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Blondie's Midnight Snack

Blondie's Midnight Snack

It's Just A Midnight Snack
I wake with a need, one I can’t explain, but it hurts. It hurts deep inside; you know the type of pain only a lover can help relieve. I watch him sleep, and he is perfectly beautiful in the moon light. I notice the time; it’s late, close to 3:00 in the morning. I can’t help it, I need him.

He is sleeping on his back, wearing nothing, as he always does. He looks so peaceful; it’s a shame I’m about to wake him, but I can’t deny this need. I let my hand slide down towards his cock, feeling it in my hand. I know how much power he holds when he is hard and fucking me. This makes the pain deep inside me hurt worse.

I stroke him, feeling him grow quickly hard for me. He doesn't wake, surprisingly. My lips wrap around him now, I have to taste him. There is still a hint of sex in the air, from before we went to bed. He tastes like us too, and I like it. My tongue tickles his cock every so lightly working down him with desires.

Its then I hear him stir, he slowly wakes. I look up at him a small, almost shy smile on my face. I don’t want to stop; he tastes good in my mouth. He lifts his hips upwards telling me to go on. Why stop now, I’m hard kind of look on his face. I don’t stop; I want him in my mouth. I start to suck on him a little faster now. He’s awake now; I can suck on him properly.

My eyes are locked on his, he is staring into my soul the way he does when we make love. He has me stop, and lifts me up until he’s on top of me. He looks down at me with his beautiful soulful eyes and smiles.

“Do you need me, lover?”

“I do. Please, baby.” My breath trembles; I stare at him.

“You never have to ask me twice.”

He leans down and kisses me sweetly, letting it linger for a life time. My legs are wrapped around him, I pull him closer. With a soft but urgent thrust he is inside me. He works his full length inside me. My mouth, still on his, is too involved in our kiss to moan. It’s more like a groan that seems to last. His body begins to work the way he does when he is in need. I seemed to light his fire as badly as my own.

Powerful thrusts are taking me hard, filling the need that woke me from my sleep. I feel the pain inside me, that hurt deepen. I know soon it will be eased. His mouth moves to my tits and sucks hard on them. He isn't rough with his thrusts, just powerful. He bottoms out with each thrust. He knows what I’m after, and he wants it too.

“Give me what you were after.” His voice is husky from sleep, but also with that need. I’m feeling the desires getting so close that I moan out. “I’m so close, lover.” He smiles and moves deeper inside me. I look into the eyes of the man I love and I feel myself cum around him. His eyes widen in a pleased look, never slowing his pace.

The pain that hurt me so much, that had built up in my sleep, lets go as I cum. He brings it out of me before filling me with his own built up pain. He releases hard, groaning that he loves me. It's what I needed all along, those words at that very moment.

He lies upon me. “Did you need a midnight snack, lover?” He teases me, kissing my lips. “I don’t know where it came from, I just needed you.” I say breathlessly, still trying to catch air into my lungs.

“I aim to please, it seems I have,” he tells me, closing his eyes and resting his head on my chest.

“You did indeed.” I whisper.

When I wake, he isn't on me, he’s rolled back onto his side of the bed. I slip out of bed and decide to make him breakfast in bed as a thank you. I’m happy, and remind myself at how lucky I truly am to have a man love me so much. I know what he likes and begin the coffee and decide on bacon and cheddar omelet’s for breakfast. I know it’s his favourite.

I fantasize about him coming down from bed and coming up behind me and having his way all over again. The desires that I feel for him are quiet clear, and I know if I keep thinking this way I’ll not be making breakfast. It won’t stop though. I can see him quietly coming up behind me, whispering into my ear that he needs me again.

It almost seems so surreal now. My eyes closed, picturing the whole thing. I can see him wrapping his arms around me. His body pressed close to mine, setting his cock just perfectly from that angle, and thrust up inside me. He pushes deeply inside me, working all of his cock inside me hard and deep. My whole body is responding, bouncing back against him, while he fucks me a little harder.

The bacon sizzling, the coffee brewing and the eggs ready to be mixed go unnoticed as he continues to fuck me. He is aggressive; his primal need is to fill himself inside me. The whole idea of it makes me cum around him. “That’s it, give it to me. This is what you wanted.” He tells me without missing a beat. He knows my body so well.

The coffee beeps, alerting me it’s done, and I’m pulled from my fantasy of him fucking me right there in the kitchen. I mix the eggs and lay them in the pan to cook. I know he’ll be awake soon, I need to be quick. With everything ready, I head back upstairs.

Pushing the door open with my foot, he is still asleep. Though when I step on the floorboard his eyes creak open seeing me with the tray. He smiles, I smile and we eat breakfast. I tell him of my fantasy, and he promises to make it come true.

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