As It Was Told To Me

By BadGirl76

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His story of young romance.
The other night a friend of mine needed to ‘de-stress’ so we went out on the town. When we got back to my place we talked for a while and he ended up telling me a story. It is a wonderfully sensual story so I decided to share it with everyone. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Here’s the story as it was told to me:

They arrived at the party a little late, they were making out in the car. It didn’t matter since it was an eighteenth birthday surprise party for him. He knew all about the party and was not happy about the idea. His mother wanted the big party. Since they were not ‘out’ to anyone they figured they had better get all their ‘touchy feely’ out before being around his family.

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door to hear the classic ‘surprise.’ He acted surprised, but was really pissed. He smiled and mingled with the friends and family getting congratulations for being an adult. He didn’t take his eyes off her for more than a few minutes at a time. He was so in love with her. He watched as she talked with people and wanted to disappear with her forever.

They flirted over the next few hours with their eyes and actions. They had done this dance many times over the last year. A look here, a wink there, a slight touch of the back or hand or standing closer than normal; they were very good at not being noticed in public.

He watched her sitting on the couch with his mother, her ankles crossed. He knew that if she sat with her legs crossed everyone would know that she wore thigh-highs under her short skirt. He loved removing her clothes to see her in only her heels, thigh-highs and garter. He watched her bend forward to reach her glass so he could see down her shirt, she lingered knowing he was watching. She laughed as she sat back up, her eyes briefly meeting his. He smiled and winked so she could see he enjoyed her little show. He watched as her eyes lower to see him sporting a small hard on. This flirting continued between them but they did find time for one short encounter in the garage.

He followed her into the garage when she went to get another soda. He quietly closed the door and ‘accidentally’ locked it from the inside. He watched her open the fridge door and bend over. He wanted so desperately to lift her skirt, tear off her panties and take her right there. Instead he slowly approached her, surprising her when he pulled her close. She squeaked just a second before his hand clasped over her mouth. He turned her around in his arms, lifted her and let her lips crash into his as her legs wrapped around his waist. The feel of her lace panties under his hands propelled his need to feel her bare skin. His fingers moved quickly pulled them down under her tight butt.

They kissed as he walked her to the work bench. He sat her down on the rough wooden surface. Leaning her back he pulled her panties down her thighs enough to reach between her legs. Her back arched against his hand, raising her thighs off the bench. He worked her panties down past her knees. The rush of air on her wet lips brought a long moan from deep in her throat up and out her open mouth. He kissed her squelching the sound of her joy.

He plunged his fingers in fast and hard feeling her walls crashing around them. They both moaned wanting to release the pent up lust caused by their flirting. Her fingers grasped his hair holding his lips to hers as he drove his fingers in and out of her. He could feel that she wanted him to probe her with another part of his anatomy. He removed his fingers as fast as he had put them in, she squirmed closer. He looked into her eyes then kissed her nose. She tried the puppy dog look, it didn’t work. He licked his fingers clean as he knelt down to remove her panties. He lowered them slowly down her stockings and over her heels. As he stood her shoved them into his pocket and told her that she might get them back later.

He intended to kiss her and leave her wanting more, but the scent of her lured him. He grasped her ankles, lifted them and rested her heels on the edge of the bench. He exhaled his need as he ran his fingers up her silky stockings. With his lungs empty he inhaled deeply taking in her sweetness. He looked to her eyes, growled, stuck out his tongue and quickly licked her folds. He let her taste dance on his tastebuds while he watched her eyes roll back. He wanted more but there was little time. No one had come looking so he felt there was a few minutes so he snaked his tongue inside her. She let out a long and rather loud moan. Not deterred by her vocals he drove his tongue deeper reaching for the spot. When he found it he tickled her over and over holding her hips in place. He felt her muscles contracting trying to move, but he held her where he wanted her. Time was running out so he reluctantly pulled his tongue out of her tasty hole flicking her clit as he moved to kiss her.

He lifted her off the bench, kissed her forehead and walked toward the door. She was a little unstable from her exposed slit and what he did to her. He looked back at her, smiled and wanted a private place of their own with no interruptions and soon.

He knocked a few times on the door before someone opened it. There was a short conversation about the lock as they all returned to the party. Then next few hours were as they had been, they flirted whenever possible. He watched her and she watched him.

One more brief moment of alone time was as the party wound down. They found themselves alone in the kitchen cleaning a few dishes. He washed while she dried. Their fingers lingered with each dish passed between them. They laughed and joked the way they always had but now his eyes watched her butt as often as she looked to his muscular arms. They were very comfortable being together.

When people started coming and going though the kitchen more frequently his mind wandered, their conversations slowed and he was left with his thoughts. They met so long ago he couldn’t remember her not in his life. The last year flew by so quickly, it seemed like just yesterday when they first kissed and now he was wondering if she would keep her promise to fulfill his deepest fantasy tonight. He trusted her to keep that promise.

When they had the chance they talked about the plan for the night. He told his mother he was staying with a friend that night and would not he home until the afternoon. He wanted plenty of time with her. She had already booked the hotel room and he would meet her. He could not wait to get the party over and fly out of the house and into her open arms.

When he was in his room packing his bag for the night he emptied his pockets and found her panties. He instantly remembered how wet he made her. He inhaled her panties and grabbed his hard on. There was some time before he was meeting her so he sat at his computer and opened a well hidden file. As he loaded the video he opened his jeans and rubbed her lace panties over himself.

The video opened showing her drenched folds as she rubbed her clit and pushed a studded vibrator in and out hard. Her loud moans got him going fast. He wrapped her panties around his shaft, stroked and squeezed imagining it was her clamping down on him. He lost himself in the imagery as he let go covering the lace in his emissions. Letting out a long breath he felt alive and ready to have his fantasy become reality. Just before leaving he hid her panties; she won’t be getting them back anytime soon.

He arrived at the door with knots in his stomach. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly, slid his keycard in the lock and opened the door. He smiled as he looked her over petite figure. Her hair setting off her pale skin fell long and straight, her eyes shown back at him from behind her glasses, her tight top fell low enough to show just the tops of her small but ample breasts and then her legs. Her legs were masked by stocking. His scan of her body ended with her three inch heels.

While he scanned her she did the same with him. His height was so much greater than her, a good foot or more. His hair cut in a business cut that made him look older than eighteen. Her eyes followed the line of his body knowing that he was muscular under his t-shirt. She loved run her hands under his shirt and feel the rippling muscles of his abs as his arms held her tight. As her gaze lowered she saw what was under the tight blue jeans too. They held his toned butt and his hardening and growing manhood.

Their eyes met and he walked toward her letting the door close behind him. He reached for her pulling her tight to him letting their lips engage in their favorite activity. He lifted her up, carried her toward the bed and stumbled falling onto the bed. They laughed with his arms wrapped around her, their lips meeting again. He pulled away from her, took a long look into her eyes, removed her glasses and stood to place them on the night stand. He watched her eyes follow him to the foot of the bed seeing his smile slowly form.

She asked where he was going but received no response. He fluidly moved to the foot of the bed and stared down at her. He took in her form laying, waiting for him. She was his in this time and in this place. He had planned to be naked fast, but now he wanted to tease her. Seeing his look change to devious, devilish this made her smile and wonder what he had in mind?

He saw the questions in her face, smiled and gave her the answer she desired. He slowly lifted his shirt revealing his abs then his chest. Each move he made was calculated and determined by the looks she gave him. Her eyes lit up to see his tanned, toned upper body. She started toward him, he wanted her but this was his game and he emphatically told her to lay still. As always she smiled when he took control and she did as she was told with a playful leer then wry smile. His teasing continued as he unbuttoned his fly and oh so slowly lowered the zipper tooth by tooth. She begged for the teasing to stop, closing her eyes in protest.

She turned the tables, somewhat. She untied the ribbon holding her top together letting her breasts free. He watched her squeeze her breast, hardening the nipple with a little pinch. He wanted to feel the hard nob on the tip of his tongue and rolled between his teeth. Distracted by the revealing of her breast he failed to see her other hand snake down her body and between her legs.

Her hand moved up and down her folds matching her hip movements. He held still and silent afraid she would stop. He had never turned her on so much that she spontaneously masturbated, it was thrilling. He watched her fingers circle her entrance entering with only the tip then out and circling again. He wanted to lean on the bed and watch her close up but held his urges at bay. She moaned, moved her fingers to her clit and rolled it between her fingers. He watched her chest rise and fall then saw her eyes flutter open. She blew him a kiss and begged for him.

He scolded her with a smile for trying to distract him as he lowered his jeans inch by inch. When he was about to come flying out he turned around hearing her groan. His jeans now low enough to show her his naked butt. He bent over at the waist and removed his shoes, socks and jeans. Hearing her moaning made him want to turn to her and see if she was playing with herself again but he resisted and kept up his teasing.

Her begging got the best of him and turned him on more than he thought. He was fully erect as he stood, took a deep breath, let it out slow and turned to face her. Their eyes met and any nerves he had were gone in a flash. He crawled up the bed kissing along her stocking legs then licking her bare skin, her moans encouraging him and enticing him to proceed further. Her aroma pulled him closer like a siren song. His tongue grazed her clit as his thumbs opened her slit and pushed into her entrance.

She moaned, bit her bottom lip and pushed her hips up to greet him. With her eyes slammed shut, head thrown back and mouth open, she begged him with just the word please. She was at his full disposal; he could do as he pleased to her. He released her slit moving fast to lock his lips over hers.

He grabbed his shaft and rubbed his head inside her folds, she moaned into his mouth. He moved his head around searching for her opening, following her rolling and twisting hips. He groaned his frustration and lost her kiss. She pulled him close, whispered in his ear to let her.

Her fingers walked down his back, over his hip and to his shaft. She covered his hand with hers then stroked, squeezed and massaged his hard shaft before zeroing him in on her entrance. She let him go and told him that he was in the drivers’ seat and to do all he ever wanted to do. He had anticipated what it would feel like to be inside her but it was nothing like his imagination.

He felt she was inviting him in with a welcoming hug as he slid deeper inside her. He wanted nothing more than to be there forever. Her nails digging into his back and brought him back to her, he pushed his length in fully. She shuttered letting out a long breath as her walls grabbed him tight and held him. He pulled back against her pulsing. He never had such a strong desire to explode but if she taught him anything it was control. He used all the control he had to resist and was rewarded by the rush of her fluids covering him from head to base. They moaned in unison. He set a rhythm riding her and her orgasm with experience beyond his own. She had taught him well.

As her breathing stabilized and her body relaxed he wanted his release. He thrust deep and hard bringing her back to an arch. His pace sped and he was soon close to losing his control. She added to his pace with her fast, gyrating hips. When he felt her tighten around him his speed went into overdrive.

He pounded her and took out all his pent up lust that had been denied him. He heard only her moans as he filled her. They both shuttered as he collapsed on top of her. Their lips met in a long kiss. He rolled off her but kept her pulled close. They held each other for some time before either spoke.

She asked him if it was worth the wait. His response was only a nod. They laughed and kissed. They started talking, like always, and he learned more from her. She told him that she loved his pace and was glad that he showed his control and passion. He listened to every word she always told him her opinions, but she gave him more advice than criticism. As they talked he thought about what he wanted to do the rest of the evening.

He didn’t get to do all he wanted but they did make love several more times and she told him that his composure was more than his years. They fell asleep curled together and had to untie themselves when they woke. She fulfilled another of his fantasies just by waking up beside him.

By the time check out arrived they were both exhausted. They made plans to meet again soon and both looked forward to the summer when he would spend several weeks with her. He also agreed to see other women.

He ended his story telling me that ‘she’ was not eighteen, she was thirty-eight and his mother’s best friend. I was shocked; I’ve known him for ten years and never knew anything about the two of them. I’ve seen them together and would never have guessed. He could see my shock and asked if I was ok, all I could say was sure. I knew why he was telling me this now. You see she passed away yesterday, that’s why we went out.

I was at a loss for what to do so I just hugged him. While we embraced I felt his body shake and the tears fall. I stroked his back, let him get it all out and gathered my thoughts. Hearing his story was a turn on for me but the fire was pretty much doused by his emotions, I’d never take advantage of him. I had never looked at him for sex but I did now. My eyes were open to him and I didn’t know what to do about it. As he calmed he kissed my neck and pulled slightly away. His next move floored me.

I was not prepared for his lips to crash into mine. I froze unable to comprehend what was happening. When the light went off in my mind I softened into his kiss to feel him sigh and hold me tighter. We kissed for several minutes as the intensity grew we both seemed to let go and follow the path before us.

He carried me to my bedroom before my mind caught up. He showed me the passion and skill she had taught him and, believe me, she was an expert instructor. I’m not sure if we can go back to being just friends now, but I know that I will have him in my life as long as he wants me.