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Boys; they make the best girlfriends!

A story of romance, unexpected lovers and erotic sex.
 Do you like the scent of a freshly mowed lawn? I do. But even so, it has to be right. By that I mean it needs to be a warm day with temperatures in the seventies. I also prefer if the sun is out; shining brightly down upon the neighborhood and all those who live in it. There’s just something about the smell; you inhale deeply and it smells like summer. Of course it always smells better when it’s your own yard and not one of a neighbor. When you’re out pushing that mower around your own rectangle of turf, you don’t usually stop to think about that scent until you’re done and have time to reflect on it. I like to take the time to cut mine in a striped pattern, like they do at ballparks or golf courses. I’ll never admit it’s just to irritate the young man down my block who tries so very hard, but always seems to end up with sloppy lines instead of straight ones.

I think it was on one of those summer days when I was cutting the grass that I first saw the trio. Certainly it could have been another time, but it was the one I always seemed to associate with the memory. As I cut the last few rows in the front of my home, I caught some movement in the corner of my eye and looked over as the kids walked home from classes. I was known as the friendly guy who said ‘Hello’ to those on our block, but of course with the roar from the motor all I could was offer a wave. The two older boys walking side by side waved back, although half-heartedly. One of those forced waves because I was nearly ‘an old guy’ at age twenty-seven, compared to their sixteen years of experience! But I guess I thought I knew it all when I was that age. They were identical twins and as much as they fought it, their mother was still trying to dress them the same.

However it was the young lady who followed a few steps behind the boys that had my curiosity peaked. Knowing the twins were the only children Tom and Molly Baker had, I couldn’t help but wonder whose kid she was. I shut off the mowers engine and watched them continue down the sidewalk; it was evident the three knew each other. Every minute or two Tim or Tom Junior would glance back, making sure she was still following them home. Then I shrugged my shoulders and went on about my day.

A couple of weeks after that I was home from work early again and wanted to get some light work done in the front yard. A short while later I happened to glance up and see the trio making their way down the sidewalk much like they had on the first afternoon I had seen the three of them together. I intentionally went to retrieve my mail from the street side postal box just as they came along. After exchanging a greeting with the boys, we stood and chatted for just a few minutes, while I kept my eyes glued on the young miss in their care. The dark sunglasses I wore hid my line of sight from them as the boys and I discussed assisting me with a yard project where they could make some spending money; they were eager for the opportunity.

Even though she was slightly shorter than Tim and Tom, I guessed she was around the same age as the boys. I saw her shoulder length auburn hair, her full pink lips and the cutest button nose beneath the baseball cap she had pulled down onto her head. Once, when she looked up to focus on me as I explained to the boys what I need done, I saw her eyes and they were amazing. They were large hazel colored eyes that had a definite greenish tint to them. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow sweatshirt, which seemed more suited to a guy, although the clothing fit her much better than any boy her age. Her chest was small, but I could see the development of petite breasts, even beneath the thick material. I lost my train of thought, stumbling over my words for a moment and saw her grin just before she went back to looking down again. What a terrific smile she had; why, her whole face lit up! Since the boys weren’t going to introduce her, I had to nudge them into it. “So who’s this young woman following you two around,” I asked.

“She’s our cousin and,” Tim said and then his brother Tom finished the sentence as they often did, “she’s staying with us for a while.” That was the whole explanation they offered, but for now it would have to do.

As they started edging their way towards home, I turned my attention directly on the girl, putting my hand out and saying, “Hi, I’m Mr. Paul, but you can call me Jay.”

She stuck her hand out and as I took it I was surprised at how firmly she shook it; she was stronger than she looked. “Hi,” she said as her face tilted up just enough to make eye contact with me.

She obviously didn’t expect me to make a joke at the twin’s expense, when I said, “Are you going to tell me your name or do I have to ask Thing One and Thing Two?”

She laughed loudly and once again her smile brightened up her face. Gosh, this girl was really cute, I thought, and she didn’t pull her hand away as I continued to hold it. “My name is Nicki.”

“Well it’s a real pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Nicki,” I said with obvious over-exaggeration as I kissed the back of her hand. I couldn’t believe it, but the young lady actually blushed, which in turn made me feel good that I had done it. She withdrew her hand and ran to catch up with the boys. Watching her, I could see she had a nice little butt, too. Just before she went up the Baker’s front path, I saw her turn and look back in my direction. When she saw me still watching her, she gave me the cutest little wave before she disappeared from my sight.

The following week I saw Molly Baker at our local farmer’s market. After exchanging pleasantries, she remarked that I had made a great impression on her niece. I down-played it, but asked how Nicki had come to stay with them. Molly told me that her sister Mandy was going through a bitter divorce. Mandy and Nicki had moved in with them until the divorce was final and her sister could get back on her feet. She explained further that her sister was working long hours to make every dime she could earn, which is why I hadn’t met her yet. Then she hesitated, as if she was trying to figure out how to explain something; in the end she simply said, “Nicki’s a very special child. She’s had a rough go of things and she doesn’t have many friends, but it all takes time I suppose. I’m glad she likes you, Jay. She may need someone to talk to now and then. Her parents aren’t around much, so she may turn to you. Just be careful, ok? It’s a long story.”

“That’s not a problem, Molly. If she needs to talk to someone, I can certainly lend her an ear. And I wouldn’t worry too much,” I explained, “my parents divorced when I was young and I turned out all right.”

Two weeks after my chat with Mrs. Baker, there came the day for that special project I had enlisted the boys for. I was having two large truckloads of mulch delivered on a Saturday. The plans were to shovel it into wheel barrows, then distribute it about the property in the planting beds and around the trees. The boys were supposed to be there in the morning, but when the time came neither of them showed up. I went to work without them, but soon after noticed Nicki approaching from the street. Once more she had on a pair of jeans and a light jacket, but instead of her ever-present ball cap, her auburn hair was in a ponytail at the back of her head.

“Good morning, Nicki,” I called out to welcome her.

“Good morning, Mr. Paul. I mean, Jay,” she said with a smile. “I came down to explain. Tim and Tom had a soccer match they had forgotten about when they agreed to help you out. So I told Aunt Molly I’d come down in their place.”

“Well, thanks…I was wondering what had happened. They don’t usually pass up a chance the fleece me of some cash.”

I was about to tell her that she didn’t have to spend her Saturday working for me, but she slid her hands inside a pair of leather work gloves, grabbed a pitchfork and dug right in. We worked for about three hours, stopping only to refresh ourselves with a drink of water once or twice. I was really amazed at how hard she could work; I mean, she was doing at least as much work as Tim and Tom Jr would have done. It was during those times we’d talk about things other than the yard work and I found out a great deal more about her. We exchanged likes and dislikes on a variety of subjects; I even learned that she was a senior and a year older than the twins. When asked about her age, she had said proudly, “I’ll be eighteen in just five months!”

It had begun to warm up outside as well, and I noticed Nicki had taken off her jacket so I did the same. A while later, as I was coming around the front of the house, I watched her pull her sweatshirt off above her head. All she had on now was her bra and a thin t-shirt which only defined her upper body even more. I could see she was in fantastic shape, from her flat stomach, to her muscled arms and finally, the swell of her chest. I would swear she was only a thirty-two or thirty-four A-cup, but her breasts fit her lean frame nicely. I tried to remind myself that she was much younger than me and a little less than eighteen, but that was getting less important by the minute. Just then she turned, bent over to pick up the rake she was using and reminded me how well her faded jeans looked stretched over her tight, teen ass. I shook my head quickly from side-to-side, trying to get my brain on the task at hand, not the task I would like to get my hands on!

I became aware she had seen me watching her and I saw her smiling, even though she looked away as I got closer. Deciding then and there to tease her as much as she seemed to be teasing me, I suddenly peeled off my shirt and tossed it up on the front porch, leaving me in noting but a sleeveless muscle shirt. I’m not going to brag, but for a twenty-seven year old guy I thought I looked pretty good. Nicki didn’t seem to have any problem with my six foot, two hundred pound frame or my military style hairstyle. We went on working into the early afternoon and by two O’clock we were using the hose to wash off the wheelbarrows and yard tools. I told her how I had hoped to be done with this by sundown and she had done the work of both her two cousins; I was so pleased I told her, “Nicki I am going to pay you the same amount I was going to pay both Thing One and Thing Two.”

She laughed out loud (at the Dr. Seuss reference), and it was contagious! When we stopped laughing, I told her to come inside my house and I’d make us something for lunch, but she declined saying, “I’m all dirty and sweaty and I probably smell…I need a shower.”

Without thinking about who I was talking to, I flirted with her with, “I’ve got a shower,” as I tucked a lock of her hair behind her right ear. Her entire face turned red and she began to stutter, looking at the ground again. I knew she had taken my comment badly and maybe she thought I meant we’d share a shower, but she was already taking steps backwards and making excuses. I tried to calm her down, tried to reach for her hand, but she just pulled away, said she really had to get going and just like that I found myself alone in my driveway feeling like a complete idiot. I swept off the driveway, put away all the tools and went inside to take a very hot shower – alone. I knew I was over-thinking the whole scene, but I also knew that I’d need to talk to her as soon as I could.

A couple of hours later I could be seen standing out in the driveway admiring how good my yard looked; even the old geezer from down the road had driven by and given me a frosty stare, so I knew it look great! I went in, grabbed the phone and called down to the Baker’s house. Tom Sr answered, we chatted a bit and then I asked to speak to Nicki. It was weird, but he said something about her, just like his wife had done. Some comment about ‘Nick is damaged goods’ and to ‘watch what I get myself in to’. When she got on the line, she immediately started apologizing for ‘acting like a kid’. I would have heard her, if I hadn’t been apologizing myself. Then we both stopped talking and there was dead air on the line.

Finally I said, “You like Mexican food?”


“When should I pick you up?”

“Give me fifteen minutes,” she said and then I heard her shout, “Aunt Molly, Mr. Paul is taking me out to dinner to thank me for helping him out.”

I got my wallet and keys, then went out to the garage and climbed up into my Jeep. It’s a four-door Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, black on black, lifted, big tires, the works. The only vehicle I liked driving more was a Harley Davidson motorcycle and fortunately I owned one of them too. I turn right out of the drive, travelled about 120 yards and then another right into Tom and Molly’s house. The twins were home and bummed out that they’d missed out on making some spending cash! Nicki came bounding out of the front door dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a two-piece beige lacey top; she looked amazing and I tried not to let Tom and Molly’s warnings cloud my head about her.

“I love your Jeep, Jay,” she exclaimed. Then in the next breath, “Can I drive it?”

The twins were moaning ‘no fair’ even as I said, “Maybe someday” and Tom said to me, “Nick has a driver’s license but don’t let yourself be talked into anything!”

She climbed in as I held the door for her and tried not to stare at her butt. (I failed!) We drove off to this place I was known to patronize a lot. We sat at the bar and chatted with the owner in between him barking orders to his employees; I had a couple of drinks while Nicki had a Sprecker’s root beer, then we let them seat us at a quiet table in the back. We ordered, talked, ate, joked, and played a little guessing game where I found out I was correct when I had thought, thirty-four-A (her bra) and five foot seven inches (her height). She was spot-on about my height and weight, which was a bit spooky. After a couple of hours, I drove her back towards our street. Pulling over at a local park, I could see how she immediately stiffened, as if she was expecting me to try something physical. But instead, I had a talk with her and explained that while I did ‘like her’ I thought we should remain friends, for now. She relaxed as we talked and she even let me take her hand in mine. I felt her thumb caressing mine as we talked and then she put me on the spot with a single question.

“When I turn eighteen can we have this talk again, I mean, if we both feel the same way?”

From how softly she spoke, something told me she’d only been able to ask it at all, because we were sitting in the dark and I couldn’t see her face. “Of course, whatever you want,” I heard myself answering her.

Soon after dark we were back in her driveway. I went around, opened her door and held out my hand as she stepped down. “I had fun tonight Jay,” she said. “I haven’t had a night like this, in like forever.”

Just then Nicki’s mom, Molly’s sister, came out of the house and said, “I want to talk to you,” as she walked towards us. I noticed the drink she held in her hand as she approached and wondered if this was going to get ugly or not. I also could see the similarity between her and Nicki, the same height, weight, and shape.

“Mom, you weren’t home and I called your cell but you were working and Jay, I mean Mr. Paul took me to eat because I helped him out and,”…

“Holy shit, Nick,” her mom said, cutting her off. “I got it. I just want to get a good look at this guy so if he tries anything on you or leads you on,”…

“Mom, it’s not like that at all. We’re just friends!”

“Fine. That’s fine. But I’m your mom and I’ll keep looking out for you until you’re on your own, got it?”

Nicki stepped up to me as her mom and I stared at each other, squeezed my hand and said, “Thanks again for the nice evening.” She skipped up the walkway and disappeared into the house.

That’s when her mother told me, “Just watch it around Nick, ok? That kid has been through more shit than most adults and she certainly doesn’t need her heart broken by you. I’ve just gotten her to where she isn’t afraid of the world again.”

On that note, she turned and went back into the house. I hadn’t said a word the entire time, nope…not a word. Had I checked out her mom’s backside when she walked away? Sure, wouldn’t you? I backed out of the driveway and rolled up the street to my own home. About ten minutes after I’d kicked off my shoes I got a text from Nicki, it said “Sorry about my mom; she’ll be cool when she gets to know you.”

“No worries, sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I’d like that,” she answered. Then another text: “I like that you called me sweetheart.” Funny thing was, I hadn’t realized that’s the term I used until she pointed it out.

Life moves along pretty fast when everything is going right and it did so for me and Nicki as well. I had my career and she had her schooling, so the weekdays filled themselves in on their own. Sometimes I’d be home early and she’d stop to talk, but mostly we’d be on the phone about every subject you can think of. Of course there were subjects I learned not to broach; her father was one of them. He was rarely mentioned and if he was, it was to point out some negative trait about the guy. I sensed there was a major issue with her father and that was off limits. She also didn’t want to discuss playing sports in school although she loved watching others. The twins went to the playoffs and the Baker clan invited me to come and watch. Of course I went; sitting beside Nicki, as well as driving her home afterwards.

There weren’t many days that stood out as peculiar, although once when I needed to run into the next county to pick up some parts for my motorcycle, Nicki had jumped at the chance to stop at a couple of shops she normally couldn’t get to. It seemed she and her mom used to live close to where we were going. I handed over my keys, telling her to take the wheel. She was a little out of practice, but quickly got used to the vehicle and did fine. Her smile glowed that I was letting her drive my cherished four-by-four.

Later that day we were sitting in the Jeep chatting about where to grab lunch, when she suddenly ducked her head and slid into the foot well, telling me to drive away quickly. When I pressed her for an answer, she confessed to knowing the group of young adults walking down the sidewalk. I did what she asked but that day stuck in my head for a long time. If she was excited about returning to an area she grew up in, but freaked out about seeing people she knew there, the reason for it must be a good one.

We had a weekly standing date on Saturday nights; we’d go out to eat, to see a movie or we’d just hang out at my house and talk. Once we went to the store on a cold, rainy morning, bought a ton of ingredients and made like four-hundred cookies that day! We put two dozen each in plastic bags and put one in each neighbor’s mail boxes on our block; yes…even the grumpy old geezer down the street. I learned rather quickly that Nicki was more than just a cute girl; she was really smart and I felt she could do anything she put her mind to. It was just so much fun to be together; I didn’t care what we did or didn’t do and lately our Saturday evenings continued when she returned on Sunday afternoon.

I’m not going to narrate this story and say there wasn’t some sexual tension between us, there was plenty! And unfortunately not every story can be a fairy tale, because ‘living happily ever after’ is a tough route to follow. For one thing, Nicki’s mom was slow to warm up to me, although I think she would have felt that way about whomever her daughter attracted. Then there was our relationship; after three to four months I felt my feelings for Nicki were stronger than her feelings for me. It was either that, or she was petrified of having a complete relationship with me. We had said we would wait until she turned eighteen and then talk about it, if we both wanted to. Occasionally we broke our pact; a couple of months before her birthday, for example. I was sitting on my couch with Nicki sitting on my lap. Neither one of us wanted to leave the other, even though it was beginning to get late. She turned to look at me, our noses collided and it felt like we were the only two people in the world.

Maybe it was her bedroom eyes, the way our breathing got heavy or just the right time. I know we looked at one another and both wanted it more than anything else; ‘the first kiss’. Her lips were soft, yet firm and hot as we collided. Cradling her chin in the palm of my right hand; her arms slipping about my shoulders, deepening our first kiss as our passion levels rose. Before realizing it, we had opened wide, tipped our heads in opposite directions and were in a full lip-lock. I thrust my tongue inside as we explored each other orally, sucking air through our noses. We broke apart, gasping for oxygen, but we never really stopped kissing each other. Small kiss, quick kisses and some tender biting too sprinkled down the side of her throat and back to those hungry lips I could not pull away from. I couldn’t understand how we had waited as long as we had as her arms tightened around my shoulders.

I felt Nicki shifting on my lap and in the instant that she felt my hardness, our eyes popped open, focusing on each other. She held me in her gaze as I felt for her left breast and the stiff nipple which capped it. Her groan of pleasure was filled with lust as were my own, which was the reason for me to slip my right hand from her face to her waist, slipping beneath her shirt to feel her smoldering bare flesh. A little voice in my head screamed ‘slow down’ while another urged me to fill my hand with her conical flesh! It was then that her cell phone went off and everything came to a screeching halt.

“No mom, we just lost track of time, I’ll be home soon,” she was saying. “I’m not out of breath; we were just laughing at a movie. OK, I’m on my way now.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she walked towards my front door. I asked her if she wanted a ride, but she said she would cut through the yards between here and there. Later that week I found out that she and her mom had an argument about her dating, our relationship and a few other things Nicki didn’t want to elaborate on. It was frustrating to see her withdraw from me, after she had come so close to opening up. I began to wonder if this relationship was worth pursuing further than friendship.

Another time, I was very frustrated and she knew it. After asking if she should come over following school, I told her it may be better if she didn’t. She showed up anyways and let herself in the back door. At that very moment I was sitting on the couch viewing porn on my laptop. I hadn’t started to masturbate yet, but it was on my mind as I thought how Nicki always left me hard every time she was over. With the thick carpet, I didn’t hear her walking up behind me to see what I was watching. I sensed the presence of someone in the room, so I turned around and shut the computer top, but not before Nicki had gotten a good look at the screen. The scene was of a petite shemale with light brown hair, a small dick and medium sized breasts; her limp noodle flopped forward and back as her partner, an average looking guy with dark hair and a long cock filled her ass from behind. Her eyes glued to the large bulge visible underneath my jeans and then I noticed something I hadn’t seen before…her nipples pushed against the fabric of the sweatshirt she wore. She was as turned on as I was! I stepped around the end of the couch, went to her and began slipping my hands around her narrow waist, but she stepped back before I could pull her in for a kiss.

“Is that the sort of thing that turns you on, Jay?”

“Nicki, don’t you know by now, you’re the one who turns me on.”

“Yeah, I get that,” she said. “And I get what you were going to do about it, but I want to know if that stuff is what you watch when you jack off?”

“Yeah baby, it does,” I boldly confessed to her and then, “Each time you’re over you make me so horny that sometimes, well sometimes I just need some relief.”

What happened next will forever be a part of me. Nicki stepped towards me, reached for my hands and placed them onto her shoulders. Then she just stared into my face as though waiting for me to do something. When I hadn’t within a minute or so, she placed her hands on top of mine, which were still on her shoulders. She pushed down on my hands real hard and then put her hands back at her hips, but that was a definite signal that would prove to change our lives. Suddenly, something in my brain clicked; I began to push downward very hard on her shoulders and she immediately sank to her knees before me. When she only stared straight ahead while I felt my jeans becoming too tight to describe, I let the words that formed in my brain tumble out: “Take it out, Nicki.”

Instantly, she unfastened my jeans, pulled them down to my knees and released my cock.

“I still need some relief,” I said a bit louder; nothing. “Suck my cock, Nicki,” I said using a tone of authority.

Again, she immediately opened her mouth and began to suck me off. I watched her face, her tongue, the way her cheeks would hollow and when she looked up into my eyes I almost felt guilty for making this youngster perform for me. But not quite guilty enough to stop as I gasped and said, “Oh, use your hands too, baby.”

Her small hands played with my heavy sack, and then while one fist pumped the base of my root, the other crept back to tease my asshole. Her hair thrashed around as her head rotated back and forth as my overdue ejaculation flooded her pouty mouth with a half dozen spurts of my juice! As she teased and squeezed the last few drops from the head with her tongue, she opened her mouth so I would know she’d swallowed all that I had given her. Surprised I hadn’t lost my balance as she took me over the edge; I reached down and took her hand in mine. Helping her to stand, once again cradling her face in my hands and kissing her as passionately as ever, I could taste myself on her tender lips and tongue. When we parted, she broke out her standard shy smile…but the hidden discoveries that were being uncovered between us were both exhilarating and could only strengthen our romance.

A few weeks after that eye opening experience, we had arrived at her eighteenth birthday and she knew it was time to have a talk with her mom. I was not invited and just fine with that decision, to tell the truth. Later, she told me that it had gone better than expected, although there still remained the biggest hurdle to get over. I was confused since I believed her mom was the big hurdle, but Nicki shook her head ‘No’.

She seemed distracted as we shared a quiet dinner together and then we sat drinking wine. I kept at her, trying to get her to open up and tell me what was bothering her when she had so many reasons to be happy. Finally, she began to explain the some of the reasons for all her anxiety. She told me that she had been harassed and picked on by the kids in her home town, which explained her fearful reaction to seeing those kids on the sidewalk weeks ago. I could tell it was very painful for her to explain to me that her real father had never understood her and in the end she knew it was her fault for the divorce of her dad and mom.

“Every person feels that way; I even felt that way when my parents split,” I said.

“No, he couldn’t accept me as me. He wanted a boy and got a girl instead and he just would not let up on trying to make me into the kid he really wanted,” she said as a couple of tears fell from her eyes. Allowing me to take her in to my arms was a step in the right direction, I felt, but soon she pulled away once more.

“I’m not like all the other girls you’ve been with, Jay. And I won’t be able to give you the things they can.” I countered by telling her we could overcome any obstacle if we loved each other strongly enough. I told her there wasn’t any other girl that I wanted. .

“You don’t understand. I cannot have children either and I’m sure you want that someday.” Then she got up and began pacing the room, as she broke down and said I should think about the future. But none of that mattered to me, what did matter was the past months that we spent getting to know each other and waiting to make love until she was of age.

“Is it about the submissive thing you did the other day? I don’t have a problem with any of that,” I replied.

Her face brightened slightly as she answered, “Yes, I do love that role-playing and was so very happy that you took the dominant role with me. Telling me what to do, pushing my limits, it’s one of my hot-buttons!”

I could tell she was working up to something when she excused herself to use the powder room, but I hadn’t expected her to return wearing only a short, silk robe and showing plenty of skin. She pointed to the couch and joined me there. Nicki whispered, “I guess maybe this is the best way.”

With her now sitting extremely close to me, she leaned in for a long, deep kiss that left me aching for much more. I felt her hand move into my lap and squeeze my growing erection as I reached for the belt which kept her robe in place. I could see the swell of her ripe fruit just inside and when I began to explore with my mouth, she didn’t stop me. I kissed her open chest and began to caress my way towards her right nipple while I used my hands to massage her naked breasts. They were so firm, pointing straight out and begging for some oral attention. Finally, I thought; finally I was cupping her perfect mounds of flesh, crowned by those nipples which pushed against whatever she wore.

I wanted to spend the next twenty-four hours doing nothing but sucking, nibbling, kissing and pinching her twin knobs of hardened flesh. But she gently coaxed me to release her chest and have me stand to get out of my clothing. Her robe hung open, allowing me to notice her thin black boy-shorts as she stood to help me. When I was nude, we stood close and stared into one another’s eyes as she pushed her tiny robe over her shoulders. The slick material pooled silently onto the carpet below as we embraced and felt the heat rising again.

Just as I cupped her tight cheeks in my hands, intending to lift her up and against myself, she scooted backwards and spun around. I could not resist touching the curves of her thighs and rump, an action which caused the reaction of my rock hard cock to twitch in anticipation. I watched Nicki turn her head and with those big, hazel eyes look at me over her left shoulder. Whispering to me she said, “Stay where you are, for now.”

Then she bent over, her body forming a perfect ninety-degree angle, before she hooked her sexy undies and tugged them to the floor. Once more she spoke with a whisper as she explained it to me. “You are one of only a handful of people who have ever seen me completely undressed, but now you will know why my father couldn’t accept me, why I can’t face those tormenters back home and why my mom is convinced you’ll soon break my heart, just like everyone else has.”

Without further ado, my teenaged angel turned back to face me with a look of fear and shame in her eyes! That’s when I saw what had caused so much trouble for Nicki and I. Between her lean, muscled legs she had a miniature dick! It hung limply as it pointed to the ground, not showing any signs of life. The first thing I did which made her gasp aloud was to bend down on a knee so that I could get a better look. There was a pair of balls that hung behind her tiny shaft. “Does it ever get hard,” I asked.

“No, not any more, not for a few years,” she answered quietly. Then perked up when she saw I wasn’t going to turn away. “I used to take hormones but haven’t been able to since my father cut me off. That’s one of the things he and mom argued about. He refused to pay any more of my treatments, so that why mom is working so much. Back then I was heavier than I am now too.”

Of course, I was thinking; it all made sense now. It was like they say, a light came on and the fog cleared. This answered the questions or concerns I had about the way Nicki acted towards me and others, too. Surrounding her tiny package with a single palm, I listened to her exhale as I leaned in and kissed her penis. “I think you’re gorgeous, and sexy, too.”

“My father named me Nickolas. He wanted a boy so bad; but be careful what you wish for, I guess. I used to be so close to him, but it was like he just couldn’t accept me for who I am…on the inside and the outside.”

I sat on the couch, pulling her down into my arms and wrapping a nearby throw blanket about our naked bodies as she talked nonstop for an hour. She had been born a boy but always felt like a girl and was well on her way to becoming one when her father could no longer handle the situation. Because he was weak, Nicki and her mom suffered greatly. The whole family broke apart and when you think about it, that’s a lot for a teen to carry around. I learned so much, but would learn even more in the coming weeks now that she had confided in me her deepest, dark secret and could finally be herself. And I wanted to know everything; it was like getting to know the missing puzzle pieces and it was fascinating. Her Aunt Molly and Uncle Tom knew the truth, but they had chosen to hide it from the twins and everyone else when Nicki and Mandy moved to this town.

Beneath the blanket, our hands had begun to roam; we both began to pay less attention to what the other was saying and more to the way we were reacting to the playful stimulation. As for me, it was simple to gauge my reaction; my cock was once more rock hard. Nicki on the other hand was looking at me with those droopy eye laden, bedroom eyes again and her chest-pebbles had turned to stone with the manipulation of my fingertips. We moved in slow motion as I watched her eyes watching me until our lips brushed together tenderly. But that’s where the subtleness vanished; I felt her left arm encircle my neck and using leverage, she pulled herself into our kiss. It was as if a dam had burst; this young woman was on fire! One thing led to another as she straddled my legs and made herself comfortable on my lap. She kissed me for several minutes as I rubbed and kneaded her firm melons. Suddenly she broke away from me and said, “I can’t wait any longer Jay, the things you’ve said, the things you do for me, I’m eighteen now and I want to feel you inside me.”

She started to get up, but I grabbed her shoulders and held her. “Nicki, you know I want you, but I think this is something we should work up to. I mean, I don’t want the memory of our first time to be you getting hurt by me.”

“Oh Jay, it might hurt a little, but I’ve been getting ready for weeks.”

With that she pulled free, jumped up and ran over to retrieve something from her purse. Strutting back towards me with a sassy grin on her face, her small dick swinging from side to side, she hopped onto the couch directly next to me. I watched in silence as she dangled a plastic tube of lube and a small hand towel in front of my eyes. Then took my left hand, squeezed some on the first two fingers, used her right hand to coat them in the slippery goo. As she helped me push my digits against her puckered star, I watched my fingers disappear inside her without resistance. Wide-eyed, I glanced at Nicki and saw her smiling, lust clearly glazing her eyes. “You see babe, I’ve been using my toys for weeks, so I’d be ready for your big, thick cock!”

Next she squirted more lube onto my shaft, grasping it firmly with her hand and stroking quickly to coat it. I couldn’t believe how fantastic her fingers felt gliding back and forth on my throbbing tool. Taking the head of my prick and placing it against her back door, my eyes were glued to her own as she began to bring her weight down upon me. “Don’t worry Jay; this isn’t my first time having a cock in my pussy, although this will be the biggest one.” She wiped her greasy hand on the towel, and then handed it to me.

“It is for me,” I gasped as the first few inches of my cock were swallowed by her sweet little ass!

Slowly but surely, she slid me in and out of her man-pussy, grinding her nipples against my chest and her dick into my abdomen. With a loud grunt, I felt the head of my prick bang into the end of her deep tunnel. Then she groaned and said, “I knew it. Just like I thought; the biggest cock I’ve ever had inside either of my holes. As her arms wound about my neck, I heard her whisper into my ear, “Just think, I’m taking your virginity right now; I’ll always be your first T-girl.”

“If I have anything to do about it Nicki, you’ll also be my last. I plan to be with you for the rest of my life; that is, if you want to be the same thing,” I teased.

Simultaneously, we looked into each other’s eyes and said those three little words; yes, you know the ones. Then she began to ride me hard. As she would sit onto my throbbing shaft, I’d lift up off the cushions to make sure we both felt the collisions! We both had dreamed of this day for so long; the day we could finally consummate our love without worry of repercussion. Sealing our love with my eruption deep inside her juicy man-cunt, we kissed each other as I stood up and carried her towards the large shower in my master suite, while she remained impaled onto me. We uncoupled when the water was hot, soaping each other’s body would lead to another round of making love. As Nicki placed one knee atop the bench, I pounded her now gaping gash!

“Oh yes, Jay, fuck my ass-pussy, you own it now. I love you so much!”

“I love you to Nicki, more than the words can say. I want you, forever.”

Just as I felt another torpedo of cum loading into my launch tube, I pulled out of my new lover’s ass. Reading my mind, she spun around, sat down on the bench and presented her angelic expression, giving me the perfect target to fire shot after shot as I painted her face with my seed! It was then that we witnessed something she swore hadn’t happened in years; her cute little cock appeared stiff and it erupted as well. One long spurt shot from the tip and was lost in the swirling water at the drain; the remaining droplets sliding down her dickey. She was soon wiping off my sticky mess with her fingers and eating it slowly as we hugged one another.

For several weeks Nicki and I spent nearly every minute together, when she wasn’t attending classes or I at my job, we were as one. In the public eye, we walked a little bit slower, held hands a little longer and often there were public displays of affection. We made love frequently, passionately exchanging our ever-growing love for the other. We also explored Nicki’s submissive side as my Sissy Slave and I honed my skills as her dominant Master; a game she both feared as well as adored.

But our life wasn’t all rosy; Mandy was less than thrilled her daughter was falling for a man a decade more than her age and made no secret of her feelings. I knew it was because she thought I was only using her child and would soon break her heart, but that wasn’t the case at all. Each time Nicki spent more than twenty-four hours near her mom; she’d come over stressed and tense. Tom and Molly Baker were caught between a rock and a hard place. Molly felt she had to support her sister and Tom would support his wife. Yet they were so happy Nicki had found a man to love and be happy with; something they had doubted might ever happen because of her having something ‘extra’ down below.

One day Nicki came over with a particularly sour attitude and told me of her mother’s revelation; she had received a promotion at work which would allow her to move from her sister’s home. The advancement included a transfer however, from her current location to one over three hours away. Nicki believed her mom had earned the raise and all, it wasn’t that, but of course that would change our availability to each other to some weekends at best. We spent nearly every moment during the next three weeks together as their moving day approached. Mandy’s attitude improved ten-fold and every one of us knew it was not just her sudden influx of money, but that she would finally have her control over Nicki again.

We we’re at my home, had just finished an early dinner Nicki was so proud to prepare for me; she was in the kitchen putting away a few things as I was sitting in the next room sipping a glass of Blanton’s. It was about that time that the answer came to me and the moment it entered my mind, I knew it was right. After phoning a friend and quietly asking a few questions, I told her I was stepping out. She looked at me with that pouty lip and said, “Don’t keep me waiting all night,” as she released the top two buttons of her silk blouse. She hadn’t worn a bra tonight and knew her rigid nipples had kept my eyes glued to her chest.

An hour or two later I returned, all the lights had been turned off and my little princess was sitting in the Jacuzzi on the back deck. I could see her hair was pinned on top of her head and the lights below the water sparkled in her hazel eyes. She raised her flute of wine, then motioning toward the bottle and an empty glass nearby. I quickly took off my clothing, tossing all but one item onto a chaise nearby. That item I concealed in my right fist as I climbed the steps and she watched. Sliding into the warm bubbles, I felt her tiny fingers grasping my hardening cock beneath the surface.

“Hey there handsome,” she purred at me as I nibbled on her right ear lobe. “Where have you been?”

“I needed something…desperately,” I teased her back, slowly slipping my left hand down to her tiny dick, stroking it a few times and then inching my digits towards her sweet asshole underneath. As I bit into her neck and pushed two fingertips inside her, she gasped loudly and then heard her ask me, “Did you find it?”

“I did Nicky; I just hope you like it.” I withdrew my fingers from her tight back door, reaching up through the water to her chest, caressing her mounds as we pressed our lips together. It took some effort to pull away from each other, but I knew her curiosity was peaking as she looked towards me expectantly.

“Close your eyes, little girl.” She giggled and then went along with my game as I anxiously prepared for my surprise. “When you’re ready, I want you to count to three and open your eyes,” I instructed her.

When she did, her eyes first focused on my face and then the object between us. Her mouth popped open and she grasped the sides of her head in surprise! Her eyes began to water and her lips quivered as she asked, “Are you positive this is what you want, Jay?”

“Absolutely, Nicki; we can work everything out later, but I don’t want to be away from you ever again.”

“Oh my, gosh, you are such a wonderful man; I love you so much,” she exclaimed as her eyes bounced from mine to the engagement ring and back again.

“I know you do, and I love you too, babe,” I replied as I slid the large diamond solitaire onto her left hand.

Telling her mom was not a pretty sight, but there was nothing she could do; Nicki would soon be nineteen and she was a legal adult. The two of us were getting married and there wasn't a thing her mom could do to stop us! She’d eventually come around, but that would take another year and seeing her beautiful child in a stunning white dress. Within a week we moved all of her things into my home, even setting her up in her own room so she could have privacy if and when it was needed. The Baker’s and most of our neighbors were delighted for the two of us, even if they did whisper behind closed doors about our age difference. If they only knew the rest of the story! As the years passed, our love for each other only grew deeper and our sex wilder! We would eventually adopt a baby from another country, raise her and live happily ever after.


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