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Carmen Chapter 2 - Carmen and Charles

Carmen re-connects with a past lover - who has taken on an interesting career choice
It had been a few weeks since Carmen had moved out, and things were getting easier. Her thoughts of Matt were more infrequent, and in fact, other men were starting to take Matt’s place in her dreams and fantasies; people whom she had not really thought of in years: old boyfriends, flings, lovers. Perhaps, briefly, they had entered her thoughts while she was with Matt, but she had always felt guilty thinking about them. Now she could close her eyes and let her imagination run wild. Carmen opened her eyes.

Carmen realized that she need no longer just think and imagine: she could re-connect with these people without any consequences or hurt feelings. She turned to her laptop and logged onto Facebook. She decided that she would start by searching for Charles.

When Carmen met Charles, they were both attending University in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada. Carmen would notice Charles walking self-assuredly around campus, usually surrounded by a small group of pretty Freshmen girls. Charles’ arrogance annoyed Carmen. She assumed that he thought he was the best looking, smartest guy at the university.

The problem was that Charles was in fact very handsome – he wore his longish blond hair tucked under a baseball cap – the shadow from the cap hid Charles’ delicate yet masculine features. His eyes were deep blue and his nose and jaws sharp, with sandy blond stubble that never seemed to turn fully into a beard.

Charles was the star of the university’s basketball team, and sometimes Carmen would sneak into the gym to watch his games. He was very tall and seemed to control the game by himself, effortlessly winning the match for his team. Carmen would watch him leave the court after his game wiping the sweat from his brow with a small white towel. She imagined him undressing and showering in the locker room – the thought of the steam and hot water gliding across his fit body excited her. She would try to stop herself from having these thoughts about Charles, but then she would think about him holding her in his muscular, toned arms, and she would imagine her face pressed against his chest, or he would imagine him, because he was so tall, having to lean over to kiss her, and she would get excited again.

Carmen going to see Charles’ games and sometimes he would come up to her after a game and try and talk with her. Carmen was stubborn, and she felt convinced that even though she found him very attractive, that she did not like Charles. Yet she kept going to the games, and kept imagining him brining her back to his apartment and imagining his long, muscular body.

Finally, after one of the games, she decided that she would give him a chance.

“Hello again. Are you going to tell me your name this time?”

“My name is Carmen.”

“Why do you come see all of my games? You’ve been here almost every week since the start of the season.”

“I don’t know. I like basketball I guess.”

“Is that so? Well anyways, me and some of the guys are going out for some drinks after the game. Wanna come with?”

“Sure, I guess.”

They went out to the local bar together, but Carmen felt out of place. She had a couple of beers but had a difficult time speaking with Charles, since he seemed so involved talking with his friends. Carmen felt ready to go home defeated, but as she put on her jacket to leave, Charles stopped her.

“Are you bored or something? Well I am too. Let’s get out of here…there’s something I want to show you.”

Charles took Carmen’s hand and they walked back towards campus, towards the gymnasium.

“How are we going to get in?”

“I’m the captain. I have the keys. The coach trusts me.”

They walked into the empty gymnasium and even in the pitch black Carmen could feel the emptiness. Charles turned on some of the lights.

“Can I see the men’s locker room? I’ve always wondered what it’s looked like.”

Charles led her into the locker room and turned on the lights.

“No, turn them back off,” Carmen said. Feeling bold, she inched up next to Charles and hugged his mid-section. “You know why I’ve actually been coming to your games, right?”

“I had a feeling,” said Charles. And just as she had imagined, Charles bent over to kiss Carmen. She kissed him back, roughly, and they descended together onto the floor of the locker room. Carmen loved the feeling of having Charles’ tall muscular body on top of her, and she pulled him tighter on top of her. He kissed her neck roughly and nibbled her ear, and the feeling of his five o’clock shadow against her skin excited her.

In the dark of the locker room she could feel Charles unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down. He slid his hand down the front of her underwear and was able to put his finger inside of her immediately. He slowly massaged the inside of her then withdrew his fingers slowly and started rubbing her clit lightly.

Charles descended down Carmen’s body slowly until she could feel his warm breath on her – the sense of anticipation drove Carmen wild and she felt surges of excitement and pleasure course through her body as Charles kissed the inside of her thighs and finally started kissing the outside of her pussy.

Carmen had never experienced someone so good at going down on her, and she could feel the valleys and peaks of her pleasure vibrating through her body, and slowly mounting, aiming upwards towards the final destination she could feel building heavily inside of her. Carmen gyrated on the ground as Charles slid two fingers inside of her, all the while making circles around her clit with his tongue.

As he entered and withdrew his fingers, Carmen could feel herself going beyond the point of no return, and that wonderful pressure ready to release with a gasping moan – the control of her body lost to her, absorbed into the intense orgasm.

Snapping out of her nostalgic fantasy, Carmen finished touching herself, she felt the relief of one of the strongest orgasms she had felt since leaving Matt. Charles, for the brief time that they had been together, had been an amazing, caring lover. Carmen turned to her laptop and resolved to re-connect with him, to re-ignite that spark that had drawn them close so many years before.

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