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Two lovers sate their hunger in the morning
Lily  lay quietly under the sheets, her chest rising and falling as she slept. I watched her sleep for a time, savoring the memories of last night’s passion. It would be so easy to crawl between her legs and lick her to wakefulness. But I decided to let her sleep a bit longer, and slipped quietly from the bed.

The tile felt cool under my toes and I felt the warm sunshine pouring through the skylight as I walked nude to the refrigerator. Strange to feel these things so intensely now when I’d taken this walk so many times before. Perhaps Lily was the reason. I’d felt empty before and now I felt full. I decided to prepare breakfast for us both. After last night, we would both need the calories.

First we'd want coffee. I found the grinder and the beans, taking a moment to smell the wonderful, acrid scent. Slowly the grinder turned as I filled the maker with water. Beans in the filter, water to the tank then hit the switch and wait. While the scent of java filled the room I rooted around in the refrigerator. I hoped for eggs and onions. I found both along what a half circle of gouda and a sweet red pepper. One sniff told me they were good. As the machine began bubbling, I saw Lily in the corner of my eye. 

She stood there leaning against the wall, her nude body barely hidden by one of my flannel shirts. She smiled warmly at me and returned the smile.  My sirth barely concealed her heavy breasts  and I could see her sex clearly. She had shaved it, and her pink lips stood out prominently, as did the tiny specks of dried semen I’d left there last night. I caught my breath and then I noticed that her eyes were staring at my groin. My penis began to swell before her eyes.

“I like my coffee black and strong,” she said with a mischievous grin. And then she stretched, arching her back and thrusting her huge breasts out at me. She was teasing me I knew, but all I could think of was to reach for a couple mugs. I could feel her gaze upon me, hot as sunlight while I poured. And then I felt her behind me, her arms wrapping around me, and her breasts pressed against my back. One hand lifted a coffee cup, and her second wrapped itself around my prick. “Yes, very strong,” she hissed, slowly running her fingers up and down. I turned to kiss her, but she dropped to her knees. She took a sip of coffee, and then wrapped her lips around my erection. Her mouth was hot, very hot but soft and wet as she sucked me briefly. And then she sprang to her feet and grabbing my hand pulled me into the bedroom.

Of course I followed, all thought of eggs banished from my mind. She sat open-legged on the edge of the bed, wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her mouth. My hands fell naturally to her soft brown hair. I closed my eyes. I could feel her tongue gliding over me.   I could feel fingertips rolling my balls.   I opened my eyes again. And then Lily stopped and looked up to me, her eyes warm and moist.

I knelt down before her, and holding her head to mine pressed our lips together. Lily has exceptionally soft, full lips and I could feel her trembling as we kissed. Her mouth parted, and I reached out gently with my tongue. Lily reached back. Our tongues swirled together waltz time, first between our mouths, then in hers, then mine. The only sound was our breathing, strangely synchronized. And I could feel her arms around me, practically dragging my body closer to her as she lay back on the bed.

“I want to feel you on top of me,” she whispered. She pulled my shirt open so we could touch, skin upon skin. My thigh slid between her legs. I felt her wet sex pressed against me, leaving little trails of moisture on my thigh. Lily would not protest if I chose to enter her now. Indeed, she seemed to want that, and spread her legs wide to accommodate me. But I wanted more, I wanted to show her how much I truly desired her. So I lifted my head and began to kiss her forehead, her eyes and down to lick her ear. I had discovered that she liked that, and she sighed again, and lay still for my explorations. Unless you counted her hips, which swayed in march time. As I approached her ear, she turned her head in offering and cooed softly as my tongue slid inside. Lily rolled her hips gently, hinting again at her readiness, but it felt too good to kiss her ear, and feel her body shiver. Almost immediately she arched her back and stretched her neck out for me.    “I want you inside me,” she whispered. “Really.”

“Why hurry? We have all weekend.” To distract her I licked along her left collarbone and bit gently upon her shoulder. I wanted to make her wait. She arched her back, probably to emphasize her unforgettable breasts.   My mouth reached the swelling, and I faced a decision. Down into the Valley of Delights, straight to the peaks, or perhaps the side road, delaying things for us both.   I decided to take the back way, licking around the outside of her right breast.   Take the outside and enter the valley from below. She pushed her breasts together for me, squeezing my cheeks between their milky softness.    She pushed her left breast to my mouth. What could I do but lick?   Or bite down upon her right nipple and pin it for my tongue. She hissed, then whispered my name, pushed her breast deeper into my sucking mouth.   Her hips began to sway and I could feel her lean down and kiss my hair. Her nipple was hard, and I could feel my erection throbbing. Her sex is so near, it practically screamed at me, but I thought it better to hold out. I leaned out to lick both her nipples at once. Again she shook her head and leaned back, eyes closed and whispered my name.

I feasted upon her until her nipples shone bright pink.   But as I licked I began to think of someplace else, a warm and wet place.   It was time to move on.   And so I kissed my way down her smooth belly. Lily began pushing me lower now, trying to force my lips down to her sex, hungry for what she now realized would happen. She arched her hips and raised them for me, offering her pussy. Yet I tarried, lick and bite, then a little kiss before moving on. By the time I reached her pubic bone her hips were rolling and sweat beading upon her salty skin.

The morning light shown through the windows, illuminating   how beautiful Lily’s sex was. So pink and full, like her lips and slightly opening as if in hunger. My penis stirred as I noticed this, and I could feel my hips pumping involuntarily. It tingled as if pierced by a thousand velvet needles, throbbing with the sweet agony of need. And then I extended my tongue to lick her.

Up and down I licked, her fingers in my hair. Sometimes she grabbed me with painful force.   Then she became aware of her strength and tried to release me, only to have her hands return again. I reached a pillow. She raised up for me as I slid it beneath her hips. Up and down I licked, and I let one finger drape across her anus. She cried out as I touched her there, and I knew she would enjoy more. And then I pushed another inside her as my tongue draped across her clitoris.

“Put it in me,” she cried, out. “I need to feel you inside me.” But I only continued licking her, moving my tongue lower to her anus. I licked around it for a second and then pushed it hard against her rosebud.

“Oh, you’re hateful,” she cried out, hips pumping, And then she followed with, “No, no you are not, you beautiful man!” And then I licked upward, pushing my tongue inside her sex, and tasting perhaps the saltiness of myself still inside her. Lily bucked now and whimpered. I could feel the muscles of her thigh trembling. And then she whispered, “I’m there, oh right there!” So I opened my mouth wide and sucked hard, my tongue sliding up and down her clit. Her tremors were strong and her legs wrapped themselves around my head. I stayed with her, licking and sucking. Her convulsions spread through my lips and downward, until my own body went white with pleasure.   After our spasms subsided I looked down. There upon her calf lay a thin line of fresh white semen, trailing down upon the floor.

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