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Caz enacts a fantasy

Caz sat in her car, disguised in black wig and sunglasses, and watched the man she was about to fuck walk from his car across the parking lot and into the foyer of the cheap hotel.

She couldn't believe she was doing this. Her stomach was quivering with butterflies - but fear mixed with frustration was a heady combination that fuelled her desire. This was totally unlike her and no-one she knew – not her family – not her friends - would believe she was here - on this shabby side of town - contemplating what she was about to do.

Suddenly the phone she held clutched in her sweaty palm beeped. She glanced down and her heart raced at the simple message: "114". She could still back out and leave now and go back to her "normal" life. Instead she took a deep breath and stepped out of the car.


The door to room 114 was slightly ajar – and with a trembling hand she pushed it open and stepped inside. She closed the door behind her and walked tentatively forward.

The room was in virtual darkness. Just one down-light cast a yellow pool on the cheap carpet, spilling onto the corner of the gaudy bedspread and lighting him from the waist down. He was sitting in the corner – his face in shadow – but with a glowing cigarette. Smoking! Caz thought to herself, and the waft of his tobacco sent a small taboo thrill through her already aroused body.

By earlier agreement she was not allowed to speak. His hand moved and summoned her forward into the pool of light, then stopped her. Stillness for a moment. Then his eloquent hand signalled for her to disrobe.

This was it – now or never. At home, Caz had a comfortable, loving, respectful relationship. But here – in this cheap room, in this cheap hotel – Caz didn't want respectable. She wanted to submit. To be used. To do all the things she'd secretly yearned for but didn't dare admit to.

Her simple wrap-around dress slid to the floor leaving her standing in brand new cut-away lace bra, matching thong and black stiletto’s. Her heart was hammering as he silently appraised her, the light above casting sharp shadows down her lush body. Here she didn't care about her few excess pounds – or her pale skin tone – or that her large DD breasts sagged under their own weight. And clearly neither did he. His hand moved again, instructing her to circle. She obeyed without hesitation allowing him to inspect her. He left the chair silently, the cigarette discarded, and surprised her with a hand on her shoulder, stopping her turn when she faced away from him. He forced her to bend at the hips. She reached down for her ankles and he stepped back to view her ample ass cheeks and the tight line of the thong. Then she felt his hand there. Oh god! Right there. Feeling her bottom and the crack of her ass. Sliding down to press his questing fingers into her silk-covered snatch. She gasped and moaned – unable to remain completely silent. His touch made her heart race anew, her nipples tighten, and her sex begins to moisten.

Seconds later he eased her down on the bed on her back. Fear and arousal fought for control of her brain as his hands slid down her thighs and roughly ripped away the thong. He tossed it in pieces on the floor. She looked fearfully into his eyes, willing him to stop but wanting him to continue – wanting him to do anything he wished. He sank to his knees and Caz closed her eyes as his mouth closed on her swollen and greedy pussy. The touch of his tongue made her moan and her arousal soar. He wasn't gentle – but he was talented - and she felt his lips and tongue exciting every part of her exposed flesh. His hands slid under her ass to cup and squeeze the cheeks as he alternately licked her pulsating gash and sucked on her swollen clit. Her first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave and she bucked against his face – trembling and gripping his head with her thighs – till finally, her bottom sank back onto the bed and she gasped for air to slow her racing heart.

But he hadn't finished with her yet. And now he leaned over her to roughly grab her breasts – squeezing them and pushing up the bra cups to let them spill out. He stood back to feast his eyes on her naked tits and sodden pussy and she felt both shame and arousal at the cheap image she must present. Then she watched as he slowly shed his clothes – shirt, pants, socks and boxer-briefs. She was amazed at how hard and erect his cock was and she hungered to feel it inside her. But he just lay down beside her and raked his nails over her belly – exciting her flesh – then dipped his head to suck one rigid nipple into his mouth. Caz whimpered with pleasure – more so when his palm slid down her belly and he sank two invading fingers into her welcoming sex. She gasped again at this double assault on her body and began rotating her hips to feel more of his digits inside her. Again, he showed great skill in arousing her. Bending and stretching his fingers to open her, then curling them up to excite a place she had never experienced before.

Now she moaned with abandon and writhed against his hand. Then his teeth sank into her nipple and she cried out in pain and exquisite pleasure. She raised her head to watch his mouth on her tortured nipple and to see his fingers plunging into her. The flat of his palm repeatedly struck her clit making electric sparks shoot through her body. She raised her heels onto the edge of the bed and thrust her hips against his hand as he pushed her higher and higher, finger-fucking her and sucking relentlessly on her engorged nipple. She had never been so wet. The lewd squelching sounds from her pussy heightened her arousal – he pumped his hand again and again driving her pleasure higher and higher.


She cried out and lifted her hips and then she came in a way she never had before – gushing against his palm, her stomach convulsing and, when he pulled his hand away, squirting in a stream of pussy juice that shot upwards and rained down to splash on her belly and her breasts. She wailed in ecstatic pleasure as her cunt continued to spasm sending jet after jet of cum juice into the air. Finally, with his mouth pressed to her neck and his hand pressing down on her mons, her body calmed, and she lay quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

She couldn't help but speak: "Oh fuck – oh God – oh Jesus Christ..." He silenced her with a hard kiss – the first since she had stepped into the room. She wanted to die right then - happily, sated, fulfilled – but he had other ideas.

He roughly rolled her onto her stomach, unclasped her bra, pulled it roughly from under her cast it aside with her shredded panties. Then he stood behind her to lift her by the hips and pull her back against him. On her knees, with her vulnerable rear end fully exposed, Caz's head spun, and her pulse kicked into overdrive again at the prospect of what might come next.

At first, he did nothing, and she whimpered – wanting him, needing him to fill her. But finally, she felt the blunt head of his cock at her pussy lips. He worked the knob up and down her soaked slit – making her moan in frustration. She tried to push back against him, but he stunned her with a stinging slap on the ass, commanding obedience. He worked his cock along her pussy lips till it teased her clit, then all the way back to her perineum – she gasped and cried out in protest. Where was he going? She tried to move away but he grabbed her hips firmly and pulled her back, delivering another smart slap to her other ass cheek.


Then, before she knew it, he was there. The head of his cock lodged firmly in her vulva – he paused – she whimpered again – and in one hard, violent thrust he drove his length into the swollen, sodden depths of her cunt. Again, she cried out as his rampant prick filled her entirely. He didn't pause but withdrew and slammed home again. Again, she cried out. Then he began a steady fucking – driving into her relentlessly, his balls slapping against her as her excitement again began to peak.

She gasped, surely she couldn't come again? But this wholly strange environment, this cheap room and musty smelling bed, his relentless domination and forceful fucking worked on her like a magic potion making her tummy tighten again and her cleft grip his invading cock. She raised herself onto her elbows and her large breasts hung down, shuddering with each thrust of his prick. They shook and swayed under her making her abused nipples scrape against the bedspread. When he picked up the tempo her body responded – the harder he pounded her, the tighter she gripped him, till she felt again the deep quivering inside her womb that signalled a mounting orgasm. Again, her words were involuntary: "Oh yes – oh God – fuck me – yessss – fuck me – ohhh yes so good... ooohhh yesssss – yessssss – aaaghhhhh..."

His own cries joined hers and she felt his balls tighten and his cock head swell. As she rocketed over the edge, his cum exploded into her and she felt jet after jet of his steaming spunk gushing into her womb. Tears came to her eyes as she rode out the waves of her climax. And this time when she collapsed on the bed she seemed to black out for a moment – coming back to awareness with his body stretched out full on her own. His sweat-soaked torso was cleaved to her own damp back. He kissed the back of her neck gently, soothing her, calming her and after several moments when her breathing had slowed to nearly normal he pushed his face close to her ear. The words he spoke in a hoarse whisper made her stomach clench with fear and she felt his cock, nestled in the crease of her ass, begin to twitch and swell with renewed vigour.

"Now," he breathed heavily. "There's something more I want. And I think you know what it is - don't you? And I think you want it too – don't you?"

"Oh God no, please..."

He made no reply but rolled off her and from somewhere produced a small tube of lubricant, which he dripped along the length of his semi-hard cock and worked in with his fist, keeping his blazing eyes locked on hers. She bit her lower lip as fear and desire again battled for control of her tormented mind. This time when he grabbed her hips he pulled her back till her knees were on the floor and only her torso lay on the bed.

She waited in dread ... and in wanton anticipation. She felt his well-lubed fingers first – teasing her pussy lips, entering and withdrawing making her moan with renewed excitement. Then she felt a single lubed fingertip ... there! ... at the tight pucker of her anus. Oh God, she thought as his intentions were confirmed. But he was gentle. The fingertip teased and slowly opened her, working the lube all around and into her tight passage. It dipped in and out and despite herself she felt a wholly new sensation of erotic delight. His finger withdrew suddenly, and his hand slipped under her to again part her pussy lips and thrust inside her. She grunted in surprise as his fingers slowly aroused her.

Then something happened she had never dreamed of – something dirty and taboo - and she glanced back sharply to see his face pressed to her ass crack and felt the soft pliant muscle of his tongue licking and flicking at her rosebud. Her whole body responded with an electric intensity she had never felt before. Her pulse raced at the incredible, fantastic feel of this forbidden invasion. Her mind was protesting no-no-no, but her body was saying yes-yes-yes as she squirmed back against his probing tongue. He licked her deeper and deeper and his fingers plied her seeping pussy and rigid clit making her moan and gasp with erotic delight.

She cried out in disappointment when the pleasuring abruptly stopped – but then her desire gave way to terror again as she felt his swollen cock head replace his tongue at her tight rear entrance. "No-no," she begged again and tried to wriggle away but he held her tightly by the hips – and slowly – relentlessly, he worked his straining prick into the tight ring of her rosebud. She cried out in pain urging him to stop – so he paused and waited for her to relax.

"Breathe deeply," he commanded her, and as she relaxed he pressed further in – pausing and pressing – pausing and pressing - till her tight sphincter relented and the slippery head of his cock popped inside. She gasped and willed herself to relax again. Slowly and shallowly at first - then more quickly and more deeply - he worked himself into her. And slowly, pain gave way to pleasure for Caz as she felt an invasion of her body like no other. His patience was rewarded when she slowly began to thrust back against him, willing him deeper till their bodies set up a unified rhythm and he was actually fucking her virgin asshole deeply and pleasurably. He held her hips gasping and moaning with growing excitement – and, incredibly, she felt the familiar tremors of yet another gathering climax.


As he worked into her faster and faster he reached under her to seize her breasts and callously pinch her nipples. Her body responded to the pain with a new intensity and her own hand flew to the heaving junction between their bodies, fingering her streaming pussy and rolling the super-sensitive clit. That and the rigid cock fucking deep into her ass was all she needed and again she cried out as a climax racked her body. The resulting spasms of her tight sphincter were too much for him and he pulsed inside her, crying out as he emptied another streaking load of his cum deep inside her bowels. They rocked together both feeling the repeated shudders of sexual ecstasy coursing through them till his strength left him and he collapsed on her crushing her to the bed – still inside her and still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm pulsing on his tightly wedged cock.


It might have been two minutes later - or it might have been two hours – when Caz rolled onto her back, legs spread, to see him standing over her and looking down with a lascivious smirk on his face. She couldn't imagine how cheap and slutty she must look to him. With her lipstick smeared across her face, the drying streaks of her own pussy juice on her breasts and belly, with one trickle of his cum leaking from her still gaping pussy and another from her violated asshole.

She felt totally used. Totally abused. But also, totally sated. Calm and fulfilled – glowing with a sexual satisfaction she never dreamed could be hers. Their eyes met and suddenly his smirk gave way to a smile of loving tenderness. He sank to his knees next to the bed and placed a tender, chaste kiss on her lips.

"So," he whispered. "Is that what you wanted?"

"Mmmmm," she smiled and stretched like a contented cat. "It was everything I've always wanted."

He kissed her again and said: "But now I'm afraid it's time to return to reality."

She sighed in disappointment and reached for his face to kiss him again. "Oh – if we must." She yawned and stretched again. "So, I'll stop off and pick up the kids from your mother if you'll swing by the butchers and get some steaks for dinner." "Sure, my darling," he replied. "By the way – nice touch with the wig."
She giggled. "Thanks – and nice touch, too, with the cigarette!"

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