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Bar room pickup

Especially for my beautiful lush girl on her birthday... Happy birthday hunni xxx
This is my first story that I wrote especially for my beautiful lush girl and she encouraged me to publish it. Hope you like it.

Sipping nervously from my glass I allow my gaze to wander around the bar.

"First timer?"

I look up at the bar tender, an attractive brunette in her thirties. "Sorry?"

"Your first time in a gay bar, I can always spot the newbies."

"Yeah I guess...."

"Okay honey," she leaned over the bar towards me, showing me just enough cleavage to tease me, "You want some advice?"

I nod, breathing in the smell of her perfume.

"Most of the pickups around here happen around the pool table, so head on down the back and get yourself in a game."

I pick up my glass and start to walk away.

"Oh and sweetie?"

I turn back to look at her again, "I get off at eleven if you are still about."

Laughing I walk towards the back of the bar, where the pool table is. Its in a small room off the main bar with an archway leading into to. Leaning against the wall of the archway I observe the game in progress, my eyes instantly drawn to one of the girls playing. Younger than me, with light brown hair and slightly taller than I am I cant help myself shivering slightly as she bends over the table to take a shot, her tight black leather trousers perfecting emphasising the curve of her ass.

"You want in?"

My thoughts of touching that perfect ass are interrupted.

"What?" I say looking at the other player.

"Winner stays on the table, and this girl is going down so if you want in you gotta play me next."

"Not much of a player, prefer watching."

The first girl turns from the table to look at me, giving me my first view of her face. She is a perfect from the front as she is from behind, with a beautiful face and the clothing she wears clinging to her stunning body.

"Guessing from your accent you're not from around here?"

"Naw, Irish."

"Well Irish," she says putting the cue aside, "What say you to buying me a drink?"

Walking past me into the main bar she brushes against me as she passes sending an electrifying jolt through my body. I turn and follow her to the bar where I pay for the drinks she orders and follow her to one of the booths lining the wall of the bar. She slides into a seat and pats the seat beside her indicating I should sit, which I do.

Leaning in close enough so I can feel her breath on my face she whispered, "So Irish, you like to watch do you?"

Nodding, I am unable to stop myself from trailing my fingers down her arm.

"And only watch, or do you ever play?"

I gently stroke her upper arm, my fingers moving closer and closer all the time to her breast.

"I play too." She shifts suddenly, turning her body to face mine and grabs my hand, before bringing it down to the crotch of her trousers, where she presses it into her. I can feel the heat coming from there and start to grind my hand into her as I lean in searching for her lips.

"No lover, not yet," as she takes my hand away and moves back to avoid my kiss.

Moaning slightly in frustration, already feeling my pussy throb in anticipation and desire I make a grab for her, determined to feel her body against mine. Giggling she moves swiftly away.

"Fucking tease," I growl at her, under my breath.

"Ohhh feisty little thing, aren't you," as her hand starts to trace circles on my inner thigh.

Allowing my thighs to drop open, I lean back against the booth, closing my eyes as her hand moves closer and closer to my pussy.

"You want this baby?" I feel her breath tickle my neck and ear as she leans back into me.

"Mmm, please."

She nibbles gently on my ear lobe, sending waves of desire shooting through me.

"I have a hotel room booked down that road, you want to head there?"

I nod, my whole mind focused on the fact that I can feel myself getting wetter and hotter by the very second. She stands and slides across my thighs and I am unable to stop myself from grabbing her around the waist, pulling her onto my knee and kissing her, my tongue probing deep into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss she stands. "Mmm Irish, if you fuck like you kiss we are in for a good night."

Following her from the bar, I am captivated by the sight of her perfect ass swaying as she walks ahead of me and also notice for the first time the silver cuffs that dangle from her belt glinting in the light. Once outside she turns and grabbing my ass pulls me towards her for another kiss. Deep and passionate, I feel myself melting into her arms and wanting this kiss to last forever.

She breaks the kiss and walks backwards laughing, "Come on hun, we haven't got all night."

Her hotel is just a short walk away and as we pass through the foyer I am convinced that all eyes are on us, knowing the reason that we are here. I stand waiting for nervously while she collects her room key and follow her to the elevator doors. Once it arrives we step inside where she immediately grabs me and pushes me against the wall, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth, her hands roaming all over my body. I respond to the kiss and grabbing her perfect ass pull her closer to me. The elevator stops and breaking the kiss we get off and make our way to her room.

Once inside I make another grab for her, but she walks backwards into the room away from me, "Patience, lover. Don't you worry this is going to be a night you will never forget," before going to a small case under the desk and picking it up, places it on the desk before opening it.

I stand, unsure of what to do.

"Sit." She indicates the bed.

I comply and sit watching her, my pussy throbbing with desire.

Finally she turns to face me, smiling. "You ever been tied up and fucked?" holding out a blindfold and some leather cuffs to show me.

I nod, nervously wondering exactly what she has in mind as she walks over to me and sitting astride me starts to kiss me again before pulling my top over my head to reveal the black lace bra I am wearing.

"Mmmmm nice tits," before she starts to kiss down my neck and moving my bra aside to expose my breast takes my nipple which is already hard in her mouth. Moaning as she sucks hard, grazing the sensitive skin with her teeth I reach under her top wanting to feel her skin against me.

"Patience lover, right now just relax and enjoy what I am doing," as she pushes my hand away while she continues to lick and bite at my breast.

She reaches around behind me and opens my bra to reveal both my breasts and moves her mouth from one to the other constantly teasing me the entire time before pushing me back to lie down on the bed. Climbing off me, she starts to unbutton my trousers, kissing my breasts and stomach the entire time. She pushes my trousers down to reveal black lace panties, the crotch of which are wet from my arousal. I kick my shoes off and she pushed my trousers off me fully, moving to kiss between my thighs.

As she sucks and bites on the tender skin between my thighs I moan with arousal, wanting more, needing more, unable to ever remember having been so turned on in my life. Slipping one finger inside my panties, she gently runs it the length of my pussy.

"Mmmmm sweetie, you really want this, don't you?"

Moving back up my body, she continued to tease my pussy with her hand as she lies on top of me to kiss me deeply. I caress her back, reaching underneath her top once more as I push my hips against her hand.

"All in good time lover," as she rolls off me and sits up in one swift movement. "Now roll onto your stomach for me hun."

I roll over, my whole body throbbing with desire, needing to feel her hand on my pussy, wanting her to fuck me so badly. She sits astride my lower back and grabs both my wrists, pulling them roughly behind my back. I try to resist but she has caught me by surprise and has both my wrists restrained and tied together quickly. As I lie there unable to move I feel my hands running up my back, gently kneading the muscles pushing down hard. Moaning against her touch, I feel her hands moving up my run through my hair, gently running her fingers through it before she grabs a handful and pulls my head up roughly by it, making me cry out in surprise and pain.

"So how rough do you like it?"

Twisting my head to look at her, "Please fuck me."

She picks up the blindfold and covers my eyes, securing it around my head. Unable to see anything, I twist my head frantically trying to loosen the blindfold. I feel my climb off my back before she slaps my ass hard with her hand.

"Don't struggle hun. Its easier that way."

Lying, breathing heavily, I try to relax against the blindfold but cant help feeling slightly panicked as I hear her walking around the room, straining my ears trying to figure out what she is doing. Finally I sense her beside me again.

"So hun, I don't believe you answered me? How rough do you like it babe?"

I struggle against my bounds, starting to get worried now. At the same time I can feel my pussy throb with desire as her hands run across my ass and down to my waiting pussy where she pushes a finger inside me. Gently teasing and massaging the inner walls of my drenched pussy she asks again, "How rough do you like it babe?" She lets out a low chuckle, "Though I think I can guess from your reaction.."

Slipping her finger out of mean causing me to groan in frustration, she pulls my panties down completely before rubbing my ass gently. "Such a sexy ass baby, just asking to be spanked."

My pussy throbs at her words and I can feel my juices leak out as I lie waiting for her next move. I hear the loud crack before I feel the searing pain that covers my entire ass causing me to cry out.

"Shhhh, relax baby."

She continues to spank me causing my body to twist each time she makes contact. I am breathing hard and fast now, wanting this to be over but aware that the more she spanks the more aroused I am getting.

"Please," I gasp.

She stops spanking. "Please what baby," she asks in an amused tone.

"Please! Fuck me hun, I need you so fucking badly right now," I manage to spit out the words.

Grabbing my wrists she pulls me down the bed and to my feet and push me forward slowly until my thighs encounter resistance.

"Bend over baby."

I obay bending over until my breasts are resting on a wooden surface, clenching my thighs together as the same time all too away that the juices from my aching pussy are now soaking my inner thighs, hoping she won't notice. She moves her foot in-between my ankles and kicks them both out spreading my legs quickly and efficiently. I finally feel her hand where I need it most rubbing my aching pussy, teasing my clit with her fingers, pinching and pulling before sliding her fingers deep inside me. Moaning I push back against her hand, wanting more of her in me as she starts to fuck me getting harder and faster all the time. She has almost all her fingers buried in me and still I want more, need more as suddenly she removes her fingers leaving me feeling empty and throbbing with the desire to cum.

"Ever been fucked by a woman with a ten inch strap on?"

Her fingers are replaced by a dildo pressing against my entrance, feeling larger than anything I have even taken before. I try to relax and spread my legs wider to allow her access while she pushes the dildo slowly inside me, filling my pussy in a way that it never has been before. Pushing it deeper and deeper all the time, I moan and push back against her wanting her to fuck me hard and fast. Finally when I think that she cannot possibly get any deeper, she withdraws almost totally before slamming it back inside me causing me to cry out aloud in shock and pleasure and keep fucking me like that making my entire body shake and slam against the desk. She grabs my hair as she speed up her rhythm as I feel my orgasm start to build.

"Come for me slut, show me what a little whore you are by cumming for a woman you just picked up," she growls at me as I feel my orgasm explode from deep within.

Screaming with pleasure as she continues to pound into me, wave after wave of pleasure sweeps over me until finally I can take no more and collapse forward my breathe sobbing in my throat as I feel her withdraw from me. Leaning over me she releases the blindfold and unties my hands before leading me to the bed where she sits holding me as I shake with the strength of the orgasm lying against her.

Finally I regain control and sit up turning to her and kiss her deeply, "Mmm thank you honey, that was amazing."

She smiles at me before kissing me back, "That's okay love, although its my turn tomorrow night."

Laughing I push her back onto the bed and sit astride her, "Okay, so will you pick me up instead then?"

Pulling me down so I am lying in her arms, "Mmmm, yeah but lets do it from a hotel bar instead, what do you think."

"Okay honey," I lean up to kiss her cheek and lie back down content to be back where I belong, in the arms of my love.

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