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Angie Chap 2

Fireworks at the Mallory household
Angie Ch. 02

By bmunchausen©

Here is the second chapter. I hope that you like it. Please comment.

Sometimes things aren't what they seem to be.


After setting up an appointment for the next month, Angie said we had to go and tell Gram. I agreed.

Angie asked me, "What do you think she will do?"

"After she smacks us along side of the head, I think she is going to be overjoyed that she is going to be a great-grandmother," I laughed.

When we got to Gram's we sat in the den with her. We didn't say anything at first.

Gram sat looking at us and said to Angie, "Your pregnant, aren't you my dear?"

Angie nodded.

Gram just sat there. Then WHAM, she hit me on the side of the head with the long grabber she always kept next to her.

I yelped and grabbed my head.

Angie looked shocked. Gram looked at her and as she put the grabber down, said, "Don't worry, my dear I would never hit the woman who is OH MY GOD...I AM GOING TO BE A GREAT GRANDMOTHER...OH MY GOD...MILLIE... MILLIE COME HERE."

Millie came running into the room. She went over to Gram and put her arms around her.

Gram was crying. She said, "Millie...Millie, I'm going to be a great grandmother. Me, who had given up dreaming about ever having a grandchild, I'm going to be a Great-grandmother. Oh god this means that I will have to live a lot longer."

Angie and I went over to Gram and put our arms around her. She hugged us to her and cried.

Finally, when we all calmed down, we sat and talked.

We talked mostly about what was going to happen when we told Father and Mother. Gram was really concerned. Mother could be convincing and if she didn't get her way very vindictive.

I told both her and Angie, "There is nothing she could ever say or do that would ever, in a million years, convince me to do what she wanted."

Angie said, "Don't be like that Billy, your mother does love you."

Gram was just looking at me.

I told them, "When I was in High School, Mother wanted me to go somewhere that I really didn't want to go. I flat out refused. She nagged and nagged. She just wouldn't let up. Finally, I thought if it means that much to her, what the heck, I'll go. Do you know what she said to me when I gave in?"

Gram said, "What's the matter William? Don't you have the balls to stand up to your mother?"

I was flabbergasted, "How do you know that Gram?"

"Your mother told that story at one of the very few parties your grandfather and I went to. Your grandfather got up and was going to tear her a new ass hole. I pulled him back into his seat. 'Let Billy do that, Jimmy.' I told him."

Angie turned to me and put her arms around me, "Oh, Billy, I'm so sorry."

I kissed her long, hard and passionately.

Gram banged her grabber on the floor and said, "Knock it off, you guys...there will be no sex in the den."

I broke the kiss, looked at Gram and said with a smile, "Now, that's not what I heard Gram."

Gram actually turned red. She sort of smiled and said, "Damn you Jimmy. You always did talk too much."

We all roared with laughter.

We thought about it and decided to call George and tell him. He didn't say anything for a long time. Finally, he said, "Well that is not quite what I would have advised, but what's done is done and I know that you two will make great parents. If you ever need my help..."

Angie and I had decided that we would talk to my parents when they returned in late July... early August...mid August, well...late August. The next time they came home...whenever that would was.

It was the last weekend in August, Angie and I were packed and ready to head out to Chicago. We would be leaving on Monday. We had packed Angie's sedan. We wanted to drive to Chicago together. I could always come back for my car, later.

On Saturday afternoon and Angie and I were in the pool. I was doing fast hard laps and Angie was doing them slowly.

I had finished and I told her that I was going up to shower and change. Angie wanted to swim a bit more.

Angie was just beginning to show. Her once flat belly now had a lovely slight roundness and her face was just the tiniest bit fuller.

I was completely taken by this change in her body; I thought that she was becoming more and more beautiful, if that was possible.

As Angie swam, Mother and Father came out onto the patio.

"Angie," my father bellowed, "enjoying the pool, I see.'

Angie smiled and said, "Don't want to loose my girlish figure, Mr. Mallory." She got out of the pool, pulling her loose bathing suit away from her belly.

"Keep up the swimming, Angie," Father laughed.

Mother looked at Angie and said, "Angelica, go get dressed, we have work to do in the library."

As I came down the stairs, I heard Mother talking in the Library.

"Angelica, answer me truthfully, ARE YOU PREGNANT?"

Angie answered in a quiet voice, "Yes, I am, Mrs. Mallory."

There was silence for about three seconds, then Mother exploded, "You whore, you fucking ghetto whore, I brought you in my home and what do you do? You fuck every one around and get pregnant."

I ran into the library. Mother was standing behind the desk. Father was leaning on the bookcase in the rear of the room and Angie, my Angie was front and center in the room.

Mother looked at me in surprise. "William, get out, this does not concern you."

I slowly walked over to Angie put my arm around her and said, "Mother, this does concern me."


"Yes, Mother, I know."


"Yes, Mother, I know all about it."


I looked at my Mother and softly said, "Because, I'm the father."


Mother looked at me and said, "William, I know that you like Angelica. But, you have to see her for what she is, a fucking Ghetto Whore,"

"Well, then this ghetto whore, as you call her, is carrying my child, your grandchild."

"No...No...she is not carrying your child."

"Yes, she is Mother."




I looked at my Mother, and with a quiet voice filled with malice said, "I know that Angie's baby is mine, the same way that your husband knows he is my father."

Mother, went quiet. 'No, you will not do this to me. I want that thing aborted. Do you hear me?"

Just as quietly I said, "Yes Mother, I hear you...but now hear me. We are not going to abort our child."

"William, I will not have this. I will destroy the both of you. I will grind you..."


He rushed at me and gave me a round house to the jaw. I flew back and landed on my ass.

Father continued, "Get the fuck out of my house, don't you ever come back, when I am through with you; you won't be able to get a job slinging burgers in a fast food joint."

Angie ran to me and helped me up, she was crying. I was rubbing my jaw and staring daggers at my parents.

I took Angie's hand in mine and said, "Come my love, let's go home."


Father was still screaming as Angie and I walked out of the front door and went around to the side of the house, where Angie's car was parked. Thank god, we had packed it early with things we were going to take to Chicago with us.

At least we had all of our clothes and stuff. As we drove off neither one of us looked back.

I called Gram. I wanted her to hear from me and let her know that we were going to Chicago. Gram was upset, she told me that we should come to her place, that we could stay there.

I said that I didn't think that was a good idea. If my parents found out there would be problems. She said she didn't give a rat ass what my parents thought. I argued with her.

We settled on lunch. Angie and I drove over to her house. We gave her a blow-by-blow description of the Main Event. Gram was furious. She couldn't believe that my father had actually struck me. She was concerned that he might have hurt me.

I laughed, "My butt hurts more than my jaw does. The old man is really getting old if that was his best shot."

She told me that I should keep on using the credit card my parents gave me, that I should use it until they stop it.

"Take every fucking thing you can. Fuck them as much as you can. If there are problems, call me...grind you into the fucking ground, will they?"

One thing about Gram, she was usually the picture of decorum, the proper society matron, a sweet lovely old lady. Until she got angry, then she had a mouth that would make a sailor blush. And she was mad.

While at Gram's, I called Peter. I gave him a brief description and told him that we were going to stop by in a few hours and to visit before we headed to Chicago. He was about two hours away. I told him that we should be there about 3:00 or 3:30 pm.

He said that would be great. He was sorry that things didn't work out.

After leaving Gram's, we drove to Peter's parent's home. We arrived at about 3:45 pm.

Mr. and Mrs. Hackett were happy to see us and insisted that we stay for dinner and the night. After dinner, we sat and talked.

Peter hadn't told his parents much and they were rather inquisitive. I took a deep breath and looked at Angie. She gave me a slight nod.

"Well, Mrs. see..."

Mrs. Hackett interrupted, "Angie, you're pregnant." It was a statement not a question.

Angie nodded.

"How far along are you, my dear? Not very far from the looks of you."

"I just started my second trimester, about four months."

Then the questions started; "Have you been to a doctor, my dear?"

"Yes I have been seeing her, once a month. She gave us the name of a doctor in Chicago and we have seen her once."

"Where are you going to live?"

"In an on-campus apartment for couples."

"Are you going to get married?"

I answered, "Yes, we are going to get married as soon as possible. I guess when we get to Chicago."

Mrs. Hackett said, "You can't get married in Chicago. You will be all alone. This is something you have to do with family."

"You have been to our Church and you know Reverend Jenkins. Why don't you get married here? I am sure that Rev. Jenkins would be thrilled to officiate at your wedding. And your grandmother will be able to attend. If she can't get here by herself, we will have someone go down and get her."

I couldn't believe that I was so thoughtless, of course Gram would want to be at our wedding more than anything, and I never gave her a thought.

I smiled and said, "Mrs. Hackett, I thank you so much." I put my arm around Angie and continued, "We will be forever in your debt. I don't know what to say."

"Just say that you will accept our hospitality and that will be enough." She answered.

Angie stayed in the guest room and I shared a room with Peter. "Even though the cats out of the bag, we have to keep the appearance of propriety."

For the next four days Angie and I were kept apart, during the night. It wasn't too bad as we would always be apart when my parents were home.

We met with Reverend Jenkins and set a quick wedding date, the next Saturday. We called Gram. She was ecstatic and wanted to talk to Angie. They talked for a while. When Angie got off the phone she had a smile on her face.

I went over to her took her in my arms. She said, "Oh, Billy, I am so happy, Gram loves us so much." She hugged me tightly.

The next week flew by, we finalized the wedding plans, having the blood tests, getting the marriage license and calling friends to invite them to the wedding. A UPS package came for Angie and Mrs. Hackett signed for it, she had a big smile on her face. "Don't worry, Billy, everything is fine."

On Friday, I was told that I was forbidden to see Angie. The groom is not allowed to see the bride on the day before the wedding.

That evening, I had a couple of drinks with Peter and went to bed early.

I got up very early the next morning. Before the sun came up, I went out on the patio and watched the sunrise. I wished that I had Angie here with me, to have my arm around her, holding her close. But, today was the day I would make Angie mine. She would be my wife and I would be her husband.

Today we would pledge our love. We have already pledged it to ourselves but now we would pledge our love before the world. We would bring our child into this world as a married couple.

Christ, I was going to be a parent, a father. I was going to be a FATHER. I guess I was a little scared. What type of father would I be, how would I get along with my daughter or son? All of these things ran through my head. But I knew that Angie and I would handle it. Working together we would raise our child...children (?).

Peter got up around 7:00 am. We went down to breakfast. Mrs. Hackett had eggs, bacon and pancakes ready for us. She threw us out after we finished, telling Peter and I that we were not allowed back in. Dejectedly, I went back up stairs with Peter and we put our tuxes on.

The girls would be having breakfast and I was not allowed to see the only girl that had any interest for me.

Angie's maid of honor was her best and oldest friend Georgia. They had known each other since they were in Kindergarten. She knew about us forever. At first she wasn't happy about it but she finally came around to see that we were really in love and now she supported us.

At around 10:00 am we got into Mr. Hackett's car and we drove to Trinity Church. Rev. Jenkins was there waiting. Mrs. Jenkins was playing softly on the church organ. Gram and Millie were in front, in the first row. I went over to Gram and Millie and they hugged me.

Gram wiped her tears and said, "My little boy has grown up. You are going to be married and soon a father. Where have the years gone? Oh god, how I wish my Jimmy was here"

"Gram, I wish he was here too, I wish my parents were here, but it's their loss," I said with a sigh.

"They are loosing a whole lot," Gram said as she softly wept.

I hugged her and kissed her cheek and went back to stand next to Peter.

The small church was rather crowded. Not much family, as both Angie and I had very small families. All I had there were Gram and Millie, and Peter's family. Angie had Georgia's mother and sister. But there were friends. They sort of split them selves up, half sitting on Angie's side and half on mine.

As I stood there with Peter the organ began to play the Wedding March. I knew that Angie was in the church. I purposely looked forward, not straining to see Angie. I knew that she would be here with me in a few moments and then we would pledge our love for each other before the whole world.

Finally I turned and looked at Angie, my bride. She was wearing Gram's wedding dress. It fit Angie perfectly, showing off her wonderful figure. It was a floor length silk dress with a lace overlay that had pearls embroidered on it. The top had been altered as Gram is a bit more endowed than Angie.

Angie was escorted down the aisle by George. When they got to the head of the aisle, George, with tears in his eyes, kissed Angie and gave me her hand. He smiled at me and said, "Take good care of her, William." "Yes, Sir," I answered.

Then, Peter, Georgia, Angie and I walked to the altar and Rev, Jenkins started the ceremony. We said our "I dos" looking into each others eyes and gave our rings to one another, "With this ring I, thee wed..."

Finally, Rev, Jenkins said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss."

Then for the very first time, I held my wife in my arms and kissed her. It was not the longest or most passionate, but it was the most loving kiss ever.

Everyone applauded and we walked to the back of the church, holding hands. Everyone had to congratulate us and wish us the best. Gram must have taken a thousand pictures, snapping us with everyone in the church.

As we were leaving the church, Gram was nowhere to be found. Finally she came from around that back of the church in her motorized chair saying, "I had some business to attend to."

Angie and I and about 20 of our friends and family went to a local restaurant and had dinner. There was much laughing and toasting and drinking. It was a wonderful evening. Afterwards, every one went home and Angie and I went to the Hackett's and changed. Peter would take the tuxes back in the morning.

It was a tearful parting, we couldn't thank the Hackett's enough. They were genuinely happy having been able to help us. Gram and Millie cried and there were a hundred hugs and kisses.

Finally, Angie and I left for a near by hotel for our wedding night.

When we got to the hotel and went to our room, I carried my bride over the threshold and kissed her as I put her down by the bed. After getting our bags, I turned and looked at my wife. MY WIFE, the mother of our child, the love of my life, my Angie.

I went over to the bed and took her in my arms and kissed her. What else is there to say, I love her. She is my life, my all, my love, my Angie.

I began to unbutton her blouse, taking my time, relishing each and every movement. I slipped the blouse off of her shoulders and unzipped her skirt, slowly pulling the zipper down the rear and pushing it over her hips to the floor.

I reached around her and unhooked her bra and slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it. She stood there in all of her naked glory and smiled at me.

I took her in my arms and held her close. Kissing her shoulders, her neck slowly moving to her jaw, her cheek and to her lips. Giving her soft, quick butterfly kisses. I lay her on the bed and quickly removed my clothes.

I lay down next to her and began to kiss her once again. I kissed her face, lips, neck, shoulders. Slowly moving lower and lower on her body. I wanted to kiss every square millimeter of her body.

I mover to her breasts, those breasts that in a short time would be feeding our child. But, for now they were all mine. I kissed and sucked her breasts and then I ever so slowly moved lower making my way across her light brown stomach, where our child was growing, to the dark triangle of nappy pubic hair.

I breathed in her aroma, I savored the bouquet. I was in heaven, and I now wanted, no needed to taste her. Once again I had to get a taste of her nectar. I had been denied my fix for the past week and now I wanted it, desired it, needed it.

Oh, yes, I was addicted to my Angie and it was an addiction that I would never get over. One that I loved, one that I lived for.

I lowered my head and kissed her nether lips. Luxuriating in the perfume and spice of her arousal. Licking and sucking up the juices flowing freely from her. Running my tongue over and into the petals of her labia, loving her with my tongue.

Angie was moaning and holding my head to her body. She was telling me to love her and that she loved me with her whole body and soul.

I slipped a finger into her vagina as I moved up and pushed aside the clitoral hood and feasted on that little button of delight. Angie pushed her hips up and held my head tighter to her body.

I increased my attention to her clit and kept sucking as she went into orgasm after orgasm. Her body shaking and trembling as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She moaned as she held my head to her body, pumping her hips into my face.

Finally, as her body went limp and I mover up next to her. She took me in her arms and held me.

"Oh Billy, I love it when you do that to me. I missed you so much this week, I wanted to come to you and love you.

She spread her legs and I moved between them. I held myself above her, poised to enter her. I just looked into her eyes, enjoying the anticipation of once again entering my Angie.

She looked up at me and said, "Oh, Billy, this is the first time we will make love as husband and wife. You are my all. Come to me my darling, my husband."

I started to lower my body. As my dick began to part the lip of her labia Angie groaned and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. All at once, I was completely encased in the soft, wet velvet sheath. She was compressing her vaginal muscled gripping and squeezing my dick, bringing me unbelievable pleasure.

She was holding me so tightly that I had to drag my dick out and then forcibly plunge back into her. She was so tight that it was almost painful. The pleasure was excruciating.

Slowly we achieved a cadence, a rhythm that very quickly became a wild frenzied quest for that elusive zenith of sexual excitement. However, our loving devotion and commitment enabled us to reach that climax and we howled as we held on to each other and experienced the greatest orgasmic encounter of our lives.

It felt like Angie was convulsing beneath me as she went into one orgasm after another. I groaned and pushed into her as far as I possibly could and released my boiling semen into her. I felt like I would die from this unbelievable experience.

But, eventually we calmed and just lay there in each other's arms, kissing and whispering. I have never been happier in my life, lying there in my sweet wife's arms and falling into a deep sleep with her.

The next day, before the sun came up, we left for Chicago. We alternated driving and got to our apartment about 7:00 pm. I carried her over the threshold into our honeymoon suite.

One of our new neighbors saw me doing it and the word quickly spread that there were newlyweds on the floor. Within fifteen minutes we had an apartment full of well-wishers, all bearing gifts. A bottle of wine, a small cake, some cookies, just small gifts that could be afforded on the salary of graduate students, living on their fellowship allowance.

The evening flew by; we had an absolutely wonderful time. By the end of the evening we knew everyone on our floor and a number of others. My poor Angie had fallen asleep in her rocking chair, around 11:45 pm. The last guest left around 12:15 am, our next door neighbor and his wife. They helped me clean up, after I got Angie into bed.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind, setting up the apartment, getting my classes and arranging my teaching schedule. Busy but wonderful, with my wife, Angie.

In October we returned to the Hackett's for Peter's wedding, I was the best man. By this time, it was quite evident that Angie was pregnant and I was in my glory. The Hackett's had invited Gram and Millie to the wedding. She was beside herself with joy, sitting next to her grand daughter (call Angie her grand daughter-in-law at your peril).

I danced with my wife for the first time since our wedding. It was fun, but both Gram and Angie got tired and we left the reception about forty-five minutes before the end. We stayed in the hotel where Angie and I spent our wedding night. Tonight we just slept.

As the weeks past by, Angie grew bigger and bigger, becoming more and more beautiful. And on January 17 we brought our little Rachel into the world. I say we, because I was there in the delivery room. When Rachel's head appeared, Dr. Williams laughed and said, "Look, she's sunny side up!" Rachel emerged facing up. Dr. Williams had me cut the umbilical cord.

Gram and Millie came out and spent three weeks with us. They were wonderful. Waiting on Angie hand and foot. Angie developed an infection after the birth and had to stay in bed. Gram took care of her. She also took care of Rachel and brought her to Angie for feeding. Gram changed, bathed and held Rachel for those weeks, Gram was in her glory. "I haven't held a baby since you were in diapers, Billy. I am having the time of my life," she laughed.

We held the christening before Gram went back home. Peter was the godfather and Georgia was the godmother. George was the proud Grandfather. Gram was overjoyed. Great Grandma.

Life went on, we never had any problems with the school or anyone trying to trash us. I guess that my father's threat was as powerful as his punch.

About two and a half years later we brought little James into the world. He was named after Angie's father and Gramps. Angie wanted that so much. Sure it was my father's name, but so what, he was named after James De Camp and James William Mallory, Sr.

Gram was delighted that we were naming our son after his grandfather and great-grand father. "Being named after those two, he is going to be a handful."

In early May, about six months after Jimmy was born, I received my doctorate in bio-chemical engineering. Gram said that there was no way that she going to miss this ceremony. Her grandson the Doctor. "Oh, by the way, I'm going to bring a date with me."

I laughed, "Gram you can bring anyone you want."

She answered, "I was hoping that you would say that."

The ceremony was impressive, we were called up to the stage individually and were presented with our degree. Then when the applause died down the next candidate was called up. Sure it took a long time but each candidate got the recognition they deserved.

Angie, was crying, Rachel and Jimmy were sitting on "Gammy's" lap. When Rachel was just starting to speak, she couldn't say Great Grandma. It came out as Gammy. Gram loved it and from then on she was "Gammy."

Gram was in her chair and would drive around with her great grandchildren on her lap. All three of them loved it, well Gram and Rachel did, Jimmy was a little too young to know what was going on.

George sat next to Angie, with his arm around her. He was beaming, his "son-in-law" was a doctor.

Gram's date was missing. "He is tied up a little, but don't worry he will be here later."

After the ceremony, we went back to our apartment. We were having some friends over to celebrate, later in the evening.

We would be in the apartment until mid June. Then we were moving to California, I had been offered a position as an associate professor Stanford University and I accepted it.

Gram wasn't too happy. "Do you know how long it takes to drive to California?"

We left the auditorium and went back to our apartment. Angie, George and I went back with the children and Gram and Millie went back in her van. Angie and I were in the apartment, putting Jimmy in for a nap and George was reading a story to Rachel. The bell rang and I answered the door.

It was Gram sitting in her chair. Standing behind her was my Father.

Before I could say anything, Gram stated, "This is my date. You said..."

"Yes, I said that you could bring anyone you wanted." I interrupted.

I stood to the side and said, "Please come in."

Gram drove in and Father followed. Millie brought up the rear.

Angie was standing behind me and she said, "Mr. Mallory, welcome to our home." Her voice was flat and bland. George said hello and shook my father's hand.

Millie went over to Rachel and said, "Come with me Rach, I have a wonderful story for you." She took Rachel's hand and went into the bedroom.

Gram looked at me and said, "You two sit. Please stay George."

I glared at her and said, "I don't want to talk."

"You're not going to talk. You two are going to listen."

"Í have no interest in anything that he has to say."

"I really don't care. But, your father isn't talking, I am. So the two of you just sit there, shut up and listen."

George looked at us and nodded his head

We sat and Gram started talking. She told us that shortly after we left her home on THAT day, my father showed up. When Gram ran out of things to throw at him, he sat down and talked to her. He told her that he had known about Angie and me when I was attending MIT. He had come home shortly before I started my junior year.

He had gotten home in the early morning hours and just wanted to peek into my room. He saw me sleeping on my back and Angie lying on her side next to me. She had her arm across my chest. We were both naked.

To say that he was shocked would be an understatement. He wasn't sure who to be angrier at, me for taking advantage of Angie or Angie for taking advantage of me. Rather than go ballistic, he left, went to a Motel for the night and returned in the morning.

I remembered that Angie and I were a bit surprised when he showed up the next morning but it was good to see him. We never had a clue that he knew about us. He watched us closely, especially when we thought that he was not around. What my Father saw, was that we were in love.

He decided that he would let nature take its course. Most likely we would drift apart and be better off for the experience. However, as time passed, he came to realize that our relationship was more than a passing fancy and that our love was real and our commitment was deep and true.

He even tried to sound out Mother. Bringing up the subject of girls or the lack of them in my life.

Mother would just say that they should leave me to concentrate on my studies and that after graduation they would find a girl that would be right for me. She would hear no argument from him. She had decided and that was that.

On THAT day, when we saw Angie in the pool, he knew that something was different and when she got out of the pool, he knew exactly what it was. Angie was pregnant. He also knew for certain just who the father was.

Mother also picked up on it and when Angie went to change, she told him, "I'll bet that little bitch is pregnant."

Father tried to defuse the situation. He told my mother to calm down and not make a scene, they didn't know that for sure and "Let's not go jumping to conclusions."

The rest of that day is history, the screaming, the argument, the punch.

My Father had been sitting next to Gram silently. At this point he looked up at us and in a quiet, gentle voice said, "I will be honest with you, my dear. You would not have been my first choice as a wife for William. At least not at the time."

"But, when I saw him standing there, defiantly opposing the both of us. Standing there fighting for his woman, protecting you. I knew that he loved you more than anything else and that nothing and no one would ever come between you." He looked at me and said, "I was never more proud of you than at that moment. Even knowing that I would be loosing you. I was proud."

"I realized that, in order to protect you, I would have to make a statement, a very strong statement. So for the first time in my life, I hit you. I couldn't allow your mother to make things uncomfortable for you. I knew that if she thought I was going to take care of you, that she wouldn't do anything. To this day, she has never asked."

There were tears in his eyes. He put his face in his hands and said, "Please, please forgive me."

Angie and I were sitting on the couch, our arms around each other. We were stunned by what we were hearing. I couldn't think; I couldn't speak. I just sat there and stared at this man in front of me, my Father.

He looked up and continued, "Since that day I have watched your life from choir lofts and balconies. I was in the choir loft at your wedding and for the children's christenings. I was in the balcony today. I wouldn't be here except for the insistence of you grandmother."

"It's time that we get everything out in the open. It's time to heal," Gram said.

I got up and walked over to my father. He stood and offered me his hand. I pushed it away...then I wrapped my arms around him in a bear hug and held him hard and close. He put his arms around me and we wept.

Angie came over to us and held us in her arms. We stayed like this for a long time. Then we parted and sat down.

As we sat there, we talked. We told Father about our life in Chicago and how the children were doing. He had been keeping tabs on us, to make sure that we were not having any problems. But, he didn't watch too close.

Now that he was getting older, he was in his mid seventies; he was working and traveling less and less. Mother had taken over the reigns of the business and was in her glory. As he was talking about Mother telling us everything she was doing and the changes she was making, I realized that he really loved her. I now saw that I was more than a little harsh about their relationship. I could see that he loved her deeply.

Then he dropped a bombshell. He told us that Mother knew that he would be here. She didn't know that he would be meeting us. But then, he didn't expect to come to the apartment. He had come only at Gram's insistence. He would tell Mother when they talked. It seemed that Mother was a bit mellower and although she hadn't forgiven us, she accepted the fact that Father had.

At this point Millie and Rachel came into the living room. I introduced Rachel to her Grandfather. She was a bit afraid of him; my father is a large man. A lot bigger than her other grandfather, "Grandy Georgie".

But, Rachel was happy, "Cause now I have two grandpas, just like my friend Amanda."

My father turned on the charm and within a few minutes, had won his granddaughter over. She had fallen in love with her Grampy.

As we sat there Jimmy woke up. Angie went and got him, changed him and fed him as we sat and talked. Father was beside himself with joy as he held Jimmy for the first time. His Grandson, who had his name. No matter that Angie's father and his own father had that name; his grandson had his name.

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. I introduced my Father to all of our friends and they loved him.

When Father turned on the charm, it was impossible not to like him. And tonight he was charming.

George had to leave the next day but my Father, now "Dad" stayed until the middle of the week. We toured Chicago, seeing the sights and enjoying the warm weather. On the Wednesday following graduation, Dad, Gram and Millie left. There were tears, hugs, tears, kisses and tears. Rachel didn't want to let her Grampy and Gammy go. And they didn't want to let their grand children go.

Just before he left, Dad and I talked. He told me that he had talked with my Mother and she wasn't angry about his decision to stay with us. "If that's what you want James, its okay with me. Not that I could have stopped you anyway," she laughed.

"Will," he said, (He never liked Billy or Bill) I think that your Mother is getting a little mellower. Given some time I think that she will accept this. That is if you would be willing to accept her."

"Dad, it will be hard, but I think that it could work."

He asked if it would be okay if he were to visit, as he had a lot of time on his hands now that he wasn't spending that much time with the business. We told him that he was always welcome.

I probably spent more time talking with him in those few days than I did for most of my life. I finally got to know him. I had tears in my eyes when he left. As he was getting into Gram's van, to go home, I looked at him and said, "You know, Dad, I always wondered about that punch." He quietly laughed and said, "Had to make look good without causing too much damage."

Angie and I started to pack our things, but did it slowly. We had a month before we had to vacate the apartment.

Two weeks after the graduation ceremony, we received a call from Gram. My father suffered a serious heart attack. He was in ICU at the hospital. I told her we would be on the next plane home.

We threw some things in a bag, packed up the kids and caught the first plane out of O'Hare. We went straight to the hospital from the airport. Millie was waiting by the information desk for us. She took the car seat that Jimmy was sleeping in and sat with Rachel, reading and telling stories.

Angie and I went up to Intensive Care. As no one was in the room with him, the nurse let Angie and I go in to see him. There must have been a hundred tubes going into him and about a thousand wires hooked to every part of his body. He looked pale and his face was shrunken.

I took his hand in mine and whispered, "Dad, Angie and I are here with you. Dad, we love you and your grand daughter wants her Grampy to get better."

I felt a slight squeeze on my hand. It looked like he was going to say something, but couldn't. Angie softly said, "It's okay Dad, we know and we all love you." The nurse told us we had to go, as they didn't want to tire him too much.

We went out to the waiting room; Mother was sitting there with Gram. When we walked in, Mother got up and came over to us and gave both of us a peck on the cheek. William, Angelica it's good to see you both, you look well. The Children?"

"They are down in the lobby with Millie, James is sleeping and Rachel is probably falling asleep on Millie's lap," Angie answered.

"You look wonderful, Mother," I answered. She did; even being so tired and worn out, she looked beautiful.

We went over to Gram and got hugs and kisses. We sat and Mother told us that the day before yesterday, Father was not feeling well. Mother told him to go to the doctor, but he refused. Then yesterday morning, he was in real pain so Mother called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital.

As she was telling us about the day, Dad's cardiologist came in. After ascertaining who he was talking, he told us the bad news and the good news. The bad news was that the heart attack was very serious; the good news was that it didn't cause as much damage as they expected. And that it appeared that he was on the way to recovery. It would take time but with proper care he would be almost good as he was.

After talking to us for a while, he turned to Mother and said, "Why don't you go in to see him again and say good night, for everyone. He should get as much rest as possible. Don't come back before 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, as that is the time the ICU has visitation again. Stay home, I don't want you running your selves down by sitting in the waiting room all day."

When Mother went to say good night to Dad, Gram told us how things were with Mother. She said that Mother was a bit apprehensive about seeing us and that she might ask us to stay at the house. Gram said that if she asks, we go. "I know that it will be a bit awkward, but she needs you now."

Angie hugged me close and I said, "Okay, Gram."

Mother came out of the unit and she was weeping. She quickly composed herself and we walked to the elevator. As we waited for it to get to the floor, Mother asked where we would be staying. I answered that I really hadn't thought about it.

She said, "William, Why don't you, Angelica and the children stay at the house? I am sure that Rachel would like to see where her Daddy grew up."

Angie said, "Thank you, Mrs. Mallory. We would like that."

When we got too the lobby, Mother met her grandchildren for the first time. Jimmy was sleeping and Rachel just wanted Mommy. I thought I saw Mother tear up, but wasn't sure.

We all got into Gram's van and we headed to the house. I drove. When we arrived we kissed Gram and Millie and they went home. I had put the bags inside and we carried the sleeping children up to my old bedroom. Mother had a crib and a small bed in the room for Rachel and Jimmy.

"I had hoped that you would stay and I thought that it would be best to have them here, so when they wake up in a strange place their parents will be close."

"Thank you, Mother, that was very thoughtful," I answered.

"Why don't you two get the children into bed and settle in, I have some things I have to look into."

Angie and I got the children changed and in bed. As Angie wanted to wash up, I went down to the library where I knew Mother would be.

I walked in and saw Mother sitting at the desk with her head in her hands. She looked up at me when I walked in. I could see that she had been crying.

She got up and started to tell me what she was doing. There was a slight quiver in her voice and it was obvious that she was fighting to stay in control.

Then all of a sudden Mother's shoulders started to shake and she just broke down. I went over to her and took her in my arms. She just slumped into me and wept, "What am I going to do? I can't lose him, he is my life, my world. I can't go on without him."

"Oh, William, William, I am so afraid. What will I do if I lose him?"

I held her tight and said softly, "You will see he is going to be all right. You are not going to lose him. He will be home soon."

My Mother put her arms around me and wept into my shoulder. I had never seen her like this. The iron woman was in reality just flesh and bone.

It then dawned on me that I had been completely wrong about my Mother and Father's relationship. They really loved each other deeply. Maybe so deeply, that there was just no room for anyone else. If they had each other they didn't need or want anyone or anything else.

I stood there for a long time, holding my mother and saying those things we say to someone who is hurting. Eventually she stopped weeping, but she kept holding me, resting her head on my shoulder. She didn't let go even when Angie came into the library.

Angie came over to us and put her hand on Mother's shoulder. Mother turned and looked at Angie. Then she wrapped her arms around Angie and held her tight.

They stood there holding each other for a long time. They parted and Mother said in a soft voice, "Thank you for being here. Thank you for being here for me. I know that I don't deserve it, but thank you."

Angie in an equally soft voice said, "We do love you, Mother."

Mother looked at Angie and asked, "Why?"

"You brought us together."

"Yes, I did do that, but..."

"No buts, just know that we do love you."

Mother gave a small smile and whispered, "Thank you." Then she turned and went up the stairs to bed.

We watched Mother go up the stairs and then I took Angie in my arms and kissed her. I took her hand and we walked down to Angie's old room.

We went in and stood there looking at the place where we first made love. I took Angie in my arms and kissed her. I then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, as I did so many years ago.

I lay her in the bed. Angie smiled up at me and said, "Oh god Billy, I need you so much."

All of a sudden I had to have her and I wanted her now. Angie began to tear my shirt off and I ripped the blouse off of her. We were in a frenzy, tearing the clothes off of each other. Finally we were both naked. I looked at her and marveled at her beauty. This married woman, mother of two was the most beautiful woman in the world.

She held her arms out to me and I came to her. We kissed, mouths, open tongues wrestling. My hands were all over her body. I wanted to devour her. I needed her, now.

She spread her legs and grabbed my dick and pulled me into her. I rammed myself into her vagina. No gentleness, no finesse, just pure unadulterated lust. I wanted this woman and she wanted me.

Angie wrapped her legs around my hips and began to slam her body into mine. We were like animals, animals rutting, animals fucking. No softness, just wild fucking, slamming our bodies into each other. We screamed out our lust, our passion...our love. I exploded into her. Filling her with my cum. She was crying out my name, telling me to love her, to love her forever.

I answered with vows of eternal love and passion.

Finally, we slowed and came to a panting quite. We lay in each others arms and just held one another. We were sated.

Not thinking, we fell asleep.

I was woken by Angie shaking me. "Billy, the children!"

The sun was up, I bolted out of bed and we ran up stairs and as we got to the main floor we heard Rachel laughing and Mother giggling. I don't remember ever hearing Mother giggle before.

We went into the dining room and saw Mother, Rachel and James sitting at the dining room table having breakfast. Mother looked up at us and said, "Oh look children, your parents are up, finally."

Rachel looked and yelled, "MAMA."

Jimmy just screamed.

Mother smiled and said, "When I saw you two go toward Angie's suite, I had the feeling that you might be there for a while I thought it best to sleep in your room, William. So, I was there when my grandchildren woke up."

"We have had a wonderful breakfast. Would you like something? Eggs benedict, steak and eggs, just name it. Then you two can go to the kitchen and make it while I sit here and play with my grandchildren," she laughed.

I gaped, never before had I seen my Mother like this. Laughing and giggling, loving as much as she was.

Mother looked at me and as she smiled she shrugged and said, "What can I say, this is what grandchildren do to you."

Angie and I went into the kitchen and made ourselves breakfast, eating it with our children and their grandmother.

Gram and Millie showed up at around 11:00 am. I was in the pool with Rachel and Angie. Mother was sitting poolside with Jimmy on her lap. When Rachel saw Gammy she rushed out of the pool and ran to her, sitting on her lap leaving a huge wet spot where she had sat on Gammy's lap.

After a while we got out of the pool and made lunch. At 1:30 pm we all got in Gram's van and went to the hospital.

It was amazing, what a day can do. Dad was sitting up and looking so much better. Realize, he still looked like death warmed over, but that was a hundred percent better than he looked last night.

They let his grand children come in the ward. Rachel was so happy to see her Grampy and Grampy was so happy to have his grand children with him.

George and Georgia come to the house to visit and find out about Dad. They didn't come to the hospital. "We can't make it a circus, you and the children will give him all the love and excitement he can take."

Far too soon the nurse made us leave, but we promised to return tomorrow. Mother stayed a little longer to say goodbye.

Dad was home before we went back to Chicago. We still had to pack to go to Stamford.

The drive to California was long and wonderful. We took our time stopping at scenic points and just about every local point of interest on the way.

We were constantly talking to Dad and "Mom". Dad was getting stronger every day and was just chomping at the bit to come to California to visit. But Mom was taking care of him and making sure that he was taking it one step at a time and that he was doing the things that he had to do.

Three months after we settled in California, Angie was pregnant again. We were having another girl, Angie wanted to name her Chloe.

Mother was beside herself with happiness. How could I argue with that? Our little Chloe is beautiful and her grandma is nuts about her.

We are happy. We have grand parents and a "Gammy", always available. Things are good and we are happy.

I am in love with the most beautiful woman in the world.


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