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Bonds And Masks

Every night's a new fantasy when you wear a mask

I meet you at your place, not exactly knowing what the night's plans are but hoping for something exciting. Anything is better than ordinary. You invite me in and take my coat and purse. You are standing there in your black boxers and nothing else. I was hoping this is where the night was going to end up! And I came prepared. Taking my coat off revealed a red skin-tight dress with my three-inch red heels. Even in my heels, I don’t come close to your height.

You grab my hands and drag me to the back bedroom. You have a king size bed because your type of nighttime activities requires lots of space. There is a single floor lamp on. The large windows are completely exposed. This is new, as you usually have dark red floor length curtains hiding us from outside city eyes. Not tonight. Tonight, you want a show.

You pull me up close to you, lifting me almost off my tippy toes with your strong hands cupping my ass. Your kiss is hard and exquisite. Fiery hot lips and tongue entered me without hesitation. You pull my tongue hard in between your teeth. My hands find your shoulder blades and I dig my nails in, gently but so that I will leave a mark.

My clothes have become my own worst enemy. Everything feels tight, constricting and uncomfortable against my blazing flesh. You turn me around forcefully and undo the long zipper on my dress. I lean my head back, so I can almost see your face while your hands enter my dress. One hand finds my breast and pinches my nipple, while the other tears down my stomach to my clit.

I throw my head back now and gasp as you push your finger in between my legs. I am so wet for this confident powerful version of you. You pinch my nipple and I moan. I still have clothes on and I could go at any instant! Your hands pull away and tear the dress from my body to the floor. I am standing, in my red heels, ass to you and I hear you groan. You press close behind me and I feel your teeth on my earlobe. Love the feeling of your hard penis against my ass, wanting to enter but not yet.

I bend over in front of you, my hands on my ankles and I listen to your strained breath. I take my heels off and throw them against the wall. I stand back up and turn around to face you. Your eyes say that you want to kiss me, passionately, but you restrain yourself. You are the master and commander in this situation. You cross your arms across your chest and tell me to undress you.

I fall to my knees, legs spread and look up at you like a beggar. My hands find your elastic waist and slowly pull down your boxers, your giant penis glistening in front of me. I look back up at you, but don’t wait for permission before I take you deep in my throat. You stand there, unflinching, like a statue, arms still crossed in front of you.

My new goal is to break that pose. I use both hands and guide you back and forth in my mouth. tongue circling your tip and sucking you hard. I pull you all the way out of my mouth and rub your dick around and between my breasts, creating a circle eight; licking the tip every time you come back between my tits. Finally, your arms fall to my head and I am delighted. I put you back into my mouth and begin sucking you slowly, letting your hands in my hair tell me the pace.

My teeth scrape the length of you and I hear you growl. Your hand pulls my hair and I stop, dropping you from my mouth, one hand lazily wiping the wetness from my lips. I pout, you have total control over me and I will do anything you command, even though it makes me so sad to not finish you.

I am kneeling on the floor and you kneel behind me. Your hands slide around my throat, squeezing just hard enough to make me catch my breath, before they slide down to my breasts, cupping them fully. I moan. You lean forward and bite my earlobe, hard. My body clenches, trying to raise my breast further toward your mouth and failing. I feel myself getting hotter and wetter. My guttural moans escaping my lips involuntarily. I am so ready for you to fuck me.

You pinch my nipples and I scream. My legs spread wider. My body aching to tell you to take me now. Take me with force. Please. My nipples are hard as rocks and my throat is closing in. please deliver me, give me that release.

I feel your hands fall away from my nipples and I feel so alone and broken. But then, I feel them pushing my shoulders down. You want me to lean forward. And I will. Anything for you love. I’m on my hands and knees, aching and waiting for you. I can’t see you or feel you. Can’t even hear you over my own blood rushing through my ears.

Then suddenly I feel a slap on my ass. Takes my breathe away. Heat rises on my skin. Yes please. More. And then I feel your hand grip hard on my cheeks, moving to my hips. Lifting and spreading me. preparing me for you. I can’t breathe. Just waiting for that all too-familiar rush of you being inside me. I drop my head and pant like a dog in heat.

You shove yourself into me. Hard and fast. All the way in deep. I growl with pleasure. Finally! You slap my ass again and I shove myself back into you. Do you like that? I nod my head, totally submissive to you now. Do you want more? I groan. Yes, Daddy please. You pump yourself into, back and forth. Your hands pulling my waist down deep as I wriggle with pleasure. Come for me. and I happily oblige. Screaming now, feeling your cock throbbing inside my most sensitive area.

I try and catch my breath but there’s no time. You are standing, and you pull me up to you. You kiss me, with sweet dark violent passion. Your hands crush the back of my neck. Both of our lips and mouths and teeth and sweet hot breath mingling together like the best type of love potion. You push me back onto the bed. I lay there, knowing exactly what comes next and feeling myself getting wet all over again with expectation.

I lie on my back and lift my arms to the headboard. You climb over me like the hunter examining his prey. Not touching me, knowing that would only bring us both closer to the edge. I watch as you tie my hands together to the headboard. And I can’t wait to let you play. You know now how much I am open to you, how much I trust you. And you would never hurt me. I get one quick glance at your face and see a small smirk. You love this feeling of all control. And I am more than willing to let you have it.

You sit on your knees on top of me just staring. I want to lean forward and touch but can’t. and my body shivers. You lick your lips and lean toward my face. You nuzzle my ear and I feel your tongue on my neck. My body cranes towards you. Every inch of me wants you, your touch, your tongue. Your hands put pressure on each side of my body, barely touching, just enough that I know they are there. Your tongue lightly tingles the skin down to my breasts.

I concentrate on breathing. Your tongue circles my nipple. My back arches to your mouth. I feel the pull of the restraints on my wrist and it only makes me want you more. I lift my legs and pull you between them. Restrained and spread. Your hands circle around the small of my back and you bite me. I gasp. Oh god, I know I could go right now with just the slightest touch. Your tongue flips wildly back and forth on my nipples. My pelvis thrusts towards you, wishing to be filled again. I groan. Please daddy please. Fuck me. your hand is suddenly in my folds, gliding around my clitoris but not entering me yet. Your left hand pulls my back closer to you as you bite my nipple again.

I scream for you. Now you slide your fingers deep into me. I wriggle and thrust towards you. Yes please. Don’t stop. You bite, suck and pull on my nipple and I thrust myself onto your fingers. I can feel your penis on my flesh. Your wet head touching me and making me scream more. I come so hard and fast. Yes daddy. More Daddy.

Before I have even stopped shuddering, you have my legs over your shoulders and your face finds my lips. That soft gentle tongue is now as hard as you. Licking me from front to back, circling my clit. I moan. I know I can’t hold it back from you now. Like a drunk that has broken the piss seal, each orgasm you give me becomes faster and faster. My feet lock behind your neck, your mouth performing miracles between my thighs.

You circle my clit one last time before your fingers push back into me. I scream. Fuck me Daddy. Please. A faster more urgent rhythm. As your fingers slide deep within me, your hot delicious lips suck my clitoris and I explode once more. My body shakes. So good. You are so very good. I am exhausted. But the best is always watching you get you pleasure.

When my body stops shaking so much, you kiss your way back up to my face. You find my lips, and I grab yours with my teeth. I taste you tasting me and purr. Your hands find my thighs and you lift and slowly shove your manhood into me. I am already moaning. Your hands lift me in rhythm to my body contracting on you. Finish me Daddy. Come for me.

Your mouth finds mine again and I feel your heart racing. My legs press you into me as deep as you can go, and I growl your name. With one last thrust, we lose ourselves together. We moan together. So hot and perfect, you collapse onto me after undoing my hands. As we try and regain our composure, I turn on my side facing you and caress your chest. Knowing that the morning brings sadness.

Not only do we have to leave each other’s embrace, we must crawl back into our shells. You, perfectly restrained. Me, the absent-minded artist. No one would ever guess about our secret relationship. And no one needs to know. We fit together perfectly, like yin and yang. Until the next free night, we can find for each other. When we get to take off the mask and be ourselves. In whatever roles we want to play.


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