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It was their five years anniversary and he had planned a special surprise for her. The room was full of candles and so was they're bathroom, both rooms filled with the sweet scent of roses. The bath filled with hot water and soap and the bed made with new satin sheets. On the bed were laid out a few items he had chosen for her.

When she came home he met her at the door and lifted her in his strong arms.

"Happy anniversary", she chirped.

"Happy anniversary darling", he whispered in her ear.

He carried her into the bath room and started undressing her. She tried to take off her shirt while he was removing her skirt but he stopped her.

"Today I take care of you darling".

He slowly undressed her, caressing her skin. He helped her into the tub, and proceeded to undress himself and join her. He shampooed her hair, massaging her head, relaxing her with his touch on her sensitive nape. She felt like she was melting with his ministrations, so gentle yet so sure. Then he lifted her to the edge of the tub, he answered her curious look by taking some shaving cream and spreading it over her thin pussy hair. He shaved her pussy slowly and meticulously, leaving her smooth and so sensitive. She felt the heat stirring in the pit of her stomach, her head spinning with the sudden bolt of desire.

After he had done he helped her out of the bathroom and dried her with a big soft towel. Then he took her lotion and massaged it into her skin, not touching her swollen pussy lips. She was moaning softly, her body desperate for his touch, her thighs were wet with her juices and his cock was hard but he was denying his desire to take her right there. This was his present to her- complete and utter pamper and satisfaction.

He carried her to the bedroom and sat her down on the edge of the bed, starting to dress her in the outfit he had purchased for her. First he slowly rolled a pair of black stockings up her legs, the touch of the fabric and his fingers climbing up her legs making her throw her head back and sigh. Then he put the garter belt on, fastening it to the top of the stockings. Then came the pies de resistance- a black silk half bra that pushed her ample breasts up but left them exposed, her nipples standing out like little pebbles.

After he had dressed her he took out a blindfold and tied it over her eyes, immediately she felt the vulnerability of not knowing what was happening to her. He kissed her passionately, pushing her down and forcing her to lay spread eagled on the bed. She felt cold steel touch her wrists and then her stocking clad ankles, she tried to move her hands and legs and found that she was cuffed to the bed. Her heartbeat quickened, but before she could protest she felt his mouth on her overexcited flesh. She pushed up to feel him closer but he pulled away causing her to sigh in disappointment. Then she felt his mouth on her nipple, lightly biting it his, hand pinching the other one- she pushed up but again he moved away. Suddenly a hand was trailing up her wet inner thighs, all she wanted was for that hand to reach her clit but again she was disappointed. A finger was pushed into her mouth and she tasted her own juices, licking it clean.

The exquisite torture continued for what seemed like an eternity, her body was touched lightly but as soon as she reacted- the touching stopped. She was shaking, her mind unable to concentrate on anything but the need. She was begging him, imploring him to make her cum, moaning and crying with desire.

She felt something warm and wet trailing down her stomach and realized it was his cock. Tears started running down her face; all she wanted was to feel it entering her burning pussy, she felt that she needed it fill the emptiness in her body more than anything. She was thrashing, fighting against the cuffs and begging him to fill her, promising him anything if only he would penetrate her. She felt his cock on her pubic bone, moving lower. she was holding her breath in anticipation, her whole body tensed and waiting. Suddenly he slammed into her. She screamed in triumph and her body exploded, her back arching, toes curling, hands straining against her bonds, incomprehensible screams coming from her lips.

He kept fucking her hard, pinching her nipples, but she was totally oblivious- all she felt was her body burning with the most intense orgasm of her life.

The convulsing of her pussy and the sight of her in complete ecstasy were bringing him closer to the edge. After a few more strokes he grunted and emptied himself deep in her still spasming pussy, collapsing on top of her .

When he regained his strength he unclasped her and she curled up in a contented way, her body nestling into him as she fell into a blissful sleep.

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