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Beneath a Moonless Sky

Beneath a Moonless Sky

Tags: love
Two lovers share one last forbidden tryst.
It had been weeks since I had seen Eric, yet I remembered his face well. The day I left was the day my heart broke. I just had not realized it yet. He was unique, talented. Eric was a musician, an artist, a sculptor, a writer, and one of the most profoundly amazing men I'd ever met. I had made my choice, though. At least, I thought I had.

It was the night just before my wedding, and I went looking for him. I had to know that I was not making a mistake, that I should be marrying my fiance. I found Eric skulking in a pithy, rundown pit of a hotel; the only place he could disappear from the world's view. He looked shocked to see me, though I noticed his eyes taking in my lithe form appreciatively all the same.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting married tomorrow?"

He asked me this quietly, his voice reflecting that he already knew the answer as his eyes caught mine.

I trembled when he spoke.

"Yes, but I had to see you. I came to say goodbye."

He sighed deeply as he rose from his seat. Wordlessly, he turned and walked towards the stairwell, going up the stairs slowly. Entranced, I followed, though not sure why.

My heart began to race. I almost turned and ran home, but something kept me following him. I was here only for him. Eric unlocked the door to a small room, the light from the hall illuminating half of his face, like a mask. He gestured for me to enter first.

I hesitated for only a second, quickly darting inside before I could lose my nerve. He closed the door behind him, casting the room into complete and utter darkness. Not even the moon dared to shine on this most taboo of meetings. I sat down on the edge of the bed, terrified of the unknown. I felt a hand softly touch my face and I looked up, only to have lips meet mine.

They were soft, yet unrelentless in their insistence. I felt my lips part of their own volition, Eric's tongue slipping in to war with mine. I moaned into his mouth.

Neither of us said a word. We just allowed instinct take over, our clothes quickly becoming less of a barrier. His hands caressed my skin as I embraced him with a need I could not deny. I whimpered softly,suddenly painfully aware of the wet heat between my legs. I could feel his bulge pressed against my core.

I knew he could feel it too.

Eric's hands slowly peeled off my lingerie and gently guided me to lay down on the bed. He took his time, his mouth and hands leaving no inch of my skin untouched. I felt like my body might burst into flames if he did not take me soon. I moaned again as his mouth nestled against my wet slit.

He slid his tongue across it, causing me to shiver, whimpering with wanton lust. Eric slipped a finger in, his mouth sending the most amazing sensations through my body. I felt like I was in heaven, right there in that tiny hotel room.

He slid in another finger, causing my back to arch up off the bed. I could barely think with his skin still in firm contact with mine. I grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth off my swollen clit, bringing him up so that I could claim his lips. I could taste myself on his tongue as he continued fingering my tight slit until I couldn't stand it anymore.

I tugged at his pants, removing them and his boxers in one fell swoop. His erect cock sprang up, measuring an impressive thick nine inches. I could not wait any longer, so I guided him to my dripping pussy.

We had reached the point of no return.A single thrust, and his whole shaft was buried deep within me, causing me to gasp in pain as he breached the only barrier left between us.

He paused, looking at me with concern.

"I promise I'm alright." I gasped. "Please..."

Eric let himself pull almost all the way out, finding a slow, sensual rhythm. I was in ecstasy, all thoughts of my wedding the next day gone. I knew then that I loved Eric and could be with nobody else.

His lips continued their reverent worship of the tender spot where my neck met my shoulder, eliciting small moans and whisper from my throat. His rhythm slowly began to pick up pace, becoming more frenzied, almost animalistic in its primal ferocity. I never felt so alive as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed over me, threatening to pull me into their depths.

I screamed out as I climaxed, my inner walls massaging Eric's throbbing member and taking him with me. He thrust into me one last time, burying himself deeply as he pumped his seed deep inside of me. He slowly pulled out of my still quivering form and I rolled onto my side, snuggling into him as he laid down.

I quickly fell into the deepest and most restful sleep I had ever wished for. I loved Eric. Nothing else mattered. When I awoke, I knew what I had to do. I slowly opened my eyes, ready to tell him I loved him and that I couldn't be married unless it was to him.

The bed beside me was empty and the room was bare. He had moved on as I slept. So I did the only thing I could do: I married a man I did not love because it was what everyone expected of me. But I knew I would never regret the night with Eric that would be branded on my heart forever; the night with the man I loved, beneath a moonless sky.
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