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Beautiful Lee II

Lee and I get married, help another couple
Beautiful Lee Part 2

I wrote the first segment several months ago. Since then Lee and I have been exclusive.

One day, about six weeks after we met, when we weren’t seeing each other because of the kids, Lee’s ex came to the house. I was outside working in my yard and saw his Mercedes pull up. His blond bimbo was in the passenger seat. I thought it odd he was showing up since Lee hadn’t mentioned anything to me the night before when we spoke. Anna answered the door and look surprised, then called, “Momma, Daddy is here.”

Lee came to the door and soon I heard her ex start yelling, and he called her a couple names. I looked over at her next door neighbor and saw he was watching, then saw him start walking toward Lee’s house. I had my hoe in my hand as I started walking over too. As I got to the Mercedes I looked in at the Bimbo and said, “You better get in the driver’s seat and go.” She started to say something and I said, “Now! And don’t ever come back here!” I stood by the car until she drove away. The ex watched and started to yell.

“Hey, asshole, you’re disturbing my peace,” I said

“Don’t interfere,” he replied. “This is between my wife and me.”

“You ain’t married to her anymore,” her next door neighbor stated.

“You men need to leave,” the ex said a little shaky.

“I think it’s you who needs to leave. It was peaceful until you showed up.” I leaned on the hoe, but spoke forcefully.

The next door neighbor’s wife arrived. “I called 911, the police are on the way.”

All of a sudden the asshole-dentist decided he needed to go. “Naw, buddy, the police are coming, you best be stayin’ now.” I liked the next door neighbor more and more.

The ex made to leave and I stood straight up and picked the hoe up. I didn’t say anything, but it could appear threatening. Within a minute two police cruisers arrived. They recommended Lee apply for a temporary protection order, which she did. The ex ended up walking away.

Just as the police departed Lee’s parents arrived. They went into the house, about half an hour later her father came out and walked up to me.

“Hi, I’m Lourdes’ father. I want to thank you for helping my daughter today.” He stuck his hand out and I shook it.

“My pleasure. The jerk that was here seemed to be picking on her and I just couldn’t stand by and watch – that’s not how my parents raised me.”

“You had good parents. Lourdes tells her mother and me you’re retired Navy.”

“Yes, I am. Retired as a Senior Chief Nav about two months ago.”

“I’m a retired Senior Chief Mess Specialist. I’m Manuel. ” His handshake was warm and firm.

We stood and talked about Navy and family for a while until Lee, her mother, and the kids walked out. When they came over to us Lee’s mother told Manuel about when I loaned Lee my BMW the day her van wouldn’t start. We talked a little while longer then I started putting my gardening tools away. As Lee’s parents departed I went into my house to shower. When Lee’s kids were home I didn’t go over too much as we didn’t want them talking about our relationship.

About 9:00 PM my phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Lee.

“Hi, Sweetie,” I said.

“Are you busy?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“Because you deserve a big reward for helping me today.”

Oh? What about your next door neighbor?”

“Hah! Let his wife reward him.”

“I’ll be right over.”

I was wearing shorts, a golf shirt, and sandals. Lee quietly opened the door as I arrived. She was wearing only a lightweight robe. We quickly went to the bedroom where the robe disappeared. Something was different. She had completely shaved her pussy. “I wanted to try it for you,” she said.

“I’ve never had a woman do that before.”

“We’ll try it together.” Her hand removed my shirt, shorts, and briefs. I kicked my sandals off. Lee took me by my cock and guided me to the bed where I laid down. She then knelt by the bed and placed dozens of kisses on my cock before engulfing it with her mouth. I told Lee several times that I like eating pussy as much as I like being sucked, but she finds that hard to believe. I reached down and pulled her up onto the bed, turned her around to a 69, and began licking her from clit to asshole. I loved listening to her moans of pleasure.

“Gerry, that feels wonderful, but I am supposed to be rewarding you.”

“You are, Sweetie, I love doing this.” I continued applying firm pressure on her clit, then licking her labia and all the way back to her little brown star. At one point I felt her stiffen, shake a bit, then release a flood of juices. I continued my oral assault. And she returned to sucking on my cock.

After Lee relaxed from her orgasm I felt her grab my right index finger, dip it into her pussy, and then rub it on her star. She repeated this twice, something she had never done. She then positioned the fingertip at the star and pushed. My finger entered her ass. She rotated her hips a few seconds then settled back. Then Lee pushed my finger in to the second knuckle, pulled out, pushed back in, and pulled out. I started sticking my tongue in and out in time with her movements with my finger in her ass. She kept the same pattern with her mouth on my cock. Lee moved her hand from my finger, and I took the opportunity to get more lube from her pussy, then returned my finger to her ass. I could feel my orgasm coming on and told her.

“Good, I want you to come in my mouth this time. I think I’m coming again too. Try two fingers in me, but lube them good.” I pulled my finger out and lubed my middle and index fingers as much as I could, smearing some of her natural lube on her star. I felt my come rising up my cock and let go a large burst. I inserted both fingers in her as I sucked hard on her clit. Soon Lee was bouncing hard on my mouth as I fingered her ass, and she came hard a second time flooding my mouth. A few moments after calming down Lee turned around and laid her head on my chest.
“Gerry, this was supposed to be all about you.”

“It was, Lee, and making you happy makes me happy.” I rubbed my hands up and down her back and butt as I spoke.

She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. “What would make me happy is for you to make love to me in my behind. No one else has touched me there. I want you to be the only one.”

“Are you sure, Lee? I’m kind of big.”

“Yes, I’m sure. You’re big, but you’re gentle.” She reached between us and started massaging my cock to get it hard. Considering what she was planning for us it didn’t take long.

“Have you done this before, because I don’t really know how?”

“No, I never have. I know you need to be lubed, and we need to go slow.”

“Can we use the lubricant from my vagina?” She asked as she lay on her side.

“I think so, and you came a lot.” I reached down and took some pussy juice and began lubing her rectum. She reached back and continued making me hard. I her rolled over onto her tummy keeping her pelvis close to the bed. I got behind her. Soon I slid down a bit and began feeding my cock into her pussy.

“Get it nice and slick, I want to try this without us getting frustrated.”

I began slowly thrusting into her, and it felt ohhh so good. She has the best pussy I’ve ever felt. Soon I started thrusting harder and faster, I couldn’t help it. Lee put her hand on my hip to slow me down. “Remember what we’re doing here.” She moved forward and my cock slid out of her pussy. She reached back again and put my cock at the entrance to her rectum. “Nice and slow, please.” She reached up and pulled my head down for a sensual kiss, slowly running her tongue around the inside of my mouth. I felt her push back firmly with her hips. My cock felt pressure and bent slightly without entering her. I reached down and held it firmly as she again applied pressure with her hips. I too pushed and felt my tip slide into her. Lee pulled her head back and sharply inhaled.

“Are you OK?” I asked moving my hips back.

Lee’s hips moved back with mine. “Don’t pull out!” She said. “It hurts a tiny bit, but feels good too. Can you rub me?” She spread her legs more. Her hand moved over my butt and pulled me into her a little more. When her hand released pressure I stopped moving. My hand underneath her reached up and cupped her breast and I lightly pinched her nipple.

“Oh, Gerry, this feels so different.”

“Good different?” I asked.

“Yes, sort of. It’s hard to explain. I feel full, but excited. Push in some more.” I slid another couple inches in.” “How does it feel for you?” Lee asked.

“Tight. Warm and tight.”


“Yes, good too.” I was excited as well and couldn’t wait to begin thrusting.

Lee reached down to her pussy, taking some of her juices and smeared them on the part of my cock still outside. “I think my own lube dries too soon. Next time we might need something else.” 'Next time?' I thought.

 “Push in some more.” she said. I pushed some more into her and stopped. I felt her hand measuring how much remained outside of her.
“Pull out some and push in more. Make love to me.” I pulled out halfway and pushed more inside.

“Again,” she said as she spread more of her lube on my cock. Soon my front hit her butt, my balls hit her pussy. “That feels like all of you,” she said sweetly and continued with “Go ahead and go slow.”

I began a slow movement pulling about three-quarters of my cock out then pushing it back in. After a couple minutes Lee told me there was no pain at all and she felt a climax coming on. I sped up and soon was going as fast as I usually did in her pussy. I thrust deep into her bowels. Her fingers took over rubbing her clit. Lee arched her back, groaned loudly, and exploded in orgasm. I let loose a flood of come into her, coming right after she did.

“Oh Gerry, oh Gerry,” she said as she turned her head to face me. “That was wonderful. I wanted to please you, but I got the pleasure.”

“It was great for me too.” I could feel myself shrinking. “Try not to pull out just yet. I’m afraid I’ll leak, and I want to lay here with you.”

“I’ll try, but after coming twice in an hour I’m going to shrink.”

“I know. But try.” I held and rubbed both her breasts as I tried to stay inside her ass. Soon it was impossible and I slipped out. I reached back to the floor and grabbed my T shirt and put it against her ass. Lee got up and went to sit on the toilet. When the light came on I too got up and went to wash my cock with soap and water. When I finished and turned to look at Lee, she looked up at me and said, “I’ve fallen in love with you.”


I thought about making this a separate entry but decided to include it with the previous entry.

I answered the phone after recognizing the name and number of a sailor who worked for me on my last submarine. “Hey, Senior Chief, how are you?”

“It’s Gerry, you knucklehead.” We reminisced for a few minutes then Austin became serious. “Gerry, Jenny and I have something serious we want to talk over with you.”

“I don’t want to join Amway or something like that if that’s where you’re going.”

“No, nothing like that. Any chance we can come by for a chat?”

Half-an-hour later they we sitting on my new leather sofa. They both looked sad and nervous. “Gerry, we’ve been trying to have a kid for a couple years. We recently went through tests and found out I’m pretty much shooting blanks,” Austin said. He was tall, like me, had dark blond hair and blue eyes like me – I could see where this might be going. “We could adopt, and still might. But Jenny wants to have a baby of our own, or at least go through a pregnancy and nurse a baby.”

I looked at Jenny, and she was great to look at. Tall, at least 5’9”, medium build, and large breasts, at least a C cup. She had light brown hair and green eyes. She was pretty enough to be a model.

But right now she was crying.

“I take it you’re looking at other alternatives?”

“Yes,” Austin replied. “Artificial insemination. But I don’t have any live sperm to inseminate. I had mumps when I was a teenager. “

“I don’t want to just go to a sperm bank and be inseminated with some stranger’s semen. I want someone we know and trust, and who cares about us,” Jenny added.

“I’m flattered, I’ll tell you that.” My head was spinning. But, first and foremost, I had to bring Lee

in on this. She was a big part of my life. “I, or I should say, we need to talk to my girlfriend about this. She’s become a significant part of me, and I’m thinking of asking her to marry me.”

“Senior Chief, that’s great, you’ve never been married before, have you?” Austin exclaimed.

“No, I haven’t”

“What do you think she’ll say?” Jenny asked nervously.

“I don’t know. Let’s go across the street and ask her.”

We sat in Lee’s livingroom while she put the kids to bed. She then joined us and sat next to me on the sofa. “So what is this about?” she asked me.

“Austin and Jenny have a…problem they want my help with. I wanted your input.”

“What is it?” She asked me.

“I’d rather Austin tell you.”

Lee looked at Austin. Austin didn’t look as nervous as when he asked me. Maybe he felt I was supportive. “Jenny and I have been trying to have a baby. It turns out my sperm are all dead, or I’m not making them or something. We asked Gerry if he’d be a donor.”

Lee looked at me. “And you came to be because…?”

“Because I love you. And I know you love me, and I felt like it was a decision we should make together.”

“You definitely gave the right answer, about us making the decision together. I was afraid you wanted me to decide.” Lee titled her head back and sighed. “What are you thinking about this?”

“I was asked only half-an-hour ago myself.”

Lee rubbed her temples. “This is a lot to take in, and it’s not even like if I was asked to be a surrogate mother and carry a baby. But I know what it’s like to be pregnant, and to give birth, and to nurse a baby.” She sat up and looked at me. “What would you do if I wasn’t in the picture?”

“Ummm. I’d probably do it for them.”

Austin and Jenny looked relieved.

“Would you expect Gerry to be a part of the child’s life?” Lee asked the couple.

Austin and Jenny looked at each other, then Jenny replied, “We’d prefer not. We’d rather people think the baby is entirely ours.”

“This is so much to think about. But,” she looked at me, then at Jenny and Austin, “Thank you for considering me.”

“Do you want more time to think about it, “Austin asked. “We can meet again sometime.”

“Not really,” Lee replied. “I guess I’m willing to let Gerry help you. I just ask one thing.”

“What’s that?” we three asked together.

“I want him to get me pregnant first.” She looked me right in the eyes.

My jaw must have it the floor. “You what?”

“That’s right,” she said softly putting her hand on my cheek. “You deserve a child, one to call your own. And I want to have him or her for you.”

“But…your family. And your reputation as a teacher….”

“That just means we’ll have to get married soon.” She looked at Jenny and Austin. “Would you be willing to wait a few months?”

Jenny and Austin looked at each other, and then nodded at us.

Five months later Lee and I were married. Due to her divorce we didn’t get married in the Catholic church, we used a base chapel and a Navy chaplain. Lee’s parents were helpful in getting the family to accept me, and in helping plan the wedding. We were going to have a small wedding, but it kept getting bigger and bigger. Nearly the whole crew from my last sub showed up. Lee had gone off the pill, and we were careful about her dates, not wanting any impression that when she did get pregnant that it could have happened before the wedding. We decided to begin trying one month after the wedding. One week before her most fertile time she looked at me seriously and said, “Today is the last day we make love until my most fertile period.”

“But it’s a Tuesday; we have to go to work today.”

She grabbed me by the cock and pulled me to her sweet pussy. I was hard in a second and we made long, slow love.

“What about tonight?” I asked after we were done and climbed in the shower.

“Yes, tonight for sure. But then none for six days.”

“I’m not sure I can hold out for six days,” I complained.

“I’m more worried about me than you.” She said seriously.

Six days later after we put the kids to bed, I went in and took a quick shower. I expected Lee to join me, but she didn’t. When I exited the master bathroom I saw Lee laying back in her honeymoon negligee, and a pillow under her butt. Candles were burning around the room, the setting was quite romantic.

“No shower?” I asked, as she usually took a quick one before bed.

“I don’t want to take a chance of soap or something killing your sperm.”

I dropped the towel and lay down next to her. “I love you so much,” I told her.

She reached down and grabbed my balls. “Have these got a lot for me?” she asked.

“They must, they’re painful.”

“Then use your fingers or mouth and give me an orgasm to get me going. That makes me more fertile.” I don’t know where she heard that before, might have been a Filipino old wives tail. But I wasn’t going to argue. I got between her legs and used my fingers and mouth, and soon she had an orgasm. “OK, now fill me up! Give me your baby.”

I slid right in and started a slow in and out movement. She raised and lowered her hips with me as best she could with the pillow under her. I lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth. She soon had a mind-blowing orgasm, and as I felt her pussy muscles contract around my cock I gave one last surge and emptied a large load into her. “Stay deep inside me for a while. Let’s make certain your seed goes deep into me.”

“Sweetie, there’s no place else I’d rather be right now.” She squeezed me tight with her arms, and with her pussy muscles.

We made love several times over the next four days ‘just to make sure’ we said. About three weeks later Lee used a home pregnancy test and confirmed she was pregnant. A few days later she had it officially confirmed at the Naval hospital.

Lee called Jenny on the phone during her lunch period. Jenny told her the next evening was the start of her most fertile period. When I arrived home from work Lee told me she was taking the kids over to her sister’s house to spend the night the next night so we could meet with Jenny and Austin. “How are we going to work this out?”

“Jenny and I talked about that on the phone. She and Austin will be talking about it this evening.”

“I’d have thought they’d already discussed it.”

Lee turned from the stove, “Gerry. This is a most intimate thing for a woman. You’re talking about her most private places, and where strangers have poked and prodded her.”

I wrapped my arms around Lee, “I know. And I’m looking forward to poking and prodding….”

She spun away from me. “No, you need to save your seed.”

The next evening Austin and Jenny came to our house (mine, we put Lee’s up for rent).

“How are we going to do this?” I asked.

“As I told you, Jenny and I discussed this. We decided, and I think Austin is good with it, that you will make love with me. But, before you cum, you will go into Jenny and give her your seed.”

“What?! “ I exclaimed. You want me to….”

Lee put her fingers over my lips to quiet me. “Gerry, Sweetheart, you’re not making love to her. You’re getting her pregnant.”

“I don’t know about….” Lee again quieted me.

“Gerry, would you want to dribble into a cup and have a turkey baseter shoved into your friend’s wife?”

“No, but….” Again she put her fingers over my mouth.

“Then you, Jenny, and I are going into the bedroom. Austin said he’d wait out here. We will make it as humanly clinical as possible.”

When we shut the bedroom door I watched Jenny kick her shoes off, then reach under her skirt and remove her panties. Lee took one of our large pillows and placed it near the end of the bed. Jenny climbed up on the bed and laid her butt on the pillow, then closed her eyes. Lee turned and removed my pants and shorts after I kicked my shoes off. She then removed her pants and panties and turned around putting her hands on the bed. “Remember, don’t cum in me, save it for Jenny and Austin.”

As I glanced at Jenny I could see she had her hand under her skirt and was, I surmised, rubbing her clit. I lined up my cock at the entrance to Lee’s pussy, rubbed it up and down to gather lube, and gently slid in. I began a slow gentle in and out motion. Lee’s never been fond of the doggie or standing position, so this was different.

“Jenny, think of Austin laying here next to you, making love to you. Try and cum, it will help you get pregnant,” Lee told her.

“Uh-huh,” was the reply.

When I looked at Jenny I could see she had spread her legs, and her hips were moving up and down. It didn’t appear she was having a problem getting toward orgasm. I felt Lee reach down and lightly grab my balls. I licked my finger and put it in her brown star. This caught her by surprise, and she looked over her shoulder at me smiling. Then she quietly said, “This isn’t about me.” I tilted my head toward Jenny, and Lee could see Jenny was approaching her climax. Lee looked back at me, “Are you close?”

“Getting there,” I replied.

Jenny began grunting and her face was turning pink. I could see her nipples standing up through her blouse and bra. I felt my jism heading from my balls to my cock. “Lee, it’s getting close.”

Lee moved her hips forward and turned, grabbing my cock. She led me to Jenny’s spread legs, lifted her skirt, and guided me to Jenny’s vagina. “Pretend it’s Austin,” she said quietly. I slid in with only three strokes. I began long, quick, deep strokes. Soon Jenny lifted her legs over my shoulders, grabbed my ass, rolled her head back and began saying, “Oh, god, oh god,” over and over. I felt my climax coming on, made two slow, deep lunges, and began depositing a large deposit of cum deep inside her. I felt her pussy muscles squeezing me tight.” “Austin is giving you a baby, Jenny.” Lee rubbed her leg and she spoke quietly to her. Soon Jenny lowered her legs, I pulled back, and Lee covered Jenny’s pubic area with her skirt.

I wiped myself with a warm, damp washcloth Lee brought to me. Lee pulled her pants on and said, “There is a washcloth, and a light days pad, on the bathroom counter for you when you’re ready. We’ll go sit with Austin. Lay like that for a few minutes to make sure the seed gets to your egg. Then come join us. You need to make love to Austin to reassure him.”

Jenny nodded and said, “Thank you.”

After seeing Austin and Jenny out the door, Lee turned and grabbed my hand pulling me to the bedroom. “Come on, you have to make love to me.”

“Is this to reassure you, or me?”

“Neither. You came, Jenny came, you brought me part way and went into Jenny.” She stripped her clothes off quickly and lay down. “Now, come finish the job!”

I love my wife.

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