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Breast Play

Will she give in if he plays her right?
“I’m sorry honey, I honestly didn’t think you’d be that upset about it,” I begin to apologize as we walk through the door, just having come back home from a dinner night with friends.

“Well it should have been obvious,” You scold me, “Who talks about that kind of thing with their friends? And at the dinner table no less?”

“Um… we do? All of us. And you’re always talking about sex stuff with Kim, what makes this any different?”

You whirl yourself around to face me, your red hair dancing like living flame as the motion lets it fan out behind you and fly from your left shoulder until it comes to rest and drapes around your right one covering the strap of your sapphire blue dress, the swell of your medium sized breasts looking like a river of blue meeting the flame tips of your hair. Your green eyes stare at me, filled with utmost fury and a silent reproach that indicates that this battle has been decided.

I sigh and throw up my hands in resignation, “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Your expression softens and a small smile tugs at your lips, satisfied I was smart enough to surrender. I walk over and take you in a warm embrace that you quickly return as I lean down to capture your lips with mine. No matter how big, small or petty are arguments are, there is always love in them and after them. After a moment my hand gently glides down your back, that your dress leaves exposed, and let it come to rest on your bottom. It’s quickly swatted away and you break our kiss.

“Ah, ah, none of that tonight mister. You have to be punished in some way for your actions tonight after all.”

I watch you as you turn to walk toward the bedroom; a mischievous smile plays on your lips before your head is turned fully away from me. Your hips sway sensually with each step and I try and decipher if you’re serious about your threat of no sex. I follow you to the bedroom, no longer caring; I had ways to make you revoke such idle threats.

You’re setting down your earrings on the dresser when I enter the bedroom and then reach up to undo the latch that connects the straps of your dress behind your neck.

“Let me,” I offer and replace your hands with mine as I step behind you. Your hair is draped out of the way over one shoulder, leaving the left side of your neck bare and exposed.

I separate the straps and slowly peel the dress away from the front of your body, exposing your pert breasts to the cool air is making your red nipples harden and rise from the surrounding areola. I release the straps and let them to fall and hang with the bottom portion of your dress, allowing my hands to move across your now bare stomach. I use two fingers on each hand to caress the underside of your breasts as I bend forward to kiss your exposed neck from ear to shoulder. You sigh sweetly at my touch.

“No! I know what you’re trying to do mister, and I told you already, you’re not getting any!” You protest as you pull yourself away from me and pull the top half of your dress back up to cover your chest. A smile still plays across your face.

“Well it seems unfair that you should have to suffer because of my punishment. How about I promise not to touch anywhere but your tits tonight?” I plea in compromise, having been thwarted from a more direct course of my plans.

“Well…” You walk over, still holding your dress to your body and trace a finger under my chin, “You do make a compelling argument. You just make sure everything stays above the waist mister,” A smile curls upon your lips, a light glimmers in your eyes.

You walk back to the bed letting the dress fall from the front of your body once again, but this time you let the weight of it pull it from your waist; all it takes is a simple seductive movement of your hips to let it fall freely to the floor. Your perfectly firm and rounded ass is revealed to me, framed by a red lace thong. You look over your shoulder and smile at my hungry glare.

“Better get a good look tiger. Once you’ve given me what I want, the fun ends for the night and it’s under the covers I go, to sleep. So you may want to make it last a while,” You wink naughtily.

As you bend over and peel away your thong, I remove my belt and shoes and begin to undo my pants before you interrupt me.

“Ah-ah-ah, you’re to keep those clothes on. We wouldn’t want you to be able to so easily attempt taking advantage of a young woman in a state of climax, now would we?”

You lie back on the bed, with a very satisfied look upon your face and beckon me over with a finger. Begrudgingly I leave my pants on and walk toward you. You know my tricks too well and are doing everything you can to make this difficult for me. It makes little difference; in the end it will just be more fun for the both of us.

Beside you on the bed, I lean over and kiss you deeply, your arms wrap around my neck as our tongues meet and embrace each other. My left hand glides through your red locks, holding and gently scratching your head and my right descends on your body, starting by gliding over your stomach, gently touching your skin with my fingertips, until I come to your bosom.

With a light touch, I caress the bottom of each of your sensitive breasts with my index finger. You respond by arching your back, thrusting your chest out to encourage and welcome my touch. I trace my two main fingers along the sides of each mound in a slow, deliberate figure eight motion. With each transit my fingers close the distance between them and your nipples, you begin to shake with the anticipation of having your red nubs stimulated directly, but I know the slow tease only makes you even more aroused.

Then, without warning and outside of the pattern I had set, my fingers latch on to your left nipple and pinch it. You break our kiss as your head tilts back and you gasp, your fingers tighten in my hair.

“I love you,” I say.

“I know,” You respond, eyes closed, while pushing my head down toward your chest, “Now use that mouth for something more useful.”

And so I do. At your insistent pushing, I kiss my way down from your neck to the valley between your boobs before moving my head to the side and use my tongue to circle your areola. You push your chest up and my face forward, eagerly forcing your right nipple into my mouth. I happily settle in to suckle at your teat like a hungry babe. My lips grasp a delicate hold of your womanly flesh, bringing more of it into my mouth, my tongue dances across, over and around your erect nub, sending shivers throughout your entire body. The room fills with the erotic sounds of your aroused sighs and my persistent suckling.

“Oohhmm, yes, that’s so much better,” You sigh.

My left hand has moved down to support your back and hold your bosom out for me to feast upon and I now move my right hand, from where I’ve been teasing your left tit, down your body and across your stomach.

It’s bending the rules of our game, I know, but at this point you’re willing to let me.

Your hips begin to writhe and hunch off the mattress, inviting my fingers to probe your nether lips, and you sigh softly the word “yes” repeatedly as evidence of your wanting to change our game a little.

My hand continues to slide down your toned stomach, fingers first. I fan my fingers out slightly and my middle finger glides down the fire red strip of hair above your clit, proof of your authenticity as a natural red head.

You reach for and undo my pants, wasting no time in fishing out my already hard maleness. Your grip him firmly and stroke along his thick length.

I lift my middle finger up just before it makes contact with your clit while my index and ring fingers continue to slide downward to either side of your pussy lips. I can feel your heat radiating from your center and smell the exotic aroma of your sex as it permeates the air and fills the room with the scent of your arousal.

You tremble with excitement, knowing that my center finger is poised over your slit ready to plunge inside of you and perform who knows what sort of naughty tricks within your womanly folds. Instead I pull my hand away, fully removing it from contact with your body. I can’t let it be said I was the one that broke the rules after all.

“No! Bastard!” You breathlessly protest, your hand on my head tugging tightly at my hair while the other squeezes tightly around my thickness.

I ignore your outburst, chuckling, and move my head to your left tit, suckling it in earnest to make up for its previous neglect. My right hand returns to your body, grasping your now exposed right breast, I cup it in my palm and give it gentle but firm squeezes; every few squeezes I capture your saliva slick nub and twist it between my fingers.

You groan out between gritted teeth and your hips continue to writhe and hunch against empty air, frustrated at having been robbed of a solid object to slip inside you and stoke the fires. Your orgasm is so close you can feel it just beyond your reach, all you need is just the right stimulation to push you over that edge; you even stomp the bed with a foot in ecstatic frustration.

I bite down around your nipple as I twist at the other with my fingers.

You pull my face into you further and your grip on my cock becomes almost painful as you explode in climatic bliss. Your body shakes uncontrollably for nearly a minute before you pull my head up and kiss me passionately, both hands now holding onto my head.

“Fuck me!” You growl as you pull my head away, breaking our kiss. Your eyes are filled with passionate lust.

I smile slyly, “But I thought you said…”

“Fuck what I said,” You interrupt by rolling us over, pinning me underneath your perfect nude form. You rip open my shirt, buttons scattering everywhere, and rake your nails over my chest, “I just want you fuck me senseless.”

A devilish grin appears on your face just before you lunge down and kiss me ravenously. Then sitting straight up atop me, a hand running through your red mane, you grab hold of my length and aim it straight up at your dripping wetness. My girth stretches your lips wide as you sink me deep into your core until you settle yourself down fully onto my lap.

“Oh god, that’s good…” You pant to no one in particular.

Taking you into my arms and holding your body against mine, nipples scraping against my chest, we kiss again as we enjoy the feel of one another, and settle in for a good long night of lovemaking.

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