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Another Ride with Samantha

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I called Samantha today to see if she wanted to take a ride out to the car show this weekend. We’d had some trouble connecting after our last outing. She was always going one direction and me another. 

Hot damn, Samantha called back and said she would love to.

On Saturday morning I pulled into her drive and she came bouncing out the house in a little sun dress that left little to your imagination. I was surprised to see her carrying an overnight bag with her. Wasn’t sure what she had in mind!

“Hi, lovely!”

“Hi yourself, sexy!” she said.

“What’s up with the overnight bag there?”

“Well since we are going to be gone most of the day I thought I would take some extras along just in case I needed them,” she said.

I hadn’t really thought about having extra clothes along, but as almost always because of work I had a change in my gym bag plus my shaving gear.

I backed out of the drive and off we went. We hit the interstate and I set the cruise at about 70mph and leaned back in the seat. I glanced over at Samantha and she was kind of shifting around in the seat. A replay of our last ride together flashed through my mind.

We finally made it to the car show and spent the day wandering arm in arm looking at all the cars and having your typical fun foods. 

She was so sexy all day, but never hinted at anything more sexual than a passionate kiss every once in a while.

We walked back to the car and she leaned into me asked about getting a room for the night. My jaw hit the ground and I didn’t know what to say. After some fumbling I said, "Sure if you want," but was wondering what she had in mind because we had never spent a complete night together. “I hate to ask, but are we talking about separate rooms here?”
She laughed and said, “Only if you want to pay for a room we aren’t going to use.”

Oh boy, this sounded like it could be an interesting night.

I checked us in at the local motel and we walked arm and arm to the room. I was really nervous about this for some reason and she seemed relaxed. All I could do was go with her flow tonight I guess.

We stepped into the room and she headed for the bathroom right away with her bag. I figured she wanted to freshen up after a day in the sun so I sat down to watch some TV. 

I had been watching TV for a while when the bathroom door opened and there Samantha stood in a pale colored baby doll outfit. She came flouncing out into the room in front of me and twirled around a few times.

“Holy shit, you're fucking gorgeous, Samantha!”

“Why thank you fine sir, but if you don’t come here I’m going back into the bathroom and change!”

I was to her in a flash and swept her up in my arms for the longest kiss I think we ever shared.

“I’m yours for the night my love!” she said.

I paused for a second after the 'my love' bit because that was the first time in all the months we had been together she had ever used it. I took her over to the bed and laid her down on it and then lay down next her. I was just looking at her stroking her hair and cheek.

She rolled into me and kissed me hard and started letting her hand stroke my back and side. She whispered that she wanted to have me all night. 

I stood up took off all my clothes except my underwear. I felt since she wasn’t nude I probably shouldn’t be completely nude either.

I lay back down next to her and we started kissing and the longer it went the more intense we got. I started running my hands along her sides as we lay there. Every once in awhile I would move along the sides of her breasts and she would gasp a little. I kept this up till she had enough teasing and grabbed my hand, placing it firmly on her breast.

While kissing her I started rubbing her nipple with one hand and running the other up her leg. She moved her legs a little further apart to give me encouragement and access to her.

I kept kissing her as my hand wandered over her panty covered mound. I was taking my fingers and just dragging them across her pussy as we kissed, but apparently she wanted more because she thrust her ass up off the bed in attempt to stop my teasing.

I slid her panties to one side and ran my finger up her slit to her clit and back down. She jumped at my touch and then moaned as I entered her with my finger. I was working it in and out slowly to tease her some more, but she was arching her mound into my hand wanting more. I slid a second finger into her she stared cumming right away.

She pulled back for kissing me after that and said, “Oh my god! That felt so good!”

I laughed and kept caressing her slowly working my fingers in and out of her now dripping pussy. We stayed this way for a while just kissing a caressing each other until she was ready for more.

She started kissing my face and then began working her way down to my chest. Stopping to tease my nipples and then moving down to the bulge in my underwear. She took her time running her hands and tongue over me before finally pulling down my underwear.

Man, she knew what to do to get me hard as a rock that’s for sure. She started stroking me slowly with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. All of a sudden she bent forward and took me deep into her throat and I lost it and started cumming so hard I thought I would pass out. She took every bit I had to give before pulling back off my cock.

As with the last time she crawled up the bed to share a kiss with me. We lay there for bit while I recovered, but soon I was hard again from her playfully stroking me.

I rose up and slid over top of her so I was between her legs. She was just staring up at me with eyes pleading to quit fucking around and get to fucking.

I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and slid into her slowly and I could tell she wanted this to be much faster by her lifting up to meet me. I wasn’t going to be rushed and used my hands to hold her still as I slowly finished entering her pussy. After getting balls deep into her I ever so slowly pulled back out and started all over again.

She was trying to make me go faster but I had all the leverage. 

“Please I need you now,” said Samantha after a few minutes of my slow routine.

I started to pound her hard and fast and she was screaming in so much pleasure I was sure somebody was going to call the front desk and complain.

She must’ve had 4 or 5 orgasms, but I was getting close and went into over drive pounding into her till we both came together one final time. I collapsed on the bed next to her and must’ve fallen asleep.

The next thing I knew I was waking up to Samantha sucking my cock. Talking about a nice way to be woken up!

She realized I was awake and shifted around so I could eat her pussy as she sucked my cock. This was a first for us.

We stayed this way for quite some time neither of us in hurry to get the other off. We were just enjoying the pleasure of each other, but I could tell she was getting close to orgasm when she started pushing down on my face more. I concentrated on her clit while running a finger along her pussy all the way to asshole. On one trip I stuck the tip my finger in her asshole and you would thought I had shocked her with a cattle prod she jerked so hard, but also immediately started cumming all over my face. I thought I might drown she came so much.

After a moment she sat up in bed next to me and leaned over and gave me a slow tender kiss.

I pulled her down beside me and wrapped my arms around her and we feel fast asleep.

You’ll just have to wonder how the morning starts!

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