Bill and Raquel's First Time

By Marina

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Bill has always known that his wife comes first. Her wants and desires are his to provide. Since meeting her eight years ago, at a business function, he was hooked. She consumed his life from that moment on. She knows the affect she has on him, but doesn’t over do her power, mostly.

Raquel knows that Bill was her knight in shining armor. He came along when she was at a low point in her life. She had ended an engagement and was still saddened by the end of this relationship. She knew he was not her true love.

John was a sophisticated, cultured, handsome man. She adored him and knew how to reel him in.

Raquel and her friend had plans on attending this business function for Raquel’s boss. He wanted them to mingle and maybe make connections for his law firm. They decided to dress for sex. Maybe meet someone new.

She was a young twenty-six compared to his thirty-seven years. He had been in a live- in relationship for eight years that broke up in a horrible mess. He decided that he was going to play the field and not get into anything serious. That all changed when he saw Raquel. He saw her from behind first and kept looking her way to see her from the front.

He noticed her firm round ass first. Her white skirt was tight down to her calves, showing off her ass and firm thighs. He could tell she was not wearing hose and those black high heels with three straps in the front reminded him of dominatrix shoes. Her top was black and sleeveless and he could see she had a light tan. Her hair was down to her waist—brown shiny and little wavy. He stared at her maybe she would look his way.

He wanted to see her face and walked to the bar and ordered a beer and turned and looked in her direction. She saw him looking at her, more like staring. She like the way he stared. The two glasses of wine made her cheeks blush. He walked by and smiled. What a beautiful man she thought. He was tall—6’3 at least. She needed to meet him. Raquel’s friend was in a conversation with a guy and she excused herself to the bathroom.

She made her way toward Bill and he just gazed as she walked by. He thought she was coming to talk to him and just walked passed. He watched her walk down the hall. He thought that maybe she was leaving and left his conversation and followed her. He could smell her fresh scent. . As she entered the ladies room she glanced back and he was there.

In the bathroom, she freshened up her lipstick and pinched her already blushing cheeks. Would he be there when she stepped out? Waiting down the hall there he was. Standing against the wall she walked up to him. They stood there just talking and getting to know each other. He looked at her up and down while they talked. They got more drinks and went outside for fresh air. They walked to a bench for a seat.

She accidently dropped her glass of wine on his pant leg. She said she was sorry about a hundred times and said it’s ok. The way he looked at her took her breath away. She wanted him to kiss her so bad. Finally, she grabbed the back of his head and looked deep into his eyes before pulling him close and kissed him. She could taste the beer on his breath but it didn’t bother her.

Sometimes a first kiss can be awkward but this wasn’t. Their tongues moved slow at first but moved faster, circling and tasting eachother. He touched her back with both hands, pulling her close. Her hands hugging him around the neck. The sound of their kissing drove her crazy. She wanted him and she put her hand on his thigh and moved up and felt his hard on. He stopped kissing her and asked if she would like to wait in his car.

She worried because her friend would be there soon and Bill suggested she cancel the ride. She called her friend and canceled. Good thing her gay, guy friend understood. Sitting in his car they resumed their heavy kissing. She wanted him so bad her pussy ached for him. His hands were all over her body. He touched her breasts through her top and moved down to her legs. He could tell she was athletic but her skirt was too tight to reach up. They were getting sweaty and hot and he suggested they go to his place. She thought that she didn’t want to be somewhere she wasn’t familiar with and said, “No, let’s go to my place.”

The ten minute drive seemed like forever. His hands on her knee and hers rubbing his hair behind his neck as she guided him to her house. He opened the door of his car for her and she let him open her house door. She could feel the wine go to her head and he followed her to the bedroom. She excused herself to the bathroom. As he waited for her, he took off his shirt and his shoes and socks. She looked at herself in the mirror. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall and took off her top and let that fall to the floor. She brushed her teeth and put on her silk robe.

She came out of the bathroom and he immediately was hard again. He sat at the end of her bed and she walked up to him. He spread his legs and she stepped close to him. They didn’t say a word to each other he hugged her waist and felt her long hair. He undid the belt of the robe and opened it up. She was wearing a black lace demi-bra and black lace bikini panties. Her body firm and her beautiful light brown Latina skin. Her breasts popping out of the bra.

He looked down her legs and she still had on the heels. He let the robe fall off her shoulders to the floor and grabbed her ass and pulled her close. They kissed and she leaned down and unzipped his pants and unbuckled the belt.

She felt his hard on and he stood to drop his pants and boxers. He picked her up and put her on the bed. He stared at her curvy body. He took off both of her shoes, then he moved next to her on the bed. His naked body next to hers. She took his manhood into her hand and stroked it. His wetness at the tip helped her to slide her hand up and down. He reached behind her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it off. Her breasts were firm and he grabbed at them, squeezing and sucking. Her nipples were hard, popping out.

He reached down past her navel and he slipped his fingers down her panties. Their breath increased and her pussy ached for him to touch her. She was already juicy from the first time they kissed. He touched the wetness and he wanted to taste her. He pulled down her panties and she kicked them off. His finger finds her clit and he rubs it gently.

She couldn’t stand it and came to a climax. He felt her body tremble and heard her light whimpers. He had to taste her now. He spread her legs and went down in between. He started licking her, then sucking on all the juicy wetness.

He pushed his face deep and he tongued her clit and moved to tongue fuck her sweet pussy. She was trying to hold back her noises but she couldn’t control them now. She moaned and writhed on the bed. She wrapped her legs around his head as she came again. Her sounds turned him on even more.

He wanted her now and he moved up her body. She grabbed his cock and spread her legs. She guided him closer. He pushed in her tight little hole. Slowly he slid in and felt her warm, wet juices welcome him. He pushed in slowly a couple of times and then he just let go on her.

He pushed deep and wondered if her tiny frame couldn take it, but she could. She could feel him deep to her belly. As he pounded her, Raquel was ready to come again and did so with such force it drained everything from her.

He never let up until he felt like he was ready to explode. He started to tense and he started to come inside her, never thinking about whether she was on birth control or not. He lost all control and pumped out every drop. He lay his sweaty body on hers. She felt his cock pulse inside her. He pulled off her body and stretched out beside her. They lay in each other’s arms and fell to blissful slumber.

And so Bill and Raquel’s story begins.