an hour, have breakfast and coffee and talk freely. Not about the office though. Eric started to tell her some of his own life history. He had been married but was now divorced and lived alone. Jenny knew how he felt as she had been through a rather messy divorce as well and she lived alone.

They continued to have breakfasts or coffee every morning from then on. Jenny insisted on paying on an equal basis. Eric protested but she made it a condition or she wouldn't join him any more.

One day at work, Eric called her into his office. He explained that he had to go to a Company dinner the next night and would love it if she would accompany him as his date. Jenny didn't have to be asked twice. This may be the opportunity for which she had been waiting. She gave Eric her address and arranged for him to pick her up at 7pm the next evening.

Eric arrived and rang the bell. The vision that greeted him took his breath away. Jenny was dressed in a sleek, satin looking dress that had a slit right up the side, showing all her long left leg. It was a deep blue color and fitted her so closely he wondered how she had got it on without help. It also bought out the color of her eyes. She wore a diamond choker around her neck with small diamond earrings. Her black hair was swept up in a swirl on the side of her head with a few curls escaping randomly onto her neck.

"Wow, he said. Where did you come from pretty lady. Jenny, you are absolutely beautiful. I am going to have to watch you tonight to make sure you don't disappear."

"Thank you Eric, I thought that it would give me chance to dress up. It doesn't happen to much any more."

"I am going to have to see about that and take you out more often, especially if you look like that every time."

"Why, thank you sir."

After the dinner, where he kept a close eye on her, Eric escorted her home.

"Would you like to come in for a nightcap, Eric. Just to say thank you for such a fabulous night."

"I would love to, but just for a coffee, OK," he replied.

He couldn't get in the door fast enough. He had more than coffee on his mind and just hoped that she was feeling the same.

Jenny went to the kitchen and prepared two cups of coffee and a Tia Maria for each of them. Eric didn't know what she had in mind and hoped he was in the right mood.

They sat together on the lounge, sipping at the coffee and drinks. There was a slow number playing on the CD and Eric asked Jenny to dance. She went into his arms and nestled her face into his neck. He could smell the perfume of her hair and her fresh earthy odour of her body, probably from her shower soap. He pulled her closer and she felt his hardness resting on her belly. Then she knew that they both wanted the same thing that night.

He was sitting closer now. He had laid her on the lounge with her feet up. He was sitting in a straight chair beside her, his elbows on his knees and bending over her. She could feel the ripple of response on her skin every time he shifted, as if his arms brushed her and her arms ached to hold him.



"Kiss me," she breathed.

He had been planning to take his time, but he had no resistance against this plea. The words had hardly died on her lips before he smothered them with his own. He reached over to put his glass down on the table, but his passion leapt so quickly to a white heat, that her own glass was forgotten and spilled its contents over her lap. He moved her glass out of danger.

He then slipped his arms under her and stood up, lifting her clear of the lounge before letting her feet slide to the floor, as he simultaneously kissed her.

Jenny put her arms around his neck and sighed into the crevice of his throat, as he continued to kiss her and wrap her tightly in his arms and pull her against him. Hungrily, she pressed herself against him, opened her mouth for the invasion of his tongue and cried her desire deep in her throat.

Eric looked down at the woman in front of him. Her hair, her skin, her eyes all glowed like the sky. She was gold, but gold that was warm and melting under his touch. Without a word he again lifted her and asked her to point him to her bedroom.

They tumbled onto the bed, facing each other as they indulged in long, soul shattering kisses. His hands raced over her, following a seductive course from the back of her neck, down her spine and over her hips, then back again, leaving her tingling in every place he touched.

He groaned, a low masculine sound, as his fingers slid down to her breasts. His mouth took hers with a savage intensity that stormed through her like a cyclone. She kissed him back with a need that reflected the very deepest, emptiest part of her being.

"I want you, she sighed. You make me feel so wanted, so needed, so perfect."

"God, you are perfect," he whispered back. At least the closest thing to perfection that he had ever known.

"Kiss me, kiss me like you mean it."

He slowly made his way down her body, kissing and playing with all of her until he reached her black covered mound. She only had a light covering over her mons but he couldn't wait to get to her Garden of Eden. He drew his mouth and tongue along her labial lips and inserted it into her pink, shell-like cunny. He laved and kissed and sucked on her until she screamed her desire for him to fill her with his rigid rod that she could feel rubbing up and down her legs.

Eric lay her on her back and slowly entered her. She was so wet and warm and ready for him. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled herself up to meet his thrusts, keeping the rhythm slow and steady. This could only go on for so long as Eric became aware of his semen rushing down his penis, ready to cum in Jenny's sex hole.

"Jenny, I am cumming my darling, do you want me to pull out or not."

"No..., no..., no..., cum in me I have got to feel your sperm rush up into my cunt and my womb."

They both managed to cum together and lay there spent.

Later, a long time later, arching and trembling under the touch of his body, she whispered, "I love you!" so softly, that he thought she didn't mean him to hear. It was if he eavesdropped as she told her secret to God.

This was too much for him, and with a cry he gave himself up to the pleasure, passion and the unbearable sweetness of her embrace.

Then Jenny leant down and took Eric's rod into her mouth and began to kiss and suck the head. Eric lay back and felt so good. As she sucked she used her hands at the base of his tool, slowly working him up to a wonderful level. She gradually engulfed his rod right down into her throat. She was deep throating him. He had never had that before quite so fiercely. She made him feel that she would swallow his whole body. She was enjoying it so much that when he swelled and started to cum, Jenny allowed the head of his rod to rest on her tongue and swallowed all the sperm he ejaculated...... .

The more they made love, the more they wanted. They would turn in each others arms and start all over again. It seemed that they couldn't get enough of each other.

"Why have we waited so long for this my love," murmured Eric.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I have had it in mind for a quite a while now, replied Jenny. The first time we met for my interview, I wanted you and knew that it would happen one day."

"Aren't you a sly one then, but I am so glad that we finally got a chance to get together. But I will tell you that you turned me on that particular day too. I will have to send a thank you to the Company for the dinner invitation, won't I?"

What will happen now will depend on you, the readers. Let me know what you would like to see happen with these two. Thanks