Bike Ride

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The morning ride goes extremely well
It’s Saturday morning and we plan to meet up while I’m riding my bike and for you to bring me back to your house for a few hours. I’m in my usual attire, biking jersey and my tight biking shorts. When you find me along the road, I load my bike into your car and see you dressed comfortably in Capri’s and a low cut tank top.As we drive back to your place, you reach over and begin rubbing my cock to get it rock hard. I go to move my shorts out of the way so you can have skin on skin but you stop me and tell me that you want my shorts to show every curve of my cock so I leave them up.

By this time I’m rock hard and my shorts are so tight that you can see the outline of my cock. I reach over and start to rub your b reast to discover that you don’t have a bra on so I work on getting your nipple hard so your nipple is poking through your shirt. As you continue to rub my cock, I lean over and suck your nipple through your shirt. As I suck on your tit, your grip on my cock gets tighter every time I give your nipple a little nibble. As I continue sucking your tit I slide my hand under your shirt and slide my hand across your stomach and around your waist. Once I get my arm around you, I slide my hand down your pants to discover that you have no panties on either but I do find the crack of your ass so I rub a finger up and down the crack of your ass while I continue to suck your nipple. Just as I start to work my hand around your waist on my way to your pussy we pull into your garage.

As I go to get out of the car, you grab my cock really hard and tell me to follow you, so I climb over the seats while you hold firmly onto my cock as you lead me into the house. As you lead me into the kitchen by my stiff cock, I grab your arm and pull you back to me and throw you up against the door and give you a deep passionate kiss while fondling your tits. As we continue to kiss, I press my body against yours to press my already stiff cock against your pussy. I start to grind my cock into your body while you try to slide your hand down my shorts. Once you get your hand down my shorts and wrapped around my cock I work on taking your tank top off of you. I take the bottom of your shirt and pull it up to release your tits from their confinement.

Once I get your shirt off of you, I start to kiss my way down your neck and then down your chest, between your breast to your stomach. As I work my way down your body your hand is sliding back out of my shorts and you begin to moan as I kiss your soft voluptuous body. Then as I kiss your stomach, I unbutton and unzip your pants and see just a hint of kitty fur poking out, so I kiss my way down to meet the kitty fur. Once I reach kitty’s fur I continue to kiss your stomach while I grab your Capri’s and slide them down your legs and take them off of you.

Once I get them off of you, I slide my hands up the inside of your legs while I kiss all around kitty but don’t kiss her. After my hands reach your pussy I slide my hands out and around your waist and begin kissing my way back up your stomach, between your breast and to your neck. Then I kiss you passionately again and then you push us away from the door and as we continue to kiss, you lead us to living room and throw me into this big comfy chair where you begin to take my jersey off of me and once you have accomplished that you begin sucking my nipples and kissing your way down my stomach to my already stiff cock. Then you grab my shorts covered cock and wrap you mouth around it and take your other hand and start to play with my balls. Then you stop playing and sucking and tear my shorts off of me and then you begin kissing your way back up my stomach and chest.

As you’re doing this, you begin rubbing your pussy up my leg until you crawl in the chair next to me and begin to lightly rub your nails around my cock and balls and then up the whole length of my cock. As you do this I let out little moans and fondle your breast and run my hand up and down your body to your pussy where I slide a finger between your already wet lips but don’t put my finger in your pussy. As I do this you let out a little moan of your own and we continue to do this for a while until you whisper in my ear, catch me if you can and take off running so I chase after you with my cock flopping around until I catch you in your bedroom where you jump on the be and lay on you back. So I jump on your bed with you and start to kiss my way up your leg to your pussy and begin eating your pussy and stopping just before you cum. Then I continue kissing my way up your stomach and start to suck on your tits while the head of my cock rubs against your pussy.

Just a little while of this teasing of your pussy, you wrap your arms around me and roll us over and give me a deep kiss while you work your pussy over my cock. As you begin down on my cock you let out moans of pleasure. Then you bounce up and down a couple of time to get my cock all lube up with your pussy juice, then you very slowly slide back up my cock so you can feel every inch of my cock while stopping just in time for the head of my cock not to fall out. Then you slowly slide back down and when you reach the base of my cock you move your hips and squeeze your pussy around my stiff cock. Then you maneuver so your feet are flat on the bed and your knees are in the air, once you get arranged you put your hands on my chest and begin moving your pussy up and down on my cock and taking it really slow so you can feel every pulse in my cock along with every curve and bulge. Then you start to slam my cock in and out of your pussy and just as your about to cum I stop you and roll you over and start to pump my cock deep into your pussy and I put your legs on my shoulders so I can get your pussy up in the air and I can drive my cock in even deeper.

After just a little bit of me slamming my cock in you, we cum together and we both scream with pleasure after a huge release. I take your legs off my shoulders and collapse on top of you and kiss you deeply. Then you reach under your pillow and give me a pair of panties and say some thing to catch all of our mixed cum while I ride home. So we get up, get dressed and you take me back to where you found me and we kiss good bye. As I ride away you drive off to head home. But riding for about a half hour, I start hearing a lot of honking so I look back to see some car flashing its lights then they go flashing by and I think to myself that looked like your car. Then the car pulls over and when I catch up to it, you’re standing outside waiting for me. Right away I ask you what is wrong and you tell me that you got a call telling you that the family is staying a couple more nights and you’re going to be home alone.

So we load my bike back in your car and we head back to your house. When we get to your house we……

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