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Becoming One

Tags: love
A love the lasts lifetimes...

As I lay here gently stroking her face, listening to her breathing, I think back to how we became one.   We met in a chat room of all places, or a sex chat room to be more precise. We started flirting, speaking of fetishes and desires, and quickly formed a friendship.   Through our conversations online and other places this friendship grew into something neither of us had ever experienced. A feeling so deep, as though we had been lovers in many other lifetimes, slaves to one another’s soul for eons.   And today is the first time we physically touched one another in this lifetime. My heart is still racing, the blood surging through my body, into my loins again…I pull her against me, feeling the heat of our bodies, the sheets below us, still wet from our couplings.

She picked me up at the airport at 10:00am. By the look on her face she was as nervous as I was.   Neither of us had ever met someone from online conversations. As she walked towards me my heart stopped, her beauty taking my breath, her body carved by the Gods….a walking Greek statue.   I try to calm myself, taking deep breaths as she approaches. As we stand before one another, staring silently, we speak. Yet these are not words heard by any but us, our souls communicating through a shared thread of existence. I reach to touch her face, and upon contact it is as though a million tiny firecrackers explode in my fingertips. I see visions of our past, of years and lifetimes we have shared holding, clinging to one another. Yes I know this woman; this is my woman, my soul mate, the one who completes me. Wordlessly we leave the airport, hand in hand, floating on a sea of love and desire. As we enter the hotel room, still not having spoke an audible word we disrobe. I remember her lips as though I kiss them every morning, the taste of her tongue, the feel of her breasts on my chest. Our kiss becomes heated, desire taking over our souls, we fall to the bed. My lips on her neck, guiding themselves by a map drawn by lifetimes of habit. My hands on her breasts, feeling each supple curve, knowing each sensitive spot to touch, and when to touch it. Her fingers on my face and back, feeling each distinct muscle , her nails carving a trench to my depths. I feel her hips rising, her sex against mine, both of us wanton, wet with desire. I enter her, feeling this heavenly place that I know was made just for me. Every twitch of her muscles finding their proper place around me, feeling the bottom of her cervix, as though the depth was   set to the exact millimeter. Breaking our kiss, I look into her eyes, feeling a love, a need that goes so far beyond sex, I feel her tighten around me, her nails drawing blood on my back, her pupils narrow, and we explode... Together… as we have so many times before. I stroke her face, gently kiss her lips, and once again tell her without moving my lips….“I love you baby”…..

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