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Anticipation and Gratification

Anticipation and Gratification

Tags: oral, mature
Bill and Sandy meet at last; a fantasy relationship becomes a reality
Anticipation (Bill’s story)

“Meet me –

in the bar by the main lobby –

airport hotel –

8pm tonight”

The note was signed “A Dear Friend” – not much to go on, I thought. The note, handed to me by the waiter where I had stopped for lunch at a downtown diner, seemed to be clearly in a woman’s handwriting, which didn’t tell me much. I lived in a big city, but didn’t really know all that many people as casual acquaintances – much less many women that I would call “a dear friend”!

Work has always kept me busy and I tend to be a night owl; many of the people I spend my free time talking with are online friends. I couldn’t imagine a note like this coming from any of my out-of-town acquaintances; I dismissed the idea and almost threw the note away. I tried to quiz my waiter for more info, but he said the note had been left at the restaurant the night before, with instructions to deliver it to me the next day at lunch. That in itself was strange – how many people knew me well enough to know that I ate there almost every day?

I was intrigued just enough to hang onto the note. Oh well, I sighed to myself – might as well toss this idea around in my imagination, something fun to play around with. I immediately thought of a couple of acquaintances I’d had in high school and college, some of them girlfriends, some of them only fantasy girlfriends. Forget that, I told myself – by now all of them are middle-aged people with kids, probably run-down and overweight. No longer much to fantasize about, I thought with a smile.

I resolved to forget about it, get my work done for the rest of the day, then go with the flow. I tried, but never succeeded in putting it totally out of my mind all afternoon. At 5:00, instead of grabbing dinner someplace, I went home and got cleaned up. I left home again, freshly showered and shaved, as if I was going on a date. Who was I going to meet at the airport hotel? Time would tell…

I got there at 7:15 – a little over-anxious, I guess. I hung out in the bar for a while, began to realize that I probably shouldn’t drink too much since I hadn’t had a meal since lunch. As I sat there debating whether or not I should order that third drink – suddenly, there she was!!

I stared, disbelieving – it was Sandy! I couldn’t believe she, of all people, was here, of all places. I knew she lived half a world away – what could she possibly be doing here?! And she didn’t even know what I looked like; I had seen her photo but had never posted a personal one of my own (I’m incredibly paranoid about putting too much info about myself on an internet site). I was dumbfounded as Sandy just stood there at the door, surveying the room. She had a quizzical look on her face; she seemed to be waiting for something to happen but didn’t know what to look for.

Well, here goes nothing, I thought – I didn’t want to be the geeky shy kid who was afraid to talk to a girl at the high school dance. So I downed the last swallow of my drink and tried to look confident as I walked over to her. I took a deep breath and tried to be casual as I said, in a somewhat shaky voice, “Hi Sandy, I’m Bill!” Pretty original, huh?

Stupid, stupid, stupid, I said to myself – I immediately thought of ten other things that I could have said that didn’t sound so juvenile and obvious. But Sandy just smiled – I think I sensed a feeling of relief in both of us – and she said “Hi, Bill, it’s wonderful to finally meet you at last!”

Sandy had a smile that made me relax and calmed my nervousness at once. I had met her, just as an online chat companion, quite a long time ago. The photos I had seen of her were gorgeous – unbelievably so. She was sensual, alluring, like a fine work of art. But in the photos she always had a far-away look in her eyes, as if her mind might be elsewhere, in some mysterious, even dark, place. I imagined that she was being photographed while she was having very intense thoughts, perhaps even troubling or melancholy ones.

But here she was, giving me a smile that I could only describe as dazzling! I was thrilled to be meeting her in person, but it seemed so incredible for it to be happening out of the blue like this. “Don’t you remember, Bill?” she teased me. “You told me, if I ever make it to the U.S.A., I should look you up – remember?” As we kept talking, she reminded me that during our online chats, I had given her quite a few personal details that allowed her to track me down as soon as she arrived here on a business trip.

She knew what city I lived in, what type of work I did, even that I tended to eat lunch at the same place every day, at a joint where everybody knew me. So, she managed to deliver the note the night before, hoping that my curiosity would lead me to accept such a cryptic invitation.

And now, here she was. I asked her to have dinner with me, and I did my best to turn it into a special occasion. We found the best restaurant in the hotel and sat down to get acquainted in earnest. We shared a bottle of wine and a couple of hours of fantastic conversation. We both laughed at how much better it was to finally be able to simply talk to each other, instead of typing text into those damn little black boxes!

It was the nature of our conversation that was pleasantly surprising – we talked for hours about the most mundane things. We enjoyed discussions about where she lived, where I lived, and how the people and history were so different. We shared a love of films that could keep us talking all day and night – it was one of the earliest things we had learned about each other online.

It was our online experience, and its amazing contrast with reality, that made this dinner date so special, our mood so unexpected. Our first interactions had been full of the superficiality of two strangers – sexy stories, sexy photos, sexy chat. Our first online encounters were all about sex. But it didn’t take me long to find out that Sandy was different – very different and very special. Sure, her stories, photos and chat were always sexy – sometimes even wonderfully pornographic! Especially the photos – and oh my god, the photos of Sandy herself! Let’s just say she kept me up nights, more than once.

But tonight she was simply the most captivating dinner companion I’d had in years, and we finally reached a point where it became obvious that we were the last ones in the place – time to go. I sighed with reluctance, realizing that we would soon have to say goodnight. Sandy took the lead, though, and would not let an awkward situation develop. She called the waiter over, and asked him to add another bottle of wine to our bill, but to have it sent up to the room number she gave him.

“You’re staying here – in this hotel?” I asked, a little slow in the uptake tonight.

 “Of course, silly” she teased. “Why else do you think I wanted to meet here? You invited me to your country, your city – now I’m inviting you to…well, to come up to my place!” She smiled again, that wonderful sweet smile, but this time I was sure that I saw a hint of wickedness in her eyes. My heart began to race. I realized that even though up to now my online time with Sandy had been nothing but pure fantasy, there might be a chance that some parts of my fantasy might now be turning into reality!

She took my hand as we walked toward the elevators; she kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for a wonderful dinner. As the elevator doors closed behind us, she turned to me, saying “Do you think it’s true, what they say about dessert being the best part of the meal?” She reached up, letting her fingers curl around the back of my neck as I put my hand gently around her waist. We leaned in toward each other, hesitantly at first, and kissed for the first time. It was so sensuous and meaningful from the very beginning, and I knew this evening was about to become a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We kissed and caressed all the way up to the thirtieth floor, enjoying our first moment of real intimacy. As we neared our destination, her thigh leaned into me as we embraced; she smiled appreciatively as she found that her kisses had given me an unstoppable erection. Looking back later, I realized that Sandy kept giving me signals like that all night long, letting me know when it was OK to go on to the next level. I never had to stop and wonder if I was doing too much too soon – she always seemed to know what I was thinking, and kept inviting me to keep going. It was so incredibly erotic – but at the same time, I felt so comfortable with her. It seemed as though we had known each other for years.

I playfully caressed her ass as she bent over to put the key card in the door and let us into her room; she pushed back against me and wiggled her ass against my hardness. She giggled and led me into the room, a luxurious five-star suite. “It’s a great place to spend the night, Bill, don’t you agree?” We laughed and kissed again, knowing that she had just answered a question, one that I was relieved to not have to ask. My “date” with Sandy was going to last until sunrise…but first, we had to wait for room service to deliver that bottle of wine.

Soon enough, the bottle had been delivered, the wine had been poured, and we settled in for a while on the sofa in the suite’s living room. We both knew what pleasures the next few hours might bring, and knew that we would enjoy them more if we didn’t hurry. After a few more glasses of wine, our conversation began to slow, to be mixed with penetrating gazes, warm caresses, and loving sensuous kisses. Our hands began to explore, and soon became frustrated when our clothes became obstacles.

Sandy laughingly suggested that maybe it was time for “dessert”.

We had both wanted to reward ourselves by not being in a hurry, to relish the sense of anticipation, which by now had been going on for hours. It was past midnight, and we both knew it was time to enjoy the rewards we had been anticipating…

Gratification (Sandy’s story)

I had known for weeks about my overseas business trip, and it had been such fun to tease Bill during our online chats. He had no idea I would soon arrive almost at his doorstep; I had a great time as I managed to orchestrate this mysterious meeting between two strangers. It was so delightful to meet him at last, and to find out that he was equally pleased to meet me.

Bill gave me the royal treatment as his unexpected dinner date; our time in the restaurant was so enjoyable that our dinner experience would have normally satisfied me as a complete and lovely evening. But Bill and I were lovers; or rather, we had inhabited a lover’s fantasy world online for quite some time. Even though we never met in person until last night, we immediately felt so comfortable together, anticipating each other’s moods, loving the engaging conversation and increased level of playful flirting.

But after a couple of hours in the restaurant, followed by our first intimate touching and kissing in the elevator and in the living room of my suite, Bill and I were so ready to move on to something even exciting. He was so turned on just from kissing me that he’d had an erection going for over an hour; and my pussy was just as wet as his cock was hard.

After some fondling and groping out on the sofa, I told Bill that I really wanted to get “more comfortable”. He had already undone the buttons of my very business-like blouse; I loved the feel of his hands caressing my breasts, his fingers searching inside the lacy top of my bra as he kissed my neck tenderly. And I had unbuckled and unzipped him, reaching inside his boxers to allow myself to enjoy that first magical touch of his throbbing hardness against my fingers.

Now, I told him that I was going to excuse myself for a minute, and I told him what I wanted him to be wearing when I emerged from the bathroom. Bill smiled and dutifully said, “Yes ma’am”. Sometimes he playfully called me his “Amazon woman”, as if I was some sort of exotic warrior princess who might want to attack him and take what I needed by force. I smiled and left the bedroom to prepare my little surprise for Bill.

Tonight I would not be any kind of warrior princess; tonight I would be a living incarnation of what Bill sometimes referred to as simply The Photo, or The Goddess. He often talked about how much he liked a picture I had sent him, and he enjoyed describing to me what he loved about it. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I was wearing nothing but the robe-like shirt I had worn in the photo he loved so much.

The black velvety material of my robe contrasted so nicely with the creamy complexion of my skin. The robe was thrown open so Bill could see everything from my neckline down to my toes. My naked breasts felt hot to me, as my lust began to show itself in my sensitive nipples, now hot, erect, tingling. My hands on my hips were caressing the soft skin of my upper thighs, nicely framing my neatly trimmed bush. My thighs, delicately squeezed together, were demurely hiding my pussy lips from his view. I was highly aware of the heat and wetness that was pouring from my pussy, trickling slightly down the back of my thighs, hidden from Bill – but not for long.

Bill had complimented me many times on the beauty of my natural breasts; my nipples were now fully hard and dying for his touch. He loved to describe the contrast between my sensuous red lips and my penetrating blue eyes. He told me I had the lovely sculpted cheekbones of a fashion model, and he loved the expression on my face, as my eyes seemed far away, lost in deep thought, in The Photo.

But tonight I was determined to be so much more than a photograph to Bill, and this time my eyes were not dreaming of something far away. Bill sat on the bed, wearing nothing at all but a t-shirt, just as I had asked him to. He was slowly stroking his cock, now fully erect and in desperate need of my attention. He told me later that he almost shot his load when I stepped into the bedroom, looking exactly the same as in The Photo. Except for my eyes – this time there was no far-off contemplative expression. Instead I was gazing intently at Bill and his wonderfully stiff cock. I kept staring as I eagerly strode across the room toward him.

“Pull off your shirt, Bill” I told him. “I want to see all of you”. He silently obeyed, his nice thick cock standing at attention on its own as he lifted his shirt over his head. I let the robe slide off my shoulders as I climbed onto the bed; we were both now completely and deliciously naked. I loved the way he stared directly into my eyes as I moved toward him on hands and knees. I was filled with lust, loving the feel of my breasts swaying beneath me as I crawled into Bill’s arms.

The loving and sensual feeling of our bodies melting together, skin to skin, cannot be described. We were nestled amongst a sea of down pillows, lying uncovered, exposed on top of the bed. Our lips and tongues played for a while as our hands began to explore each other earnestly. We tried to not hurry, but without much success.

I loved the feel of Bill’s hands; they were urgently kneading the warm softness of my breasts while playfully teasing and twisting, pinching and pulling at my nipples. I had never seen my nipples so erect and hard; I groaned a sweet sigh as Bill bent down to kiss and suck, teasing my nipples with his wonderful tongue and lips.

My hands roamed across his muscular shoulders and played for a while in the tangle of his chest hair; but my hands (and his) were drawn steadily, and urgently, downward. I loved the wonderful contrasts as we caressed each other’s bodies, ever downward, anticipating. My delicate fingers skimmed lightly across the firmness of Bill’s lower back and thighs, so strong, his muscles flexing.

His strong muscular hands caressed the softness of my ass cheeks, squeezing me. I was in lustful agony as his hands groped and played so close to my wetness; I could feel that sweet cream pouring out of my pussy and wetting the skin of my thighs, running down onto the sheets between us.

At exactly the same beautiful instant, as our eyes met and we began to kiss sensuously, deeply and romantically, our groping and fondling hands reached the goal that both of us had been eagerly seeking. My fingers wrapped themselves around his enormous and wonderfully hard cock. My tongue probed into Bill’s mouth as I gripped his shaft tightly and began to caress and stroke his hardness, reaching down with my other hand to teasingly let my fingernails scrape lightly across his huge swollen balls. At the same time, Bill’s hand gently but firmly pushed my thighs apart and he began to slide two fingers into my eagerly awaiting pussy.

I couldn’t believe how wet I was – every inch of my mound and pussy lips was dripping wet and so sensitive to his touch. We were both amazed at the almost instantaneous reaction we both had; it was almost like a sensual explosion, a sudden eruption of pleasure. We had been trying for hours to hold back and wait for this moment; now our bodies exploded in a release of pent-up sexual tension. It was almost as though we had been making love all this time, building to a climax even before we felt each other’s touch.

As soon as Bill’s thrusting fingers began to probe deep inside me, his thumb urgently rubbing my clit, an unexpectedly quick but intense orgasm began to overwhelm me. I cried out in ecstatic surprise – I had never cum so quickly in my life. My grip on Bill’s dick grew stronger as I began to pump his cock frantically, wildly. He bent down to kiss and suck at my nipples and I screamed as a flood of passion overcame me. Waves of ecstatic release rolled over me, my nipples burning in Bill’s hungry mouth, my pussy going through repeated spasms of painfully wonderful orgasmic pleasure.

I looked down to see Bill’s fingers fucking me deeply as I came, and I felt his whole body stiffen as I watched the mammoth eruption of his cum load. As Bill grunted and shoved his fingers hard up inside me, I watched jets of thick cum explode from the purple head of his beautiful cock. Spurts of hot cream splashed against my tits and continued to pour from his pulsing shaft. I was lying in a puddle of wetness from my own pussy, watching a thick pool of Bill’s cum collect on the bed between us.

I kissed Bill deeply and asked “Have you ever cum that fast in your life? I’ve never felt anything like that!”

He laughed and said “Not since high school!” Our orgasms had been like thunderbolts, surprising in their power and suddenness.

Like a rainstorm, our lovemaking had started with a thunderous explosion; now it was time for the ensuing downpour. We reveled in what became an intense and deepening flood: we both wanted to share the incredible emotions that now began to pour from deep within our entwined souls.

Our hearts were physically pounding with erotic desire, but also aching with the almost spiritual need to express the loving tenderness we both felt toward each other. Bill had fantasized and idealized me for many months, as no more than an image in his mind. Now I luxuriated in the incredible worship he bestowed on my body. Every inch of me was alive with the feel of his warm caresses and soft gentle kisses, and the eagerness of his swirling hot tongue.

I opened myself up to his hunger, and soon had my legs spread as wide as I could, straight out and tense with urgent need as I approached another orgasm. This one, like rolls of far-off thunder, came with plenty of warning. Like low rumbles from over the horizon, wave after wave repeated and intensified as each one rolled over me. I could feel my orgasm building and enjoy the anticipation as I felt it growing closer.

Bill’s tongue was deep inside the heat and wetness of my cunt, his warm hands massaging my rigidly flexed ass cheeks. My hands gripped the back of his neck and I began to thrust my pussy up to his face. I felt as though I was having the best and most drawn-out orgasm of my life; but each thunderous wave of pleasure that rolled over me somehow let me know that there was yet another on the way.

And another, and another, and another – oh my god, I was cumming so fucking long and hard! One final urgent thrust of Bill’s fingers into my aching hot pussy, as he sucked hard at my clit and pulled it into his mouth, and the final tidal wave of pleasure rolled over me as I began screaming. “Oh fuck, Bill – don’t stop, baby – do it – oh fuck yes! Yes, yes, make me cum, Bill, pleassse!”

It was unbelievable – time stood still. I felt an incredible intensity and depth of sensation, an almost frightening roar as I imagined the ocean crashing down upon me. I felt it lift me up and carry me, letting me soar for a brief intense moment, as if I was riding a wave of pleasure. Bill held me and kissed me, giving me time to come down from my high. I marveled at the wonderful taste of my own pussy on his lips.

I had endured an intense orgasmic pounding that now subsided into gently repeating aftershocks, each one causing my body to unexpectedly convulse in pleasure as we held each other tightly. I loved the way Bill gave me all the time I needed after my incredibly intense orgasm; he was such a generous lover, not calling my attention to his need.

As I regained my senses, I reached down between us and discovered his need was very urgent indeed. As he had selflessly pleasured me, he had stayed rock hard, the shaft of his cock still sticky and covered with cum. I kissed Bill lovingly, softly, as I squeezed and stroked his hardness; then I helped him lie back comfortably as I began to return the favor and do a little worshiping of my own.

I don’t think of myself as possessing any special oral talents; I love to kiss passionately and I love to feel my lips exploring the body of a lover. I like to use my tongue and lips to express my desire and heighten my partner’s arousal.

But now I wanted to give Bill something very special, because I knew that he loved oral lovemaking most of all. I knew that he was turned on more than anything by the sight and feel of his cock in a beautiful woman’s eager mouth. Now it was my turn to give him the most erotic, deep, wet blowjob he’d ever had.

Bill and I had chatted about this a lot, because it turned him on so much to think about it – I knew just what to do. My hand never stopped stroking that nice big shaft, and my tongue started working its way up from the bottom as I was determined to lavish loving attention on every inch of Bill’s cock and balls. I knew that for Bill, it was all about wetness. He loved seeing me drooling from the tip of my tongue, saliva coating his shaft and running down onto his sexy balls.

He groaned as I began pumping faster, my hot breath teasing his cock head as I began to kiss that beautiful purple mushroom. He was straining now, the veins bulging in such a raw and vulgar way along the length of his cock. I knew he was already dying to cum again, but he needed to feel the wet heat of my mouth surrounding his cock. I opened my mouth wide and let the head of his dick enter me.

But I wanted to make him hold back – I didn’t wrap my lips around his shaft just yet. He moaned and grabbed the back of my neck, letting me know that he was about to explode. My mouth wide open, drooling wetly, my tongue snaked out and teased the underside of his shaft, a thick bubbling stream of saliva flowing down his pole. I slobbered wetly all over his pulsating shaft, my hands sliding up and down feverishly. His cock was so slippery and shiny, wonderfully lubed up. Bill lifted his ass up off the bed, trying to force me to take his cock, and I knew it was time.

I had been slobbering all over him and pumping that lovely cock with both hands, staring at his balls and awesome hard wet shaft the whole time. Now I stopped for just a second and removed my hands; I looked up and our eyes met. My deep blue eyes were pools that Bill loved to swim in, and now I smiled and stared at him lustfully as I wrapped my red lips around his hot wet shaft and started to go down on that beautiful cock. Slowly, slowly, inch by inch, sucking hard as I went, I was touching his cock with nothing but my soft red lips and my swirling tongue.

I was determined to give Bill what he wanted, what he obsessed over, what heightened his desire like nothing else. My eyes started to water as the head of his cock reached the back of my mouth, but I was not going to stop. I kept making guttural gulping and swallowing sounds as I sucked my way down his hot thick shaft.

My lips reached the base of his dick; I could feel his balls, so tight against his body, right up against my chin. I slowly came back up, sucking hard, and released his cock with a loud pop. I gasped for air and felt a string of saliva dripping from my chin. I smiled at Bill, loving his expression of amazed ecstasy. I knew I was doing everything just the way he liked it, and he knew I was going to keep doing it over and over until he exploded.

Down again, down, down, humming my satisfaction at the pleasure I was giving him. Hmmm…all the way down, then again, again, faster now, faster. I was getting better, and soon I got a rhythm going – in and out, up and down, my head bobbing. It was delicious, so wet and hot and deep, and I knew I was giving something to Bill that he had imagined the first time he and I chatted online.

I suddenly sensed that his orgasm could no longer be delayed; I knew from the way his body was straining beneath me that I was about to receive the reward for my hard work. I gave him one last deepthroat lunge, balls deep, and held myself there, holding my breath with Bill’s throbbing cock in my throat.

Then I came up with a gasp, drooling and spitting onto my hands as I grabbed his beautiful manhood with both my hands and started to pump his shaft. I kept telling him how much I wanted it, how much I wanted to see it, to taste it.

“Come on, baby, give me that cum. Oh god, I want to see your hot cum – shoot that hot load for me, Bill! Give it to me baby, let me taste that fucking cummm!” I kept urging him on until I was rewarded by an amazing shot of hot semen that splashed all over my arms and tits.

It was Bill’s second orgasm, so there wasn’t as much cum as the first time. But the intensity of his spasms told me that he loved the expert way I was handling him. Long after he stopped shooting, he kept wildly bucking in spasms of pleasure, actually fucking my fists as I gripped tightly and tried to hang on despite his sudden intense convulsions.

Then I finished him off, the way I knew Bill would describe a perfectly hot, wet blowjob. I went down on his cock one more time, loving the way his body shuddered as I sucked the last of the cum out of his shaft. I licked him clean and left him smiling, wonderfully satisfied.

Bill and I had each given the other a precious and loving gift – the gift of undivided sexual attention. Each of us had sensuously built up an amazing overload of sexual tension and given our lover a mind-blowing release. We held each other tightly, our bodies entwined as we marveled at the sensations of two lovers, slowly descending together from shared heights of pleasure.

“Bill” I whispered, once we had both calmed down, “I feel so happy about the way you made love to me – so careful and loving, kind and generous. It was beautiful, so wonderfully sensual, I could feel your loving tenderness flow through me”.

“I feel the same way, Sandy” he said. “It was wonderful, just wonderful…” I wondered if Bill was going to doze off in a romantic slumber.

I propped myself up on one elbow and he looked up at me, realizing that I still had that evil twinkle in my eye. “I’m truly happy making love to you, Bill” I told him. “I absolutely love it. But sometimes – sometimes – ” I hesitated, not knowing exactly how to put it.

Bill smiled and instantly read my mind. “Sometimes you just want to fuck – am I right?” I laughed and fell into his arms, kissing him – what a dear man, he knew just what I needed now. My whole body was on fire, I was literally glowing from within. I knew that Bill could probably use a little bit of time to sort of take a breather.

But not me – Bill was right, I just needed to goddam fuck something – hard and fast, and right fucking now! I crawled back down between Bill’s legs and gave him another dose of raunchy wet cocksucking until he was fully hard again. Then I climbed up on top of him and slowly lowered my dripping wet snatch down onto his throbbing erection. Oh god, what a fuck I was about to give him! I was confident that Bill would return the favor and then some.

I leaned forward, my hands on Bill’s strong shoulders. Our eyes were locked, each staring deeply into the other’s intense expression of lust. Beads of sweat broke out on Bill’s forehead as I began to fuck him; sweat was pouring down my back, down my neck and into the valley between my breasts. Bill reached up and began to squeeze my tits hard. He pinched my nipples until they hurt; for the first time tonight I felt a sense of roughness and raw energy through his hands.

My pussy was burning; my wetness flowed like heavy thick cream all over Bill’s cock. I bounced up and down recklessly, and the sound of my ass cheeks slapping against Bill’s hard thigh muscles was electrifying. Bill pulled me closer, taking my nipples in his mouth. He began to suck so hard, even biting me as I fucked him harder, harder, as fast and deep as I could.

Bill’s hands slid down my back and he began thrusting hard against me, fucking me from beneath as I slammed myself down hard. How much longer could I go on like this?

Bill wasn’t waiting to find out – in an instant, he overpowered me and literally threw me onto the bed, rolling on top of me as he began to pound me in a frenzy of lust. He grabbed both my wrists and pinned my arms up over my head. He didn’t kiss me, he just fucked me with abandon, leering at the sight of my heaving breasts, bouncing with the wild rhythm of his violent thrusts.

I began to scream – it was so good it was almost painful! I arched my back and thrust my tits up into Bill’s face as he fell upon me, smothering my neck and shoulders and breasts with hungry, almost savage, kisses. His straining hips were driving his cock deep, deep into me; my thighs wrapped themselves around him, my heels sliding up and down the backs of his legs.

Then we both tensed, our muscles locked, our bodies frozen. Our twin orgasms rocketed us into the highest orbit we experienced all night. We gripped each other so tightly and hung on as we came and came. There was no sound except our grunting, labored breathing – and the roar in our ears from pounding hearts.

My pussy was absolutely milking his cock. I could feel my cunt gripping him, stroking him from deep inside my body. I loved that amazing pumping sensation from deep down in the base of his cock; I felt the warmth of the hot cum that bathed the walls of my pussy, oozing along the length of his shaft.

For a minute, we held each other tight, amazed at the raw savagery of our animalistic fucking – it was so different from the worshipful lovemaking that had started us down this unbelievable road of pleasure and lust. Bill knew that I was absolutely loving what had just happened, but he also knew I’d be sore in the morning! As the wild racing of our hearts slowed, our expressions of tenderness toward each other began to return.

Bill kissed my lips gently and continued to sooth every area of my upper body that had been so aroused by his roughness. My arms, my shoulders, and finally the curves of my soft breasts, were smoothed back to a sense of relaxed warmth by Bill’s loving kisses and gentle massaging. At last, we wrapped our arms around each other; nestling in the pillow of my dark hair against the warmth of Bill’s chest, I drifted off to sleep.

I can’t tell you much about what happened the rest of the night – it all seems dreamlike now. I know that we woke each other up several times during the night; we enjoyed brief moments when we became fully aroused, then kissed passionately for a while and drifted back into our dreams.

I remember the expression of surprise and pleasure on Bill’s face when he woke up to discover that I had begun sucking his cock while he slept. I remember once, waking up to find Bill’s hands cupping my breasts from behind. His long hard cock was sliding gently in and out of my pussy from behind me as I slept; the roughness of his chin against my smooth shoulders had wakened me.

These dreamlike encounters, coming out of a deep slumber and into another moment of intimacy with Bill, were truly magical. Eventually, though, our exhaustion overtook us and we slept deeply for several hours. When the sun woke us, I asked Bill if he had to get up and go to work.

“Not a chance!” he said, “I’ve already called in sick. Today, I’m going to show you the city!” We began the day hand in hand, as I led him to the suite’s luxurious shower and bath. Every ache and pain from last night’s exertions was soon massaged away in the cascading warmth of soapy wetness.

I write this as Bill is sleeping – after a great day of “touristy” fun in the city, I’m letting him take a late afternoon nap as I record these thoughts in my journal. Tonight will no doubt be another epic journey into love and lust, but also a sharing of ideas, hopes, and aspirations. I will only be here for a few days – we both know this will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us.

When it’s time for me to return home, Bill and I have agreed that we both want no expressions of sadness or regret as we part. We want only to carry with us the joyfully warm memory of the love we have shared, if only for a brief and beautiful moment.

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