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California Here We Cum

California Here We Cum

On a westward pioneer journey in the 1840's, two young people seek their destiny and find each other
Part One – Emma and Luke uncover hidden desires

The year was 1847; the wagon train was in its eighth month of a laborious westward journey. The hardy band of a hundred pioneers had endured every imaginable hardship during the slow journey from Missouri to California. Starting out as the spring thaw began last March, the weary travelers now looked forward to the cooler October temperatures in the Southwest. If they managed to get through the Sierra Nevadas before the mountain passes were blocked by snows, the weary travelers would soon reach a new home in California.

Among this band of pioneers were two young people from very different backgrounds, unaware that their destinies were about to become entwined. Emma was a high-spirited young lady of seventeen; she came from one of St. Louis’ more well-to-do families. Despite the hardships of the wagon journey, she saw the westward migration as an opportunity to escape the restrictions imposed by her strict and overbearing parents.

Luke was a young farm boy who had grown tired of life on his family’s farm in Kansas Territory. He was accustomed to hard work and knew how to take care of himself, but he wanted so much more out of life. Now that he was eighteen, he was determined to seek his fortune. His plan was to make his way to St. Louis and join one of the wagon trains that carried hopeful settlers to what they believed might be the “promised land” of California.

Emma was traveling with her uncle’s family. Once in California, she planned to enroll in college and continue life as an independent woman, a rare thing in 1847. She wasn’t looking for a husband. She was searching for a new and exciting life, and enjoyed the sense of adventure, even danger, that this journey promised.

Luke was on his own; he had hired himself out as one of the security guards attached to the wagon train. He was working his way westward; the dangers that he accepted became his payment for the food and supplies he needed to make the journey. Assuming he survived the risks, the protection he helped provide to his fellow travelers would pay his way to California.

Despite their differences, Luke and Emma shared one thing: they had both recently experienced a sexual awakening in their young lives, and were hungy for more. They were both very, very hungry indeed – but unsure what the next step should be. Even though neither realized it, what they both needed now was a partner: a companion on their exciting new road of sensual and sexual exploration.

Emma’s sexual journey was just beginning. Her father was a rich man in the cattle business; she had grown up around animals and knew all about livestock breeding. What was different about Emma, compared to most young girls, was her total fascination with the subject. She never stopped asking questions, and her imagination ran wild with thoughts about how people “did it”.

Emma’s mother forbade any discussion on such a taboo subject, much to Emma’s frustration. She asked so many questions, her parents soon began to wonder what might be wrong with her. They determined to ship her off to school and have someone “make a lady out of her.” Emma’s only choice was to explore the subject of sex on her own as best she could.

She had become an excellent horseman, and was surprised in recent months to discover a strange but wonderful new physical sensation that overcame her as she rode. It was a warm, tingling feeling that seemed now to be happening every time she climbed into the saddle. Emma had begun to delight in the feeling of spreading her legs wide around the warm brown leather of the saddle; the way her thighs were massaged as she galloped through the fields; even the way her blossoming breasts bounced, in rhythm with the pounding of the horse’s gallop. All these combined to make her daily rides a more and more arousing sensual experience.

One day she noticed while riding that these pleasurable sensations were more intense than usual – she was beginning to feel almost lightheaded, even dizzy. That lovely sensation of warmth that seemed to grow from the saddle and spread upward through her body – today it was especially strong. She looked down and saw that a large patch of wetness had seeped through the cloth of her riding breeches. Amazed and confused, she had a sudden overwhelming desire to rub her pussy mound through her clothes.

Emma began to massage herself, the urgent motions of her hand quickly growing more desperate by the minute. She eased her horse back into an easy walking gait. The steady up and down movement of the saddle began to match the intensifying pressure of her hand; she felt as if she were somehow about to explode. She had never experienced anything like this; the sense of urgency was both frightening and exhilarating. Emma didn’t know what was happening; she only knew that it was wonderful and she didn’t want it to stop.

Suddenly, the euphoria that was spreading through Emma’s body began to overwhelm her in a sudden eruption of pleasure. Her body tensed as she began to rub her pussy frantically, her legs straining against the stirrups. She cried out in a desperate moan, urging her horse into a trot. Now she was standing in the stirrups, almost losing her balance as the dizzying sensations began to mount.

Emma leaned forward in the saddle, forcing her pussy hard against the horn of the saddle. Without knowing why, she began to scream. Her horse broke into a gallop and Emma held on for dear life; she could feel the pounding of the horse’s hooves as her saddle took the place of her hand against her pussy. The dark area of soaking wetness had spread even wider; she was being pounded now by the thrusting up and down motion of the saddle’s supple leather.

Emma pulled back on the reins and pulled her mount to a stop. She was conscious of the up and down swaying of her breasts as she rocked her hips forward and back, urgently rubbing her pussy hard, hard against the saddle horn. She was cumming and cumming, her legs straining hard in the stirrups to push her steaming mound against the firm warm leather of the saddle. She was conscious of the musky odor of her wetness and the amazing way she could feel her heart pounding in her throat. Emma had experience her first orgasm, alone in the fields on horseback.

In the coming weeks, she repeated this experience as often as she could. Soon she had an almost daily habit of making herself cum late at night in the silence of her room. She would probe the dripping recesses of her pussy with her fingers and soon discovered how to intensify her experience by inserting other things besides her fingers.

Hidden under her pillow was an old discarded medicine bottle, smooth and round, made out of thick blue glass. Night after night, Emma arched her back as she plunged the hard glass bottle deep into her pussy, fucking herself as she rubbed her clit and lost herself in a whirlwind of orgasmic pleasure.

Still, she began to wish for more…


Luke left home not long after his eighteenth birthday, determined to seek his fortune farther west. Growing up in a desolate area in Kansas, he knew nothing of life except the tedium of hard work. But he had heard of the attractions of the big city, and the mythical wonders of far-off California. He was determined to make something of himself, and to enjoy a taste of everything the world had to offer.

His journey of self-fulfillment started in Kansas City. In 1847, it was an untamed, even dangerous, place. Before setting off on his cross-country journey, Luke had decided to stop for a while in Kansas City and take a job there, earn some money and move on. He landed a job helping in the kitchen at a saloon.

It wasn’t much of a job, but the saloon was a great place to study people. Luke was fascinated by all the cowboys, gamblers and outlaws that streamed in and out of this rough little cowtown. He was especially interested in the way those sophisticated gambler types, with all their stories of the Mississippi riverboats, always seemed to find their way upstairs to spend time with the saloon girls.

Luke was amazed at the girls who worked at the saloon, entertaining all these rough men – they were like no women he had ever seen. Some of them seemed older, worn out by life, but there was one young girl that caught his eye. In fact, he couldn’t stop staring at her youthful beauty; he soon began to realize that she occupied his thoughts day and night. He didn’t even know her name; everyone just called her Princess.

One day several of the girls came into the saloon kitchen around quitting time. Luke was about to leave; he asked them if he could help with something. “No”, one of them said, “but we thought maybe we could help you! Why don’t you go upstairs to Room Seven and talk to Princess? She says she has something that you need.”

Luke had no idea what was going on, but he worked here, so he did as he was told. He knocked on Princess’ door and was told to come in. She was sitting there on the bed, looking all prim and proper. She was dressed as though she were about to go to church on a Sunday morning, right down to the white gloves.

“Hi there, Luke” she said. “The girls all say you’ve been looking me over, and I just wanted to find out why”. Luke turned red, embarrassed that he had been caught staring, and even more embarrassed to be standing inside the room of one of “those girls”!

“I’m s – sorry” Luke stammered. “I just think you’re really pretty, that’s all.” He didn’t know what else to say, and avoided looking at her. Princess smiled and got up, walked over and closed the door behind him.

“It’s OK, Luke” she smiled. “We all know you’re a virgin, and the girls and I decided that something ought to be done about that.” Luke was stunned, unable to speak. His cock turned hard as soon as she closed the door, and they both knew that Princess was in total control of the situation. Luke would gladly let Princess be in charge, and she smiled at how much fun she was about to have.

Princess was an expert in her trade, and she took Luke through a very thorough lesson that covered all the bases. She put her arms around him and kissed him until she could feel that he was fully hard, then stepped back, unhooking his suspenders. Luke grabbed his pants to keep them from falling off.

“Take those off”, Princess ordered, “and your shirt, too”. As Luke fumbled with his clothing, Princess started to undo the buttons on her cute little schoolgirl dress. Leaving her little white gloves on, she tantalizingly uncovered the curving tops of her breasts and started to let the dress slide down across her shoulders. Luke was amazed to see that she wasn’t wearing any underclothes – all she had on was the unbuttoned dress that was about to fall!

Soon Luke was completely naked, his cock totally stiff. Princess dropped her dress to the floor and revealed her fluffy bush and pink pussy lips; Luke’s hand went straight to his cock and began to stroke.

“No, no, none of that!” Princess shook her head and dropped to her knees, pulling Luke’s hand away from his hard shaft. “I’m sure I can take care of this myself, in no time at all.” She stroked his long, pulsing cock with her cotton-gloved hands, and told him that his cock looked delicious.

Luke was stunned to hear a girl using language like that, and even more stunned to realize what she was about to do. Luke had never heard of or even imagined such a thing – Princess was on her knees and about to suck his cock!

“Oh my god! Holy shit!” he yelled (he thought he heard giggles out in the hallway.) Luke could not believe what was happening. He could feel his cock growing in Princess’ mouth as she groaned and sucked harder. He was frozen, half in terror, as her hands reached around to grip his naked ass.

Without even thinking about what he was doing, Luke put his hands on the back of Princess’ head. With two fistfuls of her dark black hair, he plunged his cock into her throat and exploded. It was the first time in his life that he had cum without making it happen himself.

Princess choked and sputtered, but kept on sucking until Luke’s balls quit spurting his thick creamy cum. She then stood up and went to sit on the bed, wasting no time. Patting the bed beside her, she said “come here and sit next to me.”

She wiped her chin off, pulled off her gloves, and smiled. She giggled at how unsteady he looked as he walked over and sat down. Princess loved the way his cock stayed rock hard.

Reaching over to stroke Luke’s slippery wet cock, Princess kissed him. He seemed unsure of what to do next. She reached down and took his hand, placing it under the gentle curve of her breast.

“Just do whatever you want, Luke”, she murmured. “I’m all yours to play with, you know.” Soon they were kissing passionately, and Luke’s hands and mouth began to explore the wonders of her beautiful nakedness. He sucked on Princess’ amazingly hard nipples and his fingers found their way down to probe her wet pussy lips. At this point she knew Luke was ready for his first fuck.

Princess pulled away from Luke’s clumsy, grasping embrace. He gazed in wonder at her as she lay back on the pillows, spreading her legs wide. Luke stared dumbly at her wide-open, dripping pussy. Princess’ fingers were circling round and round her hard little nub, and she told Luke not to worry about a thing.

It was obvious that Luke had no idea what to do next, but Princess enjoyed using him as her wonderful new toy. She told him what to do, step by step, and Luke was definitely an eager student. Princess wrapped her soft feminine body around Luke’s strong rugged one, and let him fuck her with abandon. In no time at all he filled up her pussy with another load of cum. Then she had a great time telling him exactly how to go about pleasuring her pussy with his fingers, his lips, and his tongue.

Luke was very eager and turned out to be really good at eating pussy; Princess came hard all over his face. Seeing that he was still hard and ready to fuck, she then climbed on top of him. Soon she was wildly bouncing up and down, impaled on his cock, with her firm young tits in his face. She fucked him hard until they both came again. The sound of the creaking bedsprings was plainly heard by the crowd of giggling saloon girls just outside her door.

Finally she told Luke to get a basin of warm water to clean them both up; that was especially nice. Satisfied that she had given him a memory to last forever, she kissed Luke goodbye. He stumbled out of her room, amazed at how much he had grown up during the last two hours.

Luke had never before heard any girl using the words “cock” or “pussy”, or especially “fuck”! He was astounded by the things he’d just experienced. Luke wondered if he’d ever meet anyone like Princess again…


And now, here he was, months later, on the westward trail to California. After his escapade in Kansas City, he had made his way to St. Louis and managed to get himself hired on with one of the westward-bound wagon trains. As a security guard, he made it his business to ride up and down among the wagons, trying to meet all the families and get to know their stories.

None of the pioneer travelers made much of an impression on him until he met Emma. She was such a dark-haired young beauty, and one of the few people on the wagon train that was near Luke’s age. More importantly, she bore an amazing resemblance to Princess! Luke only talked to her once, and he noted that she seemed to show no interest in him at all. But he couldn’t put her out of his mind.

As the wagons made their westward journey, the days turned into months, and Emma gradually replaced Princess in Luke’s imagination. The two girls somehow became one in his mind. He couldn’t stop re-living those incredible events in a prostitute’s bed in Kansas City; but, every time he saw Emma, he dreamed that he had somehow experienced all these things with her instead.

He knew Emma couldn’t possibly be anything like that young girl in Kansas City. Emma seemed to be some sort of high-society type from St. Louis, traveling westward with her rich uncle. Other than that, Luke knew nothing about her. That was well enough; Luke was content to let Emma remain where she was, in Luke’s imaginary memory.

Luke spent day after day in the saddle, dreaming of Emma, thinking of her as the beautiful young lady who had taken him into a sexual paradise all those months ago. If only there could be some way to go there with her again.

One day, Luke realized he had spent the whole morning lusting after Emma. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, and it was impossible to continue riding in the physical state he was in.

With the wagon train stopped for the mid-day meal, Luke rode off to a nearby river bank. When he was sure that no one was around, he quickly unbuttoned his trousers and took out his cock; he had been stiff and swollen all morning. With his thoughts fixed on Emma, imagining that she was doing everything with him that he had done with that incredible girl back in Kansas City, he was close to cumming in only a few minutes.

Suddenly there was a scream – he turned around – there was Emma, standing at the top of the river bank! Luke’s cock was still straight out and stiff, and Emma ran away, screaming with a horrified expression on her face. Luke quickly ran after her (pausing only to quickly button up) and caught up with her before she could make it back to the wagons.

“Look, mister” she said, trying not to look Luke in the eye, “what you do is your own business, I won’t tell anyone what I saw. But just stay away from me!” She ran away and never spoke to Luke after that. Day after day, Luke continued the westward journey, his thoughts in turmoil…

to be continued

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