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An Unexpected Meeting of Two Souls (How I Met My Soulmate)

This is completely true
I was in a marriage that had been going downhill for years. We tried everything possible to get it back on track, but ever since I had been diagnosed a couple of years earlier with a rare disease, deep inside I knew it was over.

It’s amazing how the human mind can isolate the truth, and how a traumatic experience can all of a sudden begin to make you see the truth behind everything, even if it’s over a period of time. I had forgiven my wife many times for breaking the trust I had for her. Most of the time it was over money, and her outlook on money.

Since we met thirteen years ago, all our arguments were over our different views on so many things, and the lack of compromising between the two of us.

I’m not perfect, but if I make a mistake I learn from it, and I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I always try to keep an open mind to the best of my abilities.

I had always found it frustrating to be going through all the same dramatic arguments time after time. On many occasions my wife had said she believed the only thing we had in common was sex. If we had it less than once a week she would get very agitated with me. Maybe that was all we really had in common, and I think that’s pretty sad.

There were several strains on our marriage, and it all come to an end for me when my wife had done what she always did, spend money when we were not financially in a position to. The main thing was she wouldn’t talk to me about it, and I would accidentally find out about it later. How many times can you forgive someone for breaking the trust you have for them?

What I did next was maybe not quite the right thing to do. I started to search the internet for a married woman, or a woman in a relationship who felt trapped and lost as I did, with the intention of making another person feel better about themselves, hoping in turn it would make me feel better within myself.

I wasn’t quite ready for what did happen. I searched the internet for sites, and they all wanted money, so I bit the bullet one day and joined a site which was for the sole purpose of people in relationships looking to cheat with others in relationships.

At this point, I must mention in all my relationships I had never cheated, so this was completely new to me. Once I had joined, I searched and I searched, sending messages to all the women I felt I might have some sort of connection with.

After a few weeks of reading profile after profile, I wasn’t happy with any of them, or their replies. None of them felt right. I was beginning to lose hope in this site until I found one woman who didn’t leave too much information and was two hundred kilometres away.

I sent a wink, and a couple of days later got a reply. All she wanted was sex, so I thought. There was something about the way she wrote that had me very intrigued, and something inside was telling me to go with it, even though I felt very nervous.

Now this was a while ago, so if she is reading this, I will try to remember how it happened in the first week as best as I can.

We started with some general chit chat, a few questions about each other, then swapped photos, and a few questions on why we were on this site.

After a couple of days the woman in question asked what I would do if I met up with her. I was too nervous to reply. She then wrote an email explaining a scenario of our meeting. This is what she wrote to me. I have made minimal changes, as I want it read the way I had read it.

‘Hopefully I will not scare you off …

We enter the room, and I am so horny, that once inside the door I drop to my knees, undo your shorts and expose your hard cock, and instantly put it in to my mouth, slowly sucking and teasing it with my teeth. You then push me away and peel off my shorts and panties, and go down on me, first slowly kissing my pussy then licking my clit until I’m totally hyped.

You then tell me to go to the bed, and push me forward onto the bed so that you can thrust your cock into me from behind, as you lightly scratch the length of my back with your finger nails. It doesn't take me long to explode with my first wave of pleasure.

You then lay on the bed and tell me to get on top. I straddle you with my knees up high, so that you have a great view of me slowly sitting on your cock. You watch as I’m slowing teasing the head of your cock, only allowing the tip to enter me, and then I thrust down to engulf your entire cock, and after several long slow thrusts, the tempo increases and you explode inside me, making me shudder in pleasure and moan as I come again, and again, and again ...

Let me know how that sounds...too much, too soon?’

As I had never received such a sexually explicit email, and possibly, because it was from someone I had never physically met before, it caused me to respond with this: 

‘Afternoon …

I have to say, that was absolutely fantastic. I just read it and my cock is throbbing. I am a little shy, but I think that’s also put me at ease at the same time.

I will try to write one myself, it’s hard though, as I don’t get a lot alone time, if you know what I mean.

Now I’m going to push the boundaries, because I’ve never been this horny in my life. Would you like to get together this Saturday? I wouldn’t have to be home till 7.00pm.’

I waited patiently for a reply, it felt like I stared at my computer screen for hours. Then my email inbox flashed, letting me know I had new mail. Her reply was simple, one word.


I still remember, my heart began racing. I had now committed myself to meeting this stranger I knew hardly anything about. I calmed myself down and wrote my own scenario back, as I had said I would. It was a little crude, I had never written anything of its sort before.

‘I pick you up, and as discussed, you have worn a medium length dress with no panties .On the way back to the room you hike up your dress to where I can almost see your pussy. You then start rubbing your button, then you insert a finger slowly, withdrawing and putting it in my mouth. By now my cock is aching to break the strains of my pants.

Once at the room we don’t make it to the bed. I pull your dress up and start devouring your very moist pussy. You beg me to fuck you, but I won’t. I still keep eating you, but I do compromise and insert a couple of fingers, and proceed to eat and fuck you at same time.

You have had several orgasms by now, and I can’t hold back any longer. I put you up on to the bed on your back, lifting your legs high. I don’t stick my cock straight in, I just rub over your clit and around the opening. Then I thrust it in, giving it to you slowly, then faster and faster. I can’t hold back any longer. With you screaming and moaning pushing me over the edge, we both come together…’

And this was her response to my scenario: 

‘Oh yummy...well done.

So, where do you want to meet on Saturday…? LOL.’

Now I hadn’t been with another woman except for my wife in about fifteen years, and I had never felt this excited and nervous at the same time about meeting someone. The deal was simple, we were to meet and have coffee, and if it didn’t feel right we would go our separate ways.

So for the next few days we let each other know a bit more about ourselves, mostly all sexual, (and I had never been able to chat to the opposite sex with such openness about myself). I still couldn’t quite believe what I was doing.

At some point, and it may have been earlier in the week, I had stressed about us being completely honest with each other, which she was more than happy to agree to. We both seemed to have so much in common, the more we emailed each other, the more it felt right, even though I was married and she had someone living with her.

The Saturday of our meeting arrived. I was so nervous, but not once did I think of not going through with this, and not once did I think she would not show up. I had now begun lying to my wife, and this was something I had never been very good at, or wanted to be.

For our first meeting we picked a place about half way to meet, and if all went well we would hire a hotel room, as she had not had the pleasure of a man in a few years, even though one lived under the same roof as her. I arrived a bit early and wandered around realising I was shaking like crazy; this would have been a combination of things, guilt, and fear of what she would think of me, would there be a connection and would I be able to sexually please her?

Amazing how one’s mind can have so many insecurities. It wasn’t long and she showed up. I didn’t quite see her straight away until she waved at me. I believe it was the nerves, or Mr Shaky as we now joke about.

We found ourselves a café and had a coffee. She could see I was nervous, as I couldn’t control my shaking every time I picked up my coffee. I still could feel something between us, as I was very sure she did as well. Both of us were very horny, so we finished our coffees and left for the hotel room, agreeing we would go all the way and have sex. Even though there were no words exchanged to say so, it was all in our body language.

We entered the room, removed our shoes and socks. What happened next was spontaneous. I grabbed her and we began to kiss; the feel of her lips on mine was so beautiful. I began to caress her back through her clothes and run my hands over her lovely arse.

At this point it felt right, I was not feeling any guilt. I then undid her bra, took off her top and began to gently suck her nipples. The whole time I could hear low moaning coming from her, as no man had touched her lovely body in years. This I couldn’t understand, as she was very attractive.

I then undid her shorts and dropped them to the floor, leaving her in only her white panties. I continued to kiss her, massaging her pussy through her panties for a while, before sliding my hand in and feeling her very wet pussy and playing with her clit.

By now I knew we were going all the way and nothing was going to stop either of us. I couldn’t help myself and inserted a finger into her pussy, and it would have to be the wettest and tightest pussy I’d ever had the pleasure of feeling.

At this point I had no complaints and plenty of moaning to show her approval. Now I’m a man who really loves to use my tongue to explore every bit of a woman, especially their pussy, so I removed my hand and guided her to the bed, taking my clothes off as she lay down and removed her panties.

I looked at her for a moment, taking her naked body in, and would have to say, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever had the pleasure to be with.

I parted her legs, lay on my stomach and began to run my tongue over her very wet pussy, enjoying every inch before finding her love button and running my tongue around it. This was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. How could any man not want to taste her delicate sweet juices?

I couldn’t believe how turned on she was, she did warn me during the week it had been a while. I began to finger her lovely pussy at the same time and it was not long until I felt her body tense with her first orgasm for the day. I would have to say, I didn’t think I had ever seen a woman in my presence cum so hard.

Due to my nerves my cock wasn’t fully erect but I couldn’t help myself after watching her cum, and climbed on top, guiding my semi-hard cock into her wet pussy.

Once my cock was in it didn’t take long for it to get fully hard, and I began to fuck her slowly. Never had I been so intimate with a woman who I had only known for such a short amount of time; it felt great. I continued fucking her, feeling her pussy tighten several times as she came. My pace picked up and I knew I was going to cum. When I did, I pulled my cock out and shot my warm load over her pussy.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t keep my hands off her, caressing her body every chance I could, playing with her pussy as much as I could, and as I discovered later in the day, I played with her arse as well which she seemed to like very much. I ate and fucked her pussy a few more times, before our day was quickly over.

At the end of the day, as we lay naked, I asked if she would like to do this again and she agreed we should in two to three weeks. We then both got ourselves dressed, said our goodbyes, then went our separate ways.

As I drove home I still couldn’t believe what I had just done, and realised I had never shown a woman that kind of attention, or felt so comfortable in the company of a woman.

Later that night we were already emailing each other, and within a few days neither of us could help ourselves, so we organised to see each other again sooner than we had planned.

On our second meeting, we spent the whole day naked, kissing each other and making love. I didn’t want to admit it, but I already was starting to feel emotionally attached, and I didn’t want her to know it.

By the third or maybe the fourth week, my lies to my wife caught up with me, and I was caught out. I didn’t deny anything and was asked to leave. I rang my new lover and told her what had happened, letting her know if she didn’t want to continue our weekend adventures I understood, as I didn’t want her to get involved.

This seemed to work the complete opposite, and within a couple of weeks I realised and told her I loved her. She had said she wanted to say that for a while. Somehow our paths were meant to meet.

We continued our weekend rendezvous having the most awesome love making sessions I’d ever had in my life. The more we got to know each other, the more we found we had in common. The love I felt for this woman was way beyond anything I’d ever felt in my life, and I believed she definitely felt the same way about me.

* * 

At the time of writing this it’s been eight wonderful months, we have seen each other every weekend but two. Her ex-partner moved out a couple of months ago.

I’ve been staying at her house recovering from an operation for about four weeks. And I already know she is the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Everything about her is nothing but perfect. She is the air I breathe, the fuel for my life, she makes me feel so happy, and the joy of being in her presence is nothing short of absolutely wonderful. She has given me the new life I was looking for. The strangest part of all this is, neither of us expected this to happen, and we both agree we are soul mates. 

Inspired by, and written for, the love of my life.

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