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Camping at Sunset

A couple makes love as the sun sets around a camp fire
A special thank you to 'F' who checked over my story for me xx

We look over the view of the sunset going down into the ocean, sigh with contentment and generally enjoy each other’s company in just our swimwear. With you sitting in front of me, my arms around your stomach, I rest my chin upon your shoulder. As the fiery red glow of the sun softens and the darkness approaches swiftly behind, a slight shiver runs up my back and I press you tightly against me. A few moments later, I get to my feet, pull you up as well and begin to look around the beach, to find pieces of rock, wood and kindling to begin a fire near the tent.

I leave you to start the fire while I go into the tent. Grabbing blankets and bottles of water, I spread out one blanket and sit down. When you get the fire going, you sit between my thighs again, wrapping the other blanket over our shoulders and watch the flickering of the flames. I lean my head over and nibble your earlobe, suckling gently on the flesh. My teeth tug and pull, causing you to shiver. Your hands find my knees and start to give them long firm strokes down to my bare ankles and back up, making me shiver in delight. Kissing down your neck I lovingly bite on your collarbone. 

You turn around, lift my legs over yours, and press your pelvis against mine with your ankles behind my ass. Your hands cup my face as I rake your chest with my nails. Our heads come together, brushing noses for a few seconds before our lips meet, softly, teasingly, just barely brushing together. Then instinctively, our lips meld firmly, opening slightly, tongues peeking out to touch and lick, tasting the flavours of each other. I flex my hands on your arms and you lower yours from my face. You caress down my throat, feeling the pulse beating fast at the base, over my collarbone and further down, over the fabric of my bikini top, finding my nipples erect and waiting. I throw my head back, arching my breasts deeply into your hands. My fingers squeeze and massage your arms, before going across to your chest, circling your own nipples with a forefinger each. The growing bulge beneath your swim trunks pushes against my throbbing secreted flesh, eliciting a small moan from between my lips. 

Lifting my head back up, I stare across at you and see the emotions flit across your face. Your eyes darken as I start to move my hips along your thighs. My pants are soaked with creaminess, rubbing against your covered thickened shaft, the fabric clings and sticks. Our hands move in unison downwards between our bodies, cupping and smoothing against our sexes. Your warm hand scorches through my dampness as my own hand curls around your cock, stroking inch by inch through your trunks. 

The blankets fall from our shoulders, the fire behind you warming your back. I see you against the backdrop of orange glow, capturing the image into my mind – a dark sky above your head, your skin burnished golden, your eyes almost black. Suddenly, you stand up, giving me more images against the fire as you remove your trunks. You offer me your hand and I bat it away, gripping your hips and turning you sideways. I sit down and see your firm erection standing proudly, the smoke of the camp fire seemingly wrapping around your manhood. 

After committing that scene to memory, I lift my hands to your thighs, turn you towards me, and slide your cock into my wet mouth. I swirl my tongue around him, more so on his head and around the rim, scraping teeth over the tender flesh, before sucking hard. Upon withdrawing, the tip of my tongue circles the opening where your pre-cum has leaked. I close my lips round the juice and kiss it away, smearing it across my lips with my tongue. I turn my head up towards your face and smile serenely, blowing you a kiss. I lower my head upon your cock again and swallow as much of him as I can. My mouth works lazily on him, tongue teasing the underside, teeth along the top, my lips soothing the flesh as your cock gets all loved up. 

I rock my hips, feeling the heavy sensation of wetness pooling onto my panties. I lower a hand and start to stroke myself in rhythm to my mouth along your cock. I moan around a mouthful of flesh until you place your hand between my lips and your manhood, withdrawing yourself. You get onto your knees and reach up to tug on my bikini strings, freeing my breasts from their constraints. They spill themselves into your hands, thrusting hard into your palms, my hard nipples seeking attention. You lower your head to one of them while your fingers torment the other.

I clutch my hand into your hair, holding you against me as my other hand slips into my pants, teasing over my wet clit, in between my petals, circling my opening before slipping two fingers inside. I find my g-spot and begin to stroke over the swollen ridge. My breath quickens and I gasp out your name. You grip my wrist against my stomach, lifting my fingers out from within me. You turn your head and open your mouth, putting my two fingers between your lips. Your tongue swirls over my juices, suckling, nipping and licking away every drop. Your other hand grips my shoulder, and pulls me forward. You turn me onto my back, my head facing towards the fire, warming my crown. Appearing above me, you settle between my thighs. You bend my knees and place them high on your shoulders. Tugging on the strings of my pants at the sides, you slowly pull upwards. The fabric teases my secrets, coating it in my juices. I buck my hips once in reaction as you throw my pants over to the side.

The fire behind me colours your naked body golden, your hair turning to copper. Looking every inch the masculine male, intent on his possession before him, you lower your head and circle my belly button with feathery light kisses. Slowly you kiss downwards as I lean back on my elbows, my silhouette shadowing across your back. I bite down on my lower lip in anticipation, my thighs quivering excitedly, and groan in satisfaction as your mouth zeroes in on my juicy petals. Your tongue laps away, teeth brushing over my clit. My hips sway off the ground seeking more and retreat from the devastation that only your lips, tongue and teeth can do. I gasp out loudly as your tongue pushes into my wet hole and moan your name. Dropping my body back onto the blanket, I writhe with pleasure as my orgasm starts to build. 

My hands push at your head, getting your attention. I beckon you upwards, one hand on your hip, the other on your shoulder, forcing you to turn. I shimmy under you, your cock above my head. I reach up and with my tongue and lap at your balls. Nibbling softly, I giggle when they retract out of my reach. I cup one hand round your shaft and place the other on your lower back as you lower your head between my thighs once more. Together we enjoy the taste, texture and shape of our sexes. Swallowing your manhood, I mimic your actions and taste your own juices at the back of my throat. My hand follows my mouth up and down your shaft as I bite at the base, suckle at the cockhead, and scrape my teeth over the headrim. Your chest vibrates with enjoyment upon my stomach. A quick sharp slap to your ass brings your head up immediately in shock. You look under your body at me, eyebrow raised in query. I look at you, pulling on your cock as I thrust my hips upward. You understood my meaning and turn round once more, face to face, breasts to chest, hips to hips, feet to feet. 

Hooking a foot over your calf, I flip us over. The blanket under you, I stare down smugly. With the glow of the fire bronzing my skin I look like a live marble statue. You watch as I lower my head and bite down on your lower lip, running the tip of my tongue along your gumline. I bite a little harder until your mouth opens and my tongue pushes past your teeth and dances with your own. Your hands caress my back as my thigh slips between your own, pressing against your balls in circular motions, until I straddle your hips. Standing on my knees, I cup my breasts. Your cock strains upwards, seeking out his entrance as I pull and tug on my nipples, lower my head, flick out my tongue and circle my nipples, one at a time.

Your hand slides down between my breasts, over the gentle curve of my stomach, and slips between the vee of my thighs. You brush a fingertip over my wet clit and slide behind it towards my soaked opening. You push in three fingers and rotate them within me. I grind against your fingers for several moments then tenderly remove your hand and lower myself onto your shaft. I bring your hand to my lips and lick my own juices. Your eyes widen with desire as my tight vagina engulfs your cock. When you are fully in, I stop, close my own eyes, and squeeze myself round you. I feel your cock flex in response. I open my eyes and smile down at you as I start to roll my hips along yours. 

Bending down, I kiss your nose, your eyes, and your chin before settling upon your lips once more. Murmuring my love for you, I lift my head up so you could see it in my eyes. Your hands grip my hips and steady them as you thrust high into me, slow at first then with increased tempo. My face reflects my reactions in the fire light. You lower my hips when you feel my legs start to shake. My vagina walls tighten around you and I call out your name, trying not to beg for more or for release. You sit up, wrap your arms round me, and lift me off you. You place me on all fours and mount me from behind, grinding in firmly. I gasp and cry out at the sudden change in position. I quiet down as your cock starts to thrust deeply into me, your hands on my hips, setting the pace as your cockhead brushes over my g-spot and tightens me up further within. I cry out your name into the stars as my body shatters beneath you, shuddering and vibrating with my orgasm. My cervix ring greedily sucks at your juices as you come seconds later, filling me up with your warm seed. 

A soft sigh escapes your lips, blowing across my back, making me shiver. I collapse on the blanket and you follow me down, still joined within. As you brace your weight on your forearms on either side of my head, our heartbeats slow in sync, our breaths calm, our bodies contented under the starry sky. A cool breeze slithers over our damp skin. I reach under and pull the blanket over us. Getting the water bottles, I hand over yours and we take a long slow drink, sating our thirst...

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