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Camping In The Cold

A couple camping in the chilly weather, heating things up their own way

We are driving through the hills of Indiana., heading to a breathtaking state park. It's chilly. Okay, its downright cold. A freezing 32 degrees currently, dark grey clouds and slightly misting. The low tonight will be twenty-two, the perfect temperature to curl up with someone and create heat.

You are super excited: your hands strum the wheel and you create your own lyrics to whatever song is playing. I am excited as well. I rub my hands through the gap between my thighs to give warmth to my fingers. I smirk at you, so excited for this new adventure.

You guide the car over rocky roads that stretch next to large, dangerous cliffs. We are on our way to my favorite state park of all, Clifty Falls. There are so many waterfalls and long hiking trails, lots of clean air, and plenty of open spaces for us to set up camp.

We pull into the parking lot next to the longest trailhead. You lean over and give me a small peck before we get out to retrieve our things. It's going to be a long heavy walk before we find a place to settle. And an even longer night after that, if I’m lucky!

You place your pack on your back over your coat, your thick jeans and boots ready for the chilly walk. I slide my hand under the straps and pull them tight. Smirking up at you and your excited grin, I kiss those joyous lips. Nothing tastes as good as a smile.

You put your hands on my shoulder and turn me around. I playfully back my ass up to you. Your hands fall to my hips and I hear you giggle. You give me a small slap on my ass and fiddle in the trunk for my pack. I let out a sigh and feel the full weight of my pack on my shoulders.

I grab my straps to tighten them and feel you pull me back around to face you. You grab my straps and pull them close together, squeezing my breasts together lovingly as your tongue finds its way into my mouth. I suck gently as you start to pull away from me. I come back down from my heaven and realize how far we need to walk to make it to camp and set up.

You lock the car and reach for my hand. I reach out to you and feel that electricity shoot through my fingers, up my arm, straight to my heart. We have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. A night alone, camping, together.

Our feet lead us down the trail, side by side, equals. Our hands clasped, we walk briskly, enjoying the views and the air freezing our faces. There are so many waterfalls here. Tiny babbling creeks flow under wooden stairs; tiny creeks that grow into the waterfalls further along the trail.

We stop at one of these waterfalls and lean against a large semi-dry moss-covered rock. I lean the weight of my pack onto the rock for a small release. Manly, you just stand and stare at the water trickling down the rocks, listening to the sound it makes when it reaches the bottom.

I stare down at my feet until I notice your giant shadow in front of me. I look up and see your gorgeous face closing in on mine. We kiss. Softly at first, and then with more passion. I curl my hands through your hair and feel your arms wrap around my back, pulling me closer to you.

You nuzzle your face into my neck, and I hold you like you are the most precious thing on this planet. To me you are. We drop from our embrace and continue our journey. It isn’t long, and we find the perfect spot for our tent, right next to a smaller waterfall with a few pines sprung up around a fire pit.

We take off our packs and scout the area. What an amazing view! We take big stretches, bending over and touching fingers to our toes, releasing all the excess energy out of our muscles. Limbering up to get ready to set up our tent.

I unpack it and lay it out on the ground while you fiddle with the poles. Together, we can do this easily. Once the tent is up, we arrange our nesting area and set our cooking supplies by the fire. Soon we are finished and famished. We snack on granola bars as we gather wood for the night fire.

You pull a few pieces of wood from the stack and place them in the fire pit. Soon enough, the sun has set, and the fire is roaring. I am sitting a few feet from the fire, inside the tent under the blankets. You have been bustling around, arranging and rearranging the logs in the fire.

You stand in front of me, facing the flame, admiring your own sense of manliness and handiwork. I look up and admire you, your tall body creating so elegant a silhouette with the fire as the backlight. You turn towards me and smile. A smile filled with lust and desire.

I place my hand on the blanket next to me and tap it, inviting you inside my warm and cozy hiding spot. You take off your boots and place them outside the tent. With one more glance to check the wood on the fire, you sit next to me. I lean against you and feel your chin on the top of my head.

The warmth from the crackling fire spreads all over my body. We can see our breathe in the cold night sky. You slip an arm around my shoulders, and I lean further into your warm body. I place my hands on your chest and begin to undo your jacket. Your lips leave kisses from my forehead, down my nose to my lips. Those warm delicious lips.

I unzip your jacket and pull it down behind you, adding yet another layer to our bedding for the night. You grab my face and kiss me, hard and passionate. I pull off my own jacket and throw it. One layer down. You start to lean back, and I am on top of you, following you. My hands find their place beside your head, and I can feel your excitement rising. You have made your own tent I see.

I pull away and take a deep breathe. Just like dipping your toes in the water to see how cold it really is, I shudder and peel up my shirts to my chest. I inhale the freezing air, exhale shakily, and rip the shirts over the top of my head in one smooth motion like a band aid. My nipples are instantly hard.

You take off your shirts, not caring about the falling temperature. Wanting, needing to make our own heat. I pull myself up, just high enough to remove my bottom layers. Fully naked. Free and freezing. I undo your belt and pull your pants off, freeing your manhood for mother nature to see.

I slide back on top of you, feeling your hot flesh enter me, slowly. I throw my head back and moan. Loudly. Nature has no noise complaints. Your hands find my breasts and grip them tightly, thumbs flicking my nipples and making me even wetter. I hear you growl. How guttural and animalistic!

We can hear each other’s breathing, the trickling of the waterfall, and the crackling of the fire while we stoke our own internal flames. I am in the lead, lifting myself up and off you slowly, so that just the tip remains inside. And then quickly plunging back onto you, so deep and so filling. Your mouth finds my nipples. Your hot tongue, and lips sucking, make me scream. Oh, how well you tease me!

With each nibble, I rock myself onto you, harder and faster, until we are both breathless. I scream your name as you bite me, your nails digging into my back, leaving claw marks. I shatter all over you. As I move myself to bury you as deep as possible, you move your hand to my clitoris. Your mouth is nibbling and pulling on my nipples while your thumb circles, and your hot hard penis throbs inside me. I come again and this time I screech and growl like the most untamable animal of all.

You are so close, but I have other plans. Such a special man as you; you always deserve a special ending. I stand and the chilly air gives me goose pimples. I grab your hand and pull you with me. Our naked cold bodies now lit with the moon's glow, our smoky breath leaving puffs behind us as I drag you to the pine tree closest to the waterfall.

I lean my back against the tree, feeling its frosted bark along my spine. I pull you in for a kiss. A deep, intoxicating kiss. Now, instead of the fire’s cackle, the slow licking trickle of the waterfall is most prominent. I rip my fingers through your shaggy hair, sucking your tongue like the most delicious lollipop. You grab my hands and, in a flash, you have both my hands behind my back, forcing my nipples and breasts to pop out closer to you.

You run your tongue through my cleavage and I must clench my legs to keep myself from dripping. You use your strength to turn me around and place my hands on the tree bark. One perfectly placed knob in the tree makes for a fantastic handle bar. My face presses against the bark softly, my ass bent out to you. I feel your nails scratch down my spine, through my very molecule.

You find a grip on my hips, and push yourself into me, roughly but not painfully. With need. You grunt. Oh, how good it feels when you fill all of me. The heat of your penis inside me gets me so wet. I rub the tree bark, loving the rough texture on my hands while your silky-smooth penis pushes so far into me.

You find a hard rhythm as I feel my breasts scrape the tree. My nails dig into the bark. I moan, loving the feeling. I am close again and my legs begin to tremble. You thrust hard into me. I feel your hand slide down my stomach and make its way into my folds. That magical thumb again finding the perfect spot. Oh, please love, please.

I hear you scream, and I push my ass as hard as I can onto you. My nipples graze the bark and your thumb releases me as well. A triple combination. The night may be twenty-two degrees but we are burning alive. Shaking and shivering from it all, I hang my head and feel you kiss up my back.

I stand and turn to face you. How long we waited for this camping trip! An evening with nature. And each other. Totally worth it.

I let you guide me back to the tent, my naked body exhausted and ready for the warmth of you behind me while I sleep. I watch as the most glorious image is burned into my memory. You grab more logs and carry them to the fire. Your naked silhouette tosses the wood in, throwing up large sparks. My naked caveman creating warmth for his cavewoman.

You turn and dive into the tent next to me. Your body covers mine, and we have created instant warmth between us. I lay my head on your arm, and we fall asleep. Exhausted and exalted by nature.


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