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Real Love Happens.
"You're such a jerk," I informed him. He cringed and looked at the ground. I started looking for my belongings and gathering them up. My purse, my wallet, my laptop, car keys. I stormed out of my long-time boyfriends bedroom and into the hallway of his apartment building. He was only a step behind me.
"Nicks, please, please don't go," he asked seriously. He caught my arm and pulled me to face him. His huge beautiful blue eyes stared me down, silently apologizing. "I'm so sorry," he half whispered. I sighed.
"Andy, if you want me to stay you'll learn to grow up," I murmmered harshly. He looked hurt and sighed. It was like a punch to the gut to see the pain in his face. But I didn't think much about that. I was still extremely upset with him.
I yanked my arm away and turned to leave. I could hear him still walking behind me.
"Nichole please, atleast let me drive you home."
"No. I want to walk. Alone."
"Nikki, baby, please don't go by yourself," he begged. I started walking away, rolling my eyes at his over protection. It was only four blocks to my apartment for gods sake. I think I would manage.
"Nick, it's cold! Here," he shrugged out of his hoodie, and extended his arm and offered me his grey sweatshirt.
"Thanks," I honestly replied. It was getting dark, plus it was December in Chicago , deathly cold. I walked away quickly, slipping his hoodie over my short sleeve shirt.
I turned to look at him, he was leaning against the wall, running a hand through his curly brown locks, eyes clamped shut, wallowing in the consiquence of his mistake.
I walked quickly with my arms clamped tight around my laptop. I was ready to beat anyone to the ground with it if they gave me any trouble. But no one did.
It was peaceful to walk in the crisp winter air, alone in a busy city,which is  numbing to the mind and soul.
"What a dumbass," I said aloud to myself, not bothering to care if anyone meandering down the street heard me. He decided to let his friends snake loose on me while I slept, only days after telling him they were my worse fear. I awoke to something scaley slithering on me, I jumped up, screaming and well that's when I left, crying my eyes out. But I got my emotions under control and continued to strut down the street like I owned the place.
I greeted my doorman and headed up the elevator to my apartment. I slowly put the keys in and went inside.
As soon as I was inside my dog, Lucie, a golden retriever, greeted me, happily jumping up on me and wagging her tail. I got down on my knees and kissed the top of her head and gave her a big hug. "I love you," I told her in a sweet sing-songy voice. I refilled her food bowl and she chowed down like a happy little pig. I chuckled and went into my bedroom.
I was tired and was about to crash, when I decided to shower and cool down.
The hot water streamed down my back and washed my hair, shaved my legs and all the good stuff a girl does to feel better after a long day.
I finally hopped out and wrapped my towel around me, walking into my room for something to wear.
I pulled his sweatshirt on over my naked body and some nice silk panties.
"Mmm...much better," I said aloud as I settled into my bed. I was clean and happy. I wasn't really angry anymore, just needed some time before I saw him again. Though, I felt a pang of sadness as I slept alone for the first time in awhile. I dozed off quickly.
Suddenly Lucie was pawing anxiously at me and whining softly.
I sat up and switched on the lamp next to my bed.
"What the...?"
Lucie had a single red rose in her mouth. She set it in my lap and I picked it up in awe. I patted her head and got up, rushing quickly out of my bedroom into the pitch black kitchen.
My finger was just about to press the light switch when a strong arm wrapped around my waist, making me yelp in surprise.
He pulled me hard to face him, being a bit rough with what seemed like deperate edge to the way he was holding me. He pressed me to him, cradling my head to his chest, kissing the top of my head. He gently rocked me back and forth for a long time untill he suddenly stopped.
His strong hand pull my chin upwards, then another hand closing around my cheek, his other one forming a symetrical hold on my face.
The darkness in the kitchen was so dense I couldn't make out any features in his face, but of course I knew him just by his delicious scent that reminded me of all the memories we had as highschool sweethearts. It smelled like a mixture of cinnemon and mint and cigarettes. It was an odd combination, but hopelessly intoxicating.
Out of nowhere he crushed his lips to mine, holding my face to his. I knotted my fingers in his hair, kissing him with every ounce of stength I had. A strong arm slipped around my back, pushing my hips into his hard and delicious body.
I pushed him away, gasping for air. He chuckled very softly.
"I thought you were upset with me," he stated quietly, gently kissing my neck.
"I take that rose as an aplogy," I purred back.
"Mmm...what do you call this then?" he leaned over and switched on the light.
I gasped so loud.
My living room was lined with candles and rose petals. He gently let go of me and lit all the candles, and took my hand and spun me around into him. He switched some music on with the remote and some slow music played. He gently took my hand and asked me to dance.
We slowly twirled around my living room, smiling, the kind of goofy smile that those mushy romantic couples do. He gently kissed my forhead, and I pulled myself closer, inhaling his delicious scent. I shut my eyes, resting my head on his chest.
Our bodies began to mesh together as one, pressing so close I could feel his hips pressing against my stomach, and I could feel he was extremely turned on. My heart jumped, stunning me.
"You look so sexy," he purred in my ear. I blushed, completely forgetting what I was wearing. He gently slipped a hand under the sweatshirt, caressing my hips, micheviously slipping a finger under my panties, where they rested right below my hip.
I looked up at his face, seeing a small sparkle of lust in his huge, loving eyes, the same shade as the ocean in the sunlight, beautiful and captivating.
My heart accelerated.
He slowly walked towards me, giving me no choice but to back up, right into my bedroom.
"Girl, I love you," he spoke slowly and seriously.
My blood started to boil and I violently grabbed the collar of his shirt in response, holding him tightly, biting his lips gently as we kissed. "Love you," I panted in between kisses.
And the fire ignited.
He roughly picked me up by the hips and shoved me onto my bed. He crawled very sexyly over me on all fours, just that image alone started to turn me on, I could feel my panties growing damp.
He pressed his body fully against mine, careful not to press too much weight onto me.
"I want to make you mine tonight," he purred into my ear. "I want to hear your moaning."
"Andy..." I paused. My heart was about to bust out of my chest, my palms sweating, my whole body reacting to my nervousness. He just looked me, watching, concerned. "Fuck me Andrew," I whispered. His blue eyes were huge in shock, then he quickly turned serious. He tore off his shirt, revealing his deliciously sexy six pack.
Andrew and I had been dating since my sophmore year of highschool, about six years ago, but we hardly ever had sex. I usually got so nervous, he didn't want to, afraid that he made me feel uncomfortable, or felt like he was making me do something I didn't want to do.
But tonight, it wasn't something I felt like doing, it's something I wanted, I needed, I craved, more than air itself. Like the need for his body was pumping constantly, pounding through my veins.
"Come on," I begged breathlessly.
His delicate hands pried the button of his jeans off as fast as he could, slipping them off faster than I had ever seen.
My breath was already coming in uneven, I couldn't wait any longer.
He yanked the sweatshirt over my head, tossing it violently over his shoulder, crawling back over me.
He pressed his hard dick against my pussy as we made out passionately. I reached down and tugged at his boxers, he slipped them off with no hesitation. The only thing stopping us was my silk panties.
He lowered himself down so his beautiful face was even with my throbbing pussy. He tore off my panties with his teeth, lifting my hips to slip them off. With out warning, he plunged his tongue into my pussy, gripping my hips tightly in his strong hands.
I moaned so loud in ectasy. His tongue plunged in and out, so fast. I could feel myself dampining. Finally his tongue flicked over my swollen, aching clit.
I gripped the sheets as he licked my little knob over and over, gently plunging his fingers into me. An extreme stirring began in my body, my temperature began rising, my breath didn't even come, I was so far gone.
And then it happened.
My whole body exploded, an earth shattering orgasm ripping through my body, my pussy tightening up on his fingers, my juices exploding, his tongue lapping up at them. My brain went blank, my vision went fuzzy, my breath caught in my chest, I screamed in pleasure, moaning uncontrolably. I was momentarily paralyzed completely.
He grinned really big, and dove for my neck. He planted hard, passionate kisses all up and down my neck, biting and sucking. I knew there would be so many hickies in the morning, and I smiled, completely unashamed.
Finally, he pulled away, still lying over me, and looked me seriously in the eyes. "Are you alright?" He whispered.
"Andy, I'm amazing," I sighed dreamily.
"God, yes you are," he breathed. I pushed my hips upwards towards him, encoureging him. "Nikki, are you sure?"
I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him hard. "I need you," I whispered.
He smiled, and hopped down from the bed. He reached into the pocket of his jeans, produced a wallet, pulling out a condom within it's folds.
He came back onto my bed, cupping his hand around mine, gently rolling the tip of the rubber down his huge penis.
He worked me back down on my back and layed over me again, this time, wasting no time getting down to it.
He gently pushed the tip of his cock into me about an inch, making me cry out.
"You're so wonderfully tight," he groaned. His hips made one fluid movement, and his rock hard cock slammed into me, my scream muffled by his mouth on mine. He kissed me over and over as he waited for my pussy to adjust to his fullness.
Finally, he shifted his hips to rock out of me, and pushed back in, causing a moan from both of us. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt, my insides were exploding, my breath coming in wild gasps, my nails were clawing deeply into his back. Suddenly his strokes began to quicken, and an animalistic look took over his eyes, and his body.
He began to pound my pussy so hard, tears began to well in my eyes. He saw it and suddently stopped and blushed.
"God No!" I yelled, frustrated. I thrust my hips towards his, begging for him to continue. "Please, please," I begged. He didn't hesitate, he went right back to slamming hard as possible into me, causing that white hot pain to seer through me, but it was the mist pleasureable amazing pain I had ever felt, I was screaming so loud I couldn't control myself. My hips rose to meet his at every stroke, his kisses still coming in hard and sexy.
Finally a low groaning came from down in his throat and his thrusts increased extremely fast. He shoved me harder than I thought possible, moaning himself as the pressure built up. And in one moment, I was lost in heaven, my body taking me to the most amazing heights I could ever imagine, my back arching, my unconscience moans stinging the otherwise silent air, his rough grip on my hips.
He gave one final thrust and exploded, I watched as an orgasm swept through him too, making his eyes shut and his moans ring out also. My head spun, I felt dizzy and lightheaded, but I felt so perfect, so excited, tingly, and worn out all at the same time.
There was no more movement. There was no noise, except the wild panting dispensing from both our chests. He stroked lovingly at my hair, gently whiping away the tiny beads of sweat that had formed on my forehead.
After a long while he pulled himself out of me and disposed of the condom, coming back to lay with me.
His curly hair was matted with sweat a bit at the front, but he couldn't have looked sexier. I kissed him slow, lingering my lips on his as long as I could. His arms wrapped around my tiny frame, and he incased me in his strong, but tender arms.
"I love you Nichole," he breathed, his voice barely audible.
"I love You Andrew."
He kissed my cheek tenderly, and squeezed me a little bit tighter.
My lips were throbbing from kissing so much, but I grinned in spite of it.
He didn't plan on letting go of me. I didn't plan on moveing.
We lay together, intwined, out hearts beating steady as one. Complete pieces of one puzzle.

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